According to Jesus, “watch” if you truly believe in him.

feel the warmth of the Morning Light

streaming through your window I Heaven

Linder that Jesus mercies are new Every

Morning boundless and bright as you open

your eyes to the new day Envision the

eyes of Jesus gazing upon you with

compassion tent love offering you the

promise of his unwavering presence dot

in the Silence of your waking moments

listen for the G gal Whisper of the Holy

Spirit a soft murmur in your heart that

says I am with you always even to the

end of the age as you rise from your bed

think of it as rising from the Waters of

baptism each new day a fresh start a

resurrection into the Life of Christ a

life of purpose and hope while preparing

your morning meal Let each bite te a

symbol of Jesus Vision his bread of life

that sustains you his cup of blessing

that overflows and every sip of morning

beverage be it tea or coffee may you

taste the sweetness of God’s grace each

drop a reminder of the countless

blessings he pours into your life with

every article of clothing you put on

imagine being wrapped in the

righteousness of Christ clothed in

strength and and dignity and ready to

face the day with courage and Grace

stepping outside breathe in the

freshness of the day and remember the

Breath of Life God breathed into man

animating you with his own Spirit a

living Soul dot as you begin your daily

tasks let your hands move as if they

were the hands of Jesus serving with

love working with honesty and touching

lives with compassion dot in moments of

Stillness may you feel the comforting

hand of Jesus on your shter reassuring

you that you never walk alone for he is

your guide and constant companion when

faced with decisions imagine a wise

counsel of Jesus illuminating your mind

his word a lamp to your feet and a light

to your path guiding your your steps

with Divine wisdom during times of

conversation let your words be Echoes of

Christ’s love seasoned with salt and

filled with grace a testament to the

transformative power of His words in

your life dot in the hustle of the day

should stress start to weave its

tendrils around your heart remember

Jesus command to be anxious for nothing

but to present all your your requests to

God with Thanksgiving upon witnessing

the beauty of creation let your heart

swell with praise just as Jesus admired

the Lilies of the Field reminding you of

God’s care for all his creation

including you do as the day progresses

Let each air be a bead on a rosary of

mindfulness a chain off contemplation

each moment of prayer each breath a

meditation on the goodness of God should

you encounter the marginalized the

hurting or the Lost Let Jesus example

move you to acts of kindness for in

serving the least of these you are

serving Christ himself as the light

begins to wne and shadows grow long

remember that even in darkness Jesus is

the light of the world and in him there

is no Darkness at all returning home let

the peace of God which surpasses all

understanding guard your heart and your

mind just as Jesus come the stormy sea

he can come THM within you gathering

around the table with family or friends

let each face reflect the love of Jesus

a community brought together by his love

a circle of fellowship and unity in

moments of solitude find comfort in

Jesus example of withdrawing to lonely

places to pray knowing that in your room

in quiet and privacy your father sees

what is done in secret before you close

your eyes and sleep reflect on The

Parables of Jesus the stories that spoke

of forgiveness faith and the kingdom of

heaven and let them shape your dream

dreams with hope and peace as you drift

into Slumber Place each thought each

concern into the hands our fees for he

cares for you casting all your anxieties

on him and let his peace invelop you in

a restful Embrace remember his words as

you surrender to sleep te I leave with

you my peace I give to you not as the

world gifts do I give to you let not

your hearts be troubled neither let them

be afraid

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