I am confident that by the end of this

prayer Archangel Michael and St Benedict

will eliminate all enemies from your

life hello it’s great to have you here

again welcome to the powerful and

miraculous prayers

Channel we are helping more and more

those who come to our

channel to find the word of ourm Mighty

God have you ever felt surrounded by

enemies or experienced any Envy from

those around you in such difficult times

many turn to Faith for protection and


strength today we invite you to immerse

yourself in a powerful prayer backed by

the celestial influence of St Michael

and St Benedict designed to confront

your enemies and dispel any envy that

may be

lurking accompany this prayer with an

open heart and strong

faith now now in the comments leave the

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Michael the Archangel protect my home

and my family against

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love let’s begin the

prayer powerful prayer of St Michael and

St Benedict against your enemy and envy

with Psalm

in the name of the Father the Son and

the Holy Spirit amen

amen oh St Michael the Archangel

Celestial Warrior and St Benedict

blessed Saint we present ourselves

before you with Humble Hearts seeking

your sacred protection against the

adversities that surround our Earthly

journey in this moment of prayer we lift

our thoughts High trusting in Your


intercession St Michael Brave defender

of the kingdom of heaven with your

powerful sword we beseech you to keep
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away from us all evil that dares to

threaten our peace and

serenity may your Celestial light dispel

the Shadows that try to darken our path

allowing us to walk safely under the

egis of your angelic

protection beloved St Benedict and St

Michael the Archangel in this moment of

prayer we Elevate our hearts to you in

search of your powerful

protection as Nar in Psalm we take

refuge in the shadow of the most high

trusting that under your intercession we

will be safeguarded from all

evil he who dwells in the shelter of the

most high and rests in the shadow of the

almighty can say to the Lord you are my

refuge and my Fortress my God in whom I

trust he will save you from the Fowler

snare and from deadly

pestilence he will cover you with his

feathers and under his wings you will

find Refuge his faithfulness will be

your shield and

Rampart you will not fear the terror of

night nor the arrow that flies by day

nor the pestilence that stalks in the

darkness nor the plague that destroys at

midday a thousand may fall at your side

, at your right hand but it will

not come near you you will only observe

with your eyes and see the punishment of


wicked may your blessings envelop us oh

St Benedict and St Michael the Archangel

protecting us from all evil whether

visible or

invisible St Benedict whose unwavering

faith and divine wisdom inspire all

grant us the strength to resist the

Temptations that arise in our daily

lives may your blessing be upon our home

transforming it into a Haven of love

peace and

Harmony protect us against invisible and

visible enemies keeping away from us all
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harm devised by those who seek to hurt

us oh St Michael and St Benedict we

extend our requests for protection

Beyond material

threats we ask for your help in freeing

us from the bonds of debts that may

oppress us allow o us to live with

Financial Freedom and prosperity in all

areas of Our

Lives May Your Divine Wings extend over

our ears preventing malicious words of

gossip from disturbing our inner

peace may your light illuminate our

hearts dispelling the envy that tries to

darken our achievements and

joys St Michael the Archangel and St

Benedict We Trust in your mercy and


may your constant protection be our

Shield against all

adversities bless us with your grace

guiding us on the path of righteousness

prosperity and

love you St Benedict an example of

virtue strength and wisdom faced evil

with courage and unwavering

Faith therefore I ask you to free me

from those who wish me harm who plot

against me or seek to hurt me oh St

Benedict who dedicated your life to

Christ and to serving others

establishing bonds of love between God

and Humanity I pray that you guard me

from malicious attacks and The Traps of


enemy grant me inner peace and the

strength to face life’s

adversities Mighty Saint Benedict

protect me from envious glances and

teach me to share love with everyone

around me

me May the Cross of Christ be my guide

in the Quest for light and may all

negative forces be driven Away by the

saving power of

Jesus beloved Archangel Michael defender

of the children of God and protector of

those who seek the truth cut with your

sacred sword all the chains that bind me

to the bonds of evil and defend me with

your armor against the arrows of the

enemy preventing them from reaching my

heart and

mind may your divine presence be felt in

every moment of my life so that I may

walk with confidence and security

knowing that I am under your loving and


protection with your presence I feel

safe and protected strong and brave

capable of overcoming all adversities

and achieving all my goals and

dreams I implore that all evil be

removed from my life and my family and

that through your intercession I may

proclaim the mercies of the

Lord oh God who graced St Benedict with

the spirit of the righteous consider me

your servant and Grant me the grace to

be clothed with that same spirit so that

with your help I may Faithfully fulfill

my promises in the name of Jesus Christ


Lord with all my trust oh glorious St

Benedict I recognize in you my

protective shield and safe refuge in the

spiritual battles I face on this Earthly

Journey Devotion to God and commitment

to Love and Truth compel me to cry out

for your intercession in my

life I praise your name Archangel

Michael and ask you to be with me

Illuminating my path protecting my body

and soul guiding me towards light and

peace I trust in your wisdom and divine

power and I am thankful for your


protection may I always feel your

presence and be strengthened by your


energy oh glorious disciple of Christ I

pray for your guidance on my Paths of

righteousness so that I may fulfill the

father’s will just as you did throughout


life teach me to love God above all

things and to follow his teachings with

Fidelity and

devotion archangel Ang Michael I ask you

to send your angels of protection to

envelop my house in a mantle of light


love may these angels watch over my

dwelling day and night preventing the

entry of any negative

energy may they be my guard and

protection keeping me safe at all

times St Michael I seek your help to

break all the demands that may be

directed at my

house may the power of your Divine sword

cut all negative ties that affect

me May the energy seeking to harm me be

disintegrated and dissolved in your pure

light Archangel Michael I ask you to

bless all who enter my

home may they all be enveloped by Your

Divine Light experiencing the peace and

love emanating from my

home may they leave renewed and full of

Hope Mighty Archangel Michael

coordinator of God’s work on Earth your

name is a Battle Cry that I invoke to

receive courage strength defense and


protection I ask you to free me from

malicious people and The Traps of the

devil you are one of the most venerated

archangels in the world and are present

in various scriptures and spiritual

Traditions being invoked to free the

individual from evil spirits therefore I

ask you to be by my side in my

defense Prince of the Heavenly hosts

with your blue Sword You cast Satan into

hell and all the Legion of evil

spirits dear Archangel Guide Me Away

From Fear insecurity and all

evil protect me help me make the

necessary changes on my evolutionary

path and guide me to recognize my true

purpose in

life I invoke you to dispel all negative

energy cleanse my aura and free me from

all fear in any situation as well as any

lack of motivation in any

task guide me lead me and protect

me Archangel Michael and St Benedict I

humbly thank you for your powerful and

divine presence in my life at this

sacred moment of

prayer I feel developed by your

protective Life by the courage you

bestow upon me and by the strength that

is transmitted to

me St Michael may your sharp sword

continue to keep all evil away from my

path may your Warrior energy remain as a

shield against

adversities St Benedict whose wisdom is

unbreakable I thank you for your

intercession in constant

protection at this moment I trust in you

Archangel Michael and St Benedict to

guide my steps and Lead Me On the Path

of Truth love and

peace may your Divine influence persist

in my life dispelling all darkness and

strengthening my

faith may your blessings continue to

resonate in my home protecting my house

and my family from any

evil I renew my devotion to you and

promise to follow the teachings that

emanate from your

lights with gratitude and Trust I

conclude this prayer knowing that I am

under your loving and divine

guardianship in the name of the Father

the Son and the Holy Spirit

amen Our Father who art in

heaven Hallowed be thy

name thy kingdom come thy will be

done on Earth as it is in

heaven give us this day day our daily

bread and forgive us our

trespasses as we forgive those who

trespass against

us and lead us not into

temptation but Deliver Us from


amen Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is

with thee blessed art thou among

women and blessed is the fruit of thy

womb Jesus

holy Mary Mother of God pray for us

sinners now and at the hour of our


amen I have faith that this prayer will

help you share this prayer so that it

can help more and more

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