?”They Are Looking At You Right Now” | God Message Today |

after the next 30minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you

today my beloved child to trust in my

provision and not rely solely on their

own efforts thirdly you will experience

a deep sense of peace and contentment

amidst the chaos even as circumstances

around you may be tumultuous you will

find an inner calm that surpasses


this piece will guide your decisions and

reassure you of my presence

furthermore there will be divine

confirmations and affirmations you may

receive repeated messages or signs that

affirm the path you are on these could

be through dreams Visions or words

spoken by

others pay attention to these

confirmations as they are my way of

guiding and reassuring assuring you

lastly there will be a stirring in your

spirit a sense of excitement and

anticipation you will feel a surge of

energy and enthusiasm for the future as

you sense the magnitude of the blessings

about to unfold Embrace this excitement

and let it fuel your faith and

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Jesus my

beloved child as you wait for my

blessings to manifest hold fast to these

signs and Trust in my timing remember

that I am always working behind the

scenes orchestrating every detail for


good stay expectant stay faithful and

you will surely see my blessings

overflow in your life my principles of

Supernatural Supply dead elimination

ridiculous ulous favor and ridiculous

increase will prove that I am for you

next you will experience a new level of

divine wisdom my spirit will guide your

every step impressing strategy upon your

heart for navigating the new

opportunities before

you creativity will flow freely and I

will give you big Divine ideas that are


my fingerprints you will operate in

greater discernment to know what to walk

through I am upgrading your spiritual

sight to match what I am calling you

into the heavens will also begin

aligning to your declarations you will

pray and sense my spirit moving to

confirm your prayers constantly there

will be visible Swift breakthrough in

areas that have long resisted change the

close of long battles the end of

protracted waiting Seasons Swift Justice

will come on your behalf type if you

believe in

Jesus your time spent with me will

increase dramatically

our dialogue and connection in the

secret place will be richer more

profound you will receive new spiritual

gifts and anointings without striving or

begging because you Steward my presence

well I will entrust you with more

fruitfulness and fire will naturally


the Overflow of our encounter will touch

people around you certain doors close so

others can open trust my Divine timing I

orchestrate tactics to position you for

greater impact influence and inheritance

let go of what no longer serves you this

pruning refinement may feel

uncomfortable but the destination will

be so very worth it keep following me as

I lead you through this transition

everything in the natural may look

chaotic but what’s happening in the


is strategic I am clearing away and

cleaning house I am Excavating and

exposing I am reordering reconstructing

I am rebuilding on new ground laying

deep New Foundations though it’s messy

now soon you will recognize my

masterpiece the upgrade is stunning type

Amen in the name of Jesus do not judge

this construction prematurely the

changes at work here are very complex

remain patient as my plans unfold hold

tightly to what I have spoken I am

faithful to fulfill every promise in due

time the manifestation will be nothing

short of amazing once these projects

conclude yes greater manifestations of

my goodness are upon you Heaven’s

reserved blessings once

blocked will soon flood your

life combined with correct timing and

strategy the Abundant outpouring will be

overwhelming I have spoken restoration

recompense for all the enemy stole that

day nears stay steady through this

transition keep your eyes fixed on me

make plenty of room for my blessings

bigger outpourings require big your

containers expand your capacity stretch

your mind heart and hands to receive

these bigger

realities I desire to give you new

responsibilities new lands of


and influence new levels of provision

require expanded space within you say

yes to my upgrades deep lasting

transformation will soon manifest all

around you you just watch mindsets


relationships and dynamics that

restricted you before will shift what

they said could never change will now

dramatically change limited mentalities

and beliefs will be broken off doubt and

fear will bow true Kingdom reality will

manifest naturally this new life is your

destiny your Birthright receive it with

joy type I embrace my power to affirm

the lingering stench of your Egypt will

be completely cleansed away its residual

pole broken its dark marks removed from

your house forever

there soil will be clean for healthy new

growth and growth Will Spring forth

swiftly what took years to manifest

before will materialize rapidly Divine

reversal will shift roles and rules

things permanently shift in your favor

as my blessing overtakes

you yes my blessing is here respond with

praise and thanksgiving consecrate

yourself in preparation through prayer

and fasting share openly with others

what I am doing this good news must be

proclaimed celebrate my goodness

provision and protection over your

household continually my child I am

calling you out setting you apart from

all that you have

known The Familiar places and faces that

surround you now cannot take you where I

long to lead you a new realm of blessing


if you will follow

me I ordained Your Life Before Time

itself woven into my eternal purposes I

see the unfinished tapestry stretching

into the future Rich threads of Destiny

waiting to be revealed your days have

unfolded exactly as I planned even the

deepest sorrows ultimately working for

your good every loss and lack serve to

shape your heart making space inside you

to contain more of my glory beloved one

the time has

come I am opening another chapter

longing to awaken you to Greater

realities In

My Kingdom a pivotal transition is here

pay close attention now to the signs all

around you recognize my hand redirecting

your path as I establish your next

season of fruitfulness type I’m abundant


affirm with great compassion I will

remove you from dead and dry places

relationships that no longer nourish do

not cling anymore to fading glories or

outgrown purposes they served you well

in former days but cannot sustain the

deeper call Awakening on the horizon

with kindness and care I lead you into

this new chapter of your journey I will

gently close doors to your past though

you may grieve and resist at first soon

you will rejoice in the freedom these

closures bring for

behold even as I end certain chapters I

am beginning a new one Rejoice For unto

touched reservoirs of creativity

influence and resources await you blank

pages spread before you pregnant with

potential new songs and dreams will

arise as you yield to this change of

place and Pace I ordain yes follow me

wholeheartedly into unknown lands of

Promise let go of control and allow me

to write the next passages together we

will craft a future only I could imagine

or orchestrate I will lead you places

your feet have never trod Uncharted

territories will become familiar and

beloved indeed I have intricately

prepared a sphere of society for you to

profoundly impact type to

show your belief in

Jesus strategic connections divinely

aligned Partnerships Supernatural


all will converge at the proper time to

thrust open doors you could never open

yourself have I not said I would go

before you to prepare the way watch now

as I establish your steps opening access

and Paving roads with joy you will watch

long awaited hopes become tangible

realities dreams once distant will

manifest in due season as you walk in

tandem with me yes your role is simp

simple to follow in

radical obedience and Trust relinquish

control surrender outcomes release rigid

expectations be free light and open to

my leading move when I say move rest

when I call for Stillness speak as my


prompts your availability and

responsiveness Delight me and position

you for Untold blessing indeed obedience

and Trust form a Gateway into new Realms

reserved for those who wholly lean on me

through prayer not striving my glory

shall overtake you power will

effortlessly flow to accomplish my will

wisdom Beyond schools or life experience

will Enlighten your mind guiding every

decision creativity witty Innovations

and revelatory insights will seem to

come from nowhere yet will bear

PR Eternal fruit as my gift Works

mightily in and through you type to

manifest miracles in your life always

remember the true Source give all glory

back to me by living a lifestyle of

worship gratitude and honor make time

and space to Adore Me Above All Else

indeed extravagant praise and

wholehearted service Delight my heart

most my precious one I have brought you

thus far and will sustain you to the end

our journey stretches into eternity but

even Earthly years promise to hold great

Bounty for I think not in terms of days

or decades but Generations even now I

envision your descendants and the

descendants of those you influence

walking in blessing and

Divine Alignment each step of obedience

you take creates a legacy for Untold

multitudes to

inherit so go now where I lead settle

where I place you build mile markers of

worship wherever you dwell call upon my

name and I shall answer keep your eyes

fixed on me not conditions around you I

shall bring forth Springs in the

Wasteland rivers in the desert places

new life will Bud even where death once

reigned all of creation will recognize

my glory resting on you and respond in

joyful release indeed all of Heaven’s

resources stand at attention awaiting

the Whispers of my

spirit to bless and breakthrough around

your life type yes if you are ready for

the blessings that you are about to

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$ speak forth my promises Make Way

for their manifestation issue decrees

that unlock long awaited Destiny partner

with me to shape reality through

faith-filled words I will subdue

kingdoms transform atmospheres reclaim

inheritances long contested no weapon

formed against you shall prosper no

barrier remains that I cannot open

overthrow Triumph upon Triumph will Mark

your days as you walk hand in hand with

me you were made for such a time

as this say yes to the high call and

irrevocable purpose ordained for your

life long ago do not consider former

days when limitation defined you for I

make all things new right now the past

will pale compared to the Wonders

ahead indeed present Sorrows are working

for you in eternal glory Beyond

Comprehension allow my vision to enlarge

your capacity to receive good gifts

develop holy discontentment with the

status quo refusing to settle for

anything less than my highest purposes

like and share the video if you have

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Jesus Heaven stands ready to invade the

Earthly realm around you as you yield to


transformation position yourself through

obedience and Faith to encounter Glory

like never before the fullness of time

has come beloved take my hand and walk

into deeper Realms than you’ve known do

not look to the left or right and do not

turn back now great light arises upon

your path even as Shadows recede indeed

indeed I make your life a Showcase of my

glory to awaken many through you I am

reaching those you love and society

around you so stay near me my precious

companion soon You

Shall Behold wonders unfolding directly

through your availability Rejoice for

the urgings within you now are but a

seed of all that is to come my child

there are seasons when I need to appro

you to transplant you into new soil

where you can

grow just as I separated Abram from his

land and people there are times I must

do the same with you I require this so

that my full blessing can come upon you

unhindered but know that I will never

leave you on your own confused and

abandoned know that I am a good father

the enemy is the one who leaves people

stranded who tricks them into dead end


I lead you onwards into Victory so

listen closely for my

voice type if you believe in Jesus

if I tell you to leave a

place or person or job behind I will

show you your next step I speak with

Clarity and purpose the enemy speaks

with confusion insulating you from my

true will be Discerning if someone

claims to have a word from me but I have

not a confirmed it directly to your

spirit wait patiently for my

instructions there will come an

appointed time when the separating and

sifting has prepared the way then I will

lead you into a new place of belonging

connection and assignment specifically

picked out for you I have gone before

you and prepared the blessings to

overflow you need only follow me

trustingly I lead you through these

seasons of Separation so that ultim

ultimately my glory can shine brightly


you I want to bless you thoroughly so

that you become a conduit of blessing to

many others I desire that your joy would

be a signpost directing people to me

your peace and confidence in times of

turmoil will stir up curiosity and

spiritual thirst in people around you

your character shaped by my hands will

draw questions and open doors to share

about my work in your life

understand that your life speaks even

when your lips are

silent type Amen in the name of Jesus

there are some who

will notice you but never approach you

or make themselves known to you but they

have seen my fingerprint on your life

the fragrance of my presence permeating

Your Atmosphere through you they begin

to desire me

too so wherever I lead you even in to

unlikely places know that I am

amplifying your light so that many can

find their way to me your Life Path sets

off a chain reaction stirring hunger

pains deep in other people’s Spirits so

keep following me wholeheartedly

wherever I guide you understand the

Strategic reasons I filter your

connections and Community for a season

soon enough fresh streams of blessing

will open up to you so that ult

ultimately you overflow with life and

joy that

attracts people to me this principle

remains steadfast those who honor you I

will honor those who scorn you will

answer to me for no weapon formed

against you shall prosper when you walk


me I protect and vindicate my faithful

ones I want your roots to grow deep in

me to abide vitally connected to my

words drink in up the revelations I

impart to you for fruit comes from what

is happening underground before it ever

manifests visibly much growth must take

place in the secret place with me before

you are ready to flourish in new levels

of influence with people depth must come

before breath type I embrace my power to

affirm slow down and let your

relationship with

me take priority amid busy seasons your

impact hinges on your connection with

me there are Treasures of insight I want

to give you in Stillness and Solitude

with me I make key deposits in your

spirit when you carve out quiet space to

hear my voice so refuse to let busyness

crowd out time with me the fruit you

bear that changes lives overflows from

living vitally grafted into me remain

close and drink up the sap of my living


don’t deplete yourself pouring into

other people’s lives unless you

continually refill your cup by spending

time with me I want

to infuse you with joy and wisdom beyond

your natural capacity our communion

paves the way for the Miracles people

desperately need to see through you so

come now beloved carve out more space

for us to meet heart tohe

heart together we will will Kindle a

fresh fire in you stirring you to arise

renewed by my presence we will Forge

vision for greater influence right where

I’ve planted you and step by step I will

reveal the process to get there I will

awaken New Passion and focus realigning

your gifts to Greater impact for my

kingdom type I’m abundant to airm I have

much in store for you my child keep

leaning fully into me me trusting me to

open up the right doors at the right

time just stay

flexible and obedient willing to go

wherever I Shine the Light much

breakthrough awaits as you walk out my

special assignments tailored for you but

it all starts here in our secret place

fueling everything else you

do I see the a in you for greater

fruitfulness and impact in line with our

destiny together I play place the desire

deep inside you now simply Fanning the

flame hotter Awakening bold faith in you

again take bigger risks with me launch

out into new Waters does my power seem

limited to

you surely not what dream seems too big

for the two of us dream with me again

record the vision taking shape on your

heart Let Me Show You by my spirit seen

from your future enlarge your cap

capacity to contain greater glimpses of


plans know I has seen all the good

things I have prepared for you beloved

one the dreams I birth and you trace the

Contours of your destiny you feel the

stirring deep within that Restless

Hunger for More more fire more impact

more fruit that remains Eternal I place

that Holy discontent inside you to keep

you focused on me now let me direct it

with laser focus aligning your gifts

with my Global

purposes there are new mountains to

climb in territories to take for my

glory type

show your belief in Jesus are you

ready to pay the price to answer this

High Calling adversity will come as it

signals Kingdom advance but stay near to

me take my hand my power on you makes a

way where you do not see a

way now keep walking forward in radical

obedience and faith I will do daring

things in daring places among desperate

people when I show up signs and wonders

will explode on the scene shifting

atmospheres of hopelessness

demonstrations of my power will embolden

whole communities into their god-given

Authority again I will take back ground

the enemy has stolen evicting his

Sinister power

captives will taste true Freedom begin

to dream again the oppressed will find


strength perfected in their weakness

addicts and Wanderers will turn into

fiery torchbearers of my gospel outcasts

will discover they hold keys to Revival

Awakening in the streets yes you were

made for

more so much more than playing it safe

you got a taste of genuine Kingdom power

power and it has left you dissatisfied

with status quo spirituality it has set

you apart Restless for Frontline

spiritual warfare praying dangerous

prayers I will re-baptize you aresh in

holy spirit fire let your yes arise to

the high call I am placing on you in

this hour I will do bold unprecedented

things advancing my

kingdom I will disciple mighty men and

women of Valor destined to spark


keep your eyes on my kingdom purposes

above Petty

obstacles walk tall as history unfolds

Through Your brave obedience type to

manifest miracles in your life type yes

if you are ready for the blessings that

you are about to receive I am raising up

a fiery generation of laid down

Believers marked by Purity and passion

my child come to me when you are weary

and burdened I will give you

rest do not question whether I am able

to help you or doubt my character and

goodness towards you I am the same

yesterday today and

forever unchanging in my faithfulness

you are my precious one whom I love as a

caring father I know the desires of your

heart even before you ask I have seen

your tears and heard your prayers I know

the adversity you face and the Justice


seek be assured that I am working on

your behalf though the way seems long

and victory is delayed take heart and do

not lose hope type amen if you believe

in God if you’re all set type yes take

care of yourself type I claim it if you

receive this declaration type yes if

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