Am I Ever On Your Mind l God Message Today l God Message For You l God Message l

my child your faith and let you know if

you’re ready to step out into the world

I want you to thrive out there come back

tomorrow there’s so much more I want to

reveal to you I’m developing your

sensitivity preparing you for a

spiritual Mission those around you can

see it I will generously bless those who

support you including your family and

friends however those who oppose will

have to find a different path your

emotions will heal and fade away listen

to me and keep listening embrace the

word I provide you each morning you’ll

feel better and the tears will stop if

you continue to cry there will be tears

of happiness if you sense my peace

you’re receiving healing stay here keep

holding on to my feet and receive more

and more a mighty Miracle is beginning

in your family right now as you listen

you’re receiving my strength and love it

all starts with you I want to strengthen

you because you’ll be the holy

instrument for this amazing Miracle to

unfold through your words actions eyes

character and very being you hold

incredible importance to me I constantly

express my love for you share this same

love with those in your care they need

assistance and you possess Faith let

them know how much you love them today

and help them understand that you

empathize with their

struggles approach them place your hands

on their heads bless them pray for them

and dedicate All Your Love resources and

time to those you cherish particularly

within your

household think of your parents family

members and even those estranged due to

past issues forgive them reach out to

them treat them kindly your family will

flourish and find blessings living

harmoniously and reaping the wonderful

rewards of your prayers and

dedication while nurturing them with the

Heavenly wisdom you’ve received be

patient make them them feel at ease

returning home after a tough day because

that’s the place where they can receive

Solace and support in moments ahead

you’ll gently show them their missteps

and guide them onto the right path their

hearts will embrace your correction if

they cherish your care yet if they

falter place them in the Embrace of

prayer within their hearts I labor and

one day they’ll reconsider recognize

their misjudgments and I’ll steady their

steps during family struggles turn to me

in prayer and shun anger and

impatience let those unfamiliar with me

release negative

feelings remember there’s always an exit

from your trials and answers to your

queries await trust me for I hold

solutions to your

quandaries seek my Aid promptly lean on

me when tempted to raise your voice or

respond with anger so you won’t wound my

Holy Spirit dwelling within your heart

in moments of exhaustion call out to me

and my response will come swiftly

when Aid is needed rest assured I’ll

Stand By Your Side lending a hand in all

things Guided by affection I’ll Lead You

ensuring your safety because limits

don’t exist for me your home will be

adorned with boundless peace complete

happiness and ample provision come dear

when a fresh day is dawned today carries


Blessings and always remember I am your

Shepherd and your needs will be met I am

your supplier your life’s needs are soon

to arrive as your sustainer I envelop

you in love and Grant healing your

Defender my wings will shield you and

beneath the serenity of my shadow you’ll

find safety my words ring true my vows

are kept every assurance I’ve spoken

every wonderful promise will

unfold this is reality because I am God


truthful I’ll fulfill my words I’ll walk

hand inh hand with you along the path

I’ve chosen in every moment through


situation amen and now my child please

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