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my child it’s me your loving God here

with Boundless Energy and vitality far

beyond what any person could have our

bodies May age and weaken but don’t

worry true life comes from being close

to me not from fighting against time

when you walk with me your inner

strength grows even as you may grow

older on the

outside those who stick close to me seem

to stay young despite the years let my

energy fill you up making you stronger

each day you might struggle to believe

in this and that’s okay I know it’s not

always easy but know that I’m always

here ready to help you through each day

when life gets tough it might be harder

to trust me but remember that every new

Day brings new opportunities and

blessings from me you are clothed in

Salvation and righteousness gifts from

me to lift you up and guide you towards


greatness my love for you is endless and

renewed every day even when things seem

uncertain Trust that I’m here to guide

you through with me you can conquer

doubts and fears blossoming with

unwavering trust in my plan for your

life in my love fear Fades away and hope

shines bright with me every moment

becomes meaningful and challenges are

just small bumps on the road of life

don’t worry about getting older it’s

just a step towards eternity with me

Every Breath You Take is filled with my

presence giving your life purpose and

meaning don’t let the worries of the

world world weigh you down give them to

me and I’ll carry them for you freeing

you to live with hope and courage Your

Faith gives you strength to face

anything remember I am the source of

life and all good things trust in me and

I’ll guide you on the right path even in

your darkest moments I’m here to light

the way through trials and triumphs I’ll

be your constant companion leading you

towards Eternal joy in my presence time

bends and Mortal struggles become step

towards Heavenly Realms every day is a

gift knowing that I’m with you loving

you and guiding you

always so Rejoice you are cherished and

with me you’ll find Endless Love and

eternal peace trust in me and together

we’ll navigate the Journey of life


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