After Died Those Who Skip Will Go to Hell

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my


child I see the purity of your heart and

the depth of your thoughts these trials

you face are merely part of your

preparation for Beyond these

difficulties lies great abundance my

beloved do not let fear or

discouragement Lead You astray nor

disregard the fruits of your labor a

moment’s lapse in vigilance can undo

much of what you’ve

accomplished therefore I implore you to

nurture that inner Flame the one that

keeps you alert even when at rest create

moments to commune with me I yearn to

converse with you to reveal secrets that

will strengthen both you and your

family place your trust in me completely

and extend this trust to your loved ones

bring them together join hands seek

forgiveness and collectively offer


prayers share with them all that I

disclose to you all that I will manifest

through you have the courage to believe

and watch How I will bless you all where

two or three are gathered in my name I

am present among them Proclaim your

faith in

me are you afraid there is no need for

fear the world is indeed filled with

chaos and challenges but my love for you

remains steadfast news May seek to

incite anxxiety but you have chosen

wisely by seeking my presence and

embracing my peace believe in me and

remain unswayed by worldly

troubles remember my words and let

nothing overcome you clasp my hand

firmly during challenging times I will

never let you go I will wrap you in my

arms Shield you with my protection and

renew you daily with my unwavering

love I possess the power to care for you

to protect you to enrich you amidst any

crisis and to heal you my eternal

Covenant with you remains unbreakable

you have remained steadfast on your path

even when your dreams seem to be falling

apart you kept your faith in me and

disregarded those who predicted your

downfall that is why now during these


you will witness the Fulfillment of my

promise all things work together for

good for those who love me you will see

firsthand how I bless those who call

upon my name keep believing keep praying

keep immersing yourself in my word

continue to testify and assure your

family of my truth and

reality Heaven and Earth diseases and

disasters conflicts and Chaos all will

pass but my word endures

forever even if the world trembles my

promises remain

unshaken you are on the brink of

witnessing my power manifest soon you

will experience miraculous events in

your life do not waver in your faith or

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