God has spoken my dearest child you

could believe that I’m still working on

your narrative one thing however you

should know is that I wrote your tale

before I constructed you when should you

be born who should be your parents who

should be your brothers and sisters who

should you be friends with what should

happen when should it happen why should

it happen

how should you learn about me how and

when will you believe in me when will

you cry when will you laugh when will

you pray what will you ask for and how

and when will I respond to your prayers

what you should wait for how long you

should wait for it to your spouse or

wife should be and how many children you

should have are all important

considerations the appropriate age to

pass away other than what I say nothing

happens in your life thus don’t be

concerned as of right now everything

went according to my plan everything

that is taking place right now is also

in line with my

strategy everything that occurs will

proceed according to my plan all all you

need to do is have faith in

me watch this video all the way through

to the

finish the Lord claims come to me and

find peace inside me my face is deeming

at you with a peace that is beyond

comprehension rather than attempting to

solve problems on your own you may

unwind in the presence of the all

knowing one you experience Serenity and

fulfillment when you rely on me with

trust and Reliance I intended for you to

dwell in Intimate connection with me you

usually live up to other people’s

expectations whether they are imagined


Genuine your sense of my presence wains

as you become bound to their approval

you finally run out of energy trying to

get their acceptance rather than the

living stream of my spirit flowing

through you you give these folks dry

crumbs I’m not doing this for

you even at your busiest times remember

too stay in contact with me as you dwell

in the light of my peace let my spirit

speak to you with words of kindness

those who are in me do not face

condemnation you are no longer bound by

the laws of sin and death because of the

law of the spirit of

Life few Christians are able to live in

this tremendous Freedom that is

rightfully theirs live freely in me

because I died to make you free you have

to maintain your focus squarely on me if

you want to follow the road of

Liberation this is the way for you to go

say many voices but only my voice

directs you in the correct direction you

will descend farther and further into a

Chasm if you walk in the glitter and

beauty of the World Christian advice

that says do this do this might

potentially mislead you don’t do that

pray this way don’t pray that way there

are a lot a voice is there and you will

become more and more

confused write Jesus’s Supreme

King be happy to follow me and listen to

my voice like a simple sheep I will lead

you long Paths of righteousness and into

peaceful green spaces a grateful

attitude opens doors to Paradise

blessings from the spiritual realm pour

over you via those portals into the


realm Additionally you glance up through

those windows with gratitude in your

heart seeing glimpses of Glory though

you can’t yet well in paradise you may

get a taste of what your perfect house

will be

like such a examples of divine Cuisine

rekindle optimism being grateful allow C

you to be open to these experiences

which in turn provide you with more

reasons to be

thankful your journey there for takes on

an upward spiral with your happiness

always Rising being thankful as not a

secret formula rather it is the language

of love that allows you to have a close

personal relationship with me being

grateful does not not mean denying

reality or any of its many

issues rather it finds joy in me your

savior even in the midst of hardships I

am your strength and Haven a reliable

constant source of assistance should

things go wrong I am to be thanked for

my presence and serenity throughout this

day these are really large presence I

have consoled my people ever since my

resurrection by saying peace be with you

and I am with you always as I fully

extend my peace and presence to you pay

attention expressing gratitude to me for

these wonderful gifts is the best way to


them it is difficult to Express

gratitude and praise from me for too

long you were made first and foremost to

exalt me expressing gratitude and

appreciation establishes a healthy

connection between you and me allowing

my plenty to enter your

life you accept my greatest gifts and

return for my presence and peace let me

Infuse your thoughts in heart with

gratitude while you sit quietly in my

presence the simplest approach to

adopting a grateful attitude is this

one look upon my love which was poured

out for you on the cross if your mind

needs a focus recall that nothing can

ever separate you from that love either

on Earth or in heaven this memory

strengthens your foundation of

thankfulness which is unshakable by


events look for Little Treasures that

have been thoughtfully position

throughout the day I gently approach you

and so little Joys to make your day

happier one by one identify them with


care you will have collected a beautiful

bouquet at the end of the day with a

heart full of

gratitude give it to me as you lay down

to sleep let grateful thoughts play

lullabi in your head and accept my

peace if you have confidence in God

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this video to

people pause for a moment my dear one

and give attention to this call this

isn’t a mere coincidence it’s say Divine

appointment meant just for you in a

world swirling with distractions and

turmoil I’m reaching out to you take a

moment don’t hurry

past I have a special message that’s

tailored for your heart and soul I

encourage you to stay a while to truly

listen because hidden within these words

is the secret that will help you un

unravel the enigmas of your own path

don’t let the rush of everyday life take

this chance from

you what I’m offering you is a treasure

that is

invaluable trust in my guidance as I

lead you out of the Shadows of doubt and

into the clear bright truth let yourself

be surrounded by my presence here in

this sacred moment miracles happen and

hearts are changed therefore beloved

heed my words don’t turn

away accept this gift Let It Shine on

your path and show you the way with

Clarity and purpose as this moment comes

to a close I promise to give you answers

to your deepest questions and provide

comfort for your tired Spirit But first

you must agree to embark on this


Journey are you prepared my child it’s

time to start our divine Adventure As

you move through this season be aware

that blessings are

plentiful this is a Time filled with

opportunity peace Vigor and plenty are

yours to grasp if you remain steadfast

and keep moving forward on this path

you’ve chosen Chen your dedication has

been noticed and it’s worthy of

acknowledgement with this

acknowledgement comes a promise of even


blessings think back to the times I

protected you and helped you face

challenges those weren’t just

coincidences they were my ways of

showing care helping you open doors to

new chances and to embrace overflowing

blessings to fully receive these

opportunities cling to my teachings tast

aside out and let Faith anchor your

spirit not just now but

continually always remember I am with

you every step of the way avoid

Disobedience and useless distractions to

stay safe under my love you have a

secure spot next to me earned not only

through my affection for you but also

through your steadfast trust and my

promises rest easy knowing you are

always under my watchful care protected


guided this month take time to really

connect with your inner self pay

attention each day to the guidance that

comes as it holds hence to the unique

path designed specifically for you your

Readiness and share this message with up

to three

people by doing so you help yourself and

others not rush through life’s

challenges preventing a life devoid of

meaning remember you are incredibly

valuable in my eyes your role in your

family your impact on your children and

your connections with friends are all

part of a larger

plan believe in the truth I’ve laid Upon

Your Heart A Unique purpose just for you

but remember don’t rush into decisions

or actions without seeking my guidance

don’t let mere emotions drive your

actions instead seek wisdom and every

decision you make type

if you needed this I look forward to

blessing you in ways that perfectly fit

your life’s journey unfolding it just

the right time and just the right way

resist the urge to Envy others success

or follow their paths your journey is

Uniquely Yours decorated with special

talents and untapped

potentials stay committed to learning

and growing under my guidance and

companionship ensuring you claim what is

rightfully yours without being

sidetracked by what others are doing

embrace the path laid out before you for

it leads to the Fulfillment of your

dreams your potential is ready to be

realized and your path to leadership is

clear pause now subscribe to continue

this journey with

me as you face life’s challenges may you

find strength in your resolve and

resilience in adversity prepare to seize

the forthcoming opportunities let wisdom

guide you as you make thoughtful choices

and commit wholeheartedly to your

goals with each step forward may you

find the strength to act with courage

and persistence hold firmly to your

dreams and values trusting in your

abilities and the path that you have

chosen for it is Uniquely

Yours while seeking advice is wise

remember that your own dedication and

efforts are what will ultimately lead

you to success face up coming challenges

with confidence knowing that every

hurdle you encounter is a chance to

learn and

grow as you navigate the complexities of

life let kindness and respect be the

principles that guide you these virtues

will light your

way avoid the Temptations of temporary

Fame and superficial wealth which

provide no last in

satisfaction instead invest in

developing a rich character and a

profound inner

life when you receive blessings accept

them with gratitude recognizing that

they are given out for show but to

enhance your personal growth and

happiness stay vigilant against envy and

the desire to gain approval from others

at the expense of your peace of mind do

not chase after titles or high positions

merely for their status instead strive

to serve others with humility and


care guard your heart against ego and

vanity which can divert you from your

true path to fullfillment and

authenticity live with integrity and

purpose letting the wisdom of these

words guide

you you might choose to ignore these

words or The Messengers who bring them

but be aware that the message itself

will achieve its purpose it will take

root in your life and bring about

transformation your life is on the cusp

of significant change I promise

blessings vigilance and prosperity to

those who remain

loyal and do not abandon their faith I

desire your success in every aspect of

life and the flourishing of your spirit

through my

guidance your prayers will be answered I

do not seek Gran actions or your

attention only in moments of Joy or

despair rather I wish to hear your

prayers see your repentance and Witness

your genuine desire for

change be aware that I am enhancing your

spiritual insight and enriching your

soul with my guidance feel my presence

with you at every step trust that you

will see the benefits of this connection

seek out my teachings be bold than

asking for what might seem unattainable

and maintain your

faith if you you believe like this video

leave an Al and in the comments to show

your commitment you will see that your

faith and dedication are not in

vain call upon me and I will respond

revealing to you mysterious and Rich

blessings be ready to be astounded Dan

reaffirm your trust in

me this time is meant for blessings and

reflection a period for joy and

introspection as you receive this

message let it permeate your thoughts

like the morning sun gently Awakening


world commit to reflecting on these

words daily throughout this month let

them become part of you strengthening

you against life’s challenges be they

trials conflicts doubts or the UN

certainties that cloud your

path comment lord always with

me God has put

aspirations and Desires in everyone’s

Hearts however there is usually a

waiting period you might be waiting for

a better relationship a marriage a

promotion or to recover from an illness

many people spend their lives waiting

however there are correct and incorrect

ways to wait we sometimes get

disheartened or nervous when things do

not go as plan this is because we are

not waiting properly today’s passage use

is the word as instead of if to describe

waiting we are all going to wait the

author suggests observing the farmers’s

patience and need eagerness while

waiting we should not be dejected but

rather optimistic and full of

expectations expect positive outcomes

from your prayers today today might be

the day God turns everything

around patience and expectation will

lead to a Rich Harvest in all areas of

your life as promised by God in life we

all go through pruning God will trim our

lives so that we may yield abundant

fruit the term prune refers to cutting

away or removing

something for example a trusted buddy

May relocate to a different city perhaps

a company or relationship ended or

change God understands your unique needs

for growth and flourishing

when we don’t understand why something

happens we may believe that God is

preparing us for growth and advancement

don’t use a question mark where God

intended a period don’t get bitter when

going through a

transformation don’t get discouraged and

believe it’s

over don’t believe you’re a failure have

the courage to say God I let this go

knowing that it was only a temporary

provision and what you have in my future

will be greater than what them letting


of maintaining faith and accepting

change may lead to New Opportunities he

will provide fresh possibilities

friendships and Elevate you to a higher

degree of his glory although we all fa

difficulties and hardships in life

scripture says that they are only

temporary the passage for today

emphasizes the fleeting nature of events

our worries are temporary in comparison

to Eternity standing firm in faith

throughout difficulty builds faith and

leads to Everlasting Glory as stated in

the verses second

portion confessing your confidence in

God as a sign of passing the test when

facing a difficult situation turn to God

according to the Bible Jesus is the

author and finisher of your

faith God instills confidence in your

heart and nurtures that when you

surrender to him your responsibility is

to seek him every every day follow his

directives speak God’s living and

dynamic word from your heart remember

your sufferings are Trent but his

Everlasting Grandeur exceeds them all

looking forward some individuals may

doubt their ability to achieve their

goals and

aspirations type thank you God if you

believe their perspective is grounded in

the natural world focusing on greater

things might provide a different

perspective we walk by faith not sight

to be able to perceive anything we must

first believe in

it focusing only on what we observe in

nature might lead to obstacles and bread

hindering our progress setting our

brains higher allows us to to live by

faith and perceive things from God’s

perspective make the choice to focus

your thoughts on the topics listed above

concentrate on the excellent things God

has in store focus on listening to the

Holy Spirit and overcoming fear and

uncertainty focus on greater goals and

go by

faith faith allows God to act in our

lives while fear allows the adversary to

do the same the Bible states that fear

causes anguish fear shows no

compassion focusing on fear over faith

may lead to depression

loneliness and misery fear often

prevents the individuals from

experiencing God’s pleasure peace and

Triumph they perpetuate fear via media

consumption including TV news and the

internet do not let that be

you according to Romans faith comes from

hearing God’s word filling your heart

and mind with God’s word strengthens

your faith enabling you to overcome the

forces of evil choose trust over fear by

focusing on God’s word remember that

your inner strength outweighs your

fears when negative thoughts arise

choose faith and remind yourself that

you can do everything through Christ

choose Faith conquer fear and experience

the freedom God has planned for

you typs if you

agree dear listeners join me in prayer

dear heavenly father we seek healing

from unspoken wounds and scars please

repair both visible and invisible hurts

in our life many aspects of existence

remain unknown to us we often wonder why

certain events

occur please let go queries and be

pleased with the answers you see and

know everything you are sovereign and in

command one day the curtain will be

lifted allowing us to see and comprehend

all that was before unfathomable help us

focus on you and find

Serenity we pray that you remove all

that is heavy on our hearts we share our

hardships needs and grief as well as our

loved one’s terrible circumstances

we bring our sorrows and anguish to you

and Trust in your ability to change them

please demolish whatever barriers we

built to shelter ourselves from grief

our barriers may become prisons of our

own creation help us achieve freedom and

healing please return all that the enemy

has stolen from us God fill our hearts

and families with your strength

conquering power bravery hope Serenity

and joy we pray for everyone who is

coping with sickness injury or chronic


we we pray for those experiencing

insomnia and weariness we beg for your

healing touch on each individual we pray

with trust knowing that anything is

possible through you and beg for your

will to be done we hold tight to your

word and

Promises we anxiously await the

transformation of our life ideas and

emotions VI your Therapeutic Touch in

jesus’ name we pray

amen type amen if you believe we will

always encourage encourage you to move

from negative emotions to positive

emotions if you’re loving our content

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