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God message for you

today God

says if you are tired from caring heavy

burdens come to me and I will give you

rest satisfy us each morning with your

UNF falling love so we may sing for Joy

to the end of our

Lives don’t worry God is never blind to

you your tears never deep to your

prayers and never silent to your pains

he sees he hears and he will

deliver I prayed to the Lord and he

answered me he freed me from all my

fears God loves each of us as if there

were only one of us God says just pray

prayer his power I love you my

child Satan doesn’t want you to pray

which is why he will do everything he

can to stop you prayer has power and

Satan knows it I love you not don’t

throw that flag down don’t give up on me

I am so sorry for all this pain I’m

sorry things haven’t been easy I am

sorry for all the

unfairness please don’t give up this

isn’t the final I love you my

child put your trust in me I will give

you the strength that you long for I

love you no matter how far you from me I

will be right by your side the moment

you decide to call on me again I hold no

grudge I love you I don’t want to force

my love on you I have given you free

will if you accept it you will receive

it I love you I can’t deliver you from

evil unless you invite me into your your

life rest easy I will not abandon you I

am with

you yesterday is our right now is what

matters tomorrow might come it’s not

guaranted be present I love you be

humble if I allow you to reach higher

give more without expecting a return I

will take care of you you if you trust

in God please type

amen others won’t understand you because

I didn’t put in their hearts what I have

put in yours others will try to stop you

because they won’t understand remain

focused I love you my child God says I

created everyone with different

abilities you won’t be able to do the

same as others because I didn’t create

you to be that way it is okay to be

different because I made you that way I

love you my child I will provide you

with the peace you need your heart is

heavy and only I can give you pure

relief come to me I need you to treat

your body with respect it with love your

body is a temple I love you I understand

that your

experiences have led you to Lost most of

your faith but that little ounce of

faith that you still have is able to

move the mountains in your life you will

witness my power transform your

difficulties into a miracle I love you

life won’t stop when you have a bad day

people might also not stop when you are

having a bad day be still and now that I

will always be there to pick you up keep

moving I love you dwelling on how good

the past used to be is destroying your

present I have got a plan and I need you

to stay faithful I love you I understand

that life isn’t going your way this life

isn’t going to be perfect this life

isn’t meant to be your Forever one day

you will be here in heaven with me

rejoicing with no more pain please don’t

hurt yourself it breaks my heart seeing

you in pain talk to me I’m here I love

you there will be times when you will

feel only however it doesn’t mean that

your beliefs are true I am with you I

will put people in your life there is

hope you might not see it however keep

in mind that you can’t see what I can I

am your God I am above all I have your

back your plans may fail but mine will

prevail don’t give up hope God says

please breath please take a pause you

are running ahead of me worrying so much

about the future is a tactic by Saturn

to make you miss everything that matters

right now in the present

my spirit will guide your future not

everyone is meant to stay in your life

forever and that’s okay don’t pay the

world with what it gives you rather with

what you wish it could give you your

love shouldn’t and when you


disrespected but I should rather grow

let me take care of the

world it’s not your job to get revenge

you will only poison your soul give me


anger God says let go of the things that

don’t serve you no more those are the

things keeping further from me I want a

relationship with you when you pray to

me be genuine tell me when you are angry

at me tell me when you are confused and

scared I want to listen to how you truly

feel it is okay to feel angry scared and

confused and it is okay to communicate

it to me God says if you feel awkward

scared or unwelcomed talk about me in

your group of friends then that group

isn’t leading you closer to me

and instead they are posing further from

me God says there is purpose and hope

for your life turn away from those

things that are ping you away from me

God says it’s okay to feel down and sad

at times but it’s not okay to stay in

those feelings I want you to prosper and

rise up call to me I’m

here I don’t need you to be perfect to

start a relationship with me come as you

are and allow my love to change you I

love you it is time to stand up and be

different than how others act be a

reflection that mirrors my love no

matter what comes your way your soul

will remain

joyous God says you are not not missing

anything in life you have what you need

and most importantly the essentials in

life the problems is not focusing on the

good and staying hooked on it I

understand exactly what you are feeling

right now and I need you to understand

that I am here by your side You are not

alone in this fear has robbed you of

your peace but I make fear tremble

invite me into your life right now and

my presence will cast all fear away

because where I am there is no fear God

says people will test you they will

attempt to take the rose out of you be

still and talk to me I will help you God

says there is more to life than the bad

experiences you have first I am by your

side and will lift you up God says your

life is important I sorry that others

have made you feel different your life

really is important God says I sent my

only son to die on the cross of you you

do matter I am watching over you you

have never been

alone use what I have given you

it will be enough you don’t need to have

a lot I love you your parents might have

mistreated you and I am sorry for their

actions I will judge all

accordingly allow me hear your wounds I

don’t want you live in pain not

everything will be fair stay focused on

me I have never failed you this world

will will fail you but I never will God

says the pain will end the tears will

stop the doors will open a miracle is

approaching don’t give up God says

respond with love when they criticize

you respond with love when they hurt you

I will restore you I will protect you

put others first as I put other first I

need you to be a disciple that brings

others closer to

me the wise will listen and adapt the

foolish will fight against correction

and hold no

accountability the wise will seek me

while the fool Will Walk Away relax and

let’s go stop holding so tightly trust

in me and instead of posting your life

problems on social media take that time

to talk to me about them I am the

solution rise up right now you are

Mighty say it with me I strong dark days

will come but better ones will follow if

we go through them together I love you

you can’t let what others have done do

you control how you treat others around

you not everyone has bad intention

towards you not everyone wants to bring

you down talk to me more and I will help

you discard the good and bad things in

your life God says I created you in my

image I do not make mistakes you are who

I made you God says it’s okay to feel

lost and confused you are not mean to

know everything all you need to do is

trust in me prayers request comment your

prayer request look at the comments and

press someone do not give up the isn’t

where your story ends this is where you

will experience the greatest growth I am

in this process with you we will walk

together at times your mind will tell

you that you you are pathetic dumb and

worthless however you are not I made you

for greatness listen to my

voice March

st I want to walk with you I feel

sadness when I see you alone you don’t

have to go through anything

alone please if you trust in God please

type amen


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