?”They Are Looking For You You Can’t Ignore” | ।God’s message today।

after the next 30minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you make sure you watch

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type if you are ready God is saying

to you today my beloved child this week

unfolds a treasure Trove of blessings

for you blessings that are unshakable

filled to the brim with abundance free

from sor borrow or the weight of

debt my deepest wish for you is to live

liberated from any

chains that bind you to steer clear of

the snares laid by those who wish you

ill if you hold on to faith and rise

with bravery nothing can deter you you

will be indomitable resilient and

triumphant listen closely embrace my

guidance place your trust in me for for

it is I who Empower you to conquer I who

shatter the bonds that restrain you I

who Infuse your life with meaning I am

the key that unlocks New Beginnings the

Savior Who Has Lifted you from Peril

believe in my truth and turn away from

the deceit spun by falsehoods you are

mine i gaze into the essence of your

being into the very core of your

heart I value your earnest efforts your

commitment to walk in my ways

and to live by my teachings even when

you stumble or feel frail yet your

Triumph is secured by faith not by the

Illusions seen with your eyes disregard

the Illusions cast by adversity trust in


presence let go of fear for I have

claimed you as my own Calling You by

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Jesus when you navigate the storms I

will be by your side when you cross

tumultuous Rivers you shall not be

overwhelmed when you tread through

flames you shall not be scorched you are

redeemed at a precious cost for you hold

immense value and honor in my

eyes believe with all your heart hold my

words close for my love for you is


measure recognize that amid life’s

trials your most potent defense is your

bond with me the Almighty I will erase

your uncertainties and fill your spirit

with a joy that knows no end I cherish

you deeply your future is cradled In My

Embrace Your Blessings flourish under my

watchful let not fear overshadow you

lean into your faith and stand back back

in Wonder at the Marvels I can unfold

even the Miracles you deem Out Of Reach

they will materialize I will shatter the


of Despair mend your heartaches and

rejuvenate your well-being believe me

when I say nothing is beyond Redemption

for you hold on to Hope Never Surrender

your prayers never go unheard I am


responsive providing precise ly what you

need the blessings I bestow bring no

burden I am ever Vigilant never turning

away from you my ears are always attuned

to your voice my plans for you are

unshakable I desire for you to delve

deeper into my Essence to ascend in

strength and knowledge to see your gifts

and skills flourish so that all your

endeavors enrich not only you but also

those you hold

dear let others be drawn to you in their

search for Aid may they witness my grace


blessings in your life and may those yet

to know me be moved to seek and embrace

me through the love they see in you this

Vision shall become reality because I

declare it so I vow to see it

through my word is a promise to you

trust in it humble yourself in daily

prayer before me there you will try over

adversity there you will uncover the

solutions you seek type if you

believe in Jesus changes are on the

horizon there is much for you to

accomplish and I intend to work

powerfully through you you might doubt

or misunderstand me in light of your

current trials feeling Unworthy of such

vast and incredible blessings yet it’s

time to transform your outlook

I bestow my fa favor upon those I

cherish and my will for you will

manifest sooner than you

think you and your loved ones are on the

verge of receiving boundless blessings

genuine prosperity and spiritual

Liberation voice these truths boldly

believe them wholeheartedly for those

cleansed by the powerful blood of Jesus

my son no curse or bondage can Prevail

this Dawn marks a new beginning

beginning and it’s no mere coincidence

that these words find you when you need

them most for days now you’ve sensed my

desire to communicate with you and today

you finally opened your heart to

hear my voice and refresh the bond we

share I acknowledge your prayers and you

must hold this truth in your heart to

prevent worry from overwhelming you the

false belief that your prayers merely

bounce off the ceiling un

heard amplifying your distress and

isolation this is Far From Reality I do

hear you and I have always listened type

Amen in the name of Jesus right from the

start I have never turned a deaf ear to

your appeals and I will keep listening

even when you’re engulfed in anguish you

don’t upset me you don’t provoke my

wrath when you cry out your words touch

the depths of my being and I am moved by

the sincerity of your

heart know that I am here always

listening ready to receive

your every thought hope and fear your

openness and vulnerability bring me joy

for they deepen our connection and

strengthen our bond speak to me freely

for there is nothing you can say that I

do not already

know pour out your heart share your

hopes dreams needs plans frustrations

and doubts I am not just your God I am

also your friend and I cherish our

relationship deeply I see the turmoil

and challenges you face the storms that

rage around you and the wounds that

pierce your spirit but in the midst of

it all know that my peace is available

to you a peace that surpasses

understanding trust in my words for they

carry the power to calm your restless

soul and strengthen your


heart I promise to fill you with

strength in the midst of afflictions to

be your rock and your Refuge lean on me

dear child and let my love surround you

like a fortress type I embrace my power

to affirm together we will weather every

storm overcome every obstacle and emerge

Victor torious in the end your words are

a bomb to my soul a reminder of your

unwavering love and boundless Mercy in

moments of weakness I find strength in

your promises knowing that you are

always with me

guiding me through every trial and

tribulation I am deeply grateful for

your blessings bestowed upon me out of

your infinite love and grace your favor

surrounds me like a shield and your

mercies are renewed every

morning I am overwhelmed by your tender

affection for me your beloved child and

I am humbled by the depth of your love I

Believe In You Lord and I trust in your

promises with you by my side I am filled

with courage and strength to face

whatever challenges come my way I know

that you will never leave me nor forsake

me and that your presence is my constant

source of comfort and reassurance today

I renew my faith in you Lord and I

commit myself to walking in your ways I

am ready

to enter into a new realm of

Supernatural existence Guided by your

wisdom and Grace with you as my guide I

know that Victory is assured and I am

filled with hope for the future thank


Lord for your unfailing love and

steadfast presence in my life may I

always remember to turn to you in times

of need knowing that you hear my prayers

and that you are always with me type I’m

abundant to affirm your words fill me

with gratitude and hope Lord for I know

that your love knows no bounds your

blessings shower upon me like gentle

rain reminding me of my infinite worth

in your

eyes I I am overwhelmed by your

unfailing affection and grateful for

your constant presence in


life I choose to trust in you Lord for I

know that in your strength I find

courage to face any challenge with you

by my side I am empowered to push back

the shadows of doubt and fear knowing

that you will never leave me nor forsake

me today marks A New Beginning a fresh

chapter filled with life and Triumph I

stand ready to embrace the challenges

ahead knowing that you have a plan for

me that is greater than I can

imagine I am eager to step into the

extraordinary realm you have

prepared for me Guided by your wisdom

and Grace as I rejuvenate my faith and

refresh my spirit with your lifegiving

words I am reminded that you are always

with me watching over me in the midst of

every trial and

hardship I commit myself to seeking you

diligently in prayer knowing that my

Triumph hinges on my unwavering Faith

dedication and commitment to you thank

you Lord for your boundless love and

unending Grace may my life be a

testimony to your faithfulness and may I

always seek you with courage and

perseverance type to show your

belief in Jesus Lord I humbly receive

your call and I am overwhelmed by your

promises of Miracles and blessings I am

ready to be a Channel of

nourishment healing and hope to those

around me knowing that you will

abundantly bless me in this era of

Wonders I stand strong and determined

laying down the burdens that hinder me

in seeking your presence to rejuvenate


faith I am deeply grateful for your love

and cherish the assurance that my

anxieties will dissipate becoming

Distant Memories I trust in your

forgiveness and Absolution of my errors

and sins knowing that you cast them away

forever I release my worries into your

care trusting in your vision for me a

life filled with genuine joy that

surpasses momentary pleasure I am filled

with hope as you breathe new life into

my dreams and Visions leading me in a


Direction I leave behind my worries and

fears knowing that you have shattered

the chains that bound me and liberated

me with your assistance and protection I

am empowered to reach New Heights and

embrace the opportunities you provide

Thank You Lord For enveloping Me In Your

Love support and blessings I place my

faith in you and entrust my life into to

your hands knowing that I am under your


protection type to manifest miracles

in your life Lord I come before you with


heart open ready to receive your

guidance and protection I trust in your

promise to safeguard my heart because it

belongs to you alone I Surrender my

struggles doubts and circumstances that

seem Beyond recovery into your

hands I know that with you by my side I

am never without hope thank you for

being my beacon of light showing me the

way forward even in the darkest times I

reach out to you in faith knowing that

you understand my weariness and will

save me from despair help me to let go

of the past to forgive those who have

wronged me and to cultivate patience and

love in my heart I embrace the fresh

start you offer me free from old

Grievances and missteps I believe in

your promise to return to

me everything that was taken unjustly

and I trust that it will be even greater

than before with you by my side I refuse

to be defeated I stand firm like a brave

Warrior knowing that your grace and love

will strengthen

me thank you Lord for Lifting me from

desolation and leading me in to a life

of Splendid freedom I hold on to hope as

a Priceless treasure focusing on your

words above all else I trust that the

Overflow of blessings you pour into my

life will silence the jealous Whispers

And Lead me to a place where wonders

never cease type yes if you are ready

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$ dear heavenly father thank you for

your boundless love and unwavering

support I am grateful for the blessings

you shower upon me including dignified

work food on my table good health loyal

friends peace within my family and the

burning desire to pursue my dreams I

trust in your promise that age is

irrelevant and that you can work wonders

through me regardless of my

years I am ready to embrace the

supernatural existance you have prepared

for me knowing that your love knows no

end I acknowledge the sadness in my

heart and the challenges I face but I am

comforted by the knowledge that you are

always beside me ready to walk with me

through the corridors of my

thoughts please help me to open up to

you to share my fears and doubts and to

release the burdens weighing heavy on my

soul I confess that the world’s

harshness has sometimes dimmed My Hope

and shattered my will but I trust that

you understand me completely and that

you are here to guide me back to the

path of light and purpose grant me the

strength to Stand Tall to reclaim my

smile and to believe once again in the

goodness around

me help me to let go of past hurts and

to embrace

them journey ahead with faith and

courage may your presence fill me with

peace and reassurance knowing that you

are always with me guiding me every step

of the way type amen if you believe in

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