?YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY ON 20TH MARCH 2024 BECAUSE GOD IS GIVING…. । God Message Today | Jesus Message |

today God is speaking to you my wishes for you and your loved ones this year

include nothing but Prosperity health and happiness believe in my purpose for

your life and know that I will never leave you that’s all do you believe in

God if so then like this video a wonderful period filled with joy

love and plenty of cash is about to begin for you money will flow into your

life freely and consistently giving you wealth trust me on

this by the year ‘s conclusion you’ll have achieved

unprecedented levels of wealth success happiness and health blessings Health

pleasure and happiness will be showered upon you by God you and your your loved

ones will be blessed and he will restore Health to everything that is

sick incredible Miracles major breakthroughs and many more blessings

are waiting for you at the end of this film my darling so please watch it in

its entirety winning the lottery will stop all your suffering and put an end

to all your tears because it will change your life in an

instant additionally God’s amazing hand will be on your health and you will be

showered with Benefits hell that change your life rest certain that God is

rescuing you from hardship suffering and lack and replacing it with healing ease

and abundance while you Slumber this night

God will answer your Longs of pressed prayers your life will be forever altered and all your anxieties will go

away my presence is here to fill your life with delight and I provide you with

bliss that will endure forever the one who goes on the highest

portions of the land and transforms the brightness of dawn Into Darkness is me

the Lord commander of Heaven’s armies here I am

the one who goes on the highest portions of the land and transforms the

brightness of dawn Into Darkness is me the Lord commander of Heaven’s armies

here I am like David who had no need to know

Goliath might because he knew I was Stronger so too are you to have no fear

today because I am greater than everything you face I will take up your

cause and fight to the death because I am powerful do and Def fight to the

death because I am powerful just come to me when you’re

sick of feeling sad lost and hopeless good health joy and Tranquility will

replace your suffering anxieties and troubles and I will remove them

all unexpected cash blessings will will improve your family’s lives forever

during the next hours in addition I will transform your impoverished

condition into a wealthy one a miracle is waiting for you my

darling even if this seems like a difficult moment if everything goes

according to plan you will be healthy wealthy happy and successful by the year

may you be showered with an abundance

of benefits including good health joy and happiness before this week comes to

a close in order to experience miraculous signs from God please watch this video

all the way to the conclusion your debts will be able to be paid off your

Dreamhouse will be within reach and your love ones will be supported in ways that

were previously unimaginable I hope and pray that the

year for brings you and your family nothing but more Prosperity Better

Health and more Abundant Blessings your career finances health and relationships

will all undergo a surprising and beneficial transformation this coming

weekend I pray that January brings you and

your loved ones nothing but good fortune success and happiness rather than

drowning and despair that may show you the way to a life burning with

blessings Good Fortune miraculous events and Limitless Delight are becoming more

prominent in your tail According To Jesus and in the next days you will

experience a season filled with joy love and abundant

wealth before the weekend even comes all the negativity that has been bringing

you nothing but tears will go away its place will be filled with love

light pleasure and an abundance of benefits you are being showered with

miraculous help blessings that will change your life and financial support

from God even when you’re exhausted weak and weary remember that he’s your

Everlasting strength come and join me in prayer this

week as we open the doors to blessings in your life please know that our

prayers are being heard and that we ask God to assist you in overcoming the

difficulties you are experiencing I want that our lives are

filled to the brim with love happiness and success and that our bonds deepen

with time let us now say together in the name of Jesus I will never suffer the glory

of God will always be evident in my life in I pray that this week brings you

many blessings and that the Lord hears your prayers and guides you through your

difficulties the methods by which God will reward you will go beyond your

wildest dreams he has the power to transform your scarcity into plenty your

Affliction into a witness and your bewilderment into understanding let us

pray together now our kind and merciful god you are the source of all

miracles every day we thank you for protecting us and our families and for

the chance you’ve given us to start again through your forgiveness and the

new life you’ve provided your love is beautiful and an ending and nothing can

ever separate us from it all the good things that have come to pass because of

your loving care for us incl including the fact that you created us and set

Jesus to die on the cross as atonement for our sins are much

appreciated you and your loved ones will have a full year of miraculous healing

growth blessings and progress in unexpected Miracles will be

bestowed upon you since your prayers have been heard by God your your physical health will

improve your relationships will be repaired and doors to Prosperity will

open as a result of these Miracles your suffering is never lost on God when you

cry out to him and he hears your petitions he will rescue you a time of

Plenty and boundless affection is upon you God has great plans for your life

the Lord say His blessings will be showered upon you as he opens the sky he will provide you

everything you need and bless your labor if you ask God he will turn your sorrow

into Joy significant changes breakthroughs

and miracles will occur in as he is presently responding to

your petitions here is your chance to start again with new

possibilities God will bless you and your family when you give yourself over

to him and you will live a better life as a result he has the power to heal

your wounds and turn every obstacle into an opportunity for great

Triumph get ready to have your life turned upside down by a torrent of

blessings this coming weekend incredibly life faltering rewards will be bestowed

on you as a result of God’s miraculous intervention in your health you are

about to enter a period of tremendous financial prosperity it will alleviate your

financial stress and enable you to settle all of your bills you may

anticipate a string of Victories the surmounting of challenges and a general

Triumph as you go through this incredible era remembering every tear

you shed and every Agony you endured you’re going to win the lotto

which will alter the course of your life irrevocably and all those sleepless

nights will finally cease you will attract wealth as easily as water flows

into a brook your difficult and painful period is almost coming to an

end everything wonderful that you have wished for and hope for is on its way to

you may you soon be showered with love good health and prosperity as your

guardian I will do my best to ensure your safety as my cherished servant you

have my undying affection and care so you may rest

assured this week I will shower you with blessing enable you to do the seemingly

impossible and bring about miraculous changes in your life I will transform

your suffering into power and your difficulties into opportunities keep in mind that I am the

god capable of miraculous Deeds I facilitated Moses’s crossing of

the Red Sea and brought Jesus back to life bya miraculous healings and

resurrections I can also improve things and restore what you’ve lost I will

restore everything that has been stolen from you no matter who took

it let us pray together God says today please God have mercy on whoever is

reading this and Grant them all wonderful things please hear their prayers cleanse

them of illness restore their health provide all their material requirements

Vanquish their adversaries and pave the way for your blessings to overflow into

their lives angels are my special servants who

will pay all of your bills and settle all of your debts the security of your

loved ones will be ured by them as well because God is on your side it makes no

difference whether there are some who oppose you however that’s not

all God has promised that he will cure you and restore your health his people

including you will live in abundant safety and Tranquility because of him

Jeremiah – is the source for this I beg you

Lord to restore Health to the reader of this may they find Everlasting peace if you

could also improve their financial status and open doors for them that

would be great by you should expect a substantial

Improvement your health relationships and financial condition will all be

restored by God throughout this week I will be

sending you an abundance of positive energy energy healing energy love and

best wishes a miraculous event that will change your life and offer you

unparallel Joy is about to happen and you are the one who is next in line to

see it you will be fully healed of whatever

disease or debt you may have by the end of this month thanks to the incredible

gift of healing that I will bestow upon you I am leading you out of a life of

suffering difficulty and lack and into one of healing ease and

plenty today is a day of Plenty joy and

possibilities and I want you to know it because you are my special little one be

receptive to the many blessings I have in store for you plus if you stay stick round to the

very end of this movie I will shower you with riches and affection that go beyond

your wildest dreams you are blessed abundantly this

weekend embrace my blessings with open arms and be ready for a life of abundant

Joy contentment and success may you have an abundance of happiness and youry good

fortune and the delicious ious fruits of achievement imagine a river of benefits

enveloping you carrying with it a bounty of Joy success and contentment you are

about to embark on a period of personal development that will have an effect on

your life in every way so be ready incredibly miraculous benefits are

on your way whether you’re concerned about your financial situation emotional

Wellness physical health or spiritual connection remember that I the Lord your

God am am the creator of the universe and everything that is in it including

the skies Seas mountains sun and stars I

am your healer I come to alleviate the mental emotional and spiritual suffering

that you now endure it is my sincere desire to

alleviate your suffering you will never be the same because I am going to unlock

doors in addition I would want to talk about any hurtful things you’ve said or

anything that is preventing you from moving forward in a positive

way in the name of Jesus I renounce them all by virtue of his atoning sacrifice

all the good and perfect things you get in life come from me the father of the

Heavenly lights unlik things that are always changing I am consistent and

dependable I have already ranged for you to get well be free make a lot of money

and end your suffering have full confidence in me since with faith

Anything is Possible possible my darling kid I am ready to provide in an amazing

manner so you should expect a miracle possibilities that will alter the course

of your life are appearing before my eyes I will fix your financial position

by paying all of your invoices and obligations my darling there will be a

transformation for the better from limit ations to plenty from muddled thinking

to Lucid comprehension and from suffering to calmness laughter love blessings and

happiness will replace all the things that have saddened you in the past

healing will take place in January change good fortune and achievement let

me pave the way for you going back to what I’ve done previously I in tend to

do it again you may expect an endless supply of Good Fortune health and plenty to

manifest in your life in the following hours you will experience an

overwhelming wave of joy that includes love prosperity and good

health I am the one who made the heavens the Earth the Seas the mountains the sun

and the star Stars my little child I will never leave your sigh leading the

way providing Solace and safeguarding you always know that my love for you is

no bounds and that you are unique to me feelings of anxiety bewilderment and

lack of sleep are plaguing many of you right now instead of worrying I will

help you comprehend and instead of tossing and turning you will sleep well the skies

will part and rain will fall to bless your land and your

efforts your life will keep getting better and you will have a thriving

professional and romantic life again the Lord promises dear and kind father let

us pray together your infinite mercy and kindness mean the world to me

I am grateful that you have granted me another day to bring happiness and the

love of God to others dear savoir I praise you for

bearing the punishment for my Crimes by dying on the cross your gift of eternal

life in Christ Jesus is much appreciated your mercy has set me free

from sin and I will conduct my life according to that decision I give thanks

to you father God for giving me life and another day to see your mercy and

Grace there will be many more miracles wonderful developments breakthroughs and

blessings in the next week keep in mind that Jesus cured lepers in the Bible

Jesus addressed the one and only one who came back to to Express gratitude get up

and go your faith has made you well an important lesson from this tale

is that being grateful makes you more vulnerable to more favors God is mending

you and you will come out stronger than before here are the four things he wants

you to know today the end result will be well worth

the wait so do not hurry God’s preparation s you are about to get a

tremendous Miracle right now whatever is troubling you know that God is actively

trying to fix it there is a plan for your life and even Satan can’t derail it God will do

things in your life that you cannot imagine including healing Liberation and

breakthroughs these wonders will defy explanation and only materialize via

acts of the supernatural I prophecy that God will do

an incredible thing in your life catapulting you to the front of the pack

God will restore your physical health mental Clarity and interpersonal

connections and your resume will rise up the ranks know that advancements and

blessings are from me and that that nothing or no one can take away what I

promised you even if your opponents warned you that you wouldn’t succeed or

that you didn’t deserve them someone you care about is plotting

to falsely accuse you and have you rested beloved child wondering why they

want to hurt you because they are envious of your financial success rest

assured my darling amen God says today I will watch

over you lead you and protect you at all times this individual is harboring

resentment and jealousy against you and I know it I am aware of their schemes

and their efforts to damage you and you may put your faith in

me I will protect you from their deceit and cunning so you need not be scared

have faith in my judgment and Equity I will see to it that the truth is

revealed and that everyone recognizes your innocence a miraculous cure is in root

to you you will be fully healed from many illness and freed from the debt

that has been weighing you down because God loves you he has sent angels to pay

all of your expenses and oblig ations additionally they will protect your

loved ones from danger pronounce this God consoles me in

my times of solitude God is everything that matters to me when I am nothing in

times of sorrow and isolation God becomes my refuge and strength God Is My

Rock in times of weakness I am grateful for the life Al

offering gifts that are on their way to me Heavenly Father you have wonderful

plans for my future I know it in the name of Jesus Christ I give you complete

control over my thoughts desires and feelings this week I am going to open

the windows of heaven and pour out blessings of love wealth healing and

protection I will also give you good health protection and a financial

breakthrough that will surpass your expectations you will see improvements

in your health Money Matters and relationships may you be showed with

Limitless chances of windfall of wealth that surpasses all your

expectations and the prompt payment of all your debts let us join hands in

prayer prayer for the infusion of God’s Rich blessings onto

you please Heavenly Father keep us safe

and enlightened as we enter this time of Plenty we pray that Angels keep a

watchful eye on us as we follow your plan for our lives and that we may have

faith in your promises so that we might anticipate your many

blessings in the name of Jesus Christ we ask all of these things my darling you

will be showered with God’s blessings like rain is knowledge kindness grace

and favor will envelop you entirely as you Slumber this night I

will work miracles in your favor your grief will be turned into Joy your

trials into riches and your need into plenty behold I Proclaim CL that

unexpected benefits are on their way to you God will miraculously open doors for

you lead the proper people to speak well of you and erase whatever Financial

hurdles you’ve been facing your financial condition will improve

dramatically and you will go from struggling to having more than enough

money optimism breakthroughs Miracles answered prayers and favor will abound

this week before the month comes to a close you will experience remarkable

improvements in your well-being career personal connections and financial

situation I am about to Spring an unexpected surprise on you affluence

health and blessings from above are already in the works to change your life

for the better in the name of Jesus Christ I declare to you today that nothing

negative can come into your life your home your time your thoughts or your

health always know that you have support rest assured the Lord is with you at all

times when life throws you a cur a ball he’ll be there to help you whether the

storm joy and contentment will be yours in his

presence let it be known today I will receive the abundance of Love healing

and blessings that I deserve my entire family will experience healing and

miracles will appear when we need them it may appear impossible but I am

capable of doing incredible things if you’re hurting I can help you get over

it mend broken relationships and bring plenty into your

life always keep in mind my beloved ones that Jesus is like bread he gives

life you will never again be thirsty or hungry if you seek Him Out In Your

Darkest Hours he is like a beacon that will lead you to Safety Code to him in

your time of need and he will grant you the Everlasting Serenity you

seek realize that my livelihood depends on making a difference in people’s lives

and accomplishing remarkable Feats your misery into joy and your scarcity into

py are my current hidden goals I pray that you will put your

trust in me in the midst of your trials as Daniel did when he was in the land

Den you have a loving father who is also your refuge and source of strength

according to God prepare to witness remarkable transformations in every area

of your life as you open your heart to receive let us pray together so that you

may receive all the blessings that I have in store for you in your career in

your finances in your health and in your relationships thank you Lord for

ushering in the month of March during this month please keep our loved ones

safe please protect us from harm may we be blessed with healthy bodies Abundant

Blessings and unfaltering strength remove from our hearts all anxiety fear

stress and uncertainty show us how to put our faith in you no matter how

difficult the situation your attention to our prayers

and the blessings you have bestowed upon us are greatly appreciated Lord your

life could change in the next minutes this video contains some important

blessings for me so I kindly ask that you watch it all the way to the end

without skipping a Beat because I am a God who can perform

Miracles nothing is impossible for me I have the power to heal the sick part

seas and move mountains I am capable of handling any

challenge I am fully capable of Performing Miracles it is within my

power to accomplish the seemingly impossible I will mend your wounds mend

your relationships and shower you with plenty your luck is changing because of

me your family and you are being showered with blessings from on high no

matter where you are hurting I am going to bring healing if you put your faith

in me I will show you my love and strength rest assured that I will never

turn a blind eye to your cries for help or ignore the anguish your experience

ing I am attentive I am perceptive and I will deliver punctually you are to know

that the months of March and April will be blessed with extraordinary

miracles in order to experience Miracles you must watch this video to the very

end expect the unexpected during these months as I shower you with blessings

and miracles that will leave you speak spechless an incredible Miracle the one

you have prayed for with all your heart will be brought to you while you sleep this night a flood of incredible

blessings will descend upon your life during the next five days behold I am about to show you doors

that you have never seen before Miracles that you never saw coming and blessings

that you have never exper experienced before may you be blessed abundantly

your cup will be overflowing with my blessings because I want to shower them upon

you there is no end to my love for you it is an ending an ending and an ending

you are loved by me in all your imperfections weaknesses and

defects a series of triumphs and blessings will bring about one Miracle

after another my darling so this week is very important for you get ready for a

revelation of abundance that will blow your mind one that will defy all

expectations praise the Lord and He will bless your food and water and he will

eliminate disease from your midst you will continue to receive more blessings

from him if you consistently thank him for them you will be welcomed into a time of

boundless blessings immense tranquility and Celestial favor as God bestows upon

you opportunities that are uniquely suited to your needs by the month’s

end only God can give you everlasting life unlike doctors lawyers and soldiers

who can only save your physical life or Safeguard you from legal

trouble nothing can change the fact that a mask can become a message a test can

become a testimony a trial can become a Triumph and a victim can become a

victory except God God will shower you with Limitless

blessings Greater Joy abundant wealth and Better Health this month your nights

of sobbing fretting and stressing will end tonight

God will restore the time and opportunities you’ve lost he promises to shower you with an

abundance of good things including Health joy and happiness you can be

saved if you publicly say Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God

raised him from the dead the hand of God remains at your

door if you let him into your life he will make a miraculous appearance in

every area your suffering can be turned into power and your trials into

opportunities because I am here a divine plan that will bring you

numerous blessings relief from your current difficulties and healing is

directing your life Anyone who reads this as my sincere

prayers the Lord’s favor who will always be with you may protect you from

harm rejuvenating your health revitalizing your relationships and restocking your

finances are my top priorities as your loyal guide have faith in me because I

am the god who brings restoration and Redemption peace prosperity good health

and joy will be bestowed upon you and your loved ones your kindness will be

remembered for many years to come I promise you according to God his Divine gift to

humanity is a life characterized by plenty perfect health boundless joy and

constant happiness why word is not empty I assure you when I say something I mean

it I am am a god of action and reliability every wrongdoing will be

wred every loss will be made up for every enemy will be vanquished and every

roadblock will be removed from your path Proclaim with absolute certainty I

remember the times when I was far from God life was a living hell for me

because I didn’t have a relationship with God but when I met Jesus my world

turned around he gave me hope and a purpose in addition I have already

spoken a word of healing over your life now you must sees the word for yourself

if you are in need of healing on any level physical emotional or spiritual

know that I am the one and only Supreme healer always keep in mind that I am the

god who loves you my dear children I will lovingly tend to you from the

moment I created you until the day you die in times of trouble I will be there

to lend a hand and bring relief our love is Everlasting and I will never leave

you or forsake you my son Jesus has already defeated

the enemy his unending love altruism and Resurrection , years

ago vanquished the powers of evil this decisive Triumph ensures that no enemy

can harm you in the future put your faith in Jesus and be

afraid the power of evil can’t hold you back let me take care of your concerns

anxieties and difficulties my divine intervention will become clear CLE to

you as you surrender and entrust me with all that is in your

life you will be showered with love prosperity and excellent Health bringing

you boundless Joy there will be a miraculous change in your career bank

account health and relationships you will experience a

tremendous shift in your health wealth and relationship ships which will allow

you to live a richer more satisfying life strong health and joy will be with

you constantly furthermore I assure you that

riches will pour into your life without effort or restriction bringing an

abundance of blessings says God today you are my special child and as the only

God I will do the impossible for you get ready for the

extraordinary because it’s coming your way in

you will make a triumphant return I the almighty will restore your health

relationships and finances I pray that God will take away your suffering and

replace it with his Abundant Blessings of health happiness and peace if you

happen to be viewing this message you and your loved ones will

experience a better life when you give yourself up to God with his help you

will be able to overcome any hardship and emerge

Victorious let us make this declaration together today I am prepared to receive

an overwhelming amount of Love healing and abundance which I truly deserve by

the great of God I am the god who gives abundance and

I want to shower you with all the good things I desire to bless you with riches

good health and success your house will be protected

from harm disease and wickedness this year my love and protection surround you

and I will never leave you or abandon you but you must have unfaltering faith

in me and gratefully receive my blessings I pray that you will

experience an abundance of Joy stunning moments amazing people blessings and

remarkable outcomes as this new week begins trust in me little one and see

this video hold the way to the end and I will turn your poverty into riches your

lack into abundance and your struggle into Victory remember my children that I am a

god capable of Performing Miracles I can swiftly alter circumstances in your life

even when they appear insurmountable I am providing you with

opportunities that will change your life and assist you in paying off your debts

and improving your financial situation if you are weary of feeling

hopeless lost and sad come to me I will bless your life because you are my child

and I love you unconditionally today I declare that no harm will come to you

your health your time your money or your family in jesus’

name the Lord is my shield and protector he will keep me me safe from harm and

defend me against every enemy Jesus says repeat this truth with me he promises to

bring an abundance of people resources and financial support into

your life that you never imagin possible you have been selected by me my

beloved to receive my love kindness and assistance and and I have sent angels to

Aid and protect you and your family I am God the creator of all things and I will

be with you until the end of the world during the month of March I will

shower you with blessings that you cannot fathom I am about to make you

wealthy successful happy and healthy yes my beloved ones I have selected you to

receive my my favor unpredictable Financial Miracles

will befall you in the next Days in the following days you will encounter

unparallel blessings fresh opportunities and miraculous changes in

your life now is the time to heal and begin a new blessed chapter of your

story if you put your faith in me and gratefully accept my blessings I will

shower you with riches health and prosperity but always keep in mind that

my love for you is stronger than anything in this world and that nothing

can ever sever our connection I Am With You Always

protecting you from harm both physical and spiritual in

my own only wish for you is that you be healthy that you be at peace with

me forever that you be filled with joy beyond measure that your finances

improve and that you know that I am watching over your every

move money will flow to you effortlessly as I am opening doors to financial

blessings you never knew existed you will go from feeling stuck to moving

forward from lacking to having abundance from confused to having Clarity and from

experiencing pain to embracing peace my darling I beseech you to utter

these words aloud today I am going to receive the flow of Love healing and

abundance that I deserve by the grace of God my whole family will be restored to

health and great monetary miracles will materialize just when I need

them your home will be protected from harm illness and wickedness this year my

love and protection surround you and I will never leave you or abandon you I

know that many of you are struggling with addiction depression and

sadness in you will have a TR tremendous recovery your health relationships and

finances will be revived I am providing you with opportunities that will change

your life and assist you in getting rid of your debts I will pay all of your

bills in full and improve your financial situation by putting your trust in me I

will turn your poverty into riches your scarcity into a abundance and your

difficulties into Triumph I am the almighty God the

creator of everything and I will be with you from the start to the finish so

never forget my children that you have the power to bless your families with an

abundance of Health riches and prosperity that knows no

bounds yes my dear ones I have selected you to receive my by favor grace and

mercy and you are beginning the journey toward greater prosperity joy Health and

Longevity but I am the god who gives freedom and I can free you from those

shackling chains the days of suffering anxiety and disappointment are over and

I am giving you the freedom to live a life that is Rich with delight contentment and

success in light of the fact that I am the only God and that no one can bring

you closer to me than through Christ Jesus the way the truth and the lifei

will show you the favor I have planned for you during the next week you will

receive incredible favors opportunities and blessings that will surpass all your

previous experiences this is a time of restoration and rejuvenation for you

keep in mind that my love for you is unbreakable in Christ Jesus you have

been born again not from this world but as a child of God and a follower of

Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit lives in you empowering you to live a life that

reflects Christ’s qualities regardless of how you feel or what happens in this

world with Christ as your joint a a partner with God a conduit of Grace and

a witness of truth I will restore all that the enemy has taken from you you

have access to the great Riches of Heaven the promises of God and the

blessings of Salvation there is no need to be worried

I will restore prosperity and peace to your life I will bless you and bring about positive

change even when your enemies surround you the year will be full of

blessings peace positivity and good news but I can bless you with more than

just money I can heal your past give you purpose in the here and now and give you

hope for the future all you have to do is trust me and you will see Miracles

unfold you are not merely a conqueror or Survivor the Lord says but you have

access to the vast Treasures of Heaven the promises of God and the blessings of

Salvation you are also a partner with God a conduit of Grace and a witness of

Truth not to mention a joint air with Christ heal your wounds and improve your

financial situation God is guiding you into the best season of your life I am

going to change your life today turning your sadness into happiness and your

setbacks into comebacks the financial blessings you

receive this week will increase threefold be receptive to this

multiplied favor to opening your heart and believing in the Miracles that God

can perform which will transform your worst nights into beautiful

mornings say this with unshakable conviction my dear friend in

God will bless me Heal Me provide for me protect me and guide me as we

experience his love blessings and inspiration in

may God continue to keep an eye on my family and

I join me in prayer Lord I beg you to alleviate my financial hardships help me

to see clearly and wisely as I manage my finances bring me confidence in your

will for my life I ask that you grant me the financial breakthrough as well as

the plenty and success that you have promised show me the way to better

opportunities and give me the help I need for the sake of my family and the

mission you have given me I pray that you will lead and protect me as I work I

pray that you will guide my spending and make me a good Steward of the wealth you

have bestowed upon me I the god who provides abundantly

want to bless you with health wealth and success to receive my blessings with

gratitude and unfaltering faith is Paramount in the coming week you can

look forward to incredible favors opportunities and blessings that will

far out strip anything you’ve ever experienced this is a time of

restoration and rejuvenation for you keep in mind that my love for you is an

ending and that no matter how low you may feel you are bound to the love of

God in Christ Jesus you are my beloved child and I

love you so much that I will bring financial support resources and people

into your life that you could never have imagined angels have been set to help

and protect you and your family you are born again Son of God and

Son of the follower of Jesus Christ God says to you you are being led empowered

and change into an image of Christ by the Holy Spirit who lives within you

optimism prosperity and good fortune Reign throughout the month of

March have faith that I can mend your broken body revive your health alter

your situation and provide you with the Breakthrough you’ve been waiting for you

will be an example of what is possible when you have God by your sigh and I

will shower you with three times as many benefits this week before you even ask I have a good

idea of what you need in jesus’ name I pray pray that God will meet all of your

needs in the midst of your trials God is transforming your life from a place of

suffering to one of healing Serenity and plenty no one can revoke my promises to

you and I am the only one who can bestow promotions and

benefits I promise you my darling that this year will be the year and all your

dreams come true in the Realms of relationships wealth health and

commerce I will provide favors you will be blessed with Tranquility Health the

ability to see miraculous events happiness and good fortune I am merciful

regardless of how many times you mess up with each setback I provide a way

back I provide a new beginning whenever you experience loss when things don’t go

as planned I make sure there’s a way back everything I promised you is in the

works now is the time to pray oh God if

it is your will then enter my home and remove all the things that concern and

worry me keep your eye on my family and heal them this year has been so

difficult amazing things are on the horizon for you this week and I beg you

to help me find Joy when I’m unhappy and hope while I’m sick your health career

relationships and bank account will all improve this week poverty need and illness have been

shackles that I am breaking today you will experience a metamorphosis from

sorrow into Joy from suffering into strength and from trials into

rewards I am with you at all times directing and soothing you as the one

who created the heavens the Earth the river the mountains the sun and the

Stars shielding you from harm you are very important to me and my love for you

will never change if you stick with this video to the very end of

God promises you’ll be a billionaire you will have cause to

celebrate before the end of this month more money will come your way your

health will improve and miracles will happen just when you need

them I am here to help you get over this rough patch both financially and

emotionally many of you have been through tough financial times and I want

you to know that you have my support I will restore your financial stability

fortify your relationships and enhance your physical

wellness I Am The God Who heals and redeems have faith in me God is about to

open the door you’ve been praying so fervently for as you embark on a season

season filled with happiness love and Tranquility the next days will be out

of this world a time of boundless wonders and

blessings that will alter the course of your life is about to

begin unpredictable Good Fortune romantic opportunities and financial windfalls

are heading your way at a Breakneck Pace this week you may expect to get back

times what you put in the amount of money you get from God will be

sufficient to provide for your Offspring and great

grandchildren your family relationships and financial situation

will all improve as a result of the spiritual and financial progress that I

will offer you in the name of Jesus this will come to pass

I rested on the seventh day after creating heaven in six

days a few minutes from now I can alter the course of your life realize that my

livelihood depends on changing people’s lives were the better and doing

miraculous Deeds behind the scenes I am already hard at work changing your

misery into pleasure and your poverty into riches

I pray that you will put your confidence in me even in the face of peril just as

Daniel did when he was in a perilous circumstance exclaimed loudly I believe

God will save me and protect me God is my strength and Defender and he has

saved me to protect your loved ones from danger and to settle all of your

obligations and liabilities I am dispatching Angels it

makes no difference who stands against you when you have got on your side you

and your loved ones will be blessed with a better life when you surrender yourself to

God he can alleviate whatever suffering you may be

experiencing and transform your setbacks into triumphs someone always finds a way

to live their family out of poverty that member of your family is now watching

the video in my darling you will experience

healing and development my hands will restore all of your relationships wealth

and health not only will your health and relationships improve but your financial

circumstances will also multiply I swear to you money will flow into your

life simply and constantly giving you wealth God will shower you with an

abundance of good health pleasure and happiness before the end of this week he

is able to alleviate suffering bless you and your loved ones and reverse any

unfavorable course of events I am the supplier

that can fulfill all of your demands if you are having trouble making hands meet

believe in my plenty and I will reward you abundantly there will be many

miraculous occurrences in the following days blessings and miraculous

occurrences will unfold before your eyes your physical and Financial Health

are my top priorities and I am here to help you become well I the great

physician can heal any wound whether it’s a physical one or an emotional one

you may rest certain have faith and I will lead you to complete

Wellness I will transform the pain you feel into strength the fear into focus

and the challenges you face into determination even when the enemy tries

to harm you I will turn it around for your good trust in me for I have a

wonderful plan for your life I prophecy that your financial

situation will improve dramatically in the year you will feel liberated from

monetary constraints All Things Considered this will be your most

financially prosperous year to date do not lose lose sight of the fact

that you are capable of changing your circumstances ending your suffering and

bestowing blessings on yourself and others you care about shall we talk with

Assurance my financial situation is about to Skyrock with an abundance of

Wealth Beyond my wildest imagination I am manifesting $ million

this week and by God ‘s Grace I will become a millionaire by the end of

I am receptive to everything that you have planned for my life father make

me a blessing to others around me show me how to use my abilities so That

Others May prosper and your name can be glorified I will finish the work you

have begun in your life your heart will be filled with a new found delight and inspiration

throughout this season and the delays you’ve suffered will be turned into

wonderful moments you will be amazed by my kindness and

favor a lot of good things are happening to you right now and you shouldn’t be

worried about them pray about everything and tell me what you need be grateful

for all that I’ve done for you you’re developing in all areas of your life

mental physical spiritual emotional and

financial you are my beloved child and my love for you is no bounds today I am

about to accomplish something Monumental in your life that will shock your

adversaries and fill your world with enormous pleasure my darling prepare

yourself for the the incredible gifts that are on their way to

you I am about to pour out my Abundant Blessings on you and your loved ones as

if opening the windows of Heaven to pour kindness upon you this month brace

yourself for a major Financial miracle that will bring you plenty of Health joy

and pleasure if you watch this movie all the way to the end your love life Financial

condition and spiritual life will all take a remarkable turn and the following

three days will be amazing as you enter a season of Love plenty and

prosperity by just expressing your thanks to me for everything that I offer

you will see lifechanging Miracles transpire in your life and I have the

ability to transform form your sorrow into pleasure your weakness into

strength and your grief into Joy faithful father I thank you that you

can meet my every wish and need please bless my family friends job and money

pray for this now Lord I want to thank you for your en ending love and all the good things

you’ve done for people the Thirsty are quenched and the hungry are filled with

Pleasant things because of you keep in mind that at your cherished kid I am

deficient in nothing overflow my soul with

appreciation you have the power to save me from falling and to joyfully bring me

before your Splendor without a single spot of guilt all praise honor Splendor

and power are du due to you God both now and forever in the name of the Lord

Jesus Christ amen God is working to improve your

circumstances and bring blessings and plenty to you and your family numerous

opportunities and blessings are about to come your way and they will eliminate

all the negativity in your life be open to the Miracles that are coming your

way spiritually emotionally and monetarily these Miracles will boost you

up angels have been sent to settle your bills and any debts you may have and

they will also Shield your loved ones from harm despite the difficulties you’re

experiencing this week is full of good news for you by the end of this year

you’ll be well fortunate and successful the year will bring you tremendous

changes breakthroughs and financial Miracles you may anticipate

unprecedented advances in your health career business

relationships and money I bring you healing Triumph and serenity today get

ready for incredible blessings that will change your life Life In The Name of Jesus Christ I am

opening the floodgates of heaven so that you may receive my benefits which

include a great increase in your spiritual life as well as material

prosperity and the Improvement of your relationships giving everything to me

brings success to your life here and riches in heaven I am the all powerful

God to Prov provides heals restores and blesses

abundantly you are about to experience an outpouring of benefits breakthroughs

and miracles that are beyond your wildest dreams I am transforming your

suffering into strength and your difficulties into

opportunities I will alleviate your suffering restore what you have lost and

provide the funds you need positive developments and blessings are on their

way to you have faith that God will turn your sadness into Joy by openening doors

and making possibilities just for you get ready for a huge Improvement in

your financial situation relationships job and health something

fantastic is on its way to you get ready to hear excellent news have pleasant

moments form positive connections have good health and get many

blessings I am grateful for what I have and I am willing to accept additional

money if it comes my way say it again with me I will be showered with healing

support protection and Heavenly Direction in for as a result of God

blessings in this season of your life you are entering a period when God has

anointed rooms for you Everlasting peace larger blessings and answered prayers

the Lord pledges to be with you at all times fighting your battles and bringing

joy and serenity into your life I want you to see a change in your

life where you go from being being sad to being extremely happy and from

feeling pain to feeling healed the hardships you’ve endured will become

chances for you to live a full and blessed life you won’t have to stay

stuck in poverty lack or illness any longer the Lord is actively at work in

your life changing your Sorrows into joy and your setbacks into comebacks he

offers restitution for what you have lost and healing for what has been

shattered the moment for healing has arrived and God is repairing the broken

parts of your life for those who love God our channel

is a great place to stay connected Proclaim this to the world my bank

account is going to explode with more money than I could ever imagine your

word have power so say it out loud this week I am manifesting

million all thanks to God’s mercy get ready for a time of growth when all your

dreams will come true and you and your loved ones will accomplish incredible

things I will become a billionaire by the end of

your life’s narrative is about to shift from one of exhaustion and lack of

resources to one of Plenty and contentment you will never be alone God

promises that he is with you at all times God will rescue you from all your

enemies and make peace in all your troubled times he will bless your life

with chore and contentment and give you peace when you’re sad

get ready for a tremendous shift in your career money health and relationships as

God removes all of your anxieties and issues and replaces them with excellent

health happiness and serenity your life is about to undergo a radical

revolution in the days to come God says he will bless you beyond your wildest

dreams pray that he will perform miracles in your life and may you

experience a plethora of good health happiness and

transformation may he illuminate your path and lead you to the life you were

created to live with a super thanks of up to

$ you may help our Christian Community and the gospel go forth into the world

if you are a believer in Jesus Christ we ask that you kindly consider this gift

amen today I am ready to receive an abundance of love and healing and what

is truly mine the Lord declares with certainty I have faith that my loved

ones will recover miraculously and I know that these healings will come at

the exact moment we need them join me in prayer as I ask you

father to forgive me for the times I fail to love others as you have loved me

open my eyes to the needs of those who are hard for me and show me how to

satisfy their needs in a manner that brings you glory you are about to experience a

tremendous Financial bone that will alter the course of your life

irrevocably like water flowing into a well so will wealth pour into your life

and continue to grow daily I will provide the miraculous

answer to your prayers while you sleep tonight it will be great and take away

all your concerns I ask that you open your heart to accept it in jesus’

name my darling you are on the cusp of a new era of Liberty prosperity and plenty

I am about to shock you with plenty if you watch this movie all the way to the

end you will begin to get riches health and success before the month comes to a

close you will have boundless money excellent health and success I am giving

you beautiful things such as Miracles blessings and positive

Transformations so brace your yourself to be astounded by the richness that

will enter your life believe me when I say that I will

radically alter your life and that your career bank account health and

relationships will all undergo a miraculous reversal I will lead you mend

your broken heart and rectify your financial

predicament May the coming year of for be brimming with countless blessings

increased prosperity and Better Health For You Had Your Love ones God assures

us of Eternal Joy so if we are weary of feeling despondent lost and L we should

seek Him your ailments and debts will be paid off I have the ability to do Miracles

and I will show you that nothing is impossible before this week ends you

will be astounded by the healing you receive I want to make you laugh until

you cry today because I know that when you completely submit to God’s Almighty

power he will lavishly shower you and your family with an abundant

life you will be miraculously healed of all your ailments and debts by the end

of this week have trust in me and I will make a way even when it appears

impossible I know how difficult life can be as you embark on this season of

boundless love and abundant provision take heart in the knowledge that I am

with you at all times I will strengthen your weak spots cure your illnesses and

restore whatever love and peace have slipped away [Music]

as you go through this abundant season never forget to be thankful to me for

everything that you have received but take heart because you will emerge from

March change stronger more fortunate more confident healthier and more at

peace in these trying times may the Lord hear your heartfelt prayers May the

protection and blessings of the god of Jacob be with you the year for

ushers in a period of restoration change and bountiful

Prosperity I am freeing you from the shackles of poverty need and illness and

it will bring you monetary plenty and open doors to possibilities that will

change your life all of your sorrow will eventually

turn to Joy all of your suffering will eventually lead to healing and all of

your hardship will ultimately Make Way for many blessings a plethora of

benefits chances and abundance abound in March and

April whether it’s a satisfying job financial success the car of your dreams

or Genuine love I can bestow it on you and your love

ones fantastic improvements in your health career business

relationships and money are on the horizon for you at some point this week

it seems to me that you are about to embark on a time of tremendous

prosperity and Limitless Love Now is the moment for miracles and

good fortune may find its way to you now hear this word from God during the

next days you will get tremendous blessings New

Opportunities and an overwhelming yearning like you’ve never felt before

if you find this message meaningful please subscribe to our

Channel praise be to God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ the compassionate

father and the soothing God who preserving his rightful place and

telling you now not to be afraid I am here to assist you because I love

you Heavenly beings are discussing you angels are set to you and God is working

hard to help you this week be ready to receive Limitless benefits as a result

of God’s favor and Grace the following words are stated in

Psalm the Lord is my mild and my

salvation Whom Shall I worry the Lord is the stronghold of my lifestyle of whom

shall I be afraid and the whole thing is you father we appreciate all the help

you’ve given us in the past and will continue to provide your unwavering support has met

the world to me and my loved ones no one can abandon me I am sure of it under

Jesus mighty call we adore and honor you you should expect a fresh door to

open for you you are now experiencing the conclusion of a period of difficult

times surprising benefits appropriate news and miraculous events that change

your life will happen one after the other this month there will soon be Joy healing and

development you are approaching your golden years which will be filled with many advantages and breakthroughs have

faith and appreciation ready to grasp them you will see a change in your

health career relationships and bank account in the following week according to God give me

control of your lives and I will make art out of them hold fast to prayer until your

situation improves keep your faith Little Miracles keep popping up things

in your life might alter in an unexpected way thanks to

God can God also take away all your stress anxiety Agony concern and

bewilderment if you’re still thinking about this in addition to the

aforementioned your way of life may be jam-packed with the gratifying qualities

of Health contentment prosperity and Tranquility boldly Proclaim I am

attracting the love money and lifestyles of my

dreams God is aware of your pain and is going to provide you with more and

better opportunities with the arrival of a great gift and healing all previous

suffering will be wiped away the long wait is over now you will get assistance

answers healing advantages and miracles your current months will

pale in comparison to the following your lives will change for the better if

you believe in miraculous recoveries at the tail end of this month a major

character will enter your life showering you with wonderful

surprises for you this message portends a tremendous change in electrical energy

love and money will surprise you and your life will be better than you could

have ever imagined during this week you will experience a multiplicative

increase in monetary wealth genuine love and

plenty your evenings of fretting moaning and wailing will soon be over whatever

you need God has already provided God loves you wants you and continues to

love you even if life is tough get ready for a remarkable story of Triumph to

Captivate you seeing a certain number repeatedly

as a sign that angels are looking out for you and that a great benefit is

about to come your way those who have faith in God will be

blessed for Their Blessings will be greater than their prayers people who dread the Lord and Trust in his

Everlasting Love are those in whom he takes pleasure Psalms to

even when you don’t put any effort into earning money it will come to you

in the end according to Jesus a miracle is on the way to you something big is

about to happen this week trust me for every cry I have a

blessing in store for you your next blessing will come as a surprise I can

find a way even when it seems like there’s no way I will mend restore and

courage and give you hope I have seen your hardships and your

tears I was listening while you prayed and my kindness will surprise you soon

give me whatever you’re worried about and I will bless you beyond

measure you are the cutest little toddler ever the cosmos is clearing your

path of negativity more Delight than ever for is on the way and money is on

its way from this day on you will have a life free of worry and despair your

career and love life will determine how your life improves over time there is no

one who can shut a door that I open for you by the power of God’s grace you may

anticipate receiving Specific Instructions the next morning gratitude and faith will claim

it for you anything you ask for in prayer accept is true that you have

received it and it is going to be yours the Lord says my child you fear too much

don’t forget who I am nothing is just too hard for me even

in case you can’t see it I have everything deliberated out for

you take it easy easy little one knowing that I’m already at my desk I have the

power to change your life for the better bless your loved ones and alleviate your

pain wherever it manifests keep Coen because good things are on the way your

special day is almost here dear God I pray that you will fill

my heart with an attitude of Deep appre appreciation for everything that you

have done are doing and may do in the future pick me up broken pieces and

shape me into your perfect creation you made me and you can fix me better than

anybody else I love you Lord I am the god of

Plenty and my decisions bring success to every area of your life you might expect

unexpected fin fincial gifts within the next day if you put your faith in what I

say I may perform miracles for you welcome to

it’s going to be a year full of Rejuvenation change benefits and Marvels

there will be many opportunities for starting over and making New Beginnings

during this season this week your benefits might

double by three think about my words even if they seem ridiculous I want to

shower you with immeasurable blessings because I am a God who

multiplies to fold the enemy’s schemes I am already dispatching my angels this is

a battle that many people have faced I will protect you and wrap you in a

blanket I would rather see you blessed abundantly in Health riches and success

so that you might go on to benefit others for God so cherished the world

that he gave his one and only son so that whoever believes in him shall have

everlasting Lifestyles and no longer perish a time of blessings and wonders

is about to come your way you can rise beyond your problems obstacles and

mistakes this season at this time of year there is an infinite variety of

prices an endless calm T the involvement of the

supernatural as the beginning and the N the Alpha and the Omega I am the deity

of introductions I am the Wellspring of insight understanding and expertise the

things I have planned for you will come to to pass and I will do nothing but

good for you Prosperity good fortune and new

possibilities abound throughout the months of March and April May you and

your loved ones be showered with many blessings including the love money and

opportunities you seek we have heard your prayers I am the

Pinnacle of oldfashioned doors and a am opening new ones that will change

people’s lives for the better your health

relationships and finances will all improve as a result of your multiplied

financial investments if you are in pain whether

it is physically emotionally or spiritually I am able to return you to

health I Am The God Who redeems and restores I give strength to the weak and hope to

the despairing if you’ve been going through tough times financially remind yourself

I am grateful for the money I have already gotten and I am open to

receiving more this will help ease your burden and restore your faith in me

regardless of the severity of your situation God promises I am manifesting

$ million this week solving all my economic issues my bank stability will

overflow with more money than I could ever believe your financial life will surpass

all expectations during the next months while your spiritual life and love life

will develop the Savior said lay your cross down for me and stay for me no

longer for yourself I’m able to update your worry with faith and guide you

through Afflicted times I am almost prepared to bestow

upon you boundless gifts giving you more joy and financial success you are not

prepared for the extraordinary things that are about to happen to

you now is the time to heal and rejuvenate God will give you back

everything that the devil has taken from you including your Serenity wealth and

Direction with God longing is possible at all

times I’ll say it I have been crucified with Christ and it’s no longer I who

stay but Christ who lives in me the life I now live within the flesh I live by

means of Faith within the son of God who loved me and gave himself for

me positive changes are on the horizon in the areas of health career business

relationships and finances this week if you pray hard enough God will perform a

miracle that will remove all of your concerns remember if you confess with

your mouth that Jesus is Lord and and consider in your heart that God raised

him from the useless you’ll be stored as you agree and are justified in your

heart so too are you when you confess with your lips my infant

promotions and advantages come from me what I’ve promised you no one can put

off block or break stay in religion I am approximately to crush you with benefit

keep in mind that I always paint in the color of your choosing I know you’re

worried about money Health and Family these days I may bestow upon you the

blessings of Tranquility health and Triumph be ready to reap the benefits

that will change your life the Lord urges your struggling is over your

religion has remained strong through the toughest season of your lifestyle to to

your faith I am going to bless prefer and heal you in store for you is something really

extraordinary no I has seen no ear has heard and no thought has imagined what

God has organized for people who love him there is nothing greater than the

opportunities I can bring your way the people I can introduce into your lives

the impact I can have on you and the places I can lead you

too God the Creator and sustainer of all things who solices us in our Affliction

deserves all the glory he is the parent of compassion and plenty declare that

fulfillment is yours this week regardless of your desires you have the

power to declare victory in some of the conflicts you’re

waging say that you will succeed in spite of the difficulties you are

experiencing with God’s help this week has the potential to be uplifting

transformative and fruitful you’re entering a whole new realm of Liberation

success and plenty a new day is breaking free of the

darkness and conflict that have long surrounded you my ability to care for

you and keep you secure as Divine and Beyond Compare you could think of me as

the Mighty God I am a kind and gracious God and my

love for you is Limitless I am always by your sigh hold on to your faith say your

prayers and repeat my words you my beloved children will encounter

unexpected wonders you should expect a daily boost in your pricing range this week

providing more than enough for Generation after generation including

your own family and grandkids as Christians I have given you the power of

the tongue to fight against the devil and his minions make use of it to want and

assert my word over your life and Advance what you say might praying

blessings or curses life or death their influence should not be

disregarded furthermore may God’s Serenity be greater than human knowledge

protect your brains and hearts through Christ Jesus let your lives be a pledge

to my loyalty and kindness as you walk in the breadth of my love and

grace abounding blessings Bright Smiles abundant wealth and excellent health

will be yours my darling child I bestow strength and healing on your physical

and mental cells enabling you to feel Limitless tranquility and

safety God is patiently waiting for an invitation to enter your life so that he

might do Marvels and accomplish Miracles inviting God’s presence into your home

via the opening of your heart’s doors will bring about change and divine

involvement in every area of your life Destiny breakthroughs and

miraculous events await you the day after today range everything in your

life so that your sincere prayers might come true you will soon be showered with

an abundance of Health prosperity and love the dagee of breakthroughs winds

and triumphs is about to descend upon you like a torent this week your

blessings will be multiplied three times by God demonstrating once again to

Limitless God’s potential and life-changing Miracles are

in a little while my generosity will Astound you I have already made

arrangements for you to experience Liberation Financial abundance love and

healing May the next month bring you Joy healing and success as you rewrite your

story with contentment completion and accomplishment before the end of this

week money will start pouring in like a mighty Endless River every day your

financial situation will improve at an exponential rate in addition the nations of love

wealth and health will bring you much joy you are about to take a giant leap

ahead that will shock your enemies and change the world as you know

it this is your time to shine little baby no additional expenses liabilities

or letdowns a new era of answered prayers Everlasting peace and benefits

of extraordinary importance is about to begin for you God blesses me and my family with

boundless money love and Tranquility I am prepared to receive the

plentiful cight of affection restoration and prosperity that I truly deserve I

declare this with confidence you have created me and loved

me without condition you sent Jesus to die on the cross for my sins and I am

grateful for your forgiveness you have shown me compassion Grace kindness and

goodness and your love has no bounds I am filled to overflow with with thanks

to you your circumstances are about to change for the better according to God

his favor will be upon you and your loved ones and he will heal you in all

your broken places imagine yourself gazing at your sixf figure bank account

as you sit in your brand new automobile parked outside your

house the next stage of your life will include merchandising so be ready

affluence will abound health will Blossom love will deepen and religion

will toughen dealing with your financial obligations healing your broken heart

protecting your family and making your special day really Unforgettable are all

within my abilities this year will be extraordinary for you and your loved

ones since your health relationships and finances will all be

restored in spite of your difficulties God is working to help you

overcome them the Lord assures you that he will always be there for you so you

will never really be alone in the middle of stormy seas he will fight your

conflicts and restore calm is joy and contentment made fill your life to the

pr amazing jaw in the forms of Love Money and health will flood into your

life in the next hours you will be greeted with opportunities your debts will be

eliminated and payments will be finalized both your love life and your

financial condition are going to take a dramatic turn for the better

you may enter a season of prayers answered Limitless peace Abundant

Blessings Financial plenty and uniquely consecrated places established by God

before the weekends get ready for a Development

season that will affect your life in every way spiritually emotionally

physically and financially incredibly beneficial IAL changes are about to

transpire so be prepared God will shower you with a

wealth of blessings good health love and prosperity a life faltering Miracle is

about to happen and you are the next in lined to experience Joy like never

before just seconds tops rest assured I have your worries

covered think of these three things if you’re feeling down God is with you and

he will always be there for you these days God says he’s about to

open the door you’ve been praying so hard for the beginning of a season

filled with joy love and harmony they bring you seven days of the

best there is harm to the curse I say your health will improve and your wealth

will increase throughout your life I have been by your side through every

hurricane I have provided for all your needs and I will continue to bless and

protect you and your family suddenly you may meet the

appropriate people your health could improve doors might open wishes could

come true and prayers could be answered you will have a complete and

utter recovery from disease and debt by the end of this month a time of

restoration relaxation and plenty is about to Dawn upon you as God moves you out of a

season of suffering strife and

need that is your second Revival and I wanted to let you know about it as we go

into may even if you have endured hardship suffering and problems know

that I am here to help you get back on your feet prepare to be astounded by the

Plenty that is about to be yours my darling baby abounding Health money and

success will be bestowed on you love riches and good health will shower upon

you in the next hours bringing you immense Joy

if you want to know how to get these benefits from God I think you should

watch this movie all the way to the conclusion you are about to gain

substantial Financial advantages money will magically appear

in your life and you won’t even have to work for it you’re certain to become

shockingly afluent rejuvenate your money strengthen

your relationship and restore your health that is my

promise to you I am the god who restores and redeems so have faith in me my loved

ones a life filled with plenty perfect health endless pleasure and Delight is

what I want to bestow upon you these are not just words on paper my

kids I am a God who takes SA ction and keeps his promises I will make things

right make up for what’s been lost trium over any Challenge and eliminate any

roadblock that stands in my way the Lord promises to mend your

broken heart and restore your financial stability many of you have been through

tough times financially and I want you to know that you have my

support with my help you will enter your most remarkable season to date you will

reap the rewards of my blessings if you trust me and let me guide

you I want you to succeed in all that you do so I’m giving you improvements

blessings and miracles I will not allow evildoers to triumph over good people

because I am a just God if you put your faith in me I will defend you in

court your health wealth and relationships will all undergo healing

and restoration as I work my miracles in your life you will be filled to the brim

with delight I will improve your life and the

lives of your loved ones if you only give yourself over to me I will meend

whatever broken part of you and I will turn every obstacle into a

ladder to great success if you put your faith in me I promise I will keep my

word now is the moment to welcome a life filled with plenty joy and achievement

without any work on your side wealth just pours into your life opening doors

to Limitless options I am freeing you from the shackles of vill

poverty and need today your sorrow will be replaced with pleasure your suffering

with healing and your trials with blessings get ready for an era of

unprecedented plenty and wealth and ways that you could never have imagined Good

Fortune will pour into your life an important turning point in your

life will occur during the month of March March and a way you have never

imagined God’s touch will cure you and return your body to full

health I am the god who can do the impossible because I am the god of

Miracles God says to them Behold a succession of miraculous events will

transpire in your life the moment you put your faith in me when you’re down and out you can

always count on me to be there for you since I am the Supreme Being and the one

who created the cosmos I can provide you with more than you could ever hope

for I will multiply your rewards three times this week to show you that your

confidence in me is stronger than any obstacle the amount of money in your

bank account is about to grow Beyond Your Wildest expectations

a tremendous Miracle is about to happen in your life no matter how bad things go

whether they’re financially emotionally or physically you can rest certain that

I will never leave your sigh I provide physical healing Financial Independence

marital reconciliation and addiction recovery your ideal home ideal career

ideal relationship and ideal financial situation are all on their way to you

have faith in my impecable timing and my plentiful

Supply every day I wait patiently at the door of your heart hoping that you will

open it and let me in I am a kind and loving God therefore you need not be

afraid to open the door I want want to play a significant

role in your life and be there for you as you navigate it my pleasure power and

serenity will overflow into you as soon as you let me in I will put your fears

to rest and replace them with an unfathomable

Tranquility in the next weekend you may expect remarkable developments new

chances encouraging news improve health successful progress and successful

accomplishments while we are here I will take away your suffering make all your

losses whole again and shower you with plenty of money every slip poop is met

with God’s grace every failure is followed by restoration every loss is

followed by a fresh start and every set back is accompanied by a a strong

recovery God is about to show you an overwhelming shower of benefits and you

won’t be prepared for it you will be showered with an abundance of benefits

like never before if you stay connected to his presence and follow his Direction

consistently this week According To Jesus I wish for your

bank account development to exceed your greatest expectations please pay all of your

bills in full and on time this is a time of great prosperity and success make the

most of it every time you were disappointed I was waiting with a fantastic maybe life

faltering present for you your life will be filled to the brim with joy love and

fulfillment you are about to hear some really wonderful news and explode into

fits of laughter in the face of adversity God

will bring you Joy right now he is answering the prayers you’ve spoken to

him changes breakthroughs and miracles of the greatest kind will abound in

new beginnings and Prospects are upon you I

say turn your sorrow into Joy God can do it at this very moment your prayers are

being heard great changes discoveries and miracles will occur in

I Proclaim that Fresh Starts and possibilities are on their way to

you things are looking up for you both your health and your bank account will

improve your home is about to be visited by a string of forunate events the

anguish confusion and restless nights are soon to be

over everything you’ve hoped for love health and wealth will be yours when the

heavens open their Windows you will have cause to Rejoice before the month is

over since God is on your sigh you may expect to rise in your

finances the discharge of healing energy and the occurrence of miraculous events

in the near future I am transforming your suffering into strength your

anxieties into Clarity and your challenges into

resolve I will channel the evil that my adversary plan into something beneficial

have faith in me I am planning something wonderful for you for every transgression there is

Grace for every broken heart there is salvation and for every defeat there is

a fresh start he has not yet forgotten what he promised

you breakthroughs possibilities Health improvements Financial development and

successes abound this weekend at this very moment your turnaround is taking

place today is brimming with joy blessings progress fresh chances

optimism answers healing love and favor from

God an unexpected dagee of benefits from God is on its way maintain a

relationship with him follow his word and quit second guessing yourself today

I Proclaim that your prayers are being answered a great blessing has been

fashioned just for you you with your name on it believe and receive

it I Proclaim that you are robust and healthy says the Lord this year is going

to be the most active and fruitful of your life accomplish everything that God

has commanded you to accomplish throughout your long healthy life if you’re feeling down confused

disoriented and anxious about whether things will get better this is your

sign currently God is directing events and preparing a path for you God has

promised to be with you in all your trials he will also be your strength

answer your prayers provide for your needs provide you peace and love you no

matter what God is with you so you need not be

scared keep going because he’s your God he will fortify you and provide you a

hand in this year you will achieve success with all your endeavors Miracles

favor Joy healing and serenity will be

yours ultimately your life is being orchestrated by a higher power your

circumstances are not unexpected to him and he is guiding your actions even when

you don’t always comprehend how he will make sure that everything is set up to

benefit you everything will work out in his perfect

time prepare to Skyrocket this week you are being showered with fresh chances

blessings connections ideas healing and favor from un above Embrace this week as

a time of growth and advancement adopt it as your own and to accept it by trust

we pray in jesus’ name there is a tremendous life-altering

gift on the horizon for every setback you faced possibilities for happiness

love and fulfillment will open up to you laughter and joyful news will fill your

tongue you are on the cusp of a new season and God is making it more more

beautiful March is the month when you may expect nothing less than an

abundance of good fortune and miraculous occurrences when everything seems lost

God will provide the strength you need to persevere when you’re down and out

he’ll lift your spirits even when nothing seems feasible he will find a

way your Miracle is about to arrive so be prep

prepared at this very moment God is preparing a path for you in jesus’ name

be prepared for favor advancement new possibilities and open doors March will

be a month of many excellent things favorable events blessings opportunity

health love and favor from God there will be healing breakthrough news

progress opportunities positive encounters promotions increases good news

unexpected surprises and miraculous strength

today you are about to get some wonderful news

possibilities and benefits that you did not anticipate God has something really

special planned for you I am really grateful

the Lord promises to reward all your endeavors and provide your Grain Stores

to overflowing your petitions have not gone unnoticed rather the Lord is

preparing a path for you to enter the country he is giving you even if some of you have heard

terrible news God promises that there will be a way out of this situation

patience because I am God blessings answers Miracles healing and angels are

on your way through this ordeal you will emerge more resilient empowered and prepared to

live out your life’s purpose I am transforming your suffering

into strength your anxiety into concentration and your challenges in to

resolve I will channel the evil that my adversary plan into something beneficial

embrace my Guiding Light I have a fantastic scheme in store for

you the person thing or vehicle you want will come to you when you put your

confidence in God and wait for his perfect time please Lord bless those who

are Desperately Seeking employment those who are short on finances and those who

are feeling hopeless today send them peace God is going to shower you with

healing plenty new possibilities and blessings he is going to reward you so

abundantly that you will forget the hurt from the past instead you will turn your

grief into praise I vow that the remainder of this week will be filled

with greatness for you I beg you Lord not for material

possessions or a large Mansion all I want is that you protect my family and

provide for our food needs behold I am about to see a miracle God is answering

your prayers in ways you cannot imagine your prayers have been heard by

the Lord and he has responded I’m doing more than that gain after gain Triumph

after Triumph and breakthrough after breakthrough are what you can expect to

encounter in the next season in spite of your trials God will

provide you with Abundant Blessings and a future filled with hope and promise

for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you

and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a

future God will carry you through this and you and your family may look forward

to Blessings healing and possibilities I know you’re exhausted both physically

and emotionally but you must persevere I know you have a lot on your

mind right now I also know that there is a purpose for your pain a reason for

your struggles and a reward for your faithfulness God’s says put your worries

on my shoulders let me have everything assistance healing and resources will be

set to you here I will supply you can count on me to pave the path rest

assured you have the full support of Heaven on your side just as it took Abraham and Joseph

decades to see God’s promises fulfilled it made may take many years for God to

open doors for you I declare that this is your week of Miracles filled with

miraculous events every day do not be discouraged by life’s

difficulties for God is with you fighting your battles and making a way

even when it seems there is none the tempests pass but the blessings of God

remain forever from God you will receive healing wisdom breakthroughs and

blessings that change your life be strong spiritually financially

emotionally and physically in you are destined for greatness so

keep your focus and let God take care of the rest it is important to always keep in

mind that without dream we cannot achieve anything without love

we cannot feel anything and without God we are nothing I declare that you will Amaze

the doctors the Skeptics and your enemies be encouraged God is on your S I

pray that God will visit your home tonight with answers and miracles just

as he came gentle as a lamb but he will return as the Roaring Lion of

Judah let it be known that in you will be showered with an

abundance of God’s Financial favor you will be set free from Financial

constraints will be the most prosperous year of your life thus

far rest assured God is always there attentive to your cries here’s to your

prayers and eyes to your suffering he will provide it at the appointed

time I love you God because you gave me everything even though I have done

nothing to deserve it I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for loving me forgiving me healing me and

never leaving me God is preparing to shower you with

an overwhelming amount amount of blessings and you can expect a plethora of them this

week what God has promised you still on its way you are about to experience a

major Financial breakthrough and you will be astounded by the abundance

pouring into your life God is merciful toward every

transgression restores every failure starts a new after every loss and

recovers from every shock get ready for an extraordinary

days filled with Incredible blessings Miracles and breakthroughs this is your

time for Prosperity happiness and success as Jesus says money will come to

you easily and effortlessly and you will become financially free before the end

of my blessings on you will surpass

all your expectations and I will swiftly change your circumstances for the better the

Lord is ending your hidden tears and suffering and wealth is Flowing freely

and endlessly to you as we near the end of this month my

beloved take heart in the knowledge that God has a delightful surprise in store

for you the season of peace and blessings has arrived and all you have

to do is watch this video all the way to the end to receive

them your financial situation will be improved you will be healed and miracles

will be unveiled at the exact moment you need them because blessings are on their

way you are at the threshold of a new season and in March you can anticipate

jumping for Joy’s favor and miracles to your constant companions as God is

weaving riches into your life that you can’t even begin to

Fathom take a moment to think about Philippians for which reminds us to

be thankful for all the blessings in our lives and to pray instead of

worrying no matter what your finan ccial situation or medical reports May say I

am telling you that the rest of this week is going to be fantastic for you

God is going to bless you with healing plenty New Opportunities and

blessings this week you can expect to see improvements in your health job

business relationships and finances when you recognize God as your king and your

Noble lineage as his children he is ready to do great things in your

life no matter what comes your way this weekend keep in mind that God is

stronger than anything you could ever imagine when you feel like you’re drowning in your own anxieties put them

in God’s capable hands He will carry them from being a renter to a homeowner

an employee to an empy plorer a borrower to A lender in pain to finding purpose

and overbooked these are the imminent changes that await you according to what the Lord has said

you can look forward to a weekend full of relief New Beginnings breakthroughs

and Triumph keep in mind that suffering is trangent but joy lasts forever as

well as answers healing opportunities productivity positivity and God’s

favor even while you sleep God’s Majesty Works to your advantage the difficulties

of Tomorrow will not deter him no matter where you go I will be

there to protect you I will remain with you until I have accomplished all that I

have promised God rules as the supreme ruler over the universe with

unparalleled power and authority in unison let us say father I

am grateful that you test me on a regular basis pushing me to overcome

obstacles and reach New Heights help me address the areas where I am struggling

any challenge I face with your help I will be able to conquer please bless us and keep us safe

as we embark on our journey today ensure the safety of our children at school by

surrounding them protect us while we’re driving on public roads and the name of

Jesus Christ we pray that we receive wisdom Health prosperity and

breakthroughs I pray so the next month is going to be amazing

for you I will transform your story into one that is filled with joy healing and

success I promise to bring good health and healing to everyone who asks for it

no problem or illness is to hard for me to cure your health

relationships and bank account may all use my assistance in the days to come

you may have been dealing with difficult circum ances that have affected your

physical and mental health but I want you to know that I am like a top-notch

doctor who can cure you so that you may lead a full and

purposeful life once again I will provide you with strength Serenity and

enthusiasm the Gates of Heaven are going to be opened so that you may be showered

with Benefits I am the god who attends to all your

aspiration in addition to being there for you in certain situations I am now also available for

you when times get tough when you are sad hurt or grieving I will be right

there with you whenever you need someone to talk to lean on or just listen to I’m

here please Lord understand that I am a kind God who does not impose punishments

instead of passing judgment or passing condemnation I want to extend my love

and forgiveness to you to buy you eternal life I set my only son Jesus

Christ to die on the cross for your transgressions and the afterlife all the

things that have brought you misery will soon disappear your pain and suffering

will be replaced with my love and benefits and you will be able to

experience an abundance of pleasure love and

laughter I hope that my wishes for your healing restoration and Tranquility bring you

some Solace please publicly proclaim the following in

God will bless me he me provide for me Shield me and guide

me I my sweet baby created everything in your environment including the Sun the

Stars the sea the mountains and the sky whenever you need direction Solace or

protection I am right there with you always keep in mind that you are

special to me and that my feelings for you will remain

unwavering you won’t need to toll or fight for the tremendous things that are

coming your way you can be sure that money is going toward your effects money

is flowing into your life at an ample rate because you attract it like a

magnet take advantage of this boond and be grateful for everything that it has

brought According To Jesus I’m right here to heal you he wants to alleviate

whatever kind of pain you may be experiencing whether it is physical

mental or spiritual his goal is to make you feel at ease and pampered if you want to

improve your life he can open doors for you only I can give you strength when

you’re weak I am the one who restores Health when you are ill calm and love

when you believe they have faded away I have a few surprises planned for

you get well soon be free amass riches and enjoy perfect health I have already

made all the necessary arrangements the Lord is changing your

way of living right now instead of sadness he brings joy and he moves you

from lack to plenty prepare yourself for an extraordinary season brimming with

triumphs breakthroughs and miracles God says my darling I have a

special plan for your life it’s a plan that is perfect lovely and excellent I

want you to be happy and fulfilled in your destiny I want you to be a light

and a blessing to others around you I want you to be holy and to draw draw

near to me have faith that I will soon have your health

relationships and finances back on track keep in mind that I am working

tirelessly to attain the results you need whenever you meet difficulties in

life keep in mind the uplifting story of David and Goliath David understood the

magnitude of Goliath’s might therefore he didn’t need to know it nothing you

confront today can overcome me there is nothing that I cannot do for

you rest assured my precious little one that you’re never really alone I am

always by your side keeping a close eye on you and working hard to bring you all

the good things in life that you deserve in addition I renounce any curse

words you may have used or any words that undermine your destiny in the name

of Jesus I renounce them all I am the father of the Heavenly

lights the one who gives you the crack and ideal gifts that life has to offer

all I ask is that you trust in me and let my advantages flow freely through

your life I am no longer a passing fad instead I am Eternal and unchanging and

I will be by your side every step of the way protecting you from harm my beloved

child I beg you to repeat these words at this very moment I am receptive

to the boundless love restoration and blessings that are mind to receive the

whole family will be healed and great financial Miracles will materialize just

when I need them according to jesus’ command you’re precious little one you

have entered a new and exciting era of your life one that is brimming with

boundless possibilities I possess the power to completely transform your life

rescuing you from Financial strife and bringing you prosperity and

plenty put your anxieties and sadness in my hands and I will bring you happiness

and success instead if you’ve been through financial

hardships recently God promises that all of your investments will eventually pay

off you might expect a meteoric increase in your financial status when your

business profession or procedure takes off my beloved ones if you would just

agree with me I will bring Miracles into your lives assemble yourself for an

excess of love wealth and financial success the benefits to you will

increase and I may shower you with my favor in the face of seemingly

insurmountable obstacles I can open doors that no one can close for you your

deepest desires might come true my dear ones I have some exciting plans for

you a fulfilling marriage a once- in a-lifetime Opportunity or your ideal

hobby might all be within reach prepare yourself for an extraordinary period of

change that is about to UNF during the next three

days the enormous power and love that come from up above will Astound you with

their miraculous benefits and Innovations keep in mind that the

relationship you have with my son Jesus is the most important relationship you

can have he will be your ally your savior and your expert when you’re

hurting he’ll help you get back on your feet he may be your light even while now

you’re in the depths of Despair you may put your trust in him and he will never

let you be defeated oh holy Lord I have chosen you

I Surrender my life to you I am a living embodiment of your mercy and Grace and I

beg you to occupy your proper place in my life as my redeemer and

ruler real things will come your way and place PL as you embark on this next

chapter of your life as time goes on you will experience Jo from completing tasks

winning battles and making progress from feeling devastated to

completely fulfilled that is what is going to happen to you good fortune and

the right kind of luck are on their way to you as your story

turns many of you are now coping with anxiety

bewilderment and restless nights I am here to alleviate your stress by making

everything clear and easy to understand along with your restless evenings of

peaceful Slumber success plenty and good health

will be yours and your families do nothing more than believe that what I

have planned for you is genuine and trust that I will never leave

you currently God is predicting that next week will be jam-packed with

fantastic Miracles thrilling News Major advances and even better

advantages I will call down rain from the clouds to bless your fields and your

artwork both your professional and romantic lives will strive at a later

date and your life in general will keep getting better Jesus cured lepers in

the Bible and their story is one that you should never

forget in response to his most powerful prayer Jesus told him rise and pass your

faith has made you proper the moral of the tale is clear gratitude is the key

when you show appreciation you attract more good things into your

life you are right father because of your unfaltering love and grace toward

me I am thankful for your faithfulness even though I Stumble

easily I choose to rise up today confident that you are blessing me with

an abundance of good things that correspond to you your great riches and

Glory According To Jesus invitation I Proclaim that this week’s

Leisure may be filled with magnificence I pray that you oh God would remove the

strains of dread and concern you strengthen those who are sick of hanging

on you send them a signal that you are still by their side healing plenty fresh

chances and blessings are on their way to you from

God the cosmos is now working in your favor so Financial rewards are on their

way according to Jesus I’m the manner the reality and the life no person can

come to the father except through me in Jesus name I say to you today that

your Fitness your intellect and your family Circle are no match for any

weapon that is made against you I’ll be here to help you out once again fear not

I keep in mind that you are fallible because you are human let it be

forgiven looking into your phone first thing in the morning the day after today

will bring you some of the most incredible bits of advice you’ve ever received the bypass should not be

through threatened you are becoming more radiant

and your magnificence is Awakening it is intended for you and nothing or no one

can stop it I can provide the strength you need when you feel like giving up I can bring

J when you’re down I can find a way even when it seems impossible I can help you

become more self-aware so you can make better choices but only if you bring it to

me God tells us not to stress about it all or to be grateful for the single

days he has given us instead your kindness and love will undoubtedly

accompany you throughout your life and you will always dwell in the house of

the Lord Psalm you are being drawn to plenty by

the cosmos the answer to all your prayers is going to come true this is

what I’m hoping and praying for you are entering a time of boundless love and

plenty everything will fall into place according to the plan for your training

session the devil can’t stop you from becoming the person I’ve made you all he

can do is spread false information in the hopes that you’ll stop yourself

I am able to save you the Lord says you will not perish by the edge of a sword

but you will rise by the power of your life because you have believed in

me the Lord your God is with you wherever you go Joshua

Lord my father in response to Jesus prayer you are the God who can do

Limitless Miracles please bless me assist me and raise me up in these

trying times amen according to the angels someone is

going to inform everyone that you are the most important thing in their lives

the reason they smile the most and that they can’t imagine their lives without

you they feel that falling in love with you was the most wonderful thing that

has ever happened to them they hold you in high esteem because you

are Charming honest and sincere nobody can change their minds about you

Zephaniah the Lord your God is with you the strong rescuer he will be

immensely pleased with you out of love he will not chastise you but Rejoice

with you in song I decree that an until you’re

completely blessed heaven will not rest in the name of Jesus I call every

problem out of your lives praise be to God he has chosen the one reading this

to become a billionaire in the next months Jeremiah

if you agree with me $ will be sent to your house today you will be smiling

in a few hours if you name me I will solve your problems and reveal to you

powerful huge issues that you do not know I am doing more than that the Lord

says in response to your prayers even if it’s likely in the middle of the night I

have a miracle together with your call on it a miracle will be your first gift

the next morning do not miss out on immediately

thanking God for it I must express my gratitude to you my God for everything

that you have done to improve my way of life Your Grace is beyond my

comprehension these days if you pray hard enough you will be led to the right

people the right door and the right spot you will start to succeed once you

start praying the Savior said you presently have sorrow but I can see

you once more and your heart will have a good time and no one will take your

pleasure away from you in John

God changes your situation his favor will be upon you and your loved

ones anywhere you’re experiencing pain he will alleviate it instantly you will

cross paths with the right people your health will improve previously locked

doors will now open and your prayers may be answered even when it seems like there

is no way I can find a way my hands might be able to restore and heal you it

will only take me a few minutes to switch up your life ask me for guidance

pray to me and I will answer your question I’m on your side now not against you I

am aware that there are moments when you feel overlooked and heard and and cared

for I can’t help but notice you you are definitely not going unnoticed you are

special in my eyes and I can adore you no matter what the Lord says and exclaims I’m

going to win financially I’m going to win mentally I am going to win spiritually I’m going

to win emotionally I’m going to win bodily praise God in the midst of a

tempest trust him in a valley and follow his lead in the dark that is faith we

are launching recovery you are about to enter a period of unprecedented

productivity and wealth the Bible says in Philippians for

two six to don’t worry about anything but to pray about everything tell God

your desires and thank him for everything he has done God created you

and you are lovely Jesus gave his life for you and you are loved rest assured

you are in good hands with God there is help you are not alone God

is with you my concern about Rel religion will be updated when

difficulties rise I will be there to help you I am fully capable of

supporting you through any situation I constantly let God down therefore I

can’t boast about how much I adore him on the other hand I shall boast of

God’s love for me since it is unfailing God I beg you to bless me with every

opportunity and to let go of any obstacles in my life I am privileged to call you God

since you are so exacting unparalleled and magnificent a powerful God is our

God nothing I’m dealing with right now can compare to his

strength let go of all your problems and stress expensive baby that will be the

final night of of weeping I can strengthen your weak spots I can restore

your health and provide new life to the part of you that love and Tranquility

have sacrificed so much for that which sustains life as mine

Jesus Christ said those who put their faith in me will never be thirsty and

those who include me in their lives will never be hungry even if you’ve prayed wept and

asked why behind closed doors I will rescue restore and bless you in front of

your adversaries remember Deuteronomy

and all your dealings heavenly father I am grateful for this great day and the

amazing lives that you have the Lord your God will battle for you against

your adversary Ares and give you Victory

milliseconds what a blessing it is to be your adorable little boy may that be so

in the name of Jesus Christ amen is it possible for you to give up

even just minutes of your busy day to listen to God my precious little one God

has blessed you with a wonderful existence and only one month you will

see a tenfold Improvement spiritually physically

psychologically and financially always remember that the relationship you have

with Jesus is the most wonderful romance that you will ever experience give this

video a thumbs up if you believe what it says about Jesus loudly declare in the call of

Jesus irrespective of what’s occurring within the International Community I can in no

way go through the honor of God can be visible in my

existence please dear God teach me to use the correct words with the correct

tone at the appropriate times so that I too may enjoy a life of contentment and

joy you want to get equipped where your isn’t Everlasting huge advantages and

breakthroughs are coming your way I really like you fantastic blessings lifechanging

Miracles and breakthroughs may fill your next days what follows may come as a

pleasant surprise to you while you were praying I was paying attention you will

be astounded by my kindness in No Time Financial benefits may be on the

horizon and nothing can stop them arm yourself with your advantages and be

prepared for miracles to happen with God’s help you will get a

substantial sum of money the next day so you should rest easy tonight in

God will bless you abundantly no need to fret the Angels assure you God

will turn the tables on your adversaries and shower you with blessings even as

they Mock You the year will be jam-packed

with Clarity Prosperity optimism and serenity God will give you a special

gift from someone over the next days that will solve all your financial

problems so there’s no need to be worried even within your own family no one has

ever gone where God wants you to go like you’ve never seen before he is influence

opportunity and desire everything that happens in the next months is going to

be fantastic more benefits and miracles may come your way than you had ever

imagined and a flash I will remove all your worries anxieties pain and

suffering and replace them with my abundant love healing peace and

blessings it may seem too exact to be true but keep in mind that the Lord your

God can do everything you ask of him put your trust in him and you will

see his hand at work in your lives look you’re going to ignore it the Ang wish

suffering and restless nights are about to stop benefits that will change your

way of life are on their way to you prepare yourself to receive it with

thankfulness and Trust brave people who openly declare

Jesus is Lord and secretly believe that God resurrected them from the grave will

be saved I can help you find fulfillment and in the afterlife make sense of your

talent and develop a desire for your fate Miracles will begin to manifest in

your lives the moment you acknowledge me as genuine according to Psalm –

solve your burden on the Lord and He will maintain you he will by no means

permit the righteous to be moved I hope that God remain remain remains kind to

me and my family in I am watched blessed and stimulated

because of God you have no idea how quickly things are coming together to become something

really remarkable God is at work in the background and you may expect a personal

Miracle as a result you will recover true love will find you and God will

shower his Abundant Blessings on you and your loved

ones so many things in my life deserve my gratitude nevertheless I am generally

grateful to God nothing else in my life would give me reason to be grateful if

he weren’t there that is the whole will of God for you in Christ Jesus so be thankful the

days of pain anxiety and dissatisfaction are

over deliverance from addiction Despair and melan col is on the way thanks to

God God hears every plea never ignores your cries for help and never ignores

the anguish you’re experiencing there is a God who sees listens and

delivers God declares someone is bringing up your name in a place where

you haven’t even set foot yet this month I will perform a miracle in your life

the universe is directing you to experience abundance all your wishes hopes and

prayers are going to come true so many individuals I bless it to end up

forgetting about me after they get it big I implore you to please remember me

I would prefer it if you remained by my side put your worries on me if you surrender

all to me I will provide you with assistance healing and resources joy

prosperity and eternal Tranquility are M to bestow upon you things that have been

damaged or lost will shortly be repaired or restored please pray with me right now

father I am grateful that you love me and that you have a wonderful plan for

my life pray that I can anticipate that I never dream rewards that you have in

store for me I affirm my belief that you are doing

much more than I could ever imagine or ask for by the grace of God the living



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