Alert!! This will be my last attempt to say this. God’s advice today |

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son I want to share with

you words of gratitude and thankfulness

for this special moment when we

recognize and celebrate the blessing of

healing gratitude is a profound and

powerful feeling and when directed

towards me it creates a special

connection between your heart and mine

firstly I want you to know that your

healing is a manifestation of my love

and grace in your life health is a

precious gift and when you experience

the healing of an illness it is as if I

extend my hand and touch your being

directly it is a testimony to my power

of restoration and my desire to see you

whole by expressing gratitude and

acknowledging belief or faith when

thanking for the healing you recognize

not only the end of the illness but also

the growth and transformation that

occurred during the process pain and

difficulty often teach profound lessons

about life ourselves and what we truly

value additionally gratitude is a way of

sharing your joy and the blessing of

healing with others when you Express

gratitude you inspire those around you

to be grateful for the gifts in their

lives spreading light and love your

healing journey is unique and the moment

when the illness is overcome is worthy

of celebration celebration is an

expression of acknowledgement for my

mercy and kindness when you thank for

this blessing you not only acknowledge

my intervention in your life but also

strengthen your connection with me

gratitude is a form of prayer that opens

your heart to my presence and the

abundance of my love when you deepen

your gratitude you are in fact drawing

closer to me remember that healing is a

complex process that involves not only

your physical body but also your mind

and spirit it is a journey of patience

faith and

perseverance in many moments healing may

seem distant and that is where gratitude

plays a crucial role gratitude brings a

sense of contentment and acceptance of

the present moment even during illness

even in illness gratitude can be found

in small things like a Sunbeam through

the window the love and support of those

around you or the Inner Strength you

find to face challenges right thank you

I am as a sign of

gratitude however gratitude should not

be a one-time experience it should be

cultivated even in challenging moments

when Health seems fragile there are

always blessings to be found gratitude

can be a light that shines even in the


situations therefore my beloved Son I

encourage you to cultivate gratitude in

your heart not only when receiving a

blessing like healing but in all aspects

of your life be aware of the small

blessings that surround you every day as

they enrich your journey and strengthen

your connection with me be thankful for

health family friends nature and the

opportunity to grow and learn

thank for every breath and every day you

have to live regularly grow flowers of

love and blessings may your healing be a

constant reminder of my love for you and

my ability to bring healing and

restoration in all aspects of your life

continue expressing your gratitude as

through it you connect more deeply with

me and the flow of love and blessings

that are always available to you hope is

not just a belief that things can

improve but also a confidence that I am

by your side guiding you through trials

and challenges when you keep hope alive

you acknowledge that you are not alone

in your journey and I am constantly

working for your benefit even when

answers and solutions are not immediate

hope is a force that empowers you to

face adversities with courage and

resilience it nourishes your inner

strength the strength that resides in

your heart and is often overlooked

remember that you are stronger than you

imagine and hope is the spark that

ignites that strength furthermore hope

is a beacon that lights your way as you

advance on the Journey of life it

provides the necessary Clarity and

guidance to make wise decisions when you

trust in me and keep hope alive you not

only survive trials but also Thrive and

grow through them in the most

challenging situations when illness loss

pain or un certainty try to settle in

remember that hope is a powerful

antidote it is the extended hand that

helps you rise when you fall the gentle

voice that soothes you when you are

discouraged hope is also contagious when

you keep hope alive you inspire those

around you to do the same you become a

Beacon of Hope for others showing them

that even in the darkest situations

there is always a light on the horizon

your hope can be the spark that that

reignites the flame of faith in the

hearts of those around you leave a

message for God in the comments however

hope is not passive it is a choice you

make every day it requires perseverance

and Faith even when circumstances seem

challenging when You Face diversity with

hope you transform challenges into

opportunities for growth and overcoming

therefore my beloved Son I want to

encourage you to keep hope alive in your

heart no matter what life brings know

that I am by your side guiding with love

and care together there is no challenge

we cannot face May hope be your constant

companion guiding you through trials and

Illuminating the path toward a future

full of blessings and achievements

remember that with hope faith and love I

am always by your side with love God I

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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