God is speaking to you right now dot to

improve your interactions poor bonds and

general wellbeing you must establish the

kind of connection want to achieve he’s

still going and I know it hurts hearing

us out is important yet you don’t seem

to see that we’re trying our hardest

whatever does it entail to be

open-minded when one is working hold on

to each other more tightly for the

benefit of the people it’s almost time

for breakthrough The Heart Don’t let his

disorientation make you feel like an

afterthought life is brief I’m on your

side right now he Joy the inflow of

Limitless riches into your Earthly

foundations is what I am getting ready

for challenges become so much more about

the long term when the will is developed

and given a stronghold what steps can

you take to get back on your feet before

the Creator tell me again God will

accomplish the impossibly difficult when

you totally accept the be faithful even

when we Face suffering forgive for your

sins and provide forgiveness to others

could you perhaps explain to me why this

is needed to be made you’re genuinely

magnificent at the moment witness Christ

performed Marvels before peace in this

freshly arrived season of happiness and

Liberty try following Jesus today I am

daring you accept total command over my

life although it is appropriate for us

to be fearful of the future we shouldn’t

let our suffering to keep us from moving

forward Say Yes to God if you believe he

is treating in you well God is listening

to every private prayer enter the yes

option to confirm that the almighty is

actively involved in every aspect of

your existence God is communicating to

you today about everything in your life

that might bring about dissatisfaction

whenever Christ is with you and brings

Joanne contentment you will be astounded

by the abundance of blessings that

follow you’ve progressed sufficiently to

give up now whatever has fulfilled its

role in your life is known to God God is

putting you in position for something

bigger by doing that recall the

importance of having faith in Christ and

his love even in the face of your

constant sin and transgression you are

expected to report at a wonderful

location that surpasses your

expectations very few people who have

walked with God have not encountered the

changing of the seasons what is the

reason for allowing the Messiah into my

everyday Affairs mainly because his

power and assistance are at your

fingertips keep hope alive because the

Lord is always there to strengthen you

even when you feel like it’s over your

life is being filled with the proper

individuals you are about to embark on a

period of increased fulfillment and

plenty marked by this sense of clarity I

surrender to God’s timing by the

empowering influence of the holy spirit

let him work in his Manner and guide you

into an environment of joy and plenty

please don’t give up though they may

appear exclusive to some dreams

regarding their Destiny and and

significance are attainable dear God I

request that you comfort those in need

presenting all people and circumstances

beneath you the blessings you have

promised because of your devotion will

only be obstructed by an adverse

mentality I’ve been waiting for you to

open this new door and I have faith and

your wisdom dot to accept the love and

Transformations God has in store for you

type for because the universe is a

part of you praising it means that it is

supporting you never let a circumstance

depress you God will remove your

barriers reveal his presence to you and

perform miracles in your life never

undervalue God’s power to bring about a

transformation in your life as I swear

to fight your fights and provide peace

I’m about going to prepare you to New

Dimensions this we always keep in mind

that positive things will eventually

come right back to you one day it will

be definitely worth it to put in the

effort to improve

relationships and aim higher though you

can’t predict the future you still need

to have faith especially as the month

draws to a close and some amazing

occurrences are in store for you I

implore you by providing Jesus a chance

we don’t have to give into addiction or

hopelessness and you are never alone

today is the first day to revitalize

your soul and serve with all of your

heart motivating you to reach your

greatest potential nothing compares to

being present with God acknowledging

something and others that they lack on

their own it fills the void in your

heart it is possible that you have been

praying and trusting and God is now

answering in magnificent and potent ways

don’t cease being giving and kind if God

has given you a decent heart once you’re

prepared to accept the presence of God

in your life type absolutely in order to

confirm before you know it you are the

source of your own happiness because you

are letting him lead you here on Earth

instead of rushing into things God asks

that you wait

patiently and he will make everything

lovely in his time come to him without

having to transform who you are

alternatively approach this time of

Plenty with respect and

transparency prepare for the success and

unexpected acted Pleasures for Heaven is

prepared to give you Insight recognize

his plan for you even if it calls for

you to reach beyond your wildest dreams

and have faith for his ways are not our

ways you are being restored to wholeness

by God and as you align yourself with

this purpose your relationships will

miraculously get better support from God

is evidenced that he is a good man if

you feel God will mend your hurts and

end your financial difficulties please

comment amen and share this as valuable

as you are you are wanted and loved by

him there will be success as long as you

remain with me I am so grateful for this

weekend and for the unconditional love

of God which is the greatest

satisfaction in life remember that the

creator has you wrapped up in the palm

of his palm and live a life that is

beautiful and worthy you have financial

success ahead of you this year what

matters is not your true nature but

rather who additionally he is and the

extent of his love for you know when to

leave negative situations and exhibit

resilience you’re going into a really

exciting time of major change and God

knows exactly to keep you safe if in

spite of the difficulties you have faith

in God’s purposes for your dreams then


spreading encouragement and optimism

is the goal of this message while

difficulties will always rise it serves

as a reminder that anything is possible

if one has Faith before this week is

eliminated you’ll notice some signs of

what God is doing in your life his

timing is Flawless you’re better off

even if the procedure could hurt God

guarantees he will make everything right

and bring you good recall that God

instructed us to treat one other with

kindness praise him for his goodness and

have faith that a beautiful event is

going to occur you will recover and be

all right this is the beginning of a new

transforming chapter in our reason

for being and calling we are grateful

that you trust God and his master plan

join me in strengthening our affection

for one another it is imperative for us

to acknowledge that the plan of God is

impeccable and that the days we have are

de precious to be wasted on anxiety let

us pray God to cover us this month and

have faith that our hardships are almost

finished let us spread the love of Jesus

wherever we go to places such as coffee

shops sporting events or social

Gatherings and have faith that

beneficial developments will happen out

of nowhere knowing that everything

happens for the greater good of those

who love him we confess our sins and ask

for atonement in his name worship God Of

Heaven please hear my request for your

incredible grace and mercy right now I

am confident that you will bring

something amazing into my life you’ve

seen what the world can do but you also

understand how long it takes to recover

and start again I may feel behind yet

I’m precisely what you would like me to

be you assure me that blessings will

soon arrive and that this hardship will

only last temporarily assist me in

persevering converting my doubts into

trust and getting ready for the amazing

things that you have in store remember

me that the affection you have for me is

eternal and that it surprises us like a

present at the final moment of the day

when everything settles down you will

have every detail under control tell me

as I breathe and rest in your tranquil

let me sleep comfortably T night knowing

that good things are coming my way I

have faith that everything is working

out for my benefit regardless of whether

doors close and the agony seems

insurmountable to be blessed by you I

don’t have to be someone I’m not your

strength will guide and shield me

through every obstacle turning suffering

into a meaningful purpose you will take

excellent care of my health wealth and

employment these Declarations of joy and

plenty are not just pleasantries they

represent your pledge to us Jesus you

are coming right to me right now and

giving me a solution to every issue I

have remind me that you have never

turned me down when I ask myself what

about me every setback serves to further

your glor glory and my own development

please like and share this encouraging

message if you think that God will

always be there for you even in solitude

God is wonderful and good things are

coming your way this message is a ray of

Hope a reminder that everyone who wants

to activate their believe in God can

extend their faith to others recognize

that the Creator who you worship has a

Flawless plan for everything that

happens and is both a promis maker and a

promisee keeper may God’s unwavering

love turn your anxious evenings into

calm giving you hope when you feel

rejected and peace in the midst of

confusion amen God can instantly make a

difference in your situation he has the

power to transform Hearts open doors and

bring serenity to your own heart accept

him as the ruler of your life because he

is an active God who is constantly there

to encourage and assist you he shows you

the way to your destiny in both dreams

and reality giving you courage whenever

you’re tired and pointing you in the

direction of everlasting take pleasure

with him your month is going to be full

with Marvels so prepare yourself for

benefits beyond what you could have

imagined God is continuously

aai working amazing things into your

life remember that God is actively

involved in your life even though he may

put you through many tests to grow your

confidence and trust in him communicate

with this message thoroughly if you’re

prepared to accept this truth and get

ready for a ton of blessings Heaven

believe in your power and you are ready

dear ones who are waiting for a sign he

has the power to transform your sorrow

into healing your tears of joy into

streams of excitement and the brightness

of joy into your life God’s light will

be revealed in your money and every

other area of your life that has been

impacted by your Christian faith God is

giving your dreams life and making sure

whatever potential he has placed within

you comes to pass even when the enemy

tries to stop you he plans everything

for your advantage recall that accepting

God into your life calls for His

blessings and protection thus give him

thanks for his unending love and the

lovely Adventure he is preparing for for

mankind your life is about to be filled

with prosperity and benefits even in our

moments of feeling forgotten the

generosity of God never ends God is able

to accomplish everything that appears

impossible to man our faith is

strengthened by every obstacle we

encounter and every moment that we wake

up as evidence of his grace never forget

to have faith in God’s timing when life

gets too much to handle his goodness

endures despite our difficulties trust

is a prerequisite for Faith and Hope

that Christ will use our hardships to

build something wonderful comes from

trust your prayers are heard by God who

answers them with mysterious favor

satisfaction and serenity you continue

to move forward led by his sunlight and

even when life slows down rebuilding

life might be difficult but keep in mind

that occasionally God brings things back

to us in ways we never would have

imagined he sent his only son as a

sacrifice to show us how much he cared

for us and to make sure that should he

triumph over death we would also be able

to fully experience love and Freedom

keep your focus on him because he will

work miracles in his time the cosmos

knows that you are meant for greatness

and has anointed you for it don’t let

your situation get to you down keep in

mind even the prophets Moses and Elijah

had periods of uncertainty yet they

weren’t ever left on their own there

will be a miracle soon you are receiving

unforeseen favors from God you can feel

secure knowing that he has oversight

over you because he created the Earth

and is aware of every aspect of your

existence look forward to the greatness

that is planned for you to arrive before

this month winds down you have won so

Rejoice for you are now genuinely free

to experience and disseminate the purest

kind of compassion you understand that

without the unwavering determination to


transformation you wouldn’t have arrived

where you are now try your hardest to

pursue it because amazing things are

going to happen more Treasures than you

can imagine will be bestowed upon you

always keeping your thoughts that God is

aware of your difficulties no matter how

hard you’ve try realizing that enduring

fulfillment might be elusive he

recognizes the Brokenness put your

emotional and spiritual well-being first

since all the blessings you have been

holding back will soon come to light

reassuring you through defeats and

turning them into comebacks my Lord is

an incredible friend heaven has a

divinely planned root full of promise

and meaning whether or not you’re

feeling like you’re moving in that

direction of travel the life the Lord

has called you to is not something you

have to live flawlessly recall that

daily Miracles occur if you’ve been

waiting patiently for a breakthrough

prepare space for the things that are

about to arrive God is using your trials

to create something Exquisite God’s

patience building and Faith bolstering

Act of making us wait there is a miracle


don’t let your anxieties or past

mistakes stop you click yes in the

comments section below to express your

belief in God’s unconditional affection

and encouragement if you have found a

connection with these teachings you’ll

soon take charge of your struggles and

leave tears and restless nights in the

past since he has power over everything

and unfathomed aable amount of Joan

happiness is about to come your way the

amazing things God has planned for you

are as concealed from view as a baby’s

growth in the womb Believe In The Name

of Jesus that only God’s love can

satisfy what’s missing in your life

angels are Among Us indicating that

change is coming so hold on to your

faith in your life I’m planning

something real really big you can learn

from the shared understanding and

inspiration of those who have also

experienced God’s transformational power

by sharing your thoughts and Lessons

Learned in the comments section below

how delighted you’re going to be

together you have experienced moments of

anxiety but he knows you are so near to

reaching your goals and becoming

financially independent

healthy and capable of accomplishing

things you never would have imagined

it’s because a scientist is watching out

for you will accomplish this excursion

together tell me again despite all these

obstacles God will work miracles and

provide illumination I am Dependable

perhaps God is using this for you to

read as a sign to propel you to Heights

you never would have imagined possible

God is saying my child You are not alone

do you right now your transgressions are

pardoned God is back to deliver benefits

and to recover what was lost I thus

Proclaim your success you’ll be assigned

a daily routine they had problems they

were not faultless I hold the blessing

in which your name appears some of you

ahead yourself are able to achieve more

more after employing this sound I Repent

of my misdeeds and seek for your pardon

in his name God loves you regardless

where you are at in life he is aware

that you have wept and boded he’s about

to change your life in amazing ways keep

hope alive even when life seems too much

to handle we can never alter God’s

method of delivering you from any snare

so hold on until your trust God is able

and Equip to make things better for you

the Creator is going to pour out his

light on you so pay carefully in a

moment you will hear some fantastic news

concentrate on the good instead of

worrying about the bad God notices your

problems and hears your prayers His

blessings are reachable and he is good

positives will emerge from the negatives

and opportunities will rise from your

struggles let him restore you to

accomplish the seemingly unachievable

God will see you through to the end and

deliver you from every snare your moment

of truth is near he has taken down

barriers and shown gifts Jesus is your

source of reassurance even on the

darkest of nights thank you for being a

part of this journey your contributions

subscriptions and Views allow us to

continue sharing the powerful and

impactful messages of Jesus stay tuned

for more enlightening videos


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