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after the next minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you

today my beloved child I come to you

today bearing gifts of Tranquility

fortitude and

understanding your heartfelt prayers

have reached me and I am touched by the

purity of your

intentions you seek guidance and you

have chosen wisely in coming to

me first and foremost know that you are

cherished exactly as you

are I am aware of your imperfections but

I also see the genuine repentance within


heart your efforts to transform your

behavior mindset and treatment of others

have not gone

unnoticed I have chosen you for a life

abundant with

blessings though challenges may arise

you will face fewer hardships moving

forward my Holy Spirit and teachings

Grant you exceptional

wisdom you are developing the ability to

make prudent decisions distancing

yourself from those who masquerade as

friends while stealing your peace faith

and sense of

security from this point onward you will

remain steadfast in the face of any OB

obstacle you approached me today out of

necessity and you will depart empowered

your countenance radiating with my

authority your eyes sparkling with joy

and your grateful spirit and enchanting

smile opening doors and shattering

chains I am poised to Lavish you with


blessings rise and embark on your

journey I will bring virtuous

individuals into your life who will

nurture your Spiritual Development and

cultivate Harmony within your home

however be cautious of those who seek to

seow seeds of doubt and division

attempting to drive a wedge between you

and your loved

ones yes you possess Faith but some in

your family remain skeptical not yet

fully opening their hearts to

me I intend to work through you to

demonstrate my love and extend hope to

them I bestow upon you the strength and

courage necessary to care for your


effectively always remember your need


me seek me constantly and immerse

yourself in my word and

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Jesus in moments of despair remember

that there is always hope for you and

your family a steadfast promise of my

protection love guidance and Abundant

Blessings your home will be enveloped in

care and my

love now do you accept my marvelous

blessing with joy and

faith I find you utterly endearing

particularly in the way you communicate

with me the manner in which you close

your eyes and

prayer I cherish the moments when your

heart swells with joy and divine

happiness which I bestow upon you

alleviating any pain or

worry after our time together I want you

to feel overwhelmingly

loved you need not walk in sorrow or

dwell on your

troubles my love for you is immense and

today you will experience that love

profoundly I will demonstrate it to you

proclaiming it with my mighty

words if anyone attempts to trouble you

you will be instantly filled with my


love if anything saddens you know that

my comforting Embrace surrounds you

erasing your pain and filling your heart


joy your loved ones will take notice of

your happiness and wonder about its

origin while those who oppose you will

Retreat acknowledging their inability to


you a Divine Shield of protection

encircles you and Legions of angels

stand guard over your home ensuring the

safety of your family at all

times have complete trust in my love for

you it is genuine and not merely a

figment of your

imagination it is as real as the you

breathe more powerful and wondrous than

any Miracle you could

seek my love sustains you offering true

life the most precious gift of

all your daily gratitude waking each

morning to thank me in placing your life

in my care showcases your profound

Faith even when others doubt or ridicule

you you stand firm believing in an all

powerful God you cannot see embodying

true belief and

devotion yet you are well aware that I

am real watching over you and attentive

to your

needs with this Faith you possess you

shall rise living feeling and knowing

that you are a child of the creator of

the universe with immense confidence in

every step you take and a radiant face


happiness my dear dear child your

unwavering gratitude touches my heart

deeply tomorrow I will be waiting to

embrace you with my love once more even

before the break of

dawn type if you believe in Jesus I

know how much you cherish your

children they are precious to me as

well I have inscribed their names faces

Hearts thoughts desires

errors battles and dreams in my

book I have not overlooked what they

mean to

you I wish for you to have peace and to

cease worrying about the decisions they


made are you concerned about their

straying do not fret over things beyond


control entrust your concerns to me and

focus on your own

Journey excessive worry trains you and

robs you of

Peace conserve your strength and Faith

for I desire your prayers for them the

time has come for you to let go of what

you must

release the doves have grown and must


fly release them with

confidence let them spread their wings


Freedom as long as you pray for them my

protective mantle shall always cover


them accept what I say and have faith in


will your mind is burdened with

unnecessary concerns when you yield to

the temptation to control make decisions

for your children or open or close paths

for them leave those matters to

me there is a boundary they must not

overstep the honor of your family in

your home which must always be upheld

if their silence is not your ally I will

endow you with strength peace and the

wisdom necessary for

conflict yet do not let anger guide your

words be mindful of your speech for

words and actions can either wound or

heal type Amen in the name of Jesus I

have treated you with kindness offering

you love and salvation

now turn your focus to your beloved

children trust me they may falter and

tears may be shed but the Salvation you

have received will reach them

too at the right time they will face the

limits I have

set true remorse will Dawn upon them and

they will return home with blessings

that bring joy and enrich your household

gifting you further years of happiness

with open arms and Grace you will

receive them back offering another

chance keep praying for your

children and soon you will feel my peace


you know that your children rest

securely in my care a blessing to your

family the moment for healing has

arrived appear in my presence and lay

before me all Discord and all lack of

forgiveness it is time to cast aside

differences and embrace a beautiful

reconciliation if you accept this

blessing allow me to utilize you

endowing you with abundant wisdom to

fortify your character to acquaint you

with my word and to guide those beloved

individuals in your household who have

yet to follow

me even though some people around you

might not yet be convinced they will

start to change their minds when they

see how my love has transformed

you do not be afraid you will not be

embarrassed if someone mocks or tries to


you stay calm because I will make sure

they come to see you as a role

model always be ready to offer them

encouraging words and prayers filled

with love avoiding any criticism or


if they make mistakes or choose paths

different from yours remember it is not

your place to judge

them I am not sending you to punish them

I am asking you to love them just as I

have loved

you type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to

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thanks from $ to $ you have made

many mistakes but I have never turned


away instead I have always been patient

forgiving you again and again because

that is who I

am my loyalty is unshakable and my

forgiveness is

Limitless my precious child I want you

to know how much I care about

you I see the choices you make each day

both good and

bad I know that wrong decisions can lead

to pain and hardship but I want to

remind you of the amazing Gift of Life

and forgiveness that I have given you

purely out of my unconditional love for

you think back on all the times when you

messed up when you made mistakes that

could have brought severe consequences

and yet I showed you

Mercy I held back from pun punishing you

as harshly as your actions may have

deserved every single morning when you

wake up I want to fill your heart with

patience I want to give you wisdom to

make good choices so that day by day you

can rise up to become someone your whole

family looks up to with sincere love and


respect as you continue to walk with me

I will guide you on the path of what is

right and good

and as you share about me with your

loved ones with kindness and through the

way you live your life they will come to

know me

too get excited because joyful times and

wonderful blessings are ahead when your

entire family will recognize me as their

God and Lord I have something important

I need to tell you

today I really need you to focus and

listen carefully to what I’m about to


these words are for your own good

because I love you so very

much I want to pour out my love on you

to bring you peace when times are tough

to guide your steps to bless you and to

show you the depths of my incredible

love for

you you are so special to me and that’s

why I need to talk to you about healing

on the

inside I want to be upfront with you you

about what I’m going to

do you already know that there is

nothing too difficult for

me nothing type I embrace my power to

affirm in this amazing season of life as

you’re growing closer to me as you’re

understanding more and more that my word

is true and always comes to pass I’ve

noticed something significant that you

need to pay attention

to I’m not saying this to upset at you

or to make you want to give

up it’s not my goal to get you to throw

up your hands and say you won’t keep

trying no I’m telling you this because

if you listen to what I’m saying and

obey the blessings in your life will

multiply and increase more than you can

imagine if you truly want to see the

floodgates of Heaven opened over your

life if you want to experience the

supernatural realm and connect with me

in a deeper way then take these words to

heart you need to release your grip on

bitterness and negative

thinking I absolutely love seeing your

faith in action but don’t allow

grumbling and complaining to creep in

and contaminate your genuine belief in

me be careful not to hold on to negative

emotions or cynical thoughts because

they can spread and grow until they

smother the vibrant Faith with within

you stop voicing complaints and choose

to distance yourself from friends who

only bring more confusion doubt and

negativity into your

life instead look for wise friends who

will encourage your faith today is a


moment you have a choice to

make will you choose to trust me

completely or will you turn away from

the incredible changes and blessings

that are about to flood into your

life if you decide to leave complaining

behind to grip onto Faith with both

hands to dare to Hope and to avoid

negative thinking then watch out because

amazing things are on the

horizon blessings Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams abundance in every area Freedom

like you’ve never known healing for your

body and soul peace that covers your

whole family unshakable Joy deep in your

spirit and a heart that overflows with

pure gladness you will experience these

wonderful gifts because you made the

choice to trust in me type I’m abundant


affirm I want you to hold tightly to me

and to give me all of your worries and

complaints stop exhausting Yourself by

trying to handle everything on your

own let me pour out blessings on you and

show you in tangible ways just how wide

and long and high and deep my love for

you really

is show me that you trust me by


control I will remove every obstacle

that’s blocking your path and clear the

way to the bright future for far too

long you’ve been weighed down by heavy

chains that cut into your hands and make


bleed you you been trying to carry

overwhelming burdens on your own and

they threaten to sink

you you’ve been battered by Relentless

winds that keep pushing you into raging

storms hurricane force winds that want

to pull you down into a pit of despair

sorrow and

heartache but today I am bringing you

freedom I am going to breathe my

powerful Divine breath onto the storms

that have been assailing you

I am blowing away the clouds of fear and

anxiety that have loomed over you for so

long my mighty words are already

beginning to work incredible miracles in

your life the very changes you’ve been

longing for the breakthroughs you’ve

been on your knees asking me for they

are close now they are within your

reach but listen to me you don’t have

any time to waste

don’t allow yourself to forget what I’m

telling you right here right

now don’t take for granted or Overlook

the grace and mercy that I’ve poured

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Jesus feed your soul by soaking in words

that Inspire and encourage

you let your heart be refreshed by the

sweet of my direction and guidance that

comes straight from my heart to

yours pay close attention to what I’m

telling you to

do this is the year when I want you to

put into practice all of the wisdom and

knowledge that you’ve been taking

in every morning when you open your eyes

I will remind you to fix your eyes on me

to Incline your ear to my

voice I want to answer the cries of your

heart in give you the secret petitions

and desires that you’ve hidden deep

inside if you want to see Supernatural

Miracles become a reality this year then

you already know what’s required of

you place your heart in my hands live

with integrity and Purity give me total

control to lead your life as I see

fit don’t tune out my still Small Voice

when I prompt

you I have been speaking to to you about

powerful changes that are about to

happen I will make good on my promise to

free you from the chains of debt and

lack I will bless you with a good job

and give you the strength to work unto

me but you need to Rise Up from where

you are and be diligent in completing

the assignments I’ve given

you do it without grumbling or shrinking

back there are blessings waiting for you

as you Faithfully

obey your faith is the key that will

swing wide the doors of opportunity and

blessing the roadblock that seemed

completely immovable it’s not there

anymore don’t let fear hold you back

now move forward with courage and

confidence knowing that I am always with

you always guiding you always infusing

you with my strength type to show

your belief in Jesus I have one final

exciting bit of news to share with you

as we come to the end of this message

but before I get to that I want to

remind you again of how precious you are


me I have seen your tears and heard your

cries when the pain seemed like too much

to bear and in those moments I drew near

to you and covered you with my


peace I wrapped my arm arms around you

and held you

close focusing on me doesn’t mean life

will always be easy but even in the

midst of hardship I want to refresh your

spirit and give you a clearer vision for

the incredible purpose and Destiny I

have for you I will be your strength

when you feel

weak I Delight in you and I’m so pleased

when I see you learning to recognize and

avoid the sneaky traps that the enemy

set for

you nothing brings me more joy than

knowing that you are my treasured son my


daughter I have so many good things in

store for you blessings stacked on top

of blessings more than you can contain

and I will release them into your life

at just the right moments exactly in

line with my perfect

plan the anticipation of what’s ahead

should fill us with excitement and eager

Ness but I also know that in certain

areas you still need to grow and

mature there are some lessons you’re

learning that you still need to put into

action sometimes when something precious

and valuable falls into our laps without

any effort on our part it may not

actually be a blessing in the long

run before I entrust you with the

extraordinary gifts I’m about to give

you I need you to understand understand

the purpose behind

them I need you to know what your part

is in making those blessings multiply

type to manifest miracles in your

life think about a farmer who plants

seeds in a

field he doesn’t just sit back and

expect a harvest the next

day no he knows that time must pass the

seed needs the right amount of rain and


it has to go through a process before it

finally bears

fruit in the same way you need to let

your plans and dreams take

root you need to nurture them with

prayer and patience trusting in my

timing get yourself ready because

Abundant Blessings are headed straight


you when they show up receive them with

a calm and grateful

heart remind yourself that this is no

accident it shouldn’t catch you off

guard be prepared to step into the

victory that’s coming your way at the

very start of this message I told you

how much I love you and how I long to


you I shared with you an important

principle a powerful truth that has

existed since the very beginning of

time very few people take the time to

truly understand it many dismiss it

entirely because to accept it and

receive it would require total surrender

to me the all powerful perfect


god let’s make a deal just between the

two of

us start each morning with me humble

yourself before me and listen for my

voice in the

Stillness ask me to fill you with my


joy choose to have a thankful heart and

resist the urge to

complain feed your mind and soul with my

wisdom and Let My Words take root deep

inside of

you love and respect the person type yes

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you are about to receive and if you

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I created you to extend to your family

and those around you the same grace and

patience I’ve given to

you as you do these things get ready to

be amazed by the blessings I will pour

out on

you your faithfulness will be rewarded

in ways beyond what you can ask or

imagine my beloved child I know you seek

my presence every morning taking time to

connect with me in faith hoping for my


response don’t lose heart or give up

hope your faith day after day is

precious beautiful and Incredibly

powerful I long to fill your heart with

love and mend any past hurts so you

always feel profoundly loved by

me Envision going to bed joyful each

night and waking up every morning with

unwavering faith that today will be even

greater than

yesterday I’m going to Lavish you with

amazing blessings and surprises but I

need you to remain strong and keep

coming to me

daily you don’t have to say a word

simply close your eyes and sense my love

all around

you let these reassuring words sink in

allow this intense feeling to permeate

your being I desire for you to have

peace for your difficulties to see peace

and for you and your loved ones to

embark on a new season of

abundance I realize there are times you

feel small or unimportant particularly

When You observe others flaunting their

wealth but remember you have something

far more precious you have a close bond


me having invited me into your heart

you’re attuned to spiritual realities in

ways many aren’t

I’m always available to talk attentive

to your every

word I will open doors for you that

remain close to others guiding you along

the best

path never feel jealous or desirous of

others belongings or misguided

choices things may appear enticing at

first but in the end they only bring

destruction walk with your head held hi

knowing you have nothing to prove to

anyone to matter deeply to me type

if you believe in Jesus don’t be

afraid you know my teachings

well my door is always open to

you you are always welcome

here this is your safe haven here you

are listen to with patience and

understanding nowhere else will you

experience love so pure and profound my


child my love for you knows no

bounds I am the light that yearns to

illuminate your life today to banish any

Darkness lurking in your heart home or

among your dear ones each day it’s

crucial that you seek me out embrace my

love and follow my desires for

you when you hear my words let them pen

penetrate your innermost being and

treasure them don’t disregard or forget

what I’ve shared with

you keep your Bible nearby perhaps right

beside your

bed rise each morning eager to meet with

me read it with genuine faith and a

desire to

grow the promises you uncover today will

fortify you I’ll Infuse you with such

take care of yourself type I claim it if

you receive this declaration type yes if

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