that the plans I have for you are much

more ambitious than you could ever

imagine trials and tribulations can

sometimes serve to shape your character

and reveal qualities that you have been

hiding from the world despite the fact

that you could have feelings of

isolation in this conflict you should

know that you are not alone since I am

here with you every step of the way

put your faith in me and my Supply and

you will see how I can open doors of

abundance and Clarity even in the middle

of chaos this is something you will

experience if you put your confidence in

me due to the fact that my grace is more

than adequate for you you should not let

the difficulties that you are currently

experiencing cause you to feel

overwhelmed the extent of my love is

Limitless and my power is capable of

overcoming any challenge that may be

placed in your way in the event that you

maintain your faith you will emerge

Victorious you are my child my daughter

and I love you very much always remember

to keep the fire of Hope blazing

brightly within your heart do not let

the circumstances that you are now

facing discourage you or leave leave you

feeling frustrated it’s possible that

something that seems like a setback

right now could very well be the

foundation for a stunning Victory

tomorrow do not let fear or criticism

sway you or cause you to give up on your

dreams you are a conqueror and the power

that resides within you is greater than

any challenge that the world may bring

to you have unwavering faith in yourself

and your ability ility to triumph over

any problem please know that I am right

here with you holding your hand as you

make your way through this dark Valley

my child you have been endowed with a

spirit of resilience and I have

surrounded you with individuals of Faith

who are devoted and capable members of

the community we should lean on them

support one another and take strength

from the faith that I Supply as well as

the strength that I provide have faith

in me for these people are my hands and

feet in your life and they are the

manifestation of my love that is both

pure and tangible through them I will

shower you with Grace and blessings

throughout your life when you find

yourself in need of assistance do not be

afraid to seek it from them and do not

be afraid to call out to me for support

being in need of assistance is not a

sign of failure rather it is a

demonstration of your Humanity you will

surely face challenges tests and

difficulties in this life there is no

way around it on the other hand if you

put your faith in me and remain

unshakeable in your faith you will be


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