A Great Blessing Awaits this Month Gods message today God blessings message God’s message now

my beloved child I come to you with a heart full of love and a desire to

connect with you in this moment I see the longing in your soul for more success strength and prosperity

and I want you to know that I am here to bestow these blessings upon you I want to congratulate you for

taking firm steps and approaching me with faith today your trust in me warms

my heart and I want you to understand that I have watched over you in every moment of your life life I have

protected you from illnesses and dangers you may not even be aware of if you hold

fast to my word you will see open doors and provision raining down from the windows of

Heaven open your heart to Faith not only this month but in all the months to come

for I will always be with you do not stray onto Paths of Disobedience and do

not let foolish ideas take root in your mind you stand here today not just

because of my love but because of your unwavering Faith your belief in my promises has

brought you under the protective shadow of my grace open your eyes as well and

come to me daily to hear my message in this month I will reveal the

special purpose I have for you you are valuable to me to my work to your family

to your children and to your friends your heart carries a special Mission but

do not rush into projects without my guidance do not let your emotions dictate your

steps consult me before making decisions for I want to bless you in my way do not

covet the blessings of others or copy their actions I have prepared unique

gifts for you treasures and talents waiting to be uncovered these blessings are on their

way but you must remain steadfast in my word and presence to receive what is

rightfully yours do not waste your days comparing yourself to others take your

place and your dreams will come true your desires will be fulfilled and

your leadership will prosper I will ignite a desire within you to live to

fight and to work prepare yourself to conquer the land I have set before you

but go into Conquest with my my word in your heart do not take a single step without

consulting me for all that is your part you will achieve with strength and bravery no matter where you are treat

people with Grace and be an example of love and simplicity do not chase the fleeting

Fame of this world for it leads to emptiness do not boast about your

possessions to seek temporary Applause for true satisfaction comes from me alone

their souls may be filled with loneliness and deceit but yours will be filled with my Everlasting Love if I

bestow great blessings upon you do not flaunt them in the open where envy and danger

lurk do not risk your family for the sake of false Applause do not invent

titles for yourself guard your heart for this is my solemn warning to you you may

choose to ignore me or dismiss my message but know this my word will be fulfilled

it is planted in your soul and will not return empty soon it will Sprout and your life

will change I bless protect and prosper those who remain loyal to me who do not

ignore or abandon me it is my will that you prosper in all things just as your

soul prospers through my holy word I do not ask for the impossible

I want to hear your prayers your repentance and your desire for change I

am opening your Supernatural vision and touching your spirit with my powerful

anointing feel my presence I am here everything I speak to you will come to

pass seek me in my word and ask for miracles that may seem

impossible you will see that your faith and loyalty have not been in vain come

cry out to me and I will answer you I will reveal great and hidden things to you with powerful blessings that will

astonish you write it down now and declare your belief in me this is a month of blessings a month

of prayer it will be a beautiful time of joy and reflection but I urge you not to

miss a single word of this message this is a month to hear my word every day so

it is etched in your soul and comes alive when you you face problems conflicts threats rumors attacks and

doubts do not fear or be discouraged for I will always be by your side to offer

my help I am not distant or hidden if you stumble at any point your

sincere repentance and simple faith will bring you back to the Blessed path know that my love is true and my

presence in your life is real you will never be able to deny it even when

adversity tries to defeat you or confusion clouds your mind the flame I

have ignited within you will never be extinguished I love you and you will

always know it I forgive you and offer you a fresh start these truths are written and

sealed and you will hear them every morning you have a mission to fulfill

there is no turning back no sitting idly waiting for someone else to motivate

you I want you to mature and grow you were not created to always depend on

others who may let you down rise up change your way of thinking and gaze

into that mirror that has often deceived you see how beautiful you are appreciate

the virtues talents and gifts that your heavenly father has bestowed upon you

remember every time you overcame adversity conquered challenges and did

not beg others for help you emerged Victorious because in your heart you cried out to me even when

you felt distant witness how I showed you love

extended my hand and did not hold your mistakes against you I rescued you from those situations and granted you the

Triumph you needed in this month and in all that lies ahead have confidence Ence

that I am here I love you deeply and I will keep reminding you of it because I

know that your spirit is strengthened when you listen to me and you will never Tire of my

presence I want you to absorb each of my messages and fill yourself with this

Supernatural strength as you receive and share my word this month walk in faith always

looking ahead and sharing blessings with others many miracles are on their way

and immense happiness awaits you but never forget what I tell you your faith

and your Greatful heart will open the heavens and holy blessings will pour

down upon you and your family now tell me that you believe in me and rise up Embrace a month of

Victory nothing harmful will befall you you are in my hands and even if

challenging moments arise continue to trust if someone departs from your life

or a door closes do not fear you are alive and I love

you I am embracing you you are in a very special place it is my will that you

receive healing and it is my desire to comfort your soul with my Holy

Spirit I understand your struggles and I also desire for you to experience peace

and lack nothing every day go about your tasks sincerely and without fear and know that

you are deeply loved and protected by your heavenly father the changes

happening around you are the result of my powerful hand clearing your paths removing obstacles and keeping away

those who wish to harm you take from you and wound your soul do not halt your

activities do not hide out of fear of what may come do not silence your voice

continue to pray and give thanks do not hide from anyone and certainly not from

me I want to bless you more than you can imagine I possess the power to perform

magnificent Miracles I can erase your past mistakes and make your future truly

wonderful I want to reveal to your heart the significance of My Sacrifice I gave

my life on a cross and bore all your punishments in my body I suffered for

you in faith I have come to take away your guilt so that you no longer feel

defeated you have an inheritance awaiting you in this life I have blessings and peace in abundance for you

I have planted you in a place of boundless love I want you to feel loved and protected day and night in times of

warmth and cold wherever you go I am uprooting the loneliness that has taken

root in your heart that Hollow feeling in your stomach that ominous sense that

something bad will happen if you were betrayed left weeping

with a torn soul my glory surrounds you it has come to speak words of love and sweetness to

your heart to heal your wounds to brush you off to extend a hand and to raise

you toward a powerful future do not weep for those who do not appreciate you do

not reserve a special place in your soul for those who have caused you pain if

they choose to leave let them go if they wish to return contemplate it carefully

and exercise caution do not trust just anyone who opens their arms to you I am

not asking you to live in isolation I also care about your heart and your romantic life let me orchestrate things

in my way do not rush my decisions do not demand immediate answers from me do

not weep for those who have betrayed you learn to Value yourself recognize who you are you carry

my Holy Spirit within you like a gentle Dove that Soares with tenderness and rests on your

shoulder it will be there to guide your heart do not grieve it do not drive it

away just as the dove cares for its young and shields them from rain and cold your soul will be safeguarded and

your spirit will be comforted in this emotional message message hear the assurance that you are

deeply loved valued and protected by a higher

power understand that you are not alone and that even in challenging times there

is a source of strength and love that will never waver embrace your faith for

it is a powerful force that can guide you through life’s journey and bring blessings beyond your

imagination stand strong trust in the path set before you and continue to

believe in the Promises of a brighter future when you finally come home to me

in the heavens you will begin to understand the journey you’ve traveled but for now my desire is for

you to experience a taste of heaven right here on Earth I want you to know that my love

for you is boundless brighter than a thousand suns surrounding you in a

radiant white light I long to bless you love you and protect you trust in me and

let me take care of you your life rests securely in my hands allow me to arrange

the pieces of your life to bring people into your path it was never my intention

for you to walk alone burdened by needs overwhelmed by fear fear no one do not

cling to Earthly possessions as long as you have life you possess more than hope with faith doors

will remain open miracles even the extraordinary are

within reach will you do me a favor go and tell each member of your

family that I love them with all my heart with tenderness and serenity place your hands on their

shoulders look into their eyes and speak these words God tells you he loves you and I

love you too let tears flow if they wish without

shame today the Journey of restoration and healing heing begins in your home the Divine and Supernatural

blessing I send is Drawing Near receive it with gratitude come back tomorrow I wish to

speak to you again you will hear my voice once more and you will be filled

with peace know that with my love I eagerly await you from this moment on your path

will be lined with successes and blessings I have a plan for you and no oppos opposition can thwart it you’ve

heard the call there’s no need to scavenge for the crumbs others toss your way you have your own blessings and a

heavenly father who welcomes you into his Loving Arms healing you lifting you

up prospering you and caring for you always those who caused your stumbles

will regret their actions those who belittled you will learn a lesson they won’t forget for

raising their hands against you I defend those I love and I will make your

enemies flee I am clearing your path of obstacles and conflicts seize this

moment do not lock yourself away weeping for a past that is gone shouting to the

winds that cannot hear you stop yearning for the false Embrace of those who despised you and sought your

downfall I hope you won’t love those ungrateful Souls more than me by my side you will find life a

happiness you’ve never known and a beautiful emotion you never thought existed I have a powerful purpose for

you and I am opening the path to your dreams you no longer need to look back

there is no one in your past who loves you as deeply as I do who desires only the best for you who can bless you and

guide you Embrace this sense of being loved and protected by a supernatural God

I’m not asking for material wealth Gold Silver and precious stones do not

impress me what touches my heart is your faith and sincerity you desire change to live life

as it was meant to be lived making the most of every moment and using your talents and resources to bless others

starting with your family in your heart you long to share the message that there is love

forgiveness salvation a path and a truth here in my presence people will find the

strength to rise again and start a new leave the past behind choose your

own destiny and if you need help know that I am here to lend you a hand I will

forever remove any obstacles from your path so do not be disheartened when you

no longer receive notifications from the mouths of manipulators

I gave my life on the cross to Grant you Freedom you were not born to live in

emotional bondage enduring the shouts and Scorn of false loves you will no longer yearn for them

I am instilling in you a spirit of Love self-control courage and honesty if you

must confront figures from your past or walk through the fires of your previous trials fear not for I Am by your

side you will silence the Roaring lions defeat mocking adversaries and walk

through the fire without feeling the pain that once consumed you today in my

Holy Name you will face these challenges and in my Holy Spirit you will conquer

them tell me with faith that you believe activate your faith let your soul

resonate with my word remember my holy promises they are your shield and your

sword when adversity Looms Ms who is with you the most high God omnipotent

the King of Kings the Lord of lords Majestic in power and authority who

empowers you to conquer answer me I want to hear your voice feel these words

rekindling the faith that was once discouraged igniting the flame of your desire to

Triumph listen receive and believe there there is no bad habit or

vice you cannot overcome the enemy has no power over you

and you must declare this Truth for neither witchcraft nor sorcery nor spells nor incants can harm

you the forces of evil May surround you but they are merely noise Hollow threats

seeking to instill fear for fear is the only thing that can hinder your

progress rise courageous soul I am conferring upon you my authority Stand

Tall above the conflicts that came to rob you of Joy today your chains are shattering the

despair that weighed you down the emotions that tormented you the memories

that haunted you all of that is ending today extend your hand to me and let us

walk together toward success and blessings return tomorrow listen to my

voice once more and I will provide you with even more living water from the Eternal

rock my holy spirit will continue to fill you and my love will surround you

supernaturally it will never depart from you I’ll remind you once again because I

know that hearing it brings you joy and peace I love you deeply and my blessings

flow like a Cascade of holy water over your life your family your work and your

home nothing and no one can thwart them Embrace this promise and find peace

I am with you every day from the moment you first saw the light my presence envelops you my Legions of angels watch

over you daily and my Holy Spirit guides you today tomorrow and for all

eternity let the distractions fade away be filled with Tranquility let fear

vanish I am flooding you with security words of strength will flow from your lips not just for yourself but for those

around you you are a Wellspring of fresh holy and Living Water a source of Hope

in the desert Reviving Lost Dreams have faith I have the final say

and my diagnosis is perfect in every situation you face I will open doors for

you and support you hold on to life and open your heart to me let it overflow with love you were

born to live surrounded by my Divine Light not to dwell in darkness confined

to a corner step into the sunlight experience that

sensation there is a light at the end of that tunnel of Darkness you are now free

from everything that once held you back despair loneliness contempt shouts and

empty words every attempt to bring you down and steal your dreams is gone

do not dwell on the past do not try to gather the pieces for they no longer

exist your soul is pure your mind is at peace and your heart is ready for a new

life filled with joy Abundant Blessings are on the horizon the windows and doors of Heaven

are wide open because of your faithfulness your faith and loyalty have

placed you in the Forefront I am the happiest father in the

universe come now let us celebrate your impending Victory embrace it with the same

enthusiasm with which you approach each day with the determination you display when you kneel before me regardless of

time or circumstance entering my presence to offer your prayers despite the trials and storms I

have poured out abundant blessings upon you I have never forsaken you and you know this well some receive blessings

but instead of gratitude they become prideful and forget the God who saved them you must remain Vigilant to prevent

this from happening in your household my word is living and eternal

my promise to care for and bless you is genuine I never deceive and what I

declare to you will always come to pass I only request a little faith the

primary place in your hearts and a commitment to seek me persevere in prayer and never lose Faith prepare

yourself to witness Miracles wonders will unfold before your eyes my power is

manifested in homes that seek me with humble and grateful Hearts I do not

change I am constant yesterday today and forever I have a covenant with you that

I will never break I have given you my Holy Spirit and I will fill you with Supernatural gifts I ch


sure [Music]

cherish your heart and I cherish your family I am pleased with your attitude and your thankful Spirit but you also

honor me when you seek the well-being of those you love here in my presence you will find

everything you need go and strengthen yourself receive my love accept my

affection your blessing is approaching swiftly in the days to come open your

heart to Joy for it will become your reality that Miracle you’ve been

awaiting is on its way have confidence just as you did during those times when

you faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles when your natural senses told you that all hope was lost and my spirit

revealed my mighty will I did not Choose You for defeat you

are destined for victory but I want you to seek me

and know me more deeply in this world there is no love as pure and immense as

mine some may not comprehend it and may choose to reject it denying that they

too are deeply loved in their pessimism they wish to seow the conviction in

others that they are perpetually alone and that there is no God in the universe who loves them as profoundly as I do

beloved my love for you is immeasurable and my heart longs for your happiness

and well-being open your heart to receive my boundless love and let it fill you with

peace and joy you are not alone in this journey I am with you every step of the way

guiding you protecting you and showering you with blessings here I am right by your side

Arms Wide Open waiting for you to surrender that heart of yours I see your struggles your dreams

and the tears that sometimes Cloud your eyes your intentions are pure and I want

to bestow upon you the beautiful blessings your family Longs for you need not carry impossible burdens I never

want you to be enslave to anyone the blessings I offer are free

given so you can share with your loved ones not hoard like hidden seeds that wither

Away Let the River of Life flow and don’t block your own Prosperity I am the god of those who

help share and give I am your provider and I will multiply the blessings I

grant you nothing will be lacking I have decreed an end to your struggles I

understand the challenges this world hurls at you daily I nurture your spirit

with words of faith hope and love these words aren’t just empty phrases they are

letters of eternal life if you hold them in your heart and mind they will bring you countless victories fear not your

adversaries and your descendants shall never beg for arms they will not be cornered or

defeated I’m granting you greater sensitivity to understand the supernatural power of my Holy

Spirit I’m not merely comforting your soul I’m granting you power and self-control to rise work fight and

Conquer those who oppose you shall flee in fear and you shall face any situation

with unwavering strength empowered by my presence I have turned

your tears into Joy dispelled your Despair and revealed your true purpose you are a remarkable person and

even those who’ve known you before cannot deny that you’re growing more like me every

day I have poured Divine anointing into you providing you the strength to rise

again I will open doors wherever you go simply ask and I will fill your bags

with gifts use them to do good right where you are share these words with everyone

you meet whether they need it or not do it without reservation for every

blessing you share shall return to you multiplied learn to think as I do when I

promise to bestow my blessings upon you think not of material wealth or

possessions that fade think of abundant eternal life if you seek me earnestly

everything else shall come naturally to you open my word and study it for every

Miracle there has always been someone with unwavering Faith someone who thanked me for things they couldn’t yet

see their gratitude ignited their faith and led to incredible wonders Seas

parting armies defeated blessings multiplied for the poor the sick healed

and trials and persecutions endured the same power that emboldened them resides beside you now you’re not

dealing with an imaginary God here in my presence you’ll find love forgiveness

healing and salvation wisdom patience Serenity and intelligence are in my hands I hold your

future answers way out and solution come to me I want you to know

me intimately to experience the reality of my Divine and Supernatural

power be my instrument to establish my kingdom and let my will be done in your

heart and your home you shall overcome do not accept defeat and do not let

negative words poison your soul regardless of their Source the time has come for you to

truly believe that I love you and my love shall never abandon you in this

situation you shall rise if you’ve touched the ground you shall not remain

there give me your attention seek me every day with sincerity and

humility recognize that you need me and see that I am also asking something of

you grant my request and please accept my help it’s okay to be brave you’ve been

fiercely independent and you are strong the burdens on your shoulders

have grown heavy acknowledge that you need someone to set you free forever you have me you can trust me I’ve invited

you to pause and rest to sit with me for a while listen to the healing power of

my word let it flow through your ears into your heart and cleanse your inner

worries you are diligent and desire things to go well you fulfill your

commitments but you’ve been working too hard excessive labor can lead to distraction

and errors you must strive for your daily bread to support your family but

if I don’t build your house all your efforts are in vain nights spent awake

sleep lost won’t help calm your spirit for a while allow me to bring Clarity to

your thoughts your body is weary and I’m sending you words of healing encouragement and Solace you confront

daily battles and the enemy thrusts contrary winds upon you do not let the opposition exhaust

you give me the opportunity to help you it will do you good to feel my love once

more to rekindle the flame of your faith as it once was you are not defeated and


you’re [Music] [Applause]



n [Music]


dreams are far from over so can my words spend more time

alone in my presence if there are issues to resolve begin with me fear not I am

here to extend a helping hand as a good fre would let’s take the first step

together Feel My Embrace let your heart brim with joy and your mind with peace

you need not live in constant struggle and trials believing that no one understands or Aids you I know some

people around you are engrossed in their own lives often grappling with troubles that blind them to your

needs but trust me many of them love you deeply and care for your well-being they

may simply struggle to express it fearing your rejection so I am sending you this

message and I implore you not to ignore it let Joy saturate your soul let a

radiant smile Grace your face for it can initiate healing and miracles smile smile at everyone today

even if they don’t expect it and watch how attitudes transform people will realize that they

have found a true free in you and broken relationships will begin to

mend you and I share a genuine and eternal Covenant I’ve bestowed upon you a new

life cleansed your spirit and set you on a unique and Supernatural path you alone

shall witness and comprehend the remarkable events unfolding use these gifts wisely be a

blessing to those around you to Nations but always start by blessing

your family continue your journey today and never forget what I’ve asked of you

when conflicts arise accept my assistance and together we shall Ascend

that mountain more swiftly your soul shall find peace and

you shall walk through your days enveloped in my my presence filled with

Tranquility how Splendid it is when you and I Converse I find joy in supporting

you and it brings me great pleasure when you come to me and seek help let us take the first step together

Feel My Embrace and your heart shall overflow with joy your mind with peace

what a wonderful sensation is burgeoning within your heart granting you the courage to confront any trial with

confidence and determination seek my word my promises

and my will you reside with me in Heavenly places surrounded by blessings

but to receive them You Must Believe even now you may not fully grasp

or anticipate these blessings but I am real and steadfast more certain than the

air you breathe more radiant and pure than the sunlight that Graces your days

I am always with you attentive to every need that emanates from your heart learn

the true meaning of my grace an eternal gift born of love not because you are

deserving or faultless when I say you deserve the best it’s because the best

is already yours you need not win countless battles

or endure innumerable trials to Merit greed or blessings in my kingdom battles

are won through faith and blessings are received with gratitude and humil the gifts and talents I’ve bestowed upon

you are not for boasting showing off or seeking Applause and admiration from

others those who genuinely know me live it out through their sincere and pure actions they do not label themselves as

Leaders nor do they seek admirers they do not boast of countless

followers or consider themselves influencers they do not pursue Glory or empty

accolades if you truly desire entry into my Supernatural Kingdom guard your heart

against Pride even when you realize I’ve bestowed upon you greater gifts and

blessings remain humble extend your hand with a sincere

intent to Aid those in need and when you do so from the depths of your heart you

shall witness astounding Miracles healing blessings and strength

shall abound I vested you with authority you can tread upon conflicts surmount

colossal problems and remain unscathed you can rise Advance toward

victory for your Triumph has already been secured move forward with faith and

unwavering confidence keep your lips from uttering words I disapprove of and

expel any feelings that have no place within you exchange your memories and

regrets for new dreams and and aspirations let my healing forgiveness

envelop you completely allow me to transform your past into a promising future I am

igniting a fire within your soul that will illuminate everyone around you

especially those whom you cherish deeply observe how their countenances change

when they gaze upon you the radiance emanating from your eyes is the potent anointing of my Holy

Spirit I bestow it upon you out of Grace and love your role is to immerse

yourself in my word seek me in prayer and as you delve deeper into this

spiritual realm you will feel an increasing desire to seek me more in dreams I shall reveal my will to

you employ this precious gift responsibly I am granting you a glimpse

of Heaven not to broadcast it loudly what I desire from you is to walk humbly

treat others with dignity for they are your kin treat them as you would wish to be

treated be a genuine and sincere friend and each time you exhibit love and

kindness towards someone I shall plant a new Supernatural seed within your soul

it shall flourish abundantly yielding fresh Miracles healing and

strength witness how beautiful it is when your family friends and Brethren seek me in

harmony my Holy Spirit Spirit cannot dwell amidst rejection and Perpetual

Discord it saddens me to hear some claim to love me yet speak ill of others often

without certainty if they persistently spread negativity about others but remain

silent when it’s time to speak well of someone no goodness can flow from a parched Soul a well devoid of water

buried beneath the dust of negativity permit me to work powerful miracles in your life and respond with

faith kindness patience and humility always hold a positive view of

others wish in your heart that you may employ these gifts to create greater

blessings you deserve the best for the best is already

yours I love you that is the undeniable truth and this Sacred Love cannot be

rested from you amen


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