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God is saying to you today my beloved child listen closely to The Whispers of

the wind and the gentle rustling of the leaves for in them you will hear my voice calling you to embark on a journey

of faith and Triumph from the very beginning of your path my hand has been clasped in yours

guiding you steadfastly through the darkest valleys and the shadowy Realms of

life even when the world around you is tumultuous and filled with conflict

remember that I am the unwavering Beacon of Hope in your life this year a Divine promise unfolds

before you Laden with blessings prosperity and the sweet fruits of

recognition and respect but know that this path requires

not just your foot steps but your heart’s unwavering faith

in my Eternal Word the word of the one who bore the cross for your ultimate

Victory do not allow feelings of unworthiness or Shadows of Doubt to ens

snare you for my love transcends all condemnation you are chosen a Beacon of

Hope and a vessel of blessings for your family cast aside the chains of

defeatism for I am your ally in all Endeavors draw strength from me daily

cleansing your thoughts of Despair and embrace bravery in your

faith nourish your soul with my teachings for they will be your sword

and shield in life’s battles Adorn yourself with the virtues

of humility and patience and watch as The Garden of Your Life blooms with

blessings so wondrous they once seemed beyond the realm of

possibility embrace your triumphs with simplicity and clothe them in humility

and wisdom remember the glory of your victories the spark of your success the

Zeal of your enthusiasm and the might of your Visions all forged through

sacrifice through the agonizing blows the lashes the Bloodshed on the

cross it was there on that Hallowed Ground that your future was written and

your forgiveness sealed type if you believe believe in Jesus Embrace now the

Grandeur of Glory born from the power of my resurrection walk boldly in the victory

I have secured for you knowing that I am with you always guiding you

strengthening you and filling your life with Abundant Blessings trust in me my beloved child

for I am faithful to fulfill every promise I have made to you I vow to be by your side in moments

both prosperous and challenging to be your watchful Guardian your unwavering

provider your safe haven do not Harbor thoughts of solitude

or Abandonment for you are never alone in my presence in times of defeat do not

succumb to despair or let negative emotions Eclipse your

blessings my words are not idle they are promised is made and

kept in me defeat has no Dominion let your heart be a sanctuary

of my assurances for you are held in my steadfast Embrace type Amen in the name

of Jesus Reserve in your heart a Sacred Space for me here I

reside reject The Whispers of I can’t I lack I am not for I am the embodiment of

capability abundance and existence face your adversaries with

courage my child for I am your constant companion my provision is abundant I am

the source of your fulfillment listen to my guidance obey

and March confidently towards your aspirations do not cast your eyes

downward lift your gaze for I guide you by the hand shielding you from

harm I am your loyal friend the one who never

falters never deceives never wavers accepting you holy as you are I

share in your joy and your pain I celebrate your victories I

support you in Triumph I uplift you in defeat and I extend my hand when you are

in need I am Jesus I am your lord behold I am ever

present fear not for I am your friend do not lose heart or Grant your

detractors the satisfaction of your downfall pursue your path for yourself

for those you love but most importantly in remembrance of my boundless love type

I embrace my power to affirm reflect upon my journey a path of

Sorrow to a cruel cross undertaken for you out of love for forgiveness for your

Liberation for your healing for your salvation remember in your most

challenging moments I am with you together hand in hand we will

endure commit to perseverance and I assure you of my unwavering presence

imbuing you with strength encouragement peace confidence Solace wisdom courage

and joy open your eyes to the Future to your dreams and

desires they are not mere fantasies they are seeds I have planted within

you now expel doubt and disbelief from your heart even if you find yourself amidst

scarcity uncertainty and Injustice remember this path has been

tread before I assure you in this world you

will face trials but take heart in my Triumph for I have overcome the world

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to the channel if you love Jesus your heart Brave and steadfast shall be

ignited with the flame of joy and victory you are a treasure of

incomparable worth your heart radiates Beauty your soul exudes Purity and your

sincerity mirrors my own image feel the profound truth in this

you are a reflection of me a spark of my creation I breathe life into you you

belong to me your intelligence diligence and fear

Spirit are a testament to your Divine inheritance your Origins wealth or lack

thereof the Perfection or imperfection of your body or the flawed perceptions

of others do not diminish your value in my eyes you are my beloved child and I

Proclaim this loudly for the cosmos to hear you are an heir to my blessings

enveloped in my boundless love this is why the enemy views you with

trepidation for they know of my unwavering defense protection and

provision over you in my presence you want for nothing

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the path of those who turned away from me who listen to their adversaries and

believe themselves to be orphans Unworthy of Love they chose to forsake me wandering

lost and devoid of Peace Comfort or God but I stand beside you

steadfastly for so long I have urged you to believe in my words

my word is truth vibrant powerful and everlasting infusing you with

faith it has consistently proven true I am waiting for you to boldly step

forward and claim your courage Your adversaries are but

Shadows fear them not their threats guilt remorse and past

memories are but feeble and ineffective tools against you choose to believe in me it comes at

no cost you were never faded for failure my purpose has always been to

raise you to Great Heights to be a Beacon of Faith to lay hands on the sick

and despairing and manifest my power through you type if you believe in

Jesus stand firm in the tempests will the power of my word to topple

Giants this is how I Envision you a valiant unbreakable Warrior embodying

Holiness and wisdom humility in heart a hero of Faith Victorious and

triumphant Embrace and declare this inherent worth within

yourself you are my cherished child my beloved my love for you is Everlasting

unending confide in me express your belief and love for

me I yearn to hear it let your voice carry these truths

your importance to me is immeasurable and it is my deepest wish for you to

feel profoundly loved yet I see times when you wake engulfed in sorrow so deep that it’s cuz

eludes even you it’s an emotion that appears abruptly as if your heart is striving to

communicate something vital understand this for it is

essential that feeling is your heart resonating with my Holy

Spirit type Amen in the name of Jesus in The Quiet of the morning my spirit

Whispers your name beckoning you back when you start to drift away but often you’re so entangled in

the days to ands that you miss these moments to sit and recall my

presence my spirit gently warns You cautioning Against The Emptiness that’s

creeping in the sadness you experience is a fervent plea from your soul your spirit

your heart all crying out in thirst longing for The Living Water that heals

replenishes and sweeps away the turmoil restoring peace and serenity to your

emotions if you find yourself feeling desolate parched within it’s a sign that

you’ve been away from my presence for too long this cannot

continue if this persists your emotions will start to muddle in times of

challenge instead of facing your trials with faith these confused feelings might

deceive you into believing I’m punishing you for UNC promises or that I’ve

forsaken you but that is not my nature I am not one to lie or

deceive my love for you has been demonstrated in countless

ways much is too meager a word to describe the boundless depth of My

Affection type I embrace my power to affirm draw near to me and I will fill

your being with Divine sweetness I will nourish you envelop you in love

so profound that your tears will be ones of Joy no matter where you

are you will not be overwhelmed by despair should tears come and others

inquire you will speak the truth I am enveloped in the Magnificent love of my

father who speaks to me in a tender Heavenly language with Words of Wonder and sincerity bearing immense love for

me in kindling an everlasting flame in my heart my sorrow has vanished my father

has dispelled all my Despair and granted me a new life I wish to help

you I will heal you it is my desire to bless you my will

to Aid and save you read my word believe it and place

your trust within it stand unwavering in the days ahead for I am poised to

manifest Miracles and wonders in your life and within your family time and again I have spoken to

you laying out plans of prosperity in Hope for you and your loved

ones expect remarkable blessings in a brighter future my declarations are set they are

inscribed in eternity type I’m a abundant to affirm I will fulfill

them I will bring them to fruition Embrace peace and joy should

you choose to believe in me rest in the certainty of my word and

free yourself from anxieties about what lies ahead do not let negative thoughts

beseech your mind worry is a thief of Happiness a

Blinder of vision a a drainer of energy and a fog

over your spiritual Clarity exercise your faith and walk

beside me on a path of balanced emotions peace and

Tranquility I’m aware of your daily struggles the enemy seeks to overpower

you and deride your courage dismissing your faith as feudal and doubting your

adherence to my promises yet I call call upon you to

stand tall confront the hurdles and adversities you face and armed with my

word March forward with all your strength even in fatigue know that I am

with you fortifying and guiding you on the paths you must travel type to

show your belief in Jesus let me reaffirm that boastful enemy is

powerless against you his words his shouts are rooted in

falsehood whom will you trust the deceitful adversary or The God Who

breathe life into you the Tempest bends to my will my

power is boundless while many May strive to bring you down I alone can lift you

up should you falter a thousand times my grace and love will rescue you each

time they may attempt to weaken you but a thousandfold I will fortify

you and should you stumble I will raise you let your heart swell with the

courage and Faith of a champion a triumphant Warrior who despite arduous

battles and painful conflicts consistently emerges Victorious scaling

the heights of blessings with your banner soaring my presence enshrined in your heart i gaze upon you with love and

tenderness declaring to the world this is my cherished child whom I dearly

love voice your love for me too raise your head high

today you seek strength from me you have drawn near to my presence trusting that

the good you seek will not be withheld you have prayed for provision

and I will grant you abundantly you have implored healing for your ailments and I reach out to cure

you you have wept for your children pleading for their success and Liberation from Strife type to

manifest miracles in your life I assure you personally I will Aid deliver and

save them trust in my boundless love and power my grace and mercy are yours for

the taking as you come to me with faith each day becomes a celebration of

the victory I bestow upon you approach your life with courage and

joy and let go of the fears that cloud your mind feel the Embrace of my protection

and deep love always remember no matter the circumstance you are never

forsaken open your heart fully to embrace this truth

the past is behind you my love has reshaped you and you stand now as a rejuvenated

Soul your character is transformed no longer are your days to

be marred by sorrow or anger nor clouded with doubts and

discouragement though many have scorned you surrounded you like wolves causing pain your choice to believe in me has

set you on the path to receive all the Wonders I have in store for you type yes

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$ your adversaries will watch in amazement and your family will Marvel at

the transformation within you SE the chance to testify to the world how my

love has reshaped you my power has renewed you and my hand has guided you

away from past conflicts and errors in this life you now stride with

wisdom and patience on a New Journey fear shall no longer be your

companion you will not Retreat or succumb to Temptation no one shall cast you down my

remarkable power will Infuse your life with strength and joy so much so that

your very presence will exude happiness you are deeply cherished and

my voice has reached you time and again now is the moment to trust in me

with your whole heart your blessing is on the

threshold the day of your transformation is here my child I will raise you high like an

eagle soaring above mountains of distress and adversity above every

storm you will Glide and at night find rest in my comforting

Embrace I promise you tranquility and renewed Vigor Awakening to each new day your

vision will extend far beyond any obstacle like an eagle you will

understand that I have granted you spiritual Wings to ascend and reach reach the heavens with your prayers type

if you believe in Jesus in times of trouble or danger I will be your refuge

and shield I will come to your Aid and extend my mighty hand to protect

you I speak these words to you today so that you may live in joy and relish in

all my blessings in my love your soul will be

renewed of your life continue to trust in me my child for I am working

tirelessly on your behalf I am transforming your

surroundings bringing change that aligns with my desire for nothing but the best

for you I am the source of your daily strength enabling you to soar higher and

further from the troubles that once stole your peace and troubled your heart on This Dawning day I bring a a

wave of Tranquility into your life I will stand against the tumultuous

winds that whirl around you calming the storms that seek to unsettle

you the sun shall rise at my command casting light upon your path and guiding

your way you will stand tall and firm like a mighty tree rooted deeply in fertile

soil as I steady your steps on the journey toward Triumph I will shape you

into an unyielding and robust being unshakable by any adversity that dares

to obstruct your way type Amen in the name of Jesus should you need to soar I

will endow you with wings if you require resolve to confront

a challenge I will imbue you with unwavering strength in moments of uncertainty when

You Face difficulties I will bless you with the wisdom needed to conquer and Prevail in

any circumstance today I am here to rejuvenate your spirit fortifying you to

be stronger than Stone mightier than any giant you encounter your prayers are music to my

ears your faith brings me immense pleasure witnessing your devotion each

morning dedicating time and space to me fills me with immense

Joy your sincere offerings of respect your petitions praises and worship are

Treasures to me your earnestness ignites my heart with wondrous

Delight you are perfect in your authenticity and your faith is pure type

I embrace my power to affirm though life has at times Marg your

self-perception know this from my lips you possess a heart of goodness

true you have faltered often yet you have always return to me in Repentance

seeking another chance it is this chance I joyfully

extend to you each day as long as you approach me in faith

rest assured whenever you pray with the belief of receiving your hope for blessings I will

respond my timing is perfect I know you will wait with patience for that

appointed moment do not lose hope keep your eyes fixed on the blessings that are on

root my promises are steadfast and unbreakable my word is

Everlasting my power is actively at work in your life but it is your faith and

commitment that sustain you through your faith I will perform

per greater Miracles enabling you to receive the abundance I bestow upon you

type I’m abundant to affirm do not revert to the disbelief that once held

you back when you struggled to accept the Wonders I long to Grant you you mistakenly thought they were

beyond your grasp due to a lack of faith however I rejoice in your growth

and the lessons you have learned allowing you to flourish

now you understand well how your faith not only strengthens you to make crucial

decisions but also guards your heart against evil inspires

obedience and activates my word in your life even if your faith seems as minute

as a mustard seed in my eyes it is Monumental you are beginning to see the

transformation around you your prayers find find ing their answers your heart

growing more robust and even more remarkable Miracles unfolding in the

path of your life continue to trust in me and together we will walk the path of

Victory and abundance I am guiding you towards our Journey’s End hold out your hand to me cling

tightly for I am gracing your life with tenderness like a guardian Saint filled

with love I unfold You In My Embrace shielding you

with my holy mantle from any harm I am fully aware of the formidable

trials you are enduring I see your struggles know your

Relentless efforts and feel your moments of Despair it is in these times that I

affirm my steadfast loyalty to you type to show your belief in

Jesus your greatest achievement today is placing your trust in me laying your

burdens and needs at my feet I recognize that you cannot bear

this alone which is why I stand ready to Aid and support you my desire is to bring you healing my

plans for you are filled with Good Will peace and prosperity you are eternally precious to

me holding a special place in my heart my love for you is boundless and I am

committed to continually reaching out to you as I am doing at this very moment

you woke up today feeling disheartened your spirit exhausted and your body

tired Joy seems Elusive and it feels as though those around you lack compassion

not showing even a trace of love but remember I am here with you

I have not been preoccupied with other matters nor have I forgotten my love for

you you are of immense importance to me my focus is not on fleeting worldly

concerns instead I am wholly invested in your Eternal well-being your unending

happiness and your complete salvation type to manifest miracles in your

life hence after hearing my words today I earnestly urge you not to let them

slip from your memory your soul will find renewal your

strength will be magnified and a fresh Supernatural Vitality will surge within

you you might not have expected a direct message from me yet here you are

listening intently and the more you listen the more your resolve to persist

will grow I encourage enourage you now to smile and recognize that you have not been forgotten by

me embrace your moments of quietude to commune with me and never think you are

alone in me you have both a father and a friend and for this deep gratitude

should fill your heart let me reassert so you hear it once again you are never

alone I will Infuse my spirit into you you bolster your soul and trench you in

my love success in all facets of your life awaits

you reflect for a moment on the multitude of challenges you’ve faced the

numerous battles you’ve waged and the countless trials you’ve endured yet here you stand unwavering

and brave your resilience and resolve stir my heart profoundly type yes if you are

ready for the blessings that you are about to receive and if you believe in

Christianity kindly show your support for our community by contributing super

thanks from $ to $ through this message I reach out to

remind you that there is no need for worry do not let fear rob you of your

dreams do not hesitate to dream boldly tackle obstacles with the assurance that

I am here to help you achieve your aspirations consider your incredible

bravery think of the daunting situations you’ve overcome since the day you placed

your life in my hands you have not lost a single

battle so let your heart find peace and continue to trust in

me I know it can be hard to stay calm and keep faith when everything’s seems

chaotic and conflict surround you but in those times my child block

out the voices of your adversaries do not yield to The Whispers

of fear keep walking keep trusting in my

promises you are dearly loved by me even before you were born I had Grand

plans for your life I am attentively over seeing every

detail every moment always watchful over you like and share the video if you have

trust in the words of the god subscribe to the channel if you love Jesus do not

let grief take up residence in your heart I will fill it with

joy walk with the vision of faith for Triumph is

certain what I have in store for you surpasses all your imaginings

my love for you is unending and each day as you awaken I will remind you of

this as Dawn breaks you will feel my presence a new hear my voice in your

heart as you seek me pray and come to unburden yourself I will persist in

speaking to you even in moments when you might not feel inclined to listen when wear and

despair grip you when it seems your efforts are feudal or when the desire to

live and fight wains I will stay by your side your doubts cannot sway

me I will never turn away from you due to your uncertainties for my

faithfulness is unwavering this Divine love was crafted

for you it is my mission and purpose for you to believe in and feel it

kneel and love me with all your strength for this is where Miracles

begin today if you confess with a True Heart your belief in me I will work

wonders and Marvels in your life type if you believe in Jesus my love for

you spans eternity and I will lead you down Paths of righteousness it is not my

desire for you to wander in darkness I wish for you to feel in veloped in love

and protection this is my will for you your faith Delights me your belief is an

act of worship at my throne in worshiping me peace and

strength will flow into your soul continue to seek

me and I will guide you onward these times may be tough but I will continue

to support you in moments of weakness when your faith wavers even even when

you feel distant from me I will still be with you I will guide you take your hand

or carry you in my arms if needed you have expressed your love for me counted

me as a friend dedicated your time to me and I have shown my love in return I am

unchanging you know I remain constant in your trials do not be daunted by the

challenges you face in times of diff difficulty do not succumb to fear your

omnipotent God declares that nothing is beyond my capability marvelous Miracles

are destined to unfold in your life my beloved child listen attentively to my voice

focus on my words in this moment of Serenity and peace let your heart be

filled with a yearning for stability joy and contentment in your life it is not

my desire for you to be troubled by what you no longer have the time that has

slipped away or by those who have left causing you grief and pain there was a

time when the adversary tried to convince you that my love had diminished

suggesting that your suffering was a sign of my abandonment but now you sense my presence and believe in

the truth I love you profoundly and I assure you my dear child I will never leave you

the Holy Spirit Will imbue you with his magnificent glory and bless you richly

for you are dearly cherished by me type Amen in the name of Jesus I know you

will hold steadfast in your faith from the earliest moments of this day I bless

you wanting to fill your heart and soul with peace and joy it is my wish for you

to feel secure knowing that you are enveloped in my love and under my

eternal protection if you’ve been feeling downcast and disheartened let today be

the day you find Comfort Lay Your Head Upon my chest feel the warmth and

gentleness of My Embrace be at peace my child be at

peace this phase will pass and soon all will be well turn away from your

sufferings gently close your eyes and send how my spirit surrounds you sing

praises from your heart with your lips bathe in the river of my love and I

promise that your troubles will soon fade and everything will greatly improve

I bestow my blessings upon you to bring remarkable and magnificent opportunities

into your life you have a purpose I have entrusted to you to care for your family

challenges will arise difficult ult times will come

they are part of your journey and growth but know this today you are wrapped in

my love and you will be ready when those moments come therefore do not

fear do not lose hope for I am with you today to Grant you even greater wisdom

love and strength I will steadfastly guide you through the paths Frau with

obstacles and adversities I am deeply concerned with with all that you feel

and I hold your aspirations in the highest regard I am familiar with your

dreams and projects touched by the many beautiful qualities within you you hold

a special place in my heart possessing the key to love kindness and

forgiveness your example will inspire many around you leading them away from

feelings of inadequacy towards the realization of the wonderful plans I have for them type I embrace my power to

affirm I have favor upon your life understand that my eyes look upon you

with love and my hand is ready to strengthen you you will be a light in the darkness for those in need of my

guidance be brave and embrace the opportunities that come to you I will

ensure that no one impedes your progress have faith and trust in me for I promise

to Stand By Your Side supporting you until the very end I love you deeply you

have called out to me sought my help with tears and yearned for

answers today I am here to respond to your questions to meet your needs I

offer you my love and Solace for the pain in your heart my child nothing in

this world escapes my notice I am aware of all that is happening in your life

and the lives of your family at this moment I urge you to stand firm in your

faith do not waver continue to pray each day I will fill your soul with peace and

your mind with wisdom as you speak to me honestly and Faithfully in these

challenging times you have learned much and now have the

capacity to make wise and beneficial decisions you have witnessed my presence

by your side in every challenge you faced I defended you averting even

greater difficulties from your life type I’m abundant to affirm the

adversary tried to harm you through unexpected means but you shielded yourself in ways you can’t even fathom

today I am here to bestow upon you the blessing and Miracle you have earnestly

sought Arise at this very moment dry your tears and approach the the door for

it is I who am calling you open it and I will take your hand guiding you to the

realm of prosperity that I have specially prepared for you I am endowing

you with unprecedented strength I am bestowing blessings upon

you so abundantly that you will Ascend to Heights unreachable by your foes no

longer will I allow anyone to bring you humiliation I am opening a door so Grand

that you will be astounded by the enormity of the blessings and solutions flowing into your life you will weep but

they will be tears of joy as you are filled with the power that my Holy Spirit imparts upon your life stand up

wipe away your tears this instant step out of your home and embrace

life with the smile of a conqueror today I have spoken to you plainly my my

blessing rests upon you march forward on your path without faltering open your

eyes wide be alert for in the days ahead I will reveal to you a mighty

secret and make you experience my wondrous love as never before come my

child a new dawn beckons you are to receive copious blessings and always

remember I am your Shepherd in my care you shall lack nothing

I am your provider all that you have been missing will soon be yours as your

healer I cover you with my love I bestow healing upon you and as your protector I

will shield you Beneath My Wings in the serenity of my shadow you will

find Refuge my word is truth my promises are certain and all the beautiful things

I have spoken to you all the commitments I have made will be fulfilled for I am

God and I do not speak falsehoods type to show your belief

in Jesus I will lead you steadfastly down the path I have chosen for you

through every season and Circumstance I am with you no matter the magnitude of

the challenges you face even when a miracle seems unattainable trust in me

wholeheartedly and surrender to my will your sins once separated you from me and

many turned their backs on you they criticized hurt belittled and harmed you

they pronounced failure upon you tried to curse you and nearly deprived you of your blessings

you felt overwhelmed fearing a doomed fate yet as I have done before so I will

do again I came to you with understanding Grace love forgiveness and gentleness

and once again I lifted you from the depths of Despair do not Harbor doubts

do not waver Proclaim with your voice that you will trust in me regardless of the circumstances or challenges that

arise you are destined to Triumph in all your endeavors for all eternity I love

you deeply your moments of earnest prayer unbended me you sought a miracle

for me with tears and heartfelt please you implored for my response today I am here to

disclose what I will do for you though today may be difficult remember that I

Am with You guiding you protecting you and working miracles in your

life trust in me and together we will overcome I have arrived to strengthen

you type to manifest miracles in your life your heart will overflow with

tears of joy for I assure you that the miracle you have earnestly prayed for is

about to unfold the leld desires unfulfilled until now will soon become

reality you have endured the trial and you are prepared your patient waiting

has not gone unnoticed your prayers have reached my ears resonating as a

harmonious sound I am orchestrating changes aligning

circumstances in your favor I will fulfill your deepest yearnings dissipate

your frustrations and eliminate every need in your and your family’s life I

will bring healing and cure all ailments your faith is flourishing and

remarkable changes will soon be evident you will come to realize the immense

value you have in my sight though there were times of Sorrow when you felt unloved or unblessed by me today you

will feel the warm wonderful Embrace of my love in your heart I have decreed it

and so it shall be it is ordained in the heavens and my words to you will

manifest no adversary who stands against you will thwart my plans I will grant

you peace and joy your blessings will be abundant rejoice

and walk with a smile move forward with resolve let the joy in your strive be a

testament to the world stay true to your path unwavering sustain yourself with my

word keep my voice so you do not falter my love for you is Everlasting my peace

is enduring and the strength I give you is to confront any challenge or trial I

do not forsake those I love and you are well aware of this type amen if you

believe in God if you’re all set type yes take care of

yourself type I claim it if you receive this declaration

type yes if you’re ready and share this video with five people who trust God

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$ God bless you my child type amen

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