3 women are grouping against you and hiring…

dear listeners today there’s a special

tip from the universe just for you think

about changing up your

bedroom your bed isn’t just where you

sleep it’s a powerful source of energy

that really affects your health and

happiness imagine the universe sending

quiet messages nudging us toward peace


balance your bedroom especially your bed

is a big part of that

conversation it’s like your personal

Oasis the place that should be perfect

for resting and

recharging your bed is the center of

your own little Universe when you’re

asleep that’s when your body heals your

mind sorts things out and your spirit


exploring the position of your bed what

it’s made of and even its shape can make

your sleep better or

worse everything is made up of energy

which vibrates at different speeds this

includes our bodies and everything


us your

bed where you spend so much time picks

up and gives off energy depending on

what it’s made from and where it’s

placed so think about this your bed

setup can boost your sleep Health

relationships and overall

Joy let’s make your bedroom the best it

can be turning it into a powerful spot

that helps you feel great and live

better remember when you shine brightly

it might bother those who are used to

the dark your light can show the true

colors of people who might not have the


intentions it’s pretty common for

jealous or mean people to try to cause

trouble for

you but don’t worry as someone full of

light you have Heavenly support keeping


safe take a moment to strengthen your

belief and Trust in the bigger

plan any tricks or bad vibes sent your

way won’t get you down because you’re

protected by the highest power walking

in faith means no plan against you can

succeed to feel even more connected with

this protection type I walk in faith and

light in the comments to make this

message yours today God wants to remind

you about the challenges you face and

the amazing strength you have your

spiritual journey your prayers Quiet

Moments and kind acts have all made you

stronger now it’s time to use that

strength the negative actions of others

are just tests of your ability to stay

true to yourself their actions show more

about their own struggles than about you

stand strong as a beloved child of the

Divine don’t let anyone make you feel


valuable your faith is a bright light

that can’t be dimmed by

others even as they they make plans they

won’t work because your faith surrounds

you like a strong

Shield hold on to this truth and step

forward with confidence in your

purpose if you feel your faith getting

stronger tipe my faith is my shield in

the comments to embrace this message and

confirm your protection from

above remember the plans God has for you

are much bigger than any tricks others

might try against you even if people try


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