A Divine Invitation _ God Says_ God Message Today _ Gods Message Now_ God Message For You

my beloved child behold the undeniable Testament of the love you seek this

moment is a calling a Divine invitation as I reach out to you with a message

that will resonate deep within your soul hear these words a testament of My

unceasing Affection delivered in a manner beyond the ordinary touching the supernatural

grant me but a few precious moments and allow your heart to embrace the message

that unfolds before you each day my voice seeks you offering

words that tire not that bring light to Your Darkest Hours in the midst of turmoil find

Refuge In My Embrace where peace surpasses understanding learn from me for my heart

is gentle and lowly and in this truth find solid for your weary

soul my words are clear a beacon in the night yet it remains your sacred choice

to heed their call Step Closer engage with me daily

unburdened by excuses and witness the burgeoning of my strength and presence

within you yes I know the secrets of your heart

the unspoken thoughts that stir within despite your imperfections and

errors it is your love and faithfulness that Captivate and amaze me my love is a

cloak for your transgressions My Sacrifice a cleansing River for your

iniquities embrace the power of my resurrection the key to a profound and

Supernatural change in your life hesitate no longer the path to

transformation is before you in my presence acknowledge your shortcomings

seek forgiveness and trust in my promise to forget your sins never to unearth

them as relics of the past to haunt you I speak the truth and what I’m telling

you is sealed with my own blood your forgiveness is definitive and

eternal you are no longer chained by guilt nor are you bound to the abyss of

your sins you are free recognize it accept it live it believe it do not

dwell on your past sins and do not punish yourself the consequences of your mistakes are also in my hands I desire

only your innocent and simple Faith you have nothing to pretend I am not asking

for Perfection I only seek your commitment to nourish yourself with my words come

to listen to these messages and share the blessings of my promises with your family and

friends I wish to bless you abundantly but I also command you not to be swayed

by the opinions of others live the life I have given you do not chain yourself

to the expectations of others if you please me with your faith and loyalty

you do not need to seek approval from others live an honest life in righteousness and humility treat

everyone with kindness and Justice and do not let others words affect you your

heart is pure in my sight my Holy Spirit shall deal with the envious who

criticize you how many times must I tell you no one dictates your destiny no human

possesses the power to curse you or send punishment your way leave those who follow their misled Paths of ignorance

and imagination while they waste their time believing in sorcery and spells focus on

my word kneel in prayer and I shall send my heavenly armies to confront your

spiritual enemies nothing and no one can harm you if you

remain in my word and my love do not show fear in the face of

challenges that come your way do not let your enemies see you disheartened and

weeping for they will seize the opportunity to undermine your situation they will gather like wolves to devour

your purpose and shatter your heart this Supernatural proof of love that you have

requested I’m granting it to you now as your eyes read these words prepare your

ears for you shall receive love and experience tenderness like never before

I will lift the weight from your chest and bring relief to your spirit can you already feel it keep

listening to this message I have spoken to you about the blessings I have prepared for you sit in silence and

Grant me some time hear this message word by word for

the strength you are receiving is so immense that right where you are you will feel your burdens

lifted your body will be healed of all ailments your mind liberated from

anxiety and your character transformed your anger and frustration will dissipate and from this day forward

the tone of your voice shall carry the sweetness bestowed upon you by my Holy Spirit now with all your heart affirm

that you receive and believe this word I have lovingly sent to you you surprise me I instructed you to be

strong yet you have striven and chosen to fight with all your might you have done even more than I asked of

you you are an Exemplar of loyalty and Fidelity I am delighted to see that all

the seeds I have sown within you have sprouted grown and borne such beautiful

fruits this is why brighter and newer times are approaching you are reaching

beyond your aspirations and dreams you shall not cease until you conquer

the land where blessings and happiness abound I understand that sometimes your

perspective shifts feelings of envy and rejection can creep in especially from

those who claim to care for you instead of acknowledging your strengths they relentlessly attempt to bring you down

revisiting past memories with the intent to wound and break your

spirit today as you hear these words make a conscious choice just as you have

shown faith and resilience in adversity Embrace a mindset of Victory refuse to let anyone undermine

your efforts to do good don’t give them the power to manipulate your feelings

rely solely on my word and let my promises be your guide remember you are

mine and I will wrap you in my love standing against any adversary that

tries to infiltrate your thoughts challenge your faith or seow seeds of

Doubt dismiss those troubling thoughts that arise amidst problems when conflicts Mount decisions overwhelm and

your spirit feels heavy seek refuge in my presence here you will find comfort

and hope the magnitude of your issues cannot lessen my protective

love know that these trials are not of my doing I assure you that you will rise

from this Place aided by my powerful hand I never intended for your suffering

to exceed your strength from these challenges I will liberate you lifting

your burdens I do not wish for you to dwell in solitude and grief your future so

bright incites Envy in your foes who seek to rob you of your blessings in

this battle the choice is yours your faith is a sword cutting through

barriers if you yield to negative thoughts and emotions from your adversaries you will

stumble however you will Triumph if you let my Holy Spirit reign in your life

and heart I have played my part salvation is

yours a legacy of Victory and blessings awaits but you must continue with

unwavering resolve I come to remind you as you stand on the brink of a spiritual

realm where Miracles become your daily reality do not Retreat the progress you’ve made is

significant do not let the tears and sacrifices you’ve endured be in Vine it

doesn’t matter if your efforts go unrecognized by your family focus on

your goal your faith and resolve are stronger than steel press on and be bold

many have forsaken their path and Ru their fate but you are destined for a different future my presence surrounds

you my spirit Reigns in your home blessings and gifts from the heavens will descend upon you filling your house

with joy repentant Hearts will return those who had departed and it will be a

time of forgiveness and Harmony do not fear for I am with you do

not be distressed for I’m your God I will strengthen you assist you and

uphold you with my Victorious right hand I have showered you with blessings in Heavenly places so that my glory May

manifest in your family extending to your friends relatives and neighbors you

will be the instrument to bring healing to many people you know this marvelous work begins here therefore I urge you to

come every morning to listen to remember all the Miracles I have already performed in you and how this word has

become a reality in those impossible situations that once made you faint until now I have supported you do

not turn back do not lose what you have gained from today onwards great

blessings are coming your way but I want to see you each morning with a grateful

heart receiving this word warmly you need to have patience in the

face of everything happening in your life you need to remain calm remember

that I am by your side and I will honor your faith everything that that occurs has a

purpose even if you do not understand it at this moment when this is over and you

attain the blessings I have prepared for you you will understand why believing

trusting having patience and waiting are essential you have received many good

things because you were able to persevere and you will receive even more

I know that you love me for who I am and not solely for what I provide you

consider me your father your God your lord your friend and your creator you

must continue to do so believing in my word and Promises despite the challenges

you face and giving me the foremost place in your life no matter what happens and regardless of what comes

your way for you know very well that I will not allow your defeat or shame

choose your friends wisely and do not heed those who seek to discourage you and and steal your faith you will not

dwell in this difficult situation forever I will arrive at the perfect time and deliver you I know you are

disheartened and at times all these things shake your faith but do not

yield persevere stay strong for very soon you

will reaffirm your steps in the direction you must follow the path that will lead you to my

blessings I am aware that waiting can be challenging you may believe that it is

taking too long and at times it may seem like there are numerous reasons to give

up however I implore you to persist in your belief the situation you are

currently facing is a test that is making you stronger and no one will be able to steal the blessings and gifts

that I am bestowing upon you do not surrender continue to wait patiently and

have faith in me for I am your God and I am preparing a blessed and marvelous

future for you I will lead you out of these trials and place you in a realm of

Peace joy and honor can you hold on a bit longer tell

me what will you do I love you and today I must convey something important to you

I want you to listen carefully and not turn away or ignore these words for they are for your

well-being I always want to shower you with affection and fill you with Divine comfort so that in the midst of your

trials you feel protected corrected blessed and deeply

loved however because I hold you in my heart I must address something crucial

for your inner healing I want you to be aware of the things I am going to do nothing is

impossible for me and during this wonderful time in which you have been gradually getting to know me you have

been perceiving understanding understanding and believing that my word is truth and it will not fail yet there

is something that is failing and I am pointing it out not to make you feel bad or to encourage you to give up I am

saying this because if you listen to me and obey your blessings will multiply receive and accept these words

that I am about to give you if you want the doors and windows of Heaven to open

and if you desire a connection to the Divine and Supernatural world you must rid your heart of all

complaints and negativity I appreciate your faith but do not let the poison of complaint

wither your sincere belief do not Harbor negative feelings or thoughts of pessimism for they can grow and weaken

your beautiful faith when you least expect it remove complaints from your lips and

distance yourself from friendships that seow Intrigue doubt and grievances seek

wise friends decide today whether you will believe in me or reject the

positive changes and blessings that you will soon witness if you Embrace faith hope and reject

negativity beautiful things will happen blessings provision Freedom healing

family Harmony joy in your soul and a heart filled with happiness all these gifts are coming to

you because you chose to believe in me I love you my child hold on tightly to me

truly surrender your doubts and complaints to me and no longer rely on your own strength give me the

opportunity to bless you and demonstrate this wonderful love I have for you tell me do you believe in me I am your God

and your provider I will never abandon you or leave you a drift place all your

trust in me rest in all my promises my help is always available in both good

times and bad in your struggles and trials I will never forsake you I will

always provide for you and your family I want to give you the best my word

affirms it I desire to nourish you with the Divine bread with the finest wheat

and with honey that Springs from my Supernatural power my anointing and blessings cover all your needs and heal

you from every ailment I set my eyes upon you when you were in your mother’s womb giving you

life and a clear purpose from your birth I want to bless you you will be

the instrument I greatly use in my hands molding you for edification and blessing to

many I want your soul and mind to be filled with encouragement and joy May

the fire to serve and work diligently for me burn in your heart continue to

pursue the dreams you had almost most forgotten I am preparing every situation

for you to live learn grow and gain wisdom and strength I will send you

something significant and I want you to obey me do not belittle yourself do not

judge yourself do not obstruct your future with self-punishment in the coming days I

want to reveal to you how valuable you truly are to me I want you to live on and keep striving for what you love

regardless of your age or circumstances the power is mine and the

glory is mine I want to pour my spirit of Love Triumph and victory into you

reflect on these words that you are storing in your heart when you feel weak and face difficult obstacles remember

them I want to encourage and strengthen you I want to lift you High where the

pains and Sorrows of this world can never reach you take heart I repeat you

must rise I am sending this command Feel the Fire of my Holy Spirit in your chest

you have not been defeated you are still fighting still alive you chose to

believe in what I promised and that fills you with Divine and Supernatural

strength no one and nothing can overcome you no one can defeat

you I want you to remember these words well and continue resisting the relentless less attacks of the enemy who

wants to scare you and make you abandon all your dreams but he will not succeed you

belong to me with my powerful hand I protect you with my shining sword I

defend you your Victory always lies in my word look into the mirror of my

powerful promises and always be assured that you are of Great Value to me the toughest

battle is against your own emotions which sometimes when confused lead you

to feel and think things that are not true if you are not careful they can

bring you down do not be guided by everything you feel do not feel defeated

by everything you see it will not fill you with fear of bad news or situations that seem

negative because at all times and in every moment I have

control I transform all things for the good of of Those whom I love and you are

among those chosen ones I have washed you with my blood filled you with my

spirit and given you the power to be victorious in all things if you hold on

to me with all your heart take refuge in my love always and in this

moment as you receive my word have the assurance that even your own mistakes

will be turned for your benefit you will no longer suffer your family will be be

well and as the days go by you will continue to see how you progress in

achieving those dreams you had longed for fulfilling the plans I have for you

maybe at times you feel tired and that’s normal but when problems are so dark

that they blind your eyes and you can’t see where you’re walking you might feel

defeated but this is not true I lead you by the hand even in the

darkness do not fear my child for your loving father will never abandon you

tell me now do you believe me do you feel safe in my arms you are my

brave-hearted child a warrior with a spirit of Steel with the fire of

determination you have everything you need to defeat anything that comes against you pay attention the problems

that are weighing you down will not end if you run from them you must face them

you are strong and you’re is a matter of life or death stand up if you were

cowardly and weak in heart I wouldn’t be speaking to you and while you hear my

words in your heart know that I am confirming everything I’ve told you before many times nothing and no one can

defeat you the enemy will use its tricks daily to confuse you and make you

believe that I have abandoned you when things don’t go well on the contrary I I am with you in

the morning by your side in the evenings I walk with you in your happiness and in

your Sorrows discouragement and apparent defeats that’s when I hold you even

Tighter and try to show you that I love you more than you can imagine that’s why I keep seeking you that’s why I’m still

here trying to make you always believe Not To Doubt not to fear not to be

confused when you see that this world is treating you badly and hurting you constantly with Affliction remember calm

down believe me in this world I have overcome and I have given you powerful

weapons my love your hope your faith in my love always Rest In Hope fill your

soul and mind with it use your faith as a shield to protect yourself from the

attacks the enemy launches against you the day will come when many of your

afflictions will be left behind mind and you will see how you have conquered many

situations and received many blessings you thought you had lost you will come to realize the

magnitude of my grace the vastness of my mercy and the boundless love I have for

you despite all your errors my desire has been to uplift you

to inspire to reignite and bless you in a way that erases any doubt of the

authenticity of my love for you now look forward with a vibrant Faith

navigate confidently through any falsehoods you encounter on your journey avoid distractions those insignificant

things that hold no value for your future concentrate on seeking me persist

in your belief in me pray with fervor immerse yourself in my teachings care

for your family and make my presence in your home and life your foremost

priority a signific ific blessing is on the horizon for you trust in this for it

will indeed happen do not falter even if it seems my response is delayed keep

advancing if you face hurdles Do Not Bow your head in defeat or fix your gaze to

the ground reject any insults don’t be swayed by frivolous words remember who

you are a child of the almighty cleansed by the Lamb’s sacrifice highly valued by

your heavenly father deeply loved and cherished in the heavens Embrace this identity let this

be your constant mindset and emotion the backing of my eternal love is

perpetually with you I am yours and you are mine Embrace this truth believe in

it open your mouth and I will fill it with Abundant Blessings my desire is to

provide for you trust in my love believe wholeheartedly that I will always be by

your side to bless and support you you may face trials and there may be

moments of hardship but never doubt the love of your heavenly father I am

Vigilant always attentive my ear is tuned to hear everything you wish to

share or request as I have promised my promises are steadfast the daily struggle for your

life plays out in your mind where the enemy seeks to plant doubts confusing emotions and fears

his ultimate goal is to erode your trust and belief in the love I have bestowed

upon you I have loved you I love you now and I will continue to love you never

feel forsaken I have never scorned you I have done much for you and I know you

remember the words I share with you today will stay with you you will recall

them each day and as you awaken the First Act will be to call upon my name

and express gratitude for life you hold great significance to me

which is why I will bless you in a remarkable and unique way stay steadfast continue to progress

do not be disheartened by rumors or slander and always remember I say this with the deepest

affection I love you my cherished child My Chosen One my love for you is

profound never let doubts or thoughts of insignificance about out my love take root in your heart reflect on all I have

done for you let these acts strengthen your resolve to strive to persevere in

your goals and to remain steadfast you must guard against negative thoughts

allowing them in opens the door for accusation and turmoil trusting in the words of those who wish you ill will

eventually rob you of your peace your joy your

life I urge you to Proclaim with your words reflect in your thoughts write

with your hands and steadfastly believe in me despite the challenges you face

today and in all the days to come never question the unending love I

hold for you it is unwavering a constant truth I will never retract if you ever

feel distant or forsaken it’s because life’s trials are dimming the flame in your heart draw close to me so you are

not swayed by adversity remember whether in times of abundance or need I am your

Shepherd I will generously provide for you and even in the presence of your

detractors I will shower you and your family with joy my blessings and my Mercy accompanying you wherever you go

when the enemy comes with his deceits affirm to him my life is in God’s hands

my soul belongs to him I am faithful to my Lord promise me this express your

love for me write it down remain devoted to me eternally and hold this belief firmly

for it has always been is now and forever will be so you have sought my

blessing and I have granted it you have prayed for the well-being and prosperity

of your family and I desire your flourishing in every aspect just as your

soul and heart seek and grow in my love you may have many plans but mine surpass

them your dreams are vast because I swed them in your heart and you recognize

this there is much you are meant to achieve in life but always remember that

my plans and thoughts for you exceed what you can even imagine that is why I bestow upon you

wisdom peace tranquility and boundless Joy I will provide you with all the

people and resources you need serve them wholeheartedly and selflessly and in

doing so you will be met with genuine affection through these individuals you

will find support and blessing I am putting many of my obedient children on your path they will

understand your immense value if I have planned to bestow many blessings upon

you do not reject them with your doubts I am not giving you abundance because

you are perfect I am pouring so many good things upon you because you are my

child and you deserve the best I know you will manage everything you receive with

intelligence you will help all those suffering from sadness and pain I will build your house and many

negative situations will end from this point forward if you believe me and put

your faith and my word into action I promise you that many things in

your life will change your future will always be better now I want you to declare with

your lips that your loyalty to me will be unwavering I want you to receive

everything I give you with faith you have heard it right take a moment turn

off the lights and remove distractions from your mind many lights many

distractions it’s time to listen to my word directly from Heaven spoken by my

mouth born in truth written in blood sealed in spirit a word that cleanses a

word that heals created for you for that day when a sad memory makes you long for

the tenderness of my peace and my advice because it’s not achievements or

occupations that bring happiness nor is tranquility achieved when a dream is

fulfilled the rivers of your mind flow with anxiety and they can only calm down in the presence of your Heavenly Father

full Joy comes when you believe in my proverb wisdom begins when you recognize

that I your father God am here with you in every place at all times caring for

you I’m interested in your desires and if you give me your full attention and

respect if you turn off the lights obstructing your vision if you remove

confusing distractions and believe firmly in my promises if you take Delight in my love and if you can simply

and confidently rest your thoughts on my shoulder your God the Alpha and Omega

tells you this close your eyes for when you turn off the lights of this world your heart

will illuminate and in an instant your life will change you will no longer be a victim of

fear because now you know and are certain that I am here receive my rest

receive my peace turn off the light feel it receive it live it

listen the darkness outside does not mean loneliness for you for within you

this truth will forever shine I love you believe it I love you and I will never

abandon you never ever allow me to console you dry your tears shelter you

with my mantle embrace you and remove all bitterness from your soul filling

you with the sweetness of my love and the tenderness of My Affection I want you to feel better now

my dear child I acknowledge that today more than ever you require my presence I

come not to demand anything but merely to seek your trust I’m not here to impose conditions upon you in exchange

for my peace all I request is that you allow me to draw near do not be afraid I

understand that you’re heart has endured significant pain yet my purpose is to mend it I appreciate your willingness to

converse with me to address me directly and to place your complete trust in me

allowing you to confide in me your deepest emotions I heard your voice this morning

and while your words may have been few it is your sincerity and intention that

hold the greatest value I require nothing more I once said

to you that even if your faith were as small as a mustard seed it would suffice for your prayers to resonate in the

heavens it is from there that I send you Solace and from there I demonstrate my

love for you I understand your needs and I will provide in accordance with my

will all my responses are intended for your benefit in this moment I urge you to

maintain your composure when fear approaches recall my words when

afflictions knock at your door answer them saying God is my father my shepherd

my guide and my provider he always rescues me and I know he will assist me

today as well my dear child keep your path aligned with mine do not gaze to

the left or the right focus on the destiny I have envisioned for you

tomorrow may bring numerous distractions seeking to divert your gaze and fill your mind with feudal fantasies

however you will immerse yourself in my word fortifying your mind and nothing

and no one will deter you from that purpose doubts and negative thoughts shall not be permitted I am always

attuned to your needs and feelings I leave you with my peace embrace it with

unwavering Faith because the world cannot offer you the serenity of spirit

that I provide I heard your plea for my presence and in my presence I received

your word ship my response is on its way anticipate it receive it and rejoice in

the miracle I shall perform within you today I want you to experience my love

deeply to immerse yourself in the river of my spirit and to feel fully Satisfied

by the abundance of affection I know that you believe and possess Faith you have demonstrated it

daily you rise with enthusiasm because you understand my love and my constant

presence however I see that you exert considerable effort in your daily tasks

and despite your remarkable Faith you claim to be busy neglecting to spend

time with me your soul gradually accumulates worries and fears that I had

already dispelled I see that by not fully embracing The Living Water I offer

during our prayerful moments your heart is gradually withering you may not feel

it nor realize it yet your well-being and strength stem from your

faith your progress is admirable but beware of drifting away if you lose that

deep yearning for my divine presence your faith is evident yet now is the

moment to deeply engage with my Holy Spirit I am ready to bestow upon you a

Divine and Supernatural power that will elevate your faith enabling you to

perform miracles far greater and more wondrous than anything you’ve witnessed

or known before more than two Millennia ago I

promised you the ability to perform greater Miracles if this seems beyond your grasp

now do not fret Miracles cannot be compelled by mere human effort this divine power is a

gift received as you kneel your heart open to surrendering all in love I

cannot impart this precious gift to a heart swollen with pride seeking validation and Applause from others I

seek a humble repentant heart one that recognizes its faults and desires to

serve me earnestly free from the need for human Accolade I have been searching for you

and now I have found you you have a heart ready to be shaped by my

will come stand Barefoot at The River’s Edge feel the Purity and Clarity of the

water as it caresses your skin stirring your senses immerse yourself gradually until

you are fully submerged Let the River wash away thoughts of defeat and impurity from your mind in surrendering

your heart you will receive divine power as my Holy Spirit envelops every facet

of your life your family your thoughts your very essence everything will transform

blessings will Cascade over your household amen if you are moved to share the

blessings you’ve received with your loved ones and those in need of my presence join my Legion of good news

bearers together let us continue to enrich lives

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  1. God is my father my sherfard my guide and my deliver he always rescuie me and I know he will assist me today as well.my life is in God hand my soul belongs to hem and I am faithful to him in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen


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