πŸ›‘”THE EYES OF JESUS” HAS FOUND YOU FOR A SERIOUS REASON! God’s Message Today #god Lord Helps Ep~1416


Jesus is requesting your full Focus for

the next minutes as many of your

problems will be solved through this

message and the blessings will be

delivered through this message

alone however keep in mind that ignoring

this message or the sign from your

archangels may result in the loss of all

the forthcoming blessings and if you

hate Jesus you may go away without

receiving the supernatural blessing

message the miraculous eyes of Jesus is

watching over you with

compassion and he has chosen you to

receive a

message that could bring a positive

change to your life

life be open to his guidance and follow

the path he unfolds through this

message embrace the gift of Grace


hesitation stepping into the light he

provides take a moment to calm your mind

opening your heart to receive this

message in its

entirety don’t try to ignore this

otherwise you might miss out on a

blessing waiting for you at the end of


message Jesus is

saying my beloved

child I see that you are facing

challenges and some forces are working

hard to pull you away from

me but fear not

for I am with you and together we will

overcome just like David who wasn’t

perfect but had a heart devoted to

me you have a special place in my

heart acts tells

us I have found AIT a a man after my own

heart he will do everything I want him


do your imperfections don’t Define you

your Hur

does I know there might be moments when

you feel unworthy due to past

mistakes but I want you to know that I

desire to enter your

heart when whether you have committed a

sin or made a significant

error my love for you remains

unchanged I offer you a new heart filled

with grace and

forgiveness don’t be disheartened by the

negativity around

you I see your efforts and the pain you


endured I want to lift you up for you

are chosen by me your path may have

challenges but I’m here to guide

you trust in me and your journey will

lead you to your pre-plan

destination let go of doubt and embrace

the blessings I have instored for

you worry not about the timing of

events focus on the magnitude of the

blessings coming your

way radiate

positivity and you will attract

goodness be aware of the negative

influences but remain steadfast on your



remember some around you may Harbor

negativity but there choices have led

them away from the divine

grace I am Eternal and my existence is


doubt so Channel your energy into the

meaningful Pursuits and anticipate the

blessings heading your

way dear child be prepared for the

challenges from those who may be envious

or wish to bring you

down do not fear them instead accept the

Divine protection I

offer this protection will lead you to

places you have never been where you

will rise and grow to the next

level maintain kindness

generosity love for all and confidence

in your Deeds trust in my guidance and

do not let doubt hinder your

progress your chosen path is the right

one walk it with unwavering trust in

me I never want you to suffer without

reason and faith is your

anchor believe that amazing things are

on the

Horizon reflect your character through

bold decisions that bring not only


success but also to benefit

others spread happiness smile and seek

guidance to stay on the right

path type yes Jesus if you believe in

God’s love for you stay blessed

now to all the people all the listeners

all the chosen Souls welcome back to

Lord House’s

Ministry dear child of God today Jesus

has placed his eyes to us to me to you

and each and every one of us who are


here know

that Jesus is trying to tell us today

that life life often through challenging

situations our way leaving us feeling

shattered and surrounded by Broken

Dreams and it’s easy to sense

forgotten when the future we envisioned


shattered and her hope seems foolish in

the facee of

disappointment so wrestling with the gap

between expectations and reality can

plunge us into Dark Places temp in us to

retreat into bitterness blame God or

question his

goodness and moments of

disappear hope can be Elusive and the

feeling of being misunderstood

prevails the late hours of the night

bring Restless

thoughts and we yearn for Relief without

seeing the light at the end of the

tunnel in such turbulent Seasons when

everything seems off


remember God is still at work behind the

scenes even in his seeming silence he

has not abandon

you your pain doesn’t escape the notice

of the one who collects every tear in a

bottle despite feeling forsaken or

abandoned God draws near and surrounds

you with his

presence even if others walk away he

remains close and the Bible reassures us

that the Lord is close to the

Brokenhearted and he rescues those with

a cursed


although weeping will last for a night

but remember Joy comes in the morning so

in moments when you feel shattered the

master healer knows how to make you

whole again a gathers very fragment and

pieces them back

together God’s heart breaks when his

children suffer and he longs to wipe

every tear from their eyes pouring out

comfort and

assertion storms may thresh for a time

but they will subside clouds will par

and the sun will

shine while you may feel shattered torn

or Cinder The Master healing knows how

to make you whole

again God walks every step with you

guiding your feet lifting you when you

grow weary catching you when you stumble

and shielding you from live

storms the Wilderness often precedes the

promised land and the season of

disorientation is preparing you for what


ahead the great physician will heal your

aching heart binding up your wounds with

his strength and covering you with his

comfort over time the broken places will

M and those SCS May remain they will

remind you of his mercy and

faithfulness despite feeling damaged and

disregarded the King of Kings sees your

stunning potential and will turn your

tattered fragments into a magnificent

M so just recognize that God is still

working behind the scenes weaving

purposes that may not yet be

visible even amid confusion and

heartache trust that his ways are good

hope is Dawning on the horizon and

relief is on its way just remember God

will restore what is broken heal what is

wounded and make all things new so take

hurt for the present trials are

producing a faith more precious than

cold though tear may fall in the

darkness of Night Joy will come in the

morning after you have received these

Divine and godly

words don’t forget to pray this powerful

prayer that will bless and protect you

from every evil spirit in the month of


pray this with

me dear dear heavenly father in the

midst of life’s challenges we come

before you with humble HS seeking your

grace and

protection life has a way of presenting

us with painful curveballs that can

leave us feeling diser and

lost we acknowledge lot that at times

the weight of these burdens makes it

difficult for us to see the path you

have set before

us Lord will lift our hearts to you

recognizing that we are in need of your

guidance and strength we find ourselves

surrounded by Broken Dreams

disappointment and

uncertainty in these moments it’s easy

to feel forgotten and wonder if the

future we once envisioned is beyond our

reach so we ask for your reassurance and

Clarity dear father as we navigate

through any challenging

times in our moments of dispar help us

not to retreat into bitterness or

question your goodness instead grant us

the wisdom to trust in your plan even

when it seems distant and

Silent your word reminds us that you

have not given us a spirit of fear but

of power love and and a sound mind may

we cling to This Promise finding refuge

in the peace that comes from knowing

that you are in

control Lord when we feel broken and

torn a cinder we turn to you for you are

the master

healer who knows how to make us whole

again your compassion knows no parts and

we takeen for in the assurance that you

collect every tear in a bottle your

presence is a Solace even when others

may walk away thank you for being close

to the Brokenhearted and rescuing those

with a crushed spirit in our moments of

darkness when the future appears

uncertain Lord grant us the strength to

hold on to

Hope help us to recognize that despite

the storms that may thres around us joy

comes in the morning morning we trust in

your promise to restore what is broken

heal what is wounded and make all the


new Lord as we journey through this

season of disorientation May our faith

be strengthened and our correct us

fortified we place our trust in you the

creator of the universe who is

intricately involved in our Lives May

the Brokenness we experience draw us

closer to to Your Heart of Love and

reveal the stunning potential you seen

us we thank you for the gift of Hope and

the assurance that even when we cannot

see the full picture you are still

working behind the scenes for AR good so

Lord grant us the courage to face each

day with new

confidence me that your plans for us are

filled with purpose and Redemption

in Jesus mighty name I pray amen

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