ALERT!!! Everything will change permanently

God is saying you today right now your presence is with me in every action

every decision and every moment of Doubt since every breath is evidence of the

grace that I have always had throughout your journey you will be guided by my

Limitless knowledge sustained by my power and strengthened by my love in

spite of the difficulties I make a conscious decision to accept this

reality my dearly loved one we will celebrate winds together and be

witnesses to the Fulfillment of the promises that heaven has made for your

life move forth with self assurance and resolve my cherished daughter safe in

the knowledge that you are cherished for the way you have embraced me embrace the

future with a sense of purpose the tools to achieve it and bountiful B benefits

that are beyond your vision hold true to your faith in the middle of the unknown

for every difficulty is a part of the trip that is predetermined for you there

is no such thing as a random occurrence both challenges and victories are

masterfully arranged with purpose even though it can appear to be an honorous

task have faith that the promises I have bestowed on to your life will eventually

be fulfilled they are going to guide you to times of unadulterated Bliss and an

abundance that is beyond all comprehension it is important to pay

special attention to the positive outlook that these words offer and to

adhere tenaciously to your unflinching trust it is imperative that you do not

undervalue the relevance of who they are instead of allowing yourself to be

overcome by by hopelessness remember that you have the inner strength to

triumph over any obstacle the extent of my affection for you is unbounded and I

hold you in the highest Regard in light of this continue to maintain your

unwavering faith in me you have been through the most difficult tests that

life has to offered with adversaries doing everything they can to tear you

down by putting roadblocks in your way and weakening your beliefs however you

should not be afraid because I am your stronghold your healer and the one who

puts an end to your pain through the power of my hand I will intervene in the

course of Your Life Adventure despite the fact that there were attempts to

derail you you continue to be devoted and determined you have not been

overlooked in terms of your faithfulness I am able to comprehend how these

challenges have stripped you of your power caused you to suffer emotional

scars put your faith to the test and let your spirit get dampened on the other

hand in spite of the chaos that has been occurring at home in the workplace and

within your family you have held to me with great strength I will provide healing for your wounds and remove the

painful memory memories from your mind both your faithfulness and your unwavering commitment have been

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