A Message of Strength and Support | God message jesus |

today I want to share a special message


you life can sometimes feel like walking

through fire and uncertainty can make

everything seem dark and

scary but I want you to remember that

I’m always here for you shining a light

and giving you

strength hope is like a special flame

inside you a little spark that can grow

even when things are tough it’s like an

anchor that keeps you connected to me

helping you face tough times with

bravery but hope isn’t just about

wishing things will get better quickly

it’s about trusting that no matter what

happens you’re safe and loved by

me even when things seem really hard

I’m still looking out for you so when

you feel lost or unsure focus on me

instead of getting caught up in your

worries think about the people from long

ago who kept believing in me even when

things seemed impossible they saw

Miracles and you can

to gratitude is important even when

things seem really dark it helps you see

the good things and brings light into


life remember you’re not alone there are

people around you who care and want to

help if you believe in this comment hon

and remember that I’m with you always

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