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after the next minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you make sure you watch

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type if you are ready God is saying

to you today my beloved Child come

closer and let me take you into my

confidence I have an urgent message that

I must share a revelation meant only for

you hush now and

listen Let My Words wrap gently around

your weary Soul allow my voice to quiet

your racing mind so you may receive what

I long to

impart the burdens of this world have

weighed heavily upon you of

late I see the storms raging threatening

to submerge your tired heart again and

again but I tell you a great truth the

Deluge will not

Prevail so come set your gaze upon me

now and drink deeply from The Well of

Grace I

extend let it wash over your parched

places renewing strength and vision once

more the path unfolding is yet unclear

to you but Clarity will surely

come have I not gone before you since

the beginning of

time was it not I who knit you together

with Divine intent and

purpose do you think any power can

thwart my good will toward

you take courage beloved like and share

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you love Jesus you struggle now in

swirling chaos overwhelmed by the

demands upon your

time endless tasks and expect ations

batter your spirit until you stagger

under self-doubt and

weariness each passing day feels heavier

upon your

shoulders but I tell you a mystery what

the world calls chaos I call

Opportunity where others see only

confusion and chance I am orchestrating

each intricate movement according to my


design so lift up your eyes eyes

Beloved the landscape before you teams

with potential for those who walk in syn


me let your steps fall in line with my


beat I will part the waters for you

carving a path through the most unlikely

spaces follow close on my heels and

watch what unfolds wonders await those

who yield to my

timing yes day daily duties will always

seek to crowd your hours and distract


mind this is the plight of those

dwelling in mortal

flesh but you were not made for drudgery

alone I crafted you as a vessel to pour

Glory into the world around

you though sorrow and hardship assail

you now they cannot Define or destroy

what I have

decreed hear me beloved you were

destined for more from Foundation to

Pinnacle of my wings and let my strength

carry you

through the winds may buffet and the

path may seem

treacherous but I am with you always

guiding your steps and protecting your

heart type if you believe in Jesus

do not let the doubts and fears of the

past hinder your

progress cast them aside and embrace the

truth of of my unfailing love and


promises you are destined for greatness

my beloved and nothing can stand in the

way of my divine plan for your

life Stand Tall Upon This Mountain toop

with me and let your spirit soar with

anticipation the fields are ripe for

Harvest and the lands are prepared for


stewardship move forward with confidence

knowing that I am by your side leading

you every step of the way though the

path may be narrow and

steep trust in my provision and my

guidance I will sustain you through

every trial and lead you safely to the

summit and when you reach the Pinnacle

you will behold the Splendor of my glory

like never

before so do not fear the challenges

that lie ahead for I have already

overcome them

all walk in faith my beloved and know

that I am with you now and forever more

type Amen in the name of

Jesus beloved rest assured that I am

your provider and

protector even as deadlines Loom and

Urgent demands clamor for your attention

my perfect peace will guard your mind

and guide you with strategic Direction

while storm clouds May gather outside

you will dwell securely under my

care remember the stories of my

miraculous provision how I sustained my

children in the wilderness and

multiplied food to feed

thousands your circumstances are no

match for my power and provision as you

face Giants and obstacles in the days

ahead remember that there is no name

higher than mine

I have a track record of defeating proud

adversaries and calming raging

Seas trust in me and victory is

assured though your Humanity May strain

against the struggle and your flesh May

Cry Out under the

load endure a little longer for the

culmination of this journey is

near type I embrace my power to affirm

know that you have never journeyed

alone from the very beginning I have

been intricately involved in your

life my unconditional love permeates

your spirit sustaining you through every

trial and

challenge receive this truth deep into

your core knowing that I have prepared

something extraordinary for

you you are cherished beloved and deeply

loved by me

beloved know that my affections for you

are unwavering and my love for you is

boundless I have demonstrated my power

time and time again carving Rivers

through desert places flinging Stars


space and bringing forth abundance from


rocks provision and breakthrough are not

difficult for me for I am the creator of

all things trust in my unlimited power

for when I unleash it No Lack can

withstand Redemption awaits and the

promises I have made to you will burst

forth like sudden rain upon thirsty

ground even in the midst of dry seasons

and desperate places do not neglect the

wells of hope I have provided along your

path draw boldly from their refreshing

stores and stand renewed in

spirit rest assured my treasured child

remarkable blessings are in store for

you though the way may seem long and

lonely at times I am watching over all

my promises on your behalf type I’m

abundant to affirm Rivers will flow in

the Wasteland bringing life and renewal

to what was broken understand that true

wealth is not measured by material

possessions but by the ability to

Steward blessings well

trust in my timing remain faithful for

your season of testing will lead

to exponential increase keep your eyes

fixed on me for soon the veil will part

and you will behold wonders beyond

imagination stay faithful beloved for

the Bounty I have reserved for you will

far Eclipse any treasure this world can

offer beloved I see how the frenzy seed

pace of life is wearing you down with

endless demands competing for your

attention and draining your reserves but

fear not for there is Grace for The

Daily Grind in the midst of this

strenuous stretch reinforce your roots

and draw lifegiving nourishment from my

spirit let my Living Water sustain and

strengthen you rather than relying on


substitutes as you allow my spirit to

flow through through you it will create

fresh channels overflowing

to the parched world around you even in

life’s pressurized Seasons you can

flourish type to show your belief in

Jesus embrace my tender pruning so that

maturity and fruitfulness May

abound not just by Society standards but

with Transcendent Heavenly outcomes now

is not the time time to shrink back

beloved no matter how Fierce the battles

raging around you or how inadequate you

may feel for the tasks at hand take up

the holy weapons I provide truth

righteousness peace and Faith wield them

with boldness and confidence knowing

that my power in you ensures triumph

over every

enemy when you grow weary and strained

of Soul come to the sanctuary I have

prepared for

you step out of time and Earthly chaos

into Rich communion with

me let us talk heart tohe heart without

restraint unload your heavy burdens

freely make your requests plainly known

and watch me rise to answer here in the

secret place I will soothe your fretful

mind and cradle your broken pieces near

to my healer’s heart I will wipe away

your tears until Vision clears

and you see yourself as I see you dearly

loved flawlessly beautiful radiantly

Ablaze with Heaven

Splendor type to manifest miracles

in your life let this truth sink deep

into your bones until you stand tall and

confident Again cast off constricting

labels from the past and see striving to

prove yourself worthy in people’s eyes

rest in who I declare you to

be for soon their judgments and

dismissals will fade to faint memory

replaced by the Royal Robes of identity

I have bestowed upon you I drape around

you now garments that will never tear or

fade for they originate from Heaven’s

throne room though through the lens of

Earthly hardship alone your path may

seem dim and uncertain I implore you to

behold reality through heaven eyes do

not lose heart in the waiting let not

trouble or persecution shake your faith

firm anchoring

endures beloved for you will receive the

Victor’s Crown laid up for you since

before time was measured today just run

make no mistake the road you travel

leads straight through enemy

territory but do not forget I clothe you

in body armor no a salt can separate you

from my love I have assigned my fiercest

Warriors to lead Heavenly armies in

guarding your Advance they sheath you

night and day what enemy can invade such

impenetrable lines march on without

hesitation beloved complete the works I

have assigned and at the end I will

greet you with those stunning words my

Champions long to hear well done beloved

one of course opposition arises in many


along this narrow way but remember no

weapon formed against you can ever hope


prosper I break their Fury before it is

loosed I diffuse malicious words aimed

in your direction type yes if you are

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about to receive and if you believe in

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$ my Angelic guard encamps a hedge of

protection all around and if for reasons

Beyond understanding I allow a breach

for a season only one response is needed

run swiftly

to the shelter I provide hide beneath my

Mighty Wings beloved abide near to me

where endless Grace and comfort flow

until you are renewed and restored the

Gates of Hell shall not overpower those

anchored to my

throne in seasons of hardship When Hope

dims within you you may be tempted to

conclude that comfort and provision will

never come but beloved there are

mysteries on the road ahead your human

eyes cannot yet behold do not

predetermine the outcome while still on

the front end hold to my promises and

wait for heaven’s verdict at Journey’s

End the pages in between still brim with

remarkable potential of course you are

limited by an Earthbound perspective the

struggles and

heartaches before you appear huge and

immovable but shift your Vantage Point

higher like and share the video if you

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Jesus from eternity’s

balcony these trials are compressed into

dots and dashes brief pauses requiring

only endurance and Trust for Progress to

continue the greater reality awaits just

beyond the next Bend keep walking

beloved soon your momentary afflictions

will give way to Monumental Glory Beyond

present imagining yes I realize the

future weighs heavy on your thoughts

some days expectations and potential

changes seem to loom over you like

Gathering storm clouds but can I not

harness lightning

and whirlwinds to my purposes just as

easily as calm seas and gentle

rain why should shifting forecasts cause

my beloved to fret haven’t you witnessed

my goodness dawn after countless nights

of weeping see me resurrect re dying

dreams and turn weeping into dancing

again and again take heart and lean calm

within my capable Embrace

circumstances for I am the one who holds

your future in my hands do not be

intimidated by what looms ahead I face

every storm with you my beloved

child I understand that at times you

grow weary feeling as though my

promises ring Hollow you begin to doubt

wondering if I’ve forgotten you but

banish those lies my dear one type if

you believe in Jesus my plans for you

are filled with hope and a future I am

working even in the

shadows preparing the way for Bountiful

blessings to overflow in your life you

need only persevere a little longer

consider the season of waiting a

cultivation period like a farmer

patiently tending the soil before the

Harvest your patience and faith serve to

nourish the seeds I’ve planted bringing

you ever closer to their fruition do not

lose heart but keep your spirits lifted

High fueling your soul with anticipation

of the wonders in store even When Storms

descend and adversity

rages do not despair the darkness only

accentuates the light that will shine

through I am choreographing each detail

to ultimately Cascade as a symphony of

goodness into your life trust in my

timing dear one however mystifying it

may seem I see the full picture while

you grasp only a fragment but know this

spectacular blessings beyond your

imagination await you type Amen in the

name of Jesus hold fast to me let my

love and Whisper Springs of Hope drown

out the lies that threaten to discourage

you I am faithful and every promise I’ve

made to you will come to pass in due

time you need only remain rooted in me


child you are stronger than you realize

stand firm in

them knowledge that I will never permit

more hardship than what you can

endure consider it an honor to be

entrusted with such adverse

for through it I am equipping you for

higher callings I am forging your inner

fortitude resilience and trust in me so

come what may cling to this truth you

have everything needed to not only

survive but conquer the obstacles in

your path dark seasons and hardships

cannot overpower you for I reside within

you as an everpresent help in times of

need you need need not fear the future

or troubles lurking for greater is he

who lives within you than he who assails

you I impart to you my very own strength

strength you have full access to my

wisdom courage power and resources so

Arise My Child confidently confront


giant withstand every storm and keep

your eyes trained on me not your

circumstances for I am the one who holds

your future in my hands type amen if you

believe in God if you’re all set type

yes take care of yourself type I claim

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