?”They Are Coming For You Right Now, Don’t Skip This” | ।God Message Today

after the next minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you make sure you watch

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type if you are ready God is saying

to you today my beloved Child open your

ears and listen attentively as I your

lord God speak directly to you I am ever

faithful never failing to fulfill fill

every promise I

make when I pledge my word it is as

solid as Stone and when I vow to bless

you no force in heaven or Earth can

prevent it from coming to pass the

desires of your heart which you have

longed and waited for with great

patience are about to transition from

Mere hopes into concrete

realities as I look upon you now

steadfast in your faith even amid a

world full of complaints and

Lamentations I want to assure you beyond

all doubt that the blessing you have

been anticipating is racing toward you

at this very moment you can take my word

as fact that you will soon be holding

that very blessing in your hands once

and for all bidding farewell to all

worry distress and

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your complete trust in what I have

spoken and from the first instant your

voice cried out to me from the moment

your heart poured out its deepest

longings I set events in motion to

provide you the exact answer that your

soul was craving many lose heart as they

wait expectantly for their prayers to be

answered they grow grow impatient with

me in my timing but my ways and thoughts

are far above yours my child I

specialize in working profound

transformations in people’s lives

molding their character with masterful

wisdom and ordering every detail to

ensure that the blessings I bestow do

not become unwanted

burdens when you simply request what you

believe you need from me rest assured

that I am the kind of God who Delights

in lavishing you with far more than what

you ask for I keep your future

well-being in view as well as that of

your family my desire is that the

blessings I pour out on you will Usher

and not sorrow hardship or conflict but

rather cascading waves of peace and joy


Limits our covenant bond is etched

indelibly upon your mind and heart your

sins are wiped away for for

Goten forever so come and find your rest

in my presence here at my altar you will

discover healing for your soul Limitless

strength for each new day and the full

fruit of your faith as you wait with

patience for my promises to Blossom

before your

eyes type if you believe in Jesus

banish all bitter complaints from your

heart and cast off doubt from your mind

pay no heat to scoffers and mockers who

deride your faith when weariness creeps

up on you and anxious thoughts return

call out to me and I will impart fresh

perseverance and endurance to your

spirit I will endow you aresh with the

gift of patience ensuring your emotions

remain untroubled and

Serene you will receive a special

measure of heavenly Prudence to control

that unruly tongue of yours so no

foolish or rash words emerge from your

lips that would grieve my spirit I

shower blessings upon your life with

profound tenderness and affection like a

loving father or mother nurtures their


Child all I ask in return is that you

remain thankful and never dare to

presume to demand anything from me out

of arrogance or Pride this world is

filled with those who dishonor and

disrespect me yet I meet them with great

patience and pursue them with

unconditional love I know you have grown

deeply frustrated because circumstances

often fail to unfold according to your

plans and

expectations but this is simply the

nature of things my

child you pray I respond you take action

opposition arises conflict and adversity

suddenly assail you from every side

obstacles block the way making it appear

that my responses are delayed yet if I

open your spiritual eyes you would see

clearly that the realities before you

are far different than you suppose type

Amen in the name of Jesus the blessings

you long for directly within your grasp

merely waiting to be seized at the

appointed time but in order to lay hold

of them

you must press forward without looking

back or wav uing discarding every

attitude or emotion that threatens to

leave you paralyzed and stationary you

see if you truly desire to be blessed

then testing and trials must come first

in order to prove the true metal of your

character I am watching closely to see

how you will react when situations fail

to meet your

expectations what words will proceed

from your mouth will you persist in your

waiting with resilience brilliant joy in

your heart without inserting a single

complaint or will the acid of bitterness

begin seeping in stealing your precious

time and effort as it has with so many

others I want to see Rock Solid

steadfastness demonstrated in your life

a spirit of fierce loyalty and

dedication to me even when I

seem silent and you are forced to wait

indefinitely I am forging within you a a

strength of character more valuable than

the purest gold what I prize above all

is your unwavering devotion in

trust I want your absolute Allegiance

proven by actions and Not Mere words you

will not betray me when times get

difficult nor will you sell out your

spiritual convictions for a poultry sum

you will not stoop to dishonest actions

or thinly veiled lies in order to escape

trouble for for victories attained by

such means are Hollow indeed type I

embrace my power to affirm as you wait

with Resolute faith and undiminished

confidence the blessings you long for

will surely manifest at the


time so do not allow gwing doubts to

freeze and paralyze your patience and

pay no heed to the scornful opinions of

unbelievers who mock your faith hear now

my Earnest appeal spoken to you in

deepest love take my words and store

them up in your heart like prized

treasure return here daily and fill up

on the truths I am imparting which will

nourish your faith and Surround your

mind with my peace have no fear for I

love you with an everlasting

love the awaited blessing rushes toward

you even now so speak these words

allowed with conviction both in your

voice and actions beloved God with all

my heart I wait eagerly for you my

precious one I am your heavenly father

your dearest friend and

companion your Good Shepherd who leads

and guides you if up till now you have

never realized I existed allow me to

introduce myself properly at last I knew

you and set my affection upon you before

you were formed in your mother’s womb I

planted deep within your soul that

persistent sense of Destiny and purpose

that drives you onward I am the living

presence of love that fills your world

and showers boundless mercy upon you


moment I am love itself I am tenderness

I am peace

that transcends understanding I am the

way the truth the light that illuminat

Ates your path even in the midst of

confusion and darkness type I’m abundant

to affirm this day shall burst forth

with Miracles as my words ignite Living

Faith and confidence inside

you beside you always stands my Holy

Spirit guiding your steps and perfectly

orchestrating every detail of your life

according to my gracious purposes open

wide your inward being to welcome the

precious promises I have embedded deeply

in your spirit ready to rise up within

you whenever urgent me demands the

Gateway is open wide to all the riches

of my grace and mercy welcoming you to

draw near without any fear of being

rejected so come with boldness and

Assurance into this realm

of power and

transformation here you will discover

healing for the lingering wounds and

secret pains that scar your your past

the destructive chains of guilt and

regret that once gripped you relent

their hold this day once and for all I

absolve you completely of each fault and

failure and obliterate all record of Sin

from before my face refuse to be

troubled or forfeit your peace any

longer where past errors can still be

corrected have a humble willingness to

apologize seek forgiveness repay debts

and purify

your legacy through restitution if

others remain locked behind walls of

bitterness denying you any chance to

make amends then release that burden to

me for my blood has cleansed you white


snow and my Declaration of forgiveness

stands forever over your life type

to show your belief in Jesus break away

from stagnancy and leave behind those

who refuse to reconcile now take a deep

breath and surrender completely to me

every source of pain every negative

memory Phantom voices from the past that

keep you emotionally entangled release

each thought word action or event that

you have obsessed over for too long be

set free even from recent wounds and

offenses for I

will surely transform these evil feeds

into Redemptive outcomes full of meaning

and virtue watch now as I demolish and

smash to Pieces every chain that has

held your soul captive to anxiety

anger Pride lust hatred addiction greed

anything that imprisons you still and in

place of your bondage I now plant my

Living Word inside which will grow and

produce an abundant Harvest of Peace Joy

and righteousness type yes if you are

ready for the blessings that you are

about to receive and if you believe in

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$ my grace will flood the barren

places of your heart until blessings are

all that remain flowing from your life

enveloped completely in my mercy and

transformed by goodness itself you will

enter the realm of the spirit and

discover wonders beyond imagination this

day the shackles that have too long

restricted the flow of my spirit are

decisively shattered I am breathing new

life into Worn out Places depleted of

Hope and vision anger that has festered

for years will be

supernaturally quelled and fury

completely dispelled from your mind no

longer longer will insults criticism and

harsh language emerge from your lips

instead I will fill your mouth with

messages of praise and words overflowing

with creative power to

heal restore and impart freedom to all

who hear your voice you have never

walked alone through this life though at

times you felt forsaken countless times

I have spoken to you wooing you with

Whispers of love

all to awaken confidence that with me as

your guide no obstacle can overpower you

no battle defeat you as your faith is

strengthened by trusting me through dark

valleys of uncertainty you will discover

Well Springs of renewal gushing up from

within and yes you will Touch the

Hem of my garment and behold Miracles

Unleashed through your life beyond

anything you dare imagine possible for I

see and value you as far stronger and

Bolder than even you perceive yourself


be type to manifest miracles in your

life I have destined you for greatness

in the Kingdom of

Heaven receive this by faith the seeds

of possibility I plant today though

small in appearance will grow into a

towering tree providing shelter and

shade to multitudes as you learn to

surrender control more and more into my

hands of Grace relinquishing your

tightly held plans you will witness me

moving mountains and Shifting The Very

course of history itself to shower favor

upon your

life so cease your anxious striving and

fretful worrying over

tomorrow leave it in my hands I rule the

future so abide in me and my peace will

be your guard concerning beyond your

control May Loom on the horizon but

refuse to let imagine troubles steal

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Jesus deal only with today leaving

unknown eventualities with me until I

deem them relevant for your attention

right now your charge is simply this

meet the challenges and battles today

with calm confidence secure in the

knowledge that I will never fail to

empower you at the needed moment my


child hearken to my voice I am the one

true God who formed you and knows you

better than you know yourself since

before time began I set my affection

upon you designing you in my image to be

my treasured possession when darkness

enters your mind remember it is only a

passing storm cloud my light ever shines

upon you trials will come to strengthen

your character as flames Forge fine

steel meet them with courage and cling

to me your shelter in life storms I will

never abandon

you my angels encamp around those who

rever me as a mighty Army guarding a

king call and they will bear you up lest

your foot strike a stone as a sculpture

and vision the finished statue ladent in


Stone type if you believe in Jesus I

see the person you shall become though

currently imperfect let not small

setbacks dishearten you for my hand

guides your life toward greatness

concern yourself less with what others

think I know you and love you as none

other can the world promotes fleeting

Trifles and crowns Kings of vain Glory

ignore more such and fix your gaze upon

richer Treasures stored for you in my

kingdom Fame Fades like Morning Mist

wealth takes wings as an eagle

Tor heaven but my rewards for faithful

Souls endure

Forever This await all who love and

trust me stadiums may not Echo with

cheers for your name but hear Heaven’s

chorus when one repentant Soul finds

salvation that Everlasting trophy

outshines temporary tinsel type Amen in

the name of Jesus refuse to judge your

worth by the flawed measuring sticks of

this realm I determine your value and it

immeasurably exceeds rubies or rivers of

oil you are made in my

image my one of a-kind original

Masterpiece even if Diamond Minds were

yours and endless wealth flowed into

your coffers like the sea it could not

purchase your true Worth to me when all

other lights go out and the cold void of

space yawns before

you remember you can always come home I

keep the porch light on and will welcome

you with open arms my smile outshines

newborn galaxies and my laughter Rings

like infinite chiming Bells if Earth

despises you Heaven celebrates you if

people reject you angels rally to you if

Darkness scowls Dawn Smiles type I

embrace my power to affirm sorrow and

sighing will one day flee forever never

to return When I transform this flawed

world into a perfect Paradise until then


the storms I send them to test

foundations and reveal what lies hidden

in Hearts build upon me the one sure

unshakable found foundation and you will

withstand anything my love undergirds

those grounded in

me when flood surge in winds batter look

beyond the present fur to Behold a

Placid seing cloudless sky child I know

right now you face raging squalls but

hear my voice gently Whispering peace be

still though Thunder yet rumbles in the

distance already I have commanded the

storm to cease soon soon silence will

fall and all will be calm again fret not

that others misunderstand you and C you

grief type I’m abundant to

affirm the world rejected and despised


too if self-righteous scoffers scorn you

are you greater than I that you should

Escape their scorn be glad not sad

reproaches intended to wound may sting

initially but for those those allied

with me they transmute into Badges of

honor my servant keep your chin High

whatever slings and arrows hostile

forces hurl at you duck to let them pass

overhead then press on

undaunted no weapon formed against you

can ultimately Prosper when I Shield you

my angel’s wings make an

impenetrable umbrella stand beneath them

and not one arrows flick will touch you

raise your head high beloved one and be

not ashamed no earthly power prevails

against those I defend with my heavenly

hosts you shall pass through this fire

and scathed as Shadrach mesach and

Abednego did long ago the son of

righteousness arises with healing in his

wings when life grows darker till all

seems hopeless type to show your

belief in Jesus Remember hope shines

brightest in the darkest night a long

road May lie before you with no end

visible but I guide your steps take them

one at a time trusting me to choose each

inch of the path tomorrow’s Grace

suffices not for today each day

I rain fresh Mana gather only enough for

the present do not worry about the

future or Horden barns my storehouses

brim with blessings for Seasons yet

unseen some friends may walk aways with

you then bid farewell when your path

diverges from theirs well as your own

discernment I am the ultimate Authority

and my word is the standard by which all

teachings should be measured type to

manifest miracles in your life do not be

swayed by eloquent words or persuasive

arguments that deviate from my truth

remain steadfast in your Devotion to me

and I will guide you through the Maze of

conflicting voices and ideologies seek

my presence continually for in communion

with me

you will find Clarity and

strength let my word be a lamp to your

feet and a light to your path

Illuminating the way forward amidst the

darkness of this world do not be afraid

to let go of those who do not align with

my truth but do so with love and grace

knowing that I am the one who

orchestrates the Journey of each Soul

Embrace new companions sent by me to

walk alongside you for they may bring

fresh insights and encouragement for the

road ahead above all trust in my wisdom

and sovereignty I am the master


shaping your life according to my

Perfect Design surrender to my will even

when it requires pruning and refinement

knowing that I am working all things

together for your good continue to seek


earnestly for I am always near to those

who call upon me in sincerity listen for

my voice in the Stillness and I will

lead you into Paths of righteousness for

my name’s sake type amen if you believe

in God if you’re all set type yes take

care of yourself type I claim it if you

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