????”URGENT! I Have Something To Tell You| Please Don’t Skip” | God’s Message Today #godmessagetoday

after the next minutes you will yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you today my beloved child I want you to

hear this important message from your heart I see the pain you’re going

through and I want to help will you accept the love I’m

offering it can heal your hurts I know things are difficult for

you right now but I’m reaching out my hand to help you if you’ll trust me and accept my

love you’ll find the Comfort strength and peace you’ve been searching

for let my love surround you and guide you to complete healing and a hope that

lasts remember I’m always here for you I’m thinking about the amazing blessings

I’m going to pour out on you very soon so listen closely as I guide you

with my words don’t give up even though you have to keep fighting discouragement and

negativity every day stay focused on the important

things don’t be scared because I’m right by your side hold tightly to my hand as we face

this day together I’m going to remind you of the promises I’ve made to

you Promises of new and incredible miracles in your

life so be brave keep your head up and face everything with faith and

confidence I will meet with you each morning to fill your soul with my holy

words feel the immense love that I have for you as I speak these words there’s

no room left in your soul for loneliness or sadness so go ahead look at your

reflection ction and declare your faith boldly repeat the promises I’m making to

you in this message remember who you are a child of

almighty God full of life with a wonderful future ahead of

you like and share the video if you have trust in the words of the god subscribe

to the channel if you love Jesus a future filled with dreams to pursue and

a passion to to live amazingly say goodbye to the depression that had you

trapped trust my words and free your mind from negative thoughts with my

powerful love I’m removing every trace of your painful past that still clings to your

mind soul and heart save all the space in your heart

for me your heavenly father who loves you and saved you love me with all your

strength make me your top priority in everything you do starting first thing when you

wake up each morning remember I’m there with you greet me with a loving good morning

because it makes me happy to hear your kind words I love hearing your voice and

seeing your willing heart and as you praise me I will richly

bless your life and your family notice the amazing Grace you’ve received and

the immense love you found feel that wonderful emotion flowing all through

you from head to toe feel tears of joy roll down your

face and touch your heart experience my love for you all

over again just like you have before stand up shout out loud and open your

arms wide to welcome this flood of heavenly Grace poor ing down on

you accept it with an open heart this invitation to find happiness in my

presence bow your head and pray embracing this new life type if you

believe in Jesus I’m giving you I’ve lifted you out of sadness

renewed your strength taken away your pain and filled you with

courage now you can stand tall and keep being being a blessing to

many so don’t stop keep going strong each day be courageous because I’ll handle

the things that seem impossible to you true Victory doesn’t come from

weapons or armies but through the amazing power of my Holy Spirit do your

part to stir up your faith pay careful attention to this

message and take to heart what I’m telling you find a quiet place alone with your Bible

and read it carefully because I’m going to keep speaking to you until you are completely convinced of how much you are

loved cared for and gently protected you’ll succeed in

everything nothing can harm you now even the challenges you face will

turn into blessings because I don’t make mistakes I know exactly what I’m doing

and I I love you and your family I’m preparing you for something great I want to raise you up to a

supernatural level because you deserve to live a Victorious life that’s why I’m here to clear the

way for you and powerfully defeat your enemies accept the gift I’m offering you

because you are more than a conqueror already I don’t want you to have to

struggle so much open up your heart and embrace the peace I’m giving you today type Amen in

the name of Jesus tomorrow morning when you sense my presence beside your bed

your faith will be refreshed and your heart will overflow with hope an incredible blessing is on the

way to you welcome it because you’ve earned it

your strong faith hard work and bravery through many trials have kept fear away

you’ve shown remarkable strength and unwavering character only my deep love

and gentle care can stir your emotions so profoundly your spiritual sensitivity is

sharp you can feel my presence surrounding you and recognize the spiritual enemies trying to fight

against you but you stand firm against them not running away or giving into fear like

many others would what’s in store for you is truly

magnificent huge blessings are headed your way my love for you has been proven

again and again through difficult days Harsh Times and nights when I

gently comforted your heart I’ve sent Heavenly consolation to

you and by the next morning you were lifted up stronger than before with a

Clear Vision of your purpose and an amazing Destiny your outstanding faith

is the reason I’m sending down Abundant Blessings of spiritual renewal for you

and your loved ones now is the time for healing to

come draw near to me and lay down all your worries and any unforgiveness at my

feet it’s time to set aside differences and welcome a beautiful

reconciliation if you’re ready for this blessing allow me to use you to pour out

plentiful wisdom fortify your character and help you grasp my word more fully so

you can lead your family members some of your loved ones may not

be ready to follow me yet but they’ll begin to change as they see how my love and power are transforming you let me

work in your life don’t be afraid you won’t be put to shame

if anyone mocks you or tries to stir up trouble respond with kindness and I’ll

intervene stop complaining and soak up my wise teachings read my words and let them

become deeply rooted in your heart love and respect yourself the same

way type yes if you are ready for the blessings that you are about to

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$ I do show your family and everyone else the same patience that I’ve shown

you take action now because the Miracles you’ve waited for are nearly

here those who have been hard to get along with will change and those who lost their way will find the PATH back

home and when they arrive let them see you as a role model someone they’ll

never be afraid to approach they’ll feel loved and know your hugs come without criticizing or

judging pray for them lovingly without complaining or condemning like prodigal

children they’ll come back full of regret you’ll go out to greet them and

they’ll run into your arms crying you’ll welcome them with a war

warm tender Embrace taking off their dirty clothes and wrapping them in

love with all your heart you’ll forgive their wrongs even if you don’t agree

with their lifestyle mistakes or bad habits you’ll show them unconditional

love just as I’ve loved you sit down together and share a meal listening to

their stories with compassion offer them the best you have

because that’s what I’ve given to you celebrate their return with joy for

what was lost has now been found as you extend forgiveness and

Grace your own heart will find Healing too old wounds will mend and your soul

will be refreshed you’ll experience a newfound freedom and lightness released from

bitterness and resentment Mercy will become your constant companion I’ll give you the

wisdom to know when to speak and when to Simply listen I’ll guide your words and actions

so don’t worry about trying to fix everything on your own trust that I’m working behind the

scenes softening hearts and drawing your loved ones back to me be patient as they find their

way type I embrace my power to affirm

remember how much patience I’ve had with you on your own Journey give them space to wrestle with

their doubts and questions pray for them continually and

trusting them into my capable hands love will be the bridge that closes the gaps

and knits you back together where Brokenness once reigned unity and Harmony will blossom

in its place this is my desire for you to experience the fullness of my love and

to share it abundantly with others I want to fill your home with my

presence transforming it into a place of refuge and restoration a place where the

Lost can find their way back and the weary can find rest so open wide your

arms and your heart welcome the prodigals with

excitement shower them with affection speak words of blessing and affirmation

over them remind them of who they are precious children deeply loved by their

heavenly father as you do this you will be a shining example of my lavish

Grace your family will be a powerful testimony of redemption and

Reconciliation I offer to all who turn to me through you many will come to know

the overwhelming goodness of my love so fix your eyes on me and let your

heart be filled with eager expectation I’m bringing Revival to your

home and mending every broken piece Beauty Will Rise From the Ashes

and joy will replace mourning the latter days will be far

greater than the former I’m doing a new thing so embrace

it fully let go of the past and strain ahead toward all I have in

store I’ll lead you each step of the way in my strength you’ll run and not

grow weary you’ll soar on wings like eagles The Best Is Yet To Come my child

I have Amazing Adventures ahead tailor made just for you and your

family type I’m abundant to affirm walk forward with Brave confidence holding

fast to my promises I will be your constant companion and your everpresent

help when you feel weak I’ll be your strength when you feel

unsure I’ll be your wisdom when you feel afraid I’ll be your

courage I will never leave your side my boundless love will carry you

through every Valley and over Every Mountain top so lift up your eyes and

behold the bright future stretching out before you it’s more marvelous than you can

imagine I have good plans in store plans to prosper you and fill you with

hope trust in me and let your faith be unshakable as you do I’ll pour out my

favor and blessing upon you I’ll open doors that no one can

shut I’ll provide for your every need abundantly I’ll guide you into your

glorious Destiny get ready to be amazed as you witness my goodness in the land

of the living it will astound and Delight you it’s my great pleasure to bless you

extravagantly you are my treasured possession the Delight of my

heart rest in the security of my un failing love receive the fullness of my

joy walk in the freedom and wholeness I die to give you and always remember that you are

never alone I’m as close as your very breath and I’ll never let you go my beloved

child I do not stand as your judge for that is not the purpose I have given

you my desire is for you to love others in the same way I have shown love to

you there have been times when you have stumbled and made mistakes yet not once

have I sought to bring shame upon you instead I have responded with

patience and forgiveness granting you multiple chances to make things

right for this is the essence of who I am like and share the video if you have

trust in the words of the god subscribe to the channel if you love Jesus my

faithfulness knows no bounds and my grace is without limit I will always

forgive you but it’s important for you to understand that your poor choices can

lead to consequences that bring pain so I encourage you to make wiser

decisions moving forward remember that you are alive and

forgiven because of my grace and love due to the patience and forgiveness

I extend to you strive to extend the same to others I have shown you that I

have never treated you as your mistakes would want each day come to me and allow me to

fill you with peace and provide you with the wisdom you need to rise to a place where you will gain the love and respect

of your family you will guide them along the path I have set before you and soon they

will all come come to know me because you have shared my message with love and demonstrated the depth of my care for

them my faithful servant prepare yourself to enter a season of joy and

blessings as you witness your entire family acknowledging me as their God and

Lord I want you to understand how much I value you it brings me great joy to see you

avoiding the snares set by the enemy the love I have have for you is

truly remarkable and my desire is to bless you in abundance I will fill your life with

peace and happiness for every moment you spend with me each day you will experience my love

in an extraordinary way and throughout your day you will hear my voice wherever

you are feeling the warmth of my words once more my love for you runs

deep I will Liber liate you from Despair and instill courage within

you I am revitalizing your spirit and holding you close with my

love put your trust in me allow yourself to be filled with the

pure and beautiful feeling of being loved and protected by the one who created the

universe let immense peace wash over you with every word you hear the inspiration

I speak to you comes straight from my heart these words have the power to

erase your past and heal your pain type to show your belief in

Jesus they speak to you of the immense value you possess and the wonderful

future that lies ahead of you I love you believe it with all your

heart face this day with courage and determination knowing that I am with you

and will never let you fall allow me to help you I see the

weariness you feel and the desperation you are experiencing not knowing what to

do I want to deliver you from this situation with my mighty

hand I am aware of the circumstances you are going through the challenges you are

facing have you reached a point where you feel you can’t take it anymore in a quiet cry you have sought

my help not wanting anyone else to know about your struggle in front of others you put on a

happy face but I have heard the whispered words you have spoken admitting that your desire to live is

fading it pleases me greatly that you have come before me and with the

remaining Faith you have you can trust that there is much I can do for

you deep down you know this to be true my presence is filled with my love

and power In My Embrace you are safe and secure fear cannot touch you and the

world cannot harm you my desire is to protect you forgive

you save you set you free and heal you I have only the best plan for

you I see the potential that lies within in you you deserve to be happy to dream

big to work hard and to achieve great things I give you the strength to

overcome any obstacle that stands in your way type to manifest miracles in

your life let my peace wash over you as you hear or read these uplifting

words trust in me and embrace my love my help is always available to

you the wisest choice you can make is to trust in my perspective which surpasses

your own I am arranging surprises for you my wish is to see you thriving and

joyful strong and prepared for any challenges that may come your

way fill your mind with thoughts of success and achievement remain quiet paying no

attention to those discouraging inner voices that try to instill fear or

predict failure the enemy may attempt to obstruct your path with obstacles

seeking to divert you from the blessings I have prepared for you do not be

afraid for I am fully aware that the trials you face are

formidable but I am greater than them all your adversary may rise R up

threateningly but my power far exceeds theirs though illness may try to steal

your hope my desire is to bring healing to you tell me now will you choose to

believe in me or will you Harbor doubt if you choose to believe you will

rise up persevere and continue the fight you will do everything that is

required of you with unwavering faith I know you have endured suffering and shed

tears in private over the challenges you face but today I surround you with my

love wiping away your tears and offering you the Water of Life your body will be filled with

health your spirit will be renewed and your soul will no longer

thirst though the enemy seeks to attack you daily and bring you down today you

will stand firm supported by my grace the recent days have been difficult but

now this hardship will come to an end my love for you is deep and I will

fill you completely with my love driving away every fear look to me

now type yes if you are ready for the blessings that you are about to

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$ is there anything too difficult for me to accomplish just as I calmed storms

parted the sea and helped many people witness Miracles and wonders today I

calm the turmoil within you I Empower you to walk on the waves of

uncertainty you will not sink because my hand is reaching out to

you supported by my compassion my angels are sent out to protect you as you make

your way against the tide ensuring that you are supported and do not

fall a Heavenly Host is Paving the way for you engaging in your battles I have

declared Abundant Blessings over you do not be afraid for I have overcome

your fears and enemies with my strength I want you to have a wonderful day in my

presence always remembering that with me by your side you are more than

Victorious for I am leading your battles and your time of Triumph is near know

that my desire is to strengthen you and lift you up when you are

discouraged will you allow me to do so you have my promise my blessings are

on their way to you I cherish you for who you are my

child you are incredibly precious to me I have designed an amazing plan for

you one that will unfold perfectly I will guide you along the path of

righteousness delivering the miracle you seek and the answers you have been waiting for very

soon the things you long for will come to pass if you spend time in prayer

earnestly seeking me if you seek me in the morning and kneel before me at night you will

realize that many of the answers to your prayers are already before you if you

immerse yourself in my word your perspective will change and your character will be

transformed even those who mistreat you will begin to change your hope will be renewed your

smile will shine brighter and the confidence on your face will earn

respect you have never been a failure and you never will be type if you believe in Jesus I

give you life and strength the power to rise above challenges to thrive and to

find Joy remember I rose again on the third day and in doing so you too were raised

up Embrace and believe in this Divine strength strength that will clear the

path through your Troubled Waters allowing you to step confidently into your future in Rough Waters I will be by

your side through Raging Rivers you will not be swept

away walking through Flames will not harm you I have given you the ability to

overcome dangers in the enemy’s power ensuring that nothing can hurt you my

blessings for you are constant I protect you care for you and

love you deeply as your heavenly father my beloved child I have wonderful plans

just for you when you are in need pray with faith

and I will answer you in amazing ways you couldn’t imagine if you listen to what I say I’ll

keep speaking to you about the blessings and love I have for you

yes you will face hard times but remember that you are mine and I love

you so much I am your Shepherd and you will not be in need know who you are to me chosen

deeply loved and blessed when you wake up say my

name if you were tired when you went to bed and woke up feeling upset say my

name if you feel sad for like giving up call out to

me let your enemies see how Brave you are because you believe in me and stand

strong in your love and unshakable faith in me sing it out

loud your voice is beautiful to me say my name all through the night and

talk to me softly tell me you love me just by saying my

name it will calm your heart and mind mind and make all threats go

away use my name to make sickness and pain completely disappear and be totally

healed my power does miracles in Hearts like yours that happily say my name all

the time Jesus I love you say it out loud to make all bad

thoughts go away Jesus I trust you to take away fear

and give you strength and bravery again do it say my name with faith and confidence

because it’s a fact take care of yourself type I claim it if you receive

this declaration type yes if you’re ready and share this video with five

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