10 Ways To Control Our Mind |Message from God |

greetings my cherished children today we

embark on a journey to explore the

sacred realm of your minds these

Divine techniques will assist you in

nurturing and unlocking the potential

I’ve instilled within each of you open

your hearts for the wisdom shared is a

gift from the Divine let us begin one

mindful breathing breathe deeply my

children and connect with the rhythm of

your breath in the Simplicity of mindful

breathing find the serenity that resides

within the sacred vessel bestowed upon

you two visualization Envision the

dreams and aspirations I’ve planted

within your souls visualize the path to

righteousness and fulfillment as your

thoughts shape the Divine blueprint of

your destiny three positive affirmations

speak Words of Love strength and

gratitude for your words hold the power

to create the reality you desire affirm

the Divine Light Within you and watch it

illuminate your existence four

journaling share share your thoughts

with me through the sacred Act of

journaling pour your heart onto the

pages and together we shall navigate the

Labyrinth of your emotions five mindful

meditation enter the sanctuary of your

soul through mindful meditation in the

Stillness you will find my presence

guiding you towards inner peace and

Enlightenment six goal setting set

intentions aligned with the Divine

Purpose I’ve woven into your being break

down your aspirations into humble steps

and witness the Miracles unfold as you

walk the path I’ve ordained for you

seven brain games engage in activities

that sharpen the Divine instrument of

your mind puzzle over challenges for in

overcoming them you strengthen the

Divine spark within eight digital detox

retreat from the clamor of the digital

world in the quietude find Solace as you

listen to The Whispers of your heart and

reconnect with the Divine Simplicity of

existence nine gratitude practice

cultivate a garden of gratitude my

beloved children acknowledge the

blessings I bestowed upon you and let

your hearts overflow with appreciation

for the Divine gifts in your lives

mindbody connection honor the sacred

Union of body and spirit through mindful

care of your vessel you Express

gratitude for the Divine Temple I’ve

entrusted to your stewardship as you

embark on this sacred Journey my

children remember that these techniques

or threads woven into the tapestry of

your Divine existence embrace them with

love and witness the magnificence of

your true nature unfold go forth my

beloveds and manifest the Divine Light

Within you until we meet again may your

paths be guided by love and wisdom

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  1. Guide me my God almighty and continue helping me with whatever I need in Earth so that I live the life you wanted me to live here my lord God you didn’t brought me here to live a poor life my father look IAM even anable even pay school fees help me God almighty so that I can be able even to server you even better than I do please my dear God almighty, amen


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