A SERIOUS SIGN!- ” THREE (3) UNCLEAN SPIRITS IN YOUR HOME “👆 Archangel Michael | Lord Helps Ep -1422

unclean or evil spirits are for

real and this prophetic message is a

sign for you that there is a high

possibility that three unclean spirits

have entered your home right after the

Christmas the words you are about to

hear are coming from from the Heavenly

kingdom of God and I believe God has

called exactly those people here who are

meant to hear these

words because God wants to protect them


now the devil is at play and as soon as

you lose your focus and eyes from God

you give access to the serpent to play

with your life this is the

reason these three unclean spirits God

has revealed about possesses different

kind of wipes and energy within them

that may greatly impact your

livelihood so before you hear these life

saving words let me remind you that God

has already told us about these unclean

spirits in the

Bible and they are once again ready to

create chaos in the life of every

believer these evil or unclean spirits

are nothing but negative forces or bad

vibes they are not the kind of company

you want

around evil spirits should never be

regarded in a neutral manner they are

the members of Satan’s dark

Forces and they are the enemies of God

and of his

people though there are so many kinds of

evil spirit but this time God has

revealed the nature of these spirits

that have entered your

home right after the Christmas and the

holiday season

in the Bible particularly in the Book of

Revelation God pulls back the curtain a

bit and gives us a glimpse into these

not so friendly

Spirits first up we have got the spirit


deception imagine the spirit as the


trickster always trying to pull the wool

over your

eyes God wants us to be aware because

this spirit is

sneaky it can make wrong things seem

right and vice

versa it is like a fog that clouds your

judgment making it tough to see things

as they really are God advises us to

stay grounded in the truth and wisdom

that means means diving into his words

seeking guidance and not letting

ourselves be fooled by the Illusions

these Spirits might throw

away when we are aware of the spirit of

deception we can see through the smoke

and mirrors making choices that align

with God’s

struth next on the list is the spirit of

division think of the spirit as the

Troublemaker who loves to SW discard and


connections it’s like a wedge trying to

drive people apart creating conflicts


misunderstanding God doesn’t want his


divided he wants us United in love and

understanding to combat the spirit of

division God encourages es to Foster

unity and build

Bridges we are all part of God’s family

and instead of letting this Spirit tear

us apart we can choose love forgiveness


understanding by focusing on what unites

us rather than what divides us we can

stand strong against the spirit’s

attempts to break our

bonds like

lastly there’s the spirit of

defilement the spirit is like a stain

trying to taint our hearts and Minds


impurity it wants to drag us away from

God’s goodness and

Purity but fear not because God has

revealed the spirit’s game plan and we

can thought its

efforts so what can you do to ensure

that your home would be cleansed of

these kinds of unclean spirits and

demons or any

negativity or any negative force will

have no place over your

home then let me make it clear to you

what God says about it God

sees my child I want you to understand

that you are never alone in facing these


challenges my love for you is boundless

and it serves as a shield that can guard

your hearts and homes against the

influence of these unclean

spirits as your Divine parent I’m here

to guide you and provide the strength

you need to overcome any darkness that

seeks and into your

life the concept of unclean spirits is

not confined to ancient Tales but it is

relevant to your lives

today these Spirits May manifest as

doubt fear negativity and various

struggles they aim to disturb your peace

and so

discard however take them f in the

knowledge that my love is a powerful

force capable of protecting you from

these spiritual

intrusions throughout history my

messengers and Prophets have shared

stories and teachings on dealing with


spirits Jesus in his Earthly Ministry

confronted these forces


demonstrated the authority of My Love by

casting them out and bringing

healing this serves as a testament that

my love is not a Distant Force but an

active protective presence in your

lives the unclean spirits may attempt to

find entry points into your homes hearts

and also minds but my protection is

impenetrable fortify your spiritual

homes with prayer with faith and the

wisdom found in my

words when you invite me into your lives

through prayer and seek my guidance you

create an

environment where un clean Spirits find

it challenging to

dwell my protection doesn’t just Shield


externally and empowers you from

within allow my love to fill your hearts

leaving no room for negativity fear or

doubt the warmth of my love dispels the

darkness that unclean spirits might

attempt to bring into your

Lives May the light of my love dispel

any darkness in your life and may my

protection be a source of comfort and

strength in my love find peace and

assurance that you are secure under the

shelter of my

wings with eternal love and

blessings your heavenly

father so dear people of God confess

your faith in God by typing I rebuke

evil spirits in Jesus name and fear not

of any unclean Spirit around you for God

is present to Shield you from these


forces all you need to do is immerse

yourselves more in in prayer and the

word of God and no demon will cause you

harm now to cleanse your home with any

kind of negative evil or unclean spirit

this prayer will help

you so I request you to please say this

prayer with all your heart and faith and

God will cleanse your home through his


Powers so with all our faith

let us pray

this dear Almighty and merciful god we

humbly gather before your divine

presence recognizing your infinite power

and boundless

love in the sanctity of this moment we

come seeking your divine

intervention oh Lord to cleanse our

homes from any form of evil unclean

spirits or malevolent force that may

seek to disrupt the paace and Harmony

you desire for us in our

homes Heavenly Father we acknowledge

that in this world there are unseen

forces and spirits that may attempt to

infiltrate our sacred

spaces yet we stand firm in our

faith knowing that your power f or exits

any darkness that may try to encroach

upon us we entreat you oh God to envelop

our homes in your protective light

creating an impenetrable shield against

all forms of negativity and

malevolence in the name of your son

Jesus Christ who conquered the forces of

Darkness we invoke Your Divine Authority

we declare that no unclean Spirit shall

find Refuge within the walls of her

homes May the presence of your Holy

Spirit permit every room casting out any

shadow of fear doubt or

malevolence Heavenly Father we submit

our homes to you asking for a thorough

cleansing let your purifying light

penetrate every corner

dispelling and in lingering

Darkness May the blood of Jesus shed for

our sins be a protective barrier over

our homes rendering them Untouchable by

any evil

force Lord we ask for discernment to

recognize and resist any Temptation or

influence that may lead us away from the

Divine path grant us the strength to

stand firm in her faith unwavering in

the face of

adversity fill our hearts with your love

peace and joy Vanishing all negative

energies from our

midst as we embark on this spiritual

journey Lord we surrender ourselves

completely into your hands cleanse our

minds purify our hearts and consecrate

our homes as a Holy

Ground let your angels encamp around us

standing guard against any intrusion or


forces we declare the authority of your

word over our homes echoing the psalmist

Proclamation the Lord is my light and my

salvation Whom Shall I

Fear we affirm our trust in you oh God

and claim the promise that no weapon

formed against us shall

prosper in the mighty name of Jesus we

command any unclean spirits evil forces

or negative energies to depart from our

homes the word assures us that At The

Mention of your name every knee shall

bow and every tongue confess that that

Jesus Christ is Lord we speak this truth

into our homes declaring it a heaven of

divine peace love and

protection heavenly father as we

conclude this prayer we express our

gratitude for your unweaving love and

protection May our HS Be A Century Of

Your Presence radiating your light to

all who

enter We Trust in your Mighty powers to

cleanse protect and bless us abundantly

in Jesus name we pray amen

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