St Benedict and St Michael the Archangel

will keep all enemies away from your

life even this year so that you can

start a new year without evil forces

near hello it’s great to have you here

again welcome to the powerful and

miraculous prayers

Channel we are helping more and more

those who come to our

channel to find the word of our Mighty

God at the threshold of a new year We

Gather in a spirit of Faith and Hope

seeking Divine guidance and protection

to face the challenges

ahead in this

we aim to strengthen our spirit and

renew our determination invoking the

intercession of St Benedict and St

Michael the Archangel through this


prayer this year we commit to keeping

enemies and negative forces that may

lurk on our life’s path at Bay

aware that we are not alone in our

battles we trust in the protection and

power of these revered Saints Pillars of

Strength and spiritual

Refuge St Benedict with his wisdom and

Exorcist power and St Michael the

Archangel with his courage and righteous

sword are our allies in this journey of

Liberation and

peace accompany this prayer with an open

heart and strong faith


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prayer St Michael the Archangel ward off

all evil and bring Prosperity today

listen just

once in the name of the Father the Son

and the Holy Spirit amen
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amen as we begin this New Year

we turn to you St Benedict and St

Michael the Archangel with hearts full

of Hope and

Faith in this time of renewal and

Beginnings we seek your intercession and


protection we ask you beloved Saints to

be by our side keeping away from our

lives those who wish us harm protecting

us from adversities and the dark Forces

that may lurk on our

path St Benedict venerable protector

known for your courage and strength in a

fight against evil we invoke you to

guide us in this new

year may your medal be a shield against

negative influences and hidden

enemies may your wisdom and power help

us to identify and overcome the

obstacles that stand in our way to peace


happiness St Michael the Archangel

powerful defender of the Heavenly

Kingdom we ask you to cover us with your


Wings may your luminous sword cut the

ties of wickedness and envy that may


us help us to walk with confidence

knowing that your Celestial strength is

always present guiding our steps toward

light and keeping AWA the shadows of

doubt and

fear in this beginning year we Des

desire you to fill us with courage and

resolve to face the challenges that


us under your guidance St Benedict and

St Michael the Archangel may we find the

path of righteousness compassion and

kindness May our spirit be strengthened

and renewed always aligned with Divine

values and unconditional

love we implore that our faith in you

dear Saints serves as an anchor in times

of uncertainty and

challenge may your protection accompany

us in every step we take in every

decision we

make May the light of your wisdom
Access the link in the description

illuminate our understanding and allow

us to discern between good and evil

always choosing the path that leads us

toward a future full of peace and

prosperity with your blessing we move

forward into this New Year confident

that our path will be Elum illuminated

by your sacred presence and infallible

guidance we pray St Benedict and St

Michael the Archangel that you keep our

hearts and Minds protected from the


schemes grant us the wisdom to recognize

traps disguised as opportunities and the

strength to reject temptations that

divert our souls from the path of

goodness we trust that with your

heavenly help any negative energy or

ill-intentioned Force attempting to

infiltrate Our Lives will be repelled


transformed May the grace of your

intercession make us resilient in the

face of adversities firm in our faith

and generous in our love and compassion


others we also ask revered protectors

that you help us cultivate inner peace

and Harmony in our

relationships May our coexistence with

family friends friends and colleagues be

a reflection of your love and

kindness in every interaction may we be

instruments of peace and understanding

bringing light to the darkest corners of


surroundings St Benedict and St Michael

the Archangel be our Guardians in this


May each day that Dawn be a new

opportunity to grow in virtue and wisdom

under your heavenly care

keep us safe from all danger both

physical and spiritual and may our trust

in your protection never

Wain finally we implore you to accompany

us in every moment of this New Year

guiding us toward the realization of our

dreams and

goals May each step we take be blessed

with your presence and every night as we

rest may we feel the security and

Tranquility of being under your powerful


protection with faith and devotion we

continue our path knowing that we are

sheltered by your strength and divine

love as we move forward this year may

each challenge become an opportunity to

strengthen our faith and draw closer to

you St Benedict and St Michael the

Archangel may your Celestial light

dispel the shadows of uncertainty and

fear Illuminating our our path with

Clarity and

purpose on this journey we ask that you

teach us to be more compassionate

patient and

loving May the lessons we Face transform

us into more integral beings reflecting

your love and mercy in our actions and

Words May the presence of both Saints be

a constant source of inspiration and

comfort reminding us that we are not

alone in our struggle against ADV I

ities may the protection of St Benedict

and St Michael the Archangel be like an

unbreakable Shield that guards us at


moment may Their Blessings reach us and

extend to our loved ones creating a

circle of protection and love that

envelopes us

all in moments of weakness may your

strength be our support and in times of

Doubt may your wisdom be our

guide with humility and Gra attitude we

entrust ourselves to your protection and

guidance confident that with your help

this year will be a time of growth

joy and

achievements May each Dawn bring new

blessings and each evening find us one

step closer to the realization of our


desires with this prayer we lift our

hearts towards you St Benedict and St

Michael the Archangel asking that your

presence be a constant in our

lives may the powerful intercession of

both Saints be the light that guides Us

in this new year and with your help and

Grace may we face and overcome any

challenge that arises always advancing

on the path of light truth and divine

love with Hope and Faith we move forward

knowing that with each step we are

backed by your Celestial love and

unwavering guidance


May the presence of St Benedict and St

Michael the Archangel instill in US

courage and confidence reminding us that

we are not alone in the battle against


forces your protection envelopes us

strengthening our spirit and filling our

being with unalterable

peace in this unfolding year before us

we especially ask you to guide us in

making wise decisions cultivating health

relationships and achieving our personal

and professional

projects may your Celestial influence

Inspire us to always act with integrity

and honor being true to ourselves and

the values you

promote May each challenge faced under

your protection be a lesson learned a

step towards greater understanding and

closeness to the

Divine May St Benedict and St Michael

the Archangel help us to recognize

blessings in every situation to find

light amidst darkness and to turn each

experience into a step further in our

spiritual and personal

evolution in our quest for a year filled

with peace health and prosperity we

entrust ourselves to your

care may your powerful hands guard us

from dangers and adversities and may

your watchful eyes keep us safe from all

harm in your wisdom and power we find

the strength to move forward with the

certainty that your presence is a Beacon

of Hope and a shield against anything

that might try to divert us from our

path with deep gratitude we raise our

prayers and ask that St Benedict and St

Michael the Archangel always be with us

guiding and protecting

us may their love and light be a

constant presence in our lives and under

their protection ction may we live a

full of success joy and

blessings with hearts full of faith we

continue our journey confident that with

their guidance nothing will be

impossible for

us we move forward embracing each new

day with hope and confidence knowing

that under the protection of St Benedict

and St Michael the Archangel we are

prepared to face the challenges the

future brings


their presence is a constant reminder

that there is no force in this world

that can overcome the power of faith and


love we conclude this prayer with a

heart full of peace and a certainty that

we are accompanied and guided by these

protective Saints at every

moment may their blessing always be with

us Illuminating our path and giving us

the strength to overcome any

adversity May St Benedict and St Michael

the Archangel be our Guardians in this

new year and every day of our

lives in the name of the Father the Son

and the Holy Spirit

amen Our Father who art in

heaven Hallowed be thy

name thy kingdom come thy will be

done on Earth as it is in

heaven give us this day our daily bread

and forgive us our

trespasses as we forgive those who

trespass against

us and lead us not into

temptation but Deliver Us from


amen Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is

with thee blessed art thou among

women and blessed is the fruit of thy


Jesus holy Mary Mother Mother of God

pray for us

sinners now and at the hour of our


amen I have faith that this prayer will

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