all curses will be removed from your

life by the end of this

prayer hello it’s great to have you here

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God have you ever found yourself in

situations where you felt surrounded by

negative energies and faced adversities

caused by hidden

enemies in these moments it’s essential

to seek Divine protection and

help did you know that there is a

powerful prayer capable of breaking

curses and warding off

enemies the prayer of Archangel St

Michael is recognized as one of the most

effective in the battle against


forces now follow this prayer of

unparalleled power trusting in the

intercession of Archangel St Michael to

break curses and repel enemies providing

you with safety and peace in your

life accompany this prayer with an open

heart and strong

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powerful prayer in the world of

Archangel St Michael destroys magic and

drives away

enemies Almighty Archangel St Michael

you who are the defender of the

righteous and the tireless combatant

against the forces of evil I come humbly

to you in search of protection and

assistance in the battle against my

enemies St Michael you know the

adversities I face daily the snares and

traps that surround
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me I ask through your intercession with

God that you destroy all obstacles and

snares that have been prepared for me by


adversaries give me the strength to

resist the attacks of those who wish me

harm to face with courage and

determination all obstacles that come my

way keep Envy hatred malice and all

forms of negativity that seek to harm me

away from from me oh St Michael I place

my trust in your protection and

power I ask that you keep all visible

and invisible enemies away from my life

and my family all those who wish us ill

or conspire against

us may your sword of light cut all evil

bonds that attempt to imprison us may

your wings envelop us with your Divine

protection keeping us safe from all harm

and leading us to peace and

security St Michael archangel Celestial

Warrior I beseech you to descend from

the heavens and stand by my side

defending me against all attacks and

bringing me victory over my

enemies may your Burning Flame of

Justice light my path purifying it from

all evil that attempts to draw

near may your Mighty Shield protect me

from all arrows launched by the envious

and the

Wicked with your intercession St Michael

I trust that I will be liberated from

the bonds of my enemies that their

curses will be destroyed and I will be

strengthened to move forward with

courage determination and

Faith to you St Michael archangel I

offer my devotion and

gratitude protect me always fight on my

behalf and keep all evil away from my


may my existence be guided by light and

Justice and may I live in peace

overcoming all adversities with your

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help I renounce at this moment all

negative thoughts thoughts of

discouragement pessimism and

confusion I place at the foot of the

cross of our Lord Jesus Christ all my

physical and spiritual

pains I place in the Press Precious

Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ all

snares set and carried out by diabolical

power no satanic power is stronger than

the power that surrounds my life for I

belong to Christ Jesus Body and

Soul through the holy and sacred wounds

of our Lord Jesus Christ I renounce at

this moment all temptations that have


me I am a creature of God the father son

and Holy Spirit and I believe in the

mystery of the Holy

Trinity I believe in your blood shed on

the cross for the Salvation of my sins

and the sins of the whole

world I believe in the most holy Mary

chosen by

God I believe in a solution to all my

problems whether they be emotional

material physical or spiritual whether

they are difficult or not I believe in

the doors opening for my life not

because I see them open but because I

know that my father my Creator the

creator of all things is opening them


me I rebuke all satanic confusion that

attempts to subdue my

mind I free myself from physical

pain I cut off all evil that tries to

undo good in the name of the Father the

Son and the Holy Holy

Spirit I unite good with good so that

good May

spread I cut untie and release what is

evil from Evil so that its shackles rust

and decay in the Eternal

fire all infernal power is now subject

to the feet of the Cross of our Lord


Christ my body becomes healthy my mind

peaceful and Serene and my heart

illuminated by the power power from

above from the most beautiful Infinity


is the cross is my light the cross is my

symbol the rosary is my most potent

weapon my family is Jesus Mary and


amen Archangel St Michael you who are

the prince of the heavenly host and

defender of God’s children I come humbly

to you to implore your intercession in

my life

life I ask the great Archangel to help

me rid myself of all demands plagues and

curses that have plagued my life and the

lives of those I

love may your powerful Shield protect me

from all evil and may your sword free me

from all

Injustice Archangel St Michael guardian

of Divine Light grant me the grace to

have a pure and sincere heart so that I

may receive your blessing and

protection deliver me from all lies Envy

pride and evils that may hide in my

heart may your light illuminate my path

and your strength assist me in

overcoming all obstacles that arise in


journey may your wisdom guide all my

decisions and your grace help me be an

instrument of divine love in every

moment of my

life St Michael before me

me St Michael behind

me St Michael to the

right St Michael to the

left St Michael

above St Michael

below St Michael wherever I go I am your

love that

protects here I am your love that

protects Archangel St Michael you who

are the warrior of divine Justice I ask

that you help me fight against all evil

spirits that have infiltrated my

life may your sharp sword cut the chains

that bind me to the past and may your

sacred flame burn all the ties that

prevent me from moving

forward may your powerful presence

accompany me at all times and may your

voice guide me when I do not know which

way to

go may your strong hand support me when

I am weak and may your love envelop me

when I am

sad Archangel St Michael healer of

wounded Souls I ask that you help me

heal all my emotional and spiritual

wounds may your Divine Light penetrate

every cell of my being and may your life

force renew me

completely may your peace fill my heart

and may your joy overflow in my life

may your mercy help me forgive those who

have wronged me and may your compassion

help me love those who need

love may your presence fill me with

courage and may your wisdom help me

discern the best path to

follow may your grace help me overcome

all difficulties and may your strength

accompany me in all

battles in your name Archangel St

Michael I trust and beseech you powerful


amen Our Father who art in

heaven Hallowed be thy

name thy kingdom come thy will be

done on Earth as it is in

heaven give us this day our daily

bread and forgive us our

trespasses as we forgive those who

trespass against

us and lead us us not into

temptation but Deliver Us from


amen Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is


thee blessed art thou among

women and blessed is the fruit of thy


Jesus holy Mary Mother of God pray for


sinners now and at the hour of our

death amen

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