God is making a pronouncement ignoring this word from God might have dire

consequences yet if you want Eternal salvation devote your valuable

minutes to God by watching this video and its entirety pay close attention to

what I am saying because my name is Jesus Christ this letter is packed with love

and care and I am delivering it to you behold I am at your door ready to enter

your own house and I will lavish you with infinite love and

plenty no evil will be able to touch you or your loved ones because I will

protect them please hit the like button and forward this message to your loved

ones if you find my arguments convincing I am ready to shower you with

blessings that exceed your highest expectations because I am the god of

Plenty a windfall of $ million will be yours this month courtesy of some

unexpected funds you may have faith in my capacity to provide it to you because

I am the one who creates plenty never lose sight of the fact that

I am a kind and loving God who still loves you if you need a miracle in any

area of your life I am here to help if you agree please say Amen to

verify I guarantee that by the year you will have amassed a million

dollars if you watch this video in its entirety it is my Divine duty to shower

you with prosperity health and contentment because I am your

God Joy love prosperity and the kind of physical health you’ve always wanted

will pour out of you in the following hours I will bestow upon you something

wonderful tomorrow to delay all your problems both your health and your bank

account will see dramatic improvements always keep this in mind if you believe

in me nothing is impossible I will alleviate any pain you and your loved

ones are experiencing nothing is impossible for

me because I am the god who heals and redeems because I care about you I’ve

promised you a life of luxury and I’ll make sure you live it to the fullest I

am a God who can do miracles and I am here right now to ensure that you will

continue to exist never doubt my abilities I can help you achieve the

seemingly unattainable to indicate your

consideration please write onen on the front of the envelope if you want to know the

stunning Rich’s secret discovered by a renegade scientist that you may attract

endless Prosperity into your life by just following a simple to morning

rual then click the link in the comment section below this

video while you rest this night God says the miracle you’ve been asking for might

take on even more significance the season of blessings and miracles is

coming so be ready I promise you the nights of Agony and sobbing are

finished crying worrying and lost sleep are things of the past a life filled

with plenty good health pleasure and happiness is my blessing to

you I am a God who moves and always fulfills my promises so they AR just

platitudes prepared to be pleasantly surprised by the many blessings that are

on their way to you your Prosperity health and happiness

will soar to unprecedented levels always keep in mind that in case

you brazenly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe to your heart that God

raised him from the useless you may be stored meaning that you should consider

your heart justify and your tongue saved when you confess

have faith that your financial situation relationships and physical health will

all rapidly improve please agree with me since I am

making every effort to communicate the breakthroughs you want to you just put

your trust in me and don’t fight my blessings when they enter your

life I want nothing less than your happiness prosperity and success there

are a lot of chances for you this weekend let my blessings into your life

and prepare yourself for a joyful prosperous and fulfilling Lifestyle by

opening your heart I am here for you my little child

at all times to lead the way as you go on your journey believe what I say and I

will show you the way to the life of plant that is rightfully

yours as I work behind the scenes to fix your health

relationships and budget we may have an afternoon of magic and trade the

following day if we work together this next year will be the best one yet not just for

you but for your loved ones as well you are never really alone since I’m always

at your side from the bottom of my heart I vow to fight your struggles and calm

the storms in your life may my pleasure and serenity envelop your whole

being press Amen to get it we would be eternally grateful if you

could lend us a super thanks contribution of up to

$ if you are a Christian perhaps this will help us in our mission to preach

the gospel all across the globe I am really grateful

amen the blessings I am bringing your way will bring you Joy health and wealth

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams says Jesus gather your faith and thankfulness for

you are about to gain them this week God will shower you with Thrice more

blessings with God on your side everything is possible and you will be a

living testimony to that is it possible for the Lord to hear your prayers and

provide guidance for your trials this week will this week also bring abundant

benefits into your lives have faith that I alone am the

source of all good things hold this close to your heart and discover

Tranquility remember that will change when November comes to a close and

December begins even when life is unclear I am your kind and knowledgeable

companion you get a surge of power good fortune and a surge of energy I will

mend your broken heart and Cal your troubled Spirit prepare yourself for

wonderful advantages that may soon be yours and overflow of good things will

be showered onto you and your family by me it will be as if the Gates of Heaven

open and blessings shower down on you with the power of electricity I can

transform your sadness into Joy your disappointment into strength and your

pain into pleasure in my opinion you are about to

experience some quite remark REM arable developments in the remainder of this

week you may be quite certain that God will bless you with healing plenty and

benefits in ways that were previously unimaginable you could be able to pay

off the debt by the house of your dreams and provide for your

family my goal as a God is to provide my Offspring with an abundance of life I

would rather that you not have to strive and endure poverty on the other hand my

goal is for you to flourish be physically strong and spiritually

prosperous remember that my Boundless Energy will overcome whatever challenge

you encounter whether it is now tomorrow or in the future because I am a powerful

force it will defend you in combat you may find solace in me and you feel lost

and battered when despair looms over you in addition to alleviating your

physical and mental suffering I may also bring you the gift of good health joy

and Tranquility you have to agree with me

because I have the power to elevate mundane things to extraordinary levels

transform despair into optimism and transcend imagination to achieve the

seemingly unattainable a simple amen will get it for

you my darling I am crafting an extraordinary gift only for you as you

read those words keep in mind that the process of healing benefits and

financial breakthrough you want is already underway your devoted writer here has put events

in motion with the goal of sharing miraculous developments that might alter

the course of human history by the grace and kindness of

God regardless of the circumstances I am hereby declaring that

you will be protected from any damage whether it physical mental social or

familial in doing so I am protecting you ensuring

your security and foiling the enemy’s schemes unwine knowing that I can win

the fights you’re fighting and quiet the storms that are threatening to overwhelm

you you will be filled with my pleasure and peace and it will comfort you in

times of need the blessings I bestow upon you

should serve as evidence of my boundless kindness and compassion and my love

should engulf you as well I am touched by your trust and

faith and I can see the desires burning in your heart I shall be able to see the

blessings and Marvels of your life so long as you continue to do my Divine

will experiencing Miracles becomes second nature to you and I may use you

as a conduit for my Supernatural energy to impact the lives of others around

you keep believing because I am working behind the scenes to bring about a

miraculous change of events no matter how difficult things become my beloved

toddler please keep this in mind you may count on my constant

presence to lead and protect you whenever you need power or luxury you

can always count on me to be there for you Lord I pray that you would put more

faith in me by recalling three of my wonderful Deeds from the past I made a

way for the waters to separate so that Moses and his people could go

safely Lazarus was reintroduced to Lifestyles by

I cured a great number of leprosy suffers something is possible when I am

here as these Miracles demonstrate so really get on board with me since I can

typically be your rock and protector the heavens are opening wide

and blessings will flow down on you like rain warmth and compassion will flood

your spirit as love overflow flows you will be led to wealth in ways you could

never have imagined by the hand of prosperity you will be showered with

restoration healing Beyond Brokenness and pointing you toward

restoration please enter amen if you would want this receive while you go through

breakthroughs as a show of my love and Fidelity I want you to welcome the

abundance into your life give me the freedom to let go of

any uncertainties or anxieties and give them over to myself then I shall

transform them into a guarantee of tranquility and

Assurance I have a special surprise in store for you and your loved ones my

little one without a shadow of a doubt I must find find you a new home via the

medium of someone who loves and cares for you there are several uses for this

domestic it’s a magical Doorway to a magical blessed and globalized

World miracles in the areas of finances health and most importantly

relationships may start to mend as soon as you step foot in that house it is my

sincere wish that you and your loved ones have a life filled with happiness

prosperity and affection what are you going to

do your tears are plainly visible to me the anguish you feel within is never

going unnoticed by me I pay close attention to every word you utter and

your prayers have been acknowledged I am here seven ready to ease your pain

and provide you relief so your anguish will never go

away when people are in need I will extend my hand to alleviate their plight

my presence will always provide you comfort I will never leave you or

abandon you keep in mind my little baby that the

power of your thoughts and words is immense no matter what always

communicate positively and Express Thanks plus you could see my advantages

materialize in your life your faith will have a significant influence on your

life it is powerful enough to overcome difficulties I will show you the marvels

of my plenty if you can set to my providing put your fears to rest how

will protect you from the tempests that threaten you the stronghold of my

protection is impenetrable to any disease trouble or

evil you may find Solace and safety in me I am your Sanctuary no that my love

for you is no bounds neither in distance nor in time love that has no bounds and

last forever is like miles of it put your worries concerns and uncertainties

in my hands my little baby I concur with the development of your life’s narrative

knowing that I am the author of Miracles and the protector of your

spirit my beloved child I am your caring God I am the one who made you and I am

always closed by to see to your needs and fulfill your desire I will be at

your side ready to lend you a hand and even come to your rescue if things

become tough to speak it type

amen may you be showered with many blessings today keep your heart open and

be ready to receive all the good things that may be coming your way you your

health your finances and your loved ones are immune to harm

I say in jesus’ name when difficulties arise you

will Victorious by the power of my love you have the opportunity to shine and

Achieve greatness now you should not expect any more losses outstanding

payments or letdowns alternatively you are about to enter a

time where your prayers will be heard and when you will experience Everlasting

prosperity and serenity I am attempting to enter your

life and work miracles wherever I go and I am banging on the door of your heart

if you put yourself in my shoes you could see extraordinary things

happen my darling get ready for the blessings I am about to shower upon you

get well be free have plenty of money and love the right way I have amazing

gifts in store for you as well think about me because I’m planning

an incredible change for your life that will go beyond anything you could have

imagin a new era of Liberty plenty and plenty is upon you a fresh start is just

around the corner and the days of strife and problems are behind us shining

succeeding and reving in my miraculous care and protection are all things that

come slowly I understand the challenges you’re facing with your family your

health or the health of a loved one as well as your financial

situation your shoulders would seem to be Laden with the the burden of the

whole industry but you shouldn’t be scared join me in praying for a portion

of your concerns I will provide assistance healing and resources if you trust me

even if it seems impossible I shall behave in a certain manner I will tend

to your wounds provide assistance and watch over you get ready dear one for

for a time of great triumphs breakthroughs and Marvels I am turning your lives into a

witness to my amazing power God offers forgiveness for every transgression

restoration from every wound A New Beginning after every defeat and

strength to overcome every obstacle the things I promised you are

immutable you may count on an endless stream of Good Fortune as love money and

unexpected favors pour in at an irresistible rate to the arrival of

November I bestow my benefits onto you and your loved ones I pray that this

month is similarly burning with opportunities and

blessings indicate on men to verify think about me says the Lord

since I Am The God Who changes people’s lives by a single interaction and makes

the impossible possible keep in mind that you can

depend on my assurances When Things become tough my love for you will never

waver and my resolve to protect you will never run dry on a daily basis God

imbues everything with his own being that seem pointless throughout

your existence in jesus’ name your hopes relationships Health finances and Jo are

being revived never forget that there is always someone who is your back as a

Christian you are never alone because God is always with you and has set the

Holy Spirit to be your guide comforter and helper the finest things in life are

going to happen to you endless riches perfect health and prosperity that has

no bounds you are well on your way to being wealthy famous fulfilled and

healthy my dear kid yes my dear ones I have selected you to receive my

advantages you will be showered with love wealth and appropriate Fitness

giving immense Delight an incredible shift will occur in your relationships

Health money and exercise levels think about it my children I will

do Marvels even if it seems unattainable I will trade things for your

existence I am the god who sets people free and I will break the Bands That

Bind you you no longer have to endure discomfort anxiety and

dissatisfaction I give you the freedom to live a life that is Rich with

happiness contentment and success be the first to

say I am open to receiving an abundance of Love

healing also advantages that I rightfully earn because of God’s grace

get ready to get Advantage so that you may trade your life for

eternity your health will be touched By God’s Exquisite power and the benefits

will be conveyed transforming your lifestyle a period of economic plenty is

coming so be ready you can pay off all of your debt

with this and not worry about money again I am your God keep this fact in

mind my beloved I made you and I could fight you forever if I wanted to I may

triple the monetary benefits you get this week let this more favor and by an

open coronary heart like you I am the god of Miracles

and I can turn the darkest of nights into the brightest of dawn lord always

remember that my love for you is an ending Jesus Christ Our Lord connects

you to God’s love no matter where you are or what you’re going through in

life to take care of the money you ow and the payments you have to make I am

sending special assistance call Angels they could even protect your own family

members the fact that other people are coming your way is irrelevant since God

is on your side click Amen to confirm

but hold on God claims there’s more you will be restored to health as promised

by God peace and safety for you and his people will be guaranteed by

him remember my darling that I am the only one who bestows accolades and

privileges upon you nothing can take away the promises I’ve made to you and

you can count on my unwavering support in

you will make a triumphant return me the Supreme Being get your finances

relationships and health back on track whenever you are in my presence it is

because I am the one who created everything around you as your protector I can lead soothe

and console you always know that my effect ction for you has never changed

and that you have a unique spot in my heart these days I am freeing you from

the shackles of disease poverty and shortage your pain will be yeed your

suffering will be alleviated and your difficulties will be transformed into Joy invest in yourself

so you may go to the next level of living your health wealth will improve

your faith will become stronger your love for others will Blossom and wealth

will pour into your life somehow someway someone in Every Family manages to

escape the cycle of poverty someone in your family is now viewing this

video let us declare with confidence my financial situation is about to explode

with an unparalleled amount of wealth I am attracting $ million this week and

with the help of God’s grace I become a millionaire by the end of

if it is your will dear God please pray with

me I beg you enter my house and Destroy anything that frightens or troubles me I

beg you to keep an eye on my own family and report back on their exact

condition it has been a challenging last year and I pray that you will assist me

to find Hope in the midst of Despair and joy in the midst of sadness all in

obedience to jesus’ command the burdens you’ve carried and

the tears you’ve shed have been observed by your heavenly father but I think this

is the perfect opportunity to shower you with lots the God who gives men’s and

fulfills desires is I must provide you the means by which you may realize your

ambition and enjoy a life of Plenty don’t forget my valued kid that

while doctors lawyers I am the only one who can provide you with eternal life

Warriors have crucial responsibilities in society you will find true happiness if

you primarily seek me out elsewhere recognize that I possess the power to

transform disorder into a profound message when you are in my

presence Embrace adversity as an opportunity to show your faith and turn

failure into success The Impossible becomes doable

when you’re in my presence I wish you happiness success and good health

because it gives me great joy to do so Jesus my beloved Son is the food that

sustains your spirit my beloved ones those who pursue him passionately will

be fulfilled in the long run press amen if you’re in

agreement God promised that even in The Darkest Hours he will

bring light into your lives you may get the Solace your troubled heart craves by

turning to him when you are exhausted and bewildered keep in mind that you may get

salvation if you publicly say Jesus is Lord and really believe that I

resurrected him from the dead there I am my darling softly

tapping on the door of your coronary heart when you let me into your life

amazing things can happen tell me anything and I will make your life

better in every way in a good manner I can pry into your

lives to everyone who reads these lines I offer a prayer additionally I pray

that the Lord blesses you and watches over you

Unleash the Power of unflinching Bravery to transform your events the fights you

fight within are visible to me keep in mind that there is always hope even when

things seem hopeless you are led by my light I

collect every tear and dry them as they fall from your eyes in your anguish

nobody is ignoring your suffering anymore I’m trying very hard to

transform your hardships into something magnificent put together a miraculous

change in every part as you open your hearts to receive as a whole your relationships

Health finances and artwork will all reap the benefits of my assistance the

god of Miracles is me when you’re down and out and think there’s no way out I

can step in and send you a miracle to help you get back

up think about my timing since I’m always working behind the scenes

Conjuring up Marvels that will benefit you I can recover what the devil has

stolen from you and provide you peace and prosperity again so rejoice in this

time of restoration I want to shower you with with spiritual and financial

wealth with steep appreciation please accept these gifts the days of pain

stress and aggravation are almost over the ability to enjoy a life of

contentment pleasure and satisfaction is mine to bestow upon you I wish for you

perfect health Everlasting Serenity boundless Joy Advanced wealth and

advanced technology in the year I promise to keep an eye on your

plans from a state of stagnation to one of progress from scarcity to plenty from

muddle to Clarity and from suffering to come you will see a remarkable

transformation in your life put I love you C hinted text

I know that many of you are battling addiction depression and disappointment

Jesus adds nevertheless as a God who values Liberty I will release you from

your shackles if you put your trust in Jesus he will heal your whole family and

provide Financial Miracles when you need them join me have faith in my assurances

and welcome the benefits that may soon be yours I will be at your side

supporting you and directing you at all times God wants you to remember these

three things today hope he’s right he will lead you through this difficult period and

restore what is damaged God is already at work and you need only to acknowledge

it he will bless you and your love loved ones alleviate your suffering and turn

any negative situation in your life into a pleasant one even if you feel stuck God will

provide you with power he would gladly rise to the occasion when you are down

he will pave the route for you even when it seems like the whole thing is

impossible I am the father of the celestial lights and you have my promise

my dear little one that you will have everything that your heart desires I

make no deals and like passing fads I am unchanging and eternal

regardless of the storm or difficulty you may encounter I will be at your side

every step of the way let us pray together my darling

little one thank you for creating me and for loving me so deeply that Jesus died

on the cross to atone for my sins my heavenly father the benevolence Grace

compassion and mercy of God are much appreciated you love me more than words

can express at this exact moment I beg you

to bless me in everything that I do please bless my loved ones my circle of

friends my artwork and my bank account pray for the well-being of my mind heart

and body my connections aspiration and goals

are blessed may my eternal fate Soul and Spirit be blessed dear father I give up

my life for yours you have my whole devotion my thoughts and my

will you have my whole trust love love and devotion because you are the one in

whom I have placed my faith you have become my Lord savoir and

God as you start a fresh day the next day great things are waiting for you put

your financial worries to rest since you are about to get a fantastic Financial

bone you may be able to go on that much needed V ation by that car of your

dreams and finally purchase that perfect house if you know longer have to worry

about not having enough money farewell to fiscal constraints and hello to an

infinitely bright future a week from now we may look

forward to Fantastic Financial benefits exciting news Innovations and even

better products prepare yourself to receive this incredible gift that will lead you to

success and happiness press Amen to indicate your

desire for this Lord says I know that you’ve worried about money your health your

children and what’s to come believe me when I say that a windfall of funds is

on its way to pay off all of your expenses obligations and even provide for your

family obtaining this bounty require I beg you to stay with me for

the duration of this video the time of great blessings and miraculous cences is

almost here affluence love Wellness a

profession of your dreams and many more benefits are already at your fingertips

in the the midst of your despair my dear friend I will provide you with the power

to persevere despite the impending doom I will bring joy to your heart and make

the seemingly impossible possible for you miracles will begin to permeate your

lives the moment you put your trust in me I have seen your hardships and

sorrows firstand and now it is my turn to shower you with plenty

the glory now belongs to your heavenly father’s mercy and love not to your own

achievements I am the God who provides heals and grants wishes and I will

shower you with the means you need to achieve your goals and live a life of

Plenty right now you may expect the windfall of cash at your

doorstep think about about it in just a little while you may be beaming with

pride as you tell your loved ones about this amazing development you are going

to get the love you want the money you need and the healing you due from God is

everything ready always keep in mind that God is with you loves you and cares for you

when you are unhappy and tears are streaming down your cheeks we your

return season is here I will restore everything that the

adversary has taken from you and then your lives will be filled to the brim

with Benefits you have never experienced before the door to potential will be

open to you before this weekend and all of your debts will be paid in

full believe me when I say that your your financial situation is prepared to

trade and your romantic life will sore innumerable gifts more Radiant Smiles

more wealth and Superior health are within my power to bestow upon

you an unexpected economic Miracle may happen to you this week and it will be

so large that it will affect generations to come your fin financial situation is

being transformed by God his actions are altering the

neighborhood in which you reside you are being showered with miraculous benefits

advancements and enhancements from God you need to be aware that people in

places you have not even gone yet are referring to your call the angels are cheering you on and

I’m about to do something very special for your way of life right now when you

feel lost and alone and your heart longs for friendship seek solace in God he is

always there for you you are certainly not

alone press Amen to activate it as the Bible says whoever believes in

me as scripture has stated can have River of living water flowing from

inside them Jesus promised that God would provide for his followers for as

long as they lived you were made by me and I am always able to save you and

lend you a hand I am transforming your pain into

strength and your difficulties into opportunities the plans I have for your

life will bring you healing and prosperity and I will guide you out of

difficult situations November and December are

jam-packed with a plethora of opportunities blessings and riches this

week I will triple your blessings which will catch your haters off guard and add

a lot of excitement to your lives take it at face value that God can

do the seeming ly impossible in order to alleviate all of your worries and

problems he is going to perform a miracle in your life you may be sure

that God is listening to your prayers and is working to provide you with the

answers you need in order to bring you great benefits he is closing old doors and

opening new ones in your lives the challenging times are ped

and a fresh start is underway the good things that are coming your way are

waiting for you when you open your heart put your trust in God’s love and

support and act as if miraculous things are happening to you preparation is key

for the many benefits that await you love Serenity and miracles abound

for you my little baby take hold of them with your enormous hands and let them to

bless you with desires joy and unfaltering faith if you want to achieve your

highest Ambitions you need to set yourself up for a lot of benefits I will

make up for your deficiency with plenty of money I am the Lord and I am introducing

a tremendous change into your life lives right now I can bring you immense joy as

you release your sufferings I am the Lord and I am

introducing a tremendous change into your lives right now I can bring you

immense joy as you release your sufferings with my help you are going to

experience an excess of resources rather than a shortage poverty need and illness

have been shackles that I am freeing you from today eventually your sorrow will turn

into Joy your suffering into healing and your hardships into exceptional rewards

my claim is that I can heal and calm your body just by watching this video

all the way to the Finish even other parts of your life may be reached bya

me not to mention your your money I will pave the road for life-altering changes

by opening doors I am a faithful provider and at the right moment I will

unlock the Gates of Heaven to bless your lives there will be blessings in everything that you

do you have the opportunity to receive God’s love and Restoration in Li of all

your worries fears pressures and suffering sending best wishes and

eternal Tranquility perhaps this year will be a great one for you and your love ones

full of joy healing and financial success God is with me is a sweet

expression dear Lord I pray that you will be blessed abundantly in all areas

of your lives and that God’s favor will be upon you

God is going to provide for all your needs just as a Good Shepherd provides

for his sheep you will be accompanied by his love and kindness every day and you

may spend eternity with him you and your loved ones have a

chance right now to get the help you need including the love healing and

prosperity you deserve when you ask for a miracle Jesus

will send one to you your life is experiencing a tremendous turnaround and

God is assisting you helpful angels are on their way to

you God Is providing for your needs via the financial blessings you’ve been

praying for do you think the miraculous things

that have happened you might also show how much love and faith I have for for

you embrace the journey my beloved because it is during the dark times that

light shines into your soul in the name of Jesus I swear that

no evil will be able to harm you your health your wealth or your loved ones in

the presence of my love all the difficulties your experiencing will

crumble always keep in mind my beloved that you’re never really alone on this

journey called life through every task and difficult moment I will be at your

side ready to lead and defend you it is within my power to improve

your lives in significant ways I am your God adopt me as your Monarch and

consider yourself my beloved child Additionally you will be the proud

owner of the Kingdom that Christ himself announced prophecy these words loud and

clear in this very now I am receiving the boundless flow of Love healing and

plenty that is rightfully mine the faith that is inside me will bring peace to my

whole family at Jesus command Miracles will

occur just when I want them too God will do Feats that you aren’t capable of

achieving on your own countless blessings including good health and

abundant opportunities will enter your life via him get yourself ready for a

deluge of advantages appropriate Health

Tranquility love and favor may be yours abundantly I swear to you that if you

keep believing you could find the greatest blessing that has ever happened

to you suddenly your life will be filled with healings and

miracles unexpected opportunities will present themselves to you as God’s

Heavenly Spirit permeates your home you may feel a gentle

warmth as the day progresses you could be shocked to receive calls and texts

offering monetary support and help you need to focus on getting well

now no matter what the adversary has stolen from you peace prosperity or your

cause God will provide and restore it all desire is ever present with

God Beyond only your finances I have an impact on your health and relationships

as well as every other FC set of your life in good times and bad I am always

here to provide you Joy and comfort never forget that you have my whole

attention I am working hard to bring unexpected blessings into your life

since you are my beloved baby as Jesus put it with humans some matters are

impossible but With God all matters are feasible those are some very real words

so listen carefully the Lord is present to change your ways of living in place of sadness

I can bring you Joe and I can lead you from scarcity to plenty nothing you’re going through

right now is stronger than my power therefore you don’t need to worry about

a thing I have the strength to stand up for you in any

conflict enter amen if you need this come to me it says Jesus if you are

weary of feeling lost for laoren and depressed in return for your pain

anxiety and troubles I will bestow upon you perfect health joy and Tranquility

more money than you can possibly imagine will flood your bank

account in addition you may be a ble to pay all of your expenses on time and in

full while you Slumber upon this bed I may Grant you the miracle for which you

have prayed furthermore may you my beloved

children get a plethora of benefits and my infinite Mercy I am holding you close

and lovingly keeping watch over you at all times get ready to see significant

changes in every aspect of your life a miraculous turn of events will occur in

your professional life financial situation health and personal

relationships well beyond anything you could have imagined please be informed that I have

sent guardian angels to be with you and take care of your debts and

expenses they watch out for your loved ones and make sure they’re safe get over

your fear there are others who share your journey you will be well taken care

of by my angels together let us ask God to bring

many blessings into your life dear heavenly father we humbly seek your

protection and guidance please send your angels to

watch over us and protect us as we follow your will for our life as we

enter this time of Plenty please strengthen our faith in your promises

and our expectation of your plentiful blessings we are making this request in

response to Jesus Christ’s invitation my darling this week is

really crucial for you with the goal of bringing and a miracle after another you

will encounter many successes and gain advantages your food and drink will be

blessed by the Lord your God if you worship Him and thank him specifically

additionally he will remove illness from your presence you will get much more if you

remember to be grateful for these benefits I will shower you with

blessings I love you with an eternal and faltering and NeverEnding passion I will

fill your cup with the blessings of previous stages you are wonderful just

the way you are and I love that about you remember that I am the god who

created you and who can care for you no matter how hard you try whenever you

need assistance I am here to provide it and get things done our bond is eternal

and I will never leave you like rain on dry ground I may pour

my love and beauty upon you incredible things are about to happen in your life

I can improve your health in a way that will benefit you I can make you stronger

and healthier press the am Man Ke is speak

it Jesus my son has already already overcome the enemy says the Lord through

unending love sacrifice and Resurrection Jesus triumphed against evil this

incredible Triumph means that no weapon aimed that you can possibly succeed

nearness trust in Jesus and do not be

concerned because evil cannot control you many of you I recall are dealing

with difficult circumstances that include dependency depression and

grief your home could be protected from danger disease and evildoing for the

following months you are embraced in my love and protection I will never

leave you or abandon you I’m building ways of life turning

chances into realities and help helping you get control of your debt I will take

care of your financial obligations and make things better for

you I want you to always keep in mind my children that you have the ability to

bring your family health money and success you have many options when it

comes to changing your family’s situation in

we will spend the whole year pring optimism prosperity and miraculous

outcomes for you and your loved ones unexpected Miracles will be bestowed

upon you since your prayers were heard by God your body will be rejuvenated by

those miraculous changes open the door to plenty by

mending broken relationships no matter how long it

takes God hears your cry for help answers your prayers and may even send

help himself the next person in line to get an incredible Boon is you since you are

about to see a miracle that will change your life keep in mind that I am the one

who created the Stars the planet the water the mountains the Sun and

everything in it all the right and nicest gifts for

your existence come from me whereas the elements are subject to constant change

I am constant and reliable be mindful my darling that I

alone confer honors and privileges upon you what I have pledge cannot be revoked

and I am constantly relying on you just as I built heaven in six days

and then rested on the th so to may I change your life in the blink of an eye

my main areas of expertise are life Transitions and miraculous

running your misery might become your joy and your poverty can become your

plenty if I continue to work quietly behind the

scenes Proclaim these words with unshakable conviction my beloved and

God will bless me Heal Me provide for me guard me and guide

me tomorrow a magnificent event will transpire in your life wiping out all

disappointment and problems on the contrary you could get a number of

benefits and feel immense satisfaction you may get it by typing

amen I want for my children to remain abundant declares the Lord for I am a

gracious God I no longer want for conflict and poverty instead I hope for

it to thrive in youry good health and Achieve prosperity for your very Ence

when times are tough God says he will be your Lighthouse he will lead you in the

correct direction and provide you with the information you want when you are

confused and uncertain you may be certain that God’s

love for you will never change remind yourself that he is always there for you

when you feel uncertain or doubtful getting ready to pull you up

and pour His goodness on you your situation is improving because of God

he’s bestowing a better life on to you and your loved ones there will be relief

from all your suffering and you will triumph over every

obstacle in the next month you will experience a period of Joy healing and

satisfaction as God has announced to you today your life will be filled with

happiness fulfillment and completeness as a

result during this season you are warmly invited to join us and have the

opportunity to see incredible things happen you are loved as my children and

you are about to experience miraculous things in your lives so keep believing

praying and saying the words of faith I want to be a major part of your

life story there to help you along the road I can fill you with power Joy and

Tranquility as you welcome me within a profound sense of Tranquility has the

power to transform your problems and remove them

entirely the obstacles you’ve faced will transform into incredible triumphs since

I’m good at making the dark shine brighter when you believe me I will no

longer be able to let you down oh my little one I can shower you with

boundless blessings enhanced Health financial success and gleaming grins your body and

mind will be showered with health and vigor Desto upon you an everlasting

sense of tranquility and safety your efforts will be nurtured by the Abundant

rain from the sky which will bring growth success and

happiness keep in mind the parable of the lepers who were cleansed by Jesus

in the Bible just one more thing about being grateful explicitly Jesus said rise and

cross your faith has made you properly remember this lesson my dear ones with

an attitude of gratitude you may welcome even more abundant

benefits problems are are becoming chances for you to develop as a person

because God is working in your life God assures me that I will never be alone

with you in times of difficulty he will be

there to assist you overcome your challenges and find calm a life filled

with joy and contentment might be yours if you ask

God whenever you experience disappoint appointment know that I am watching over

you with a First Rate and lifechanging gift says God you will feel an abundance

of Joy love and purpose in your heart before you know it you’ll be laughing

and learning incredible things remember I’m always here for you

through the good times and the bad whether you are in agony sorrow or loss

I will be at your sigh I am here to lend you my support provide strength and lead

you through this challenging time some surprises are waiting for you

from me The Liberation Prosperity health and restoration you sought have already

been orchestrated by me allow us to pray pricey heavenly

father I want to thank you for for looking past my flaws and loving me

unconditionally please forgive me once I fail to love others in an identical

way help me see the wishes of hard human beings in my life and show me the way to

meet the one’s wishes in a manner that pleases you I have decreed benefits for your

homes finances health and relationships my my beloved children

reconciliation healing and restoration are gifts from me the

god in the depths of your soul find solace in the knowledge that I am always

at your side I The God Who does not sleep I am always racing at full speed

to save you you have the power to transform your

anxieties and pains into tranquility and your difficult circumstances into

opportunities for growth gather your resources so that you

might attract plenty could health and success via gratefulness and unfaltering

perspective you are my beloved Offspring made in a miraculous and terrifying way

both your worth and the rationale behind it are incalculable

Jesus teaches that we should not let fear paralyze us or uncertainty cast a

cloud over our steps instead lean on your inner fortitude the same fortitude

that brought Jesus Christ back from the dead let the Holy Spirit Kindle A Fire

Inside you and you will be propelled ahead with bravery and Assurance my most

spect spectacular Feats of magic often take place in the most improbable of

places put your faith in indisputable evidence and watch as the impossible

becomes a reality may your path be a living

testimony to the transformative power of Faith share your stories of Hope and

change to encourage others to believe in the miraculous possibilities

in the next months you may be gazing at your million dooll bank account while

sitting in your dream car outside your new house whether you’re happy or sad

successful or defeated no that I am with you in the face of certain challenges

you will find me at your sigh know that good things and

miraculous occurrences originate from me my darling everything I have promised

you is impervious to removal obstruction and

destruction to not waver in your faith I am going to show you signs and wonders

one after the other you may be worried about going over your budget and I get

that physical fitness or family tree but keep in mind that I am always on your

side Victory restoration and Tranquility will be yours as a

blessing it is God’s desire for you to be happy loved and blessed you your

children and your grandkids will all reap the rewards of his plan for your

life transform your sorrow and to Joy your hardship into a gift and your loss

into a miracle as God raises your level of existence during the next

months no matter how many concerns you may have know that you are never really

alone if you bring your problems to God In Prayer he will answer your request

for help healing and resources God wants to remove any obstacles that might cause

harm from your life your path ahead will be very clear

the love Greer and life you’ve always dreamed of are finally coming your way

never discount the Lord’s ability to miraculously alter your

situation to get it just type amen God promises to open doors soften

Hearts restore what has been lost and bestow benefits onto those who ask for

them I prophecy that Miracles that seem like they came from God will happen

before the end of this month with me please repeat this

confirmation the fact that I adore God guarantees that he will provide for me

in ways that I cannot even begin to Fathom everything that has been

troubling you including worries stress and problems will go away as you

experience the love healing blessings and everlasting peace that God

offers prepare for major breakthroughs first straight blessings and a year

filled with joy healing and financial success for you and your loved ones your

debts may be settled payments made and your financial situation will improve in

the next week also unexpected Ed Revelations from

God your angels will deal with your obligations and bills protecting your

family and friends from harm an economic Miracle is coming your way

soon goodness and light will always triumph over evil this week may be full

of first R Miracles Jesus came to offer you peace and a life of Plenty and you

may have it all accept God’s peace and plenty with the assistance of

Jesus never forget that the Lord is with you like a caring Shepherd and that he

will provide all your needs every day his kindness and unfaltering love will

be with you and in him you may find a permanent home this week if you watch this video

all the way way to the end I can triple your advantage as a way Advanced budget

higher relationships and Better Health just like I could easily swap Your Existence

for yours if I could create the heavens and the Earth in only

days a miraculous healing and deliverance from Deb and contamination

may be yours before the month comes to a close God is delivering you from suffering

conflict and poverty to Restoration he’s and plenty know that I am always by your

side patiently waiting for the opportunity to enter your

heart if you would just let me into your life I will be there to help you through

every Challenge and provide you with the strength you need when you open your heart to me I

will fill you with my joy and serenity and I will replace your anxieties with

my Tranquility which is greater than any knowledge you could

have by breaking the bonds of dependency and mending broken relationships I can

help you find inner peace if you need this please enter

amen here is what God has as to say my baby always remember that I am with you

I am the god who loves you completely who forgives you entirely and who will

never leave you stay true to my promises and never lose Faith say with

confidence I am a child of God and I trust him to meet all my

needs he helps me and is my rock I am certain that I can conquer any obstacle

with his support Lord your life will be filled with laughter and joy like never

before you will have the money love Health home and perfect job that you

typically seek a wonderful Miracle is on the way to your way of

life I am here for you and will never leave you no matter matter how hard

things become whether financially physically or emotionally I have been

crucified with Christ and now Christ lives in me you declare

religiously as we enter in November I want to inform you that this month will

be a fresh beginning for you your life here is supported by your trust in the

Son of God who loved you and gave him self up for

you it is possible that you have been experiencing a difficult period filled

with difficulties and pains you may be able to get your

Fitness relationships and finances back on track

take my word for it that I am a God who restores broken things and restores what

was lost and that my dear ones are worth the

investment I can put things right make up for what you’ve lost Vanquish your

foes and remove any obstacles in your path realize that you will become well

that true love will find you and that your family will be financially better

off in a Flash you may no longer have to worry about a

thing please my dear ones consent to my painting for your life your broken heart

and your bank account are two things I want to help you mend pray the following prayer Lord I’m

able to reward your strength in the morning I can reward your love for you

are my Fortress and my secure Haven in instances of

problem something wonderful will happen to you the next day and all your worries

and misery will melt away on the other hand you’ll experience an abundance of

advantages and an overpowering sense of pleasure I must assist you monetarily

and bring Prosperity into your life I want to show you the way to

financial success and to unlock doors you never knew

existed it may be claimed by kindly amen you are Guided by the Holy Spirit

who resides inside you God tells you giving you the ability to transform into

someone who reflects Christ’s character you must get access to the

boundless Riches of Paradise The assurances of God and the benefits of

redemption you have evolved into more than just a Victor or a surv

ior on the other hand he shares Christ’s inheritance walks side by side with God

Bears testimony a truth and is a conduit for Grace pronounce this God consoles me

when I am alone God is everything to me even if I

am nothing God brings me pleasure and serenity in times of sadness and

isolation even though I am weak and defenseless God is my rock thank you

Heavenly Father for the opportunities that may change my life

forever I have faith that you have magnificent plans for my future I give

you complete control over my thoughts desires and feelings in the name of

Jesus Christ peace recovery and Triumph are

all within my reach now you’re about to enter an amazing part where everything

will serve as a training session for you just as you

imagined God will raise your life to new heights this year he has the power to

turn your sorrow into Joy your hardship into strength and your setbacks into

miraculous victories there is Grace for every slip up

strength for every setback a fresh beginning after every loss and a

miraculous recovery after every failure I have a plethora of benefits that will

transform your life forever and that I will bestow upon you and your family

this weekend you mean the world to me and I

love you very much that time is all about getting well everything that the

adversary has stolen from you including your Tranquility wealth and purpose I

can restore there is always hope with God I have been crucified with Christ

Proclaim it with me realize that you are entering a new

era of Liberation wealth and plenty it is not I who live but Christ who lives

in me a fresh start is just around the corner and the worst days are behind

us your desires relationships Health

finances and pleasure everything that appears pointless in your lives as being

revived every day by God think about it when you give your will to God you may

store up riches in heaven and get an abundance of good things on

Earth you are God’s little child and he longs to shower you with blessings that

will change your life forever his desire is to bring you Everlasting Joy To

menend Your Wounds and to provide for all your needs simply type am men to

confirm keep putting your trust in Christ Jesus Jesus the one who

reconciles God and Mankind while you go on your journey the Lord advises believe

in him completely and know that he is with you always Jesus Christ once said I

am the resurrection and the life his followers may enjoy life after

death if they put their faith in him our bodily death is not the end of our

eternal life with him some people didn’t believe in Jesus because they hadn’t

seen him physically but he rewarded those who trusted in him even though

they hadn’t seen him like a mother reassuring her infant

he said he would console us whenever we need Solace and come he is typically

there for us Jesus Christ die and rose again and and we believe that he will

return to Earth at some point to take us to God God will restore your health and

wellness he will remove your sorrow and disappointment and assist you in

overcoming hopelessness you will be blessed and God

will help you succeed and achieve your dreams you will experience immense

mental spiritual and Financial fulfillment in only

months pray often study the Bible and strive to better oneself there will be

more blessings from God than you can imagine everything you undertake this

week will be a smashing success my blessings extend to your

relationships finances health and businesses Jo Serenity he in and

miraculous occurrences await you and my desire for it is

unprecedented a new era of tremendous benefits endless Serenity and God’s

choice begins now spectacular settings may be handpicked by him will be his

gift to you even though you’ve been through a lot it hasn’t prevented God

from using you in his plan no matter the

circumstances God loves you and is willing to do miracles to improve your

life a shift that will alter the course of your life is almost upon

you you will meet the love of your life move into a beautiful new house and

amass enough wealth to support your Ambitions and the goals of your loved

ones in the next week your job finances health and

relationships will all undergo a miraculous transformation you have no

clue how God will send people resources and money your way additionally he has

entrusted angels to watch over and guide you and others you care

about keep in mind that seeking God’s pleasure requires religion and that

those who do so will get rewards just like Daniel who chose to trust God while

in the Lion’s cave you to may choose to agree with God when situations become

tough sustenance and plenty come from Jesus there is no such thing as hunger

or fatigue if you seek him just type am men to check it

according to God no one else can provide the kind of pleasure and serenity that

he does praise be to me the compassionate and ever presentent father

of our Lord Jesus Christ have faith that God will change your sadness into Joy

your prayers are being answered at this very now it’s possible that for may be a

year of tremendous Commerce Innovations and wonders new prospects and exciting

Beginnings move at a snail’s pace I am able to shower you with blessings this

week I have the ability to transform your suffering into strength and your

challenges into opportunities I am also The God Who restores

things I have the ability to find beauty and sadness and find Act accuracy in the

face of terrible tragedy it doesn’t matter if someone has stolen from you I

can fix everything I am going to bless you profusely so hold on to your faith I am

the god who will take care of you my little child for as long as you are

alive your creator might make an appearance after you no matter what you

can count on me to help you out or even save you fantastic opportunities are

manifesting in your life at a rapid Pace in the following days you will

experience extraordinary benefits wonders and

achievements more prosperity and good health await you as you embark on a path

to success and happiness well done pricey new newborn over the next

hours the news that aims to transform your life or constantly Ray on the

smartphone you are now using rest certain at the conclusion of

this week your life will be brimming with immense blessings and miraculous

events that will alleviate all your anxieties if you feel vulnerable or sick

and if you’re Fe feeling down I God he am aware of your anguish

and I feel terrible about it have faith in the tremendous power of healing on

this difficult path may my love envelop you my grace and healing Elevate you and

my presence bring you consolation let me say it again I am

experiencing the Rival breakthroughs in my life now now a dagee of God’s

electrical power not just a trickle because I am someone who has

breakthroughs and chooses to maintain a mentality centered on breakthroughs I am

prone to experiencing floods floods of knowledge fashion and

recuperation it is my expectation that God will wow me with

his kindness and his wisdom I want to shower you with my plentiful blessings

because I am a God who increases good things I am the one who brings

restoration healing and Redemption to the tired I provide Power and to the

despairing I give hope with the Lord’s help your destiny

is already set in motion appreciate the advantages he has bestowed upon you

you will Triumph under his magnificent guidance let us join in prayer thank you

Father for your boundless mercy and love I am grateful that you have given me

another day to share your love with others and bring joy to their lives your

selfless sacrifice on the cross for my sins is much appreciated valuable sov

[Music] Jesus Christ expresses gratitude for the gift of eternal life via his atoning

sacrifice staying untied from sin and totally embracing Your Grace as my

choice today for the gift of life and the promise of another day to bask in

your grace and love I give thanks to you father

God as you enter a new season of blessings the universe is Shifting all

circumstances around you and doors that have been closed for a long time will be

open for you by God Miracles will be a part of your daily

lives you are my beloved and I adore you I am about to amaze you with my kindness

unexpected blessings are on the way in a split second I may change your life pray

to me ask me for assistance and query me for direction and I may Grant

it let go of the weight and focus on me I am going to shake up your world God is

ending every damn cycle in your life a new era of Liberty plenty proper

success and power is about to begin prepare yourself to receive it at Jesus

Cole if God is on your side it doesn’t matter who is against

you I am moving things in your favor so be ready for your blessing and equip

yourself for your miracle if you believe in God then enroll in our Channel

suddenly you will have enough cash to pay off all your debt and payments and

do something bigger for your children please Lord strengthen my faith and show

me how to maintain my focus on you when it’s hard to do this because in the next

hours you will get a large quantity of money from sources you never have

imagined even when you feel like you can’t go on I can muster up the strength

to keep going while you’re down in the dumps I’ll be happy to come

up something that has been weighing you down for a long time is about to come to

an end tonight and a blessing that will alter the course of your life or replace

it if you follow Jesus you will not walk in darkness but in the light of

existence as he said Lord I need your assistance you should say

aloud neither do I have to be afraid of you nor question your intentions I want

to believe in you no matter what life throws at me sweetheart even when it

seems impossible I will find a way if you’re hurt I can help you get

well again not only will God emerge now to lead you into your destiny but he

will also demonstrate to the people around you that he is on your side but

he will will also demonstrate to the people around you that he is on your

side whoever follows me will no longer walk in darkness however they can have

the mild of life thank you Lord for another day may

this afternoon be filled with benefits and your presence for everything we are

eternally thankful to you it is exactly what we need Lord I

will fill you with my peace love restoration and benefits and all your

problems anxieties pressures and anguish will go an end to your hidden sorrows and

pains is being brought to pass by God time is of the essence for peace and

prosperity the moment has come to be famous wealthy and happy

[Music] there is an endless stream of money coming to you an existence altering

Miracle is on its way therefore the suffering will end the tears will dry up

and the doors will open if you are confident type

amen I beg you Lord that in the year you will not let your hand off of

my family or myself while you’re down and up not keep in mind that God is

always there to provide strength and comfort this is why I am noticed blessed

and motivated by God’s grace you are not forgotten because God

who made you is watching over you and he will watch over you throughout the days

of your life providing help and rescue from on high I Will Bless desire and heal you

because of your religion your struggling is over my dear infant your faith has

remain strong through the hardest season of your life praise be to God the father of our

Lord Jesus Christ the father of compassion and comfort who consoles Us

in all our troubles declare that success is yours

no matter what you want to accomplish this week regardless of the conflicts

you are averting Proclaim Triumph believe that you can triumph

over whatever challenge you encounter if you respond to Jesus invitation this

week can be fruitful life faltering and excellent keep in mind that a date with

my son Jesus Christ is the most important date you can have he is your

Redeemer your lifetime companion and your rescuer in times of Sorrow he will

menend your broken heart and console you he will be your Lighthouse even when

everything else fails he may not disappoint you if you accept him at his

word a shower of rain will descend from the heavens showering your land and your

labor with blessing blessings success and love and work will come your way at

a later date and your life will keep getting better no matter what the weekend brings

keep in mind that God is more powerful than anything you’ll encounter count on

his might rather than your own even when you’re down and out give your anxieties

questions and concerns to God his hands can handle

them you will become famous at that school get that job hone your craft find

new possibilities pay off your debt and Escape harmful relationships the path

that seems insurmountable will actually be prepared for you by

God you may go from being a renter to a homeowner an employee to a business

owner a borrower to A lender someone who is in pain to someone who is motivated

and from being overlooked to someone who is in high demand the extraordinary will be

accomplished by God assemble all of your belongings help is on the way he has the

power to unlock doors that no one else can shut if this is what you want please

enter amen here in the name of Jesus Christ I

pronounce blessings prosperity and favor upon you precious baby some of you have

learned upsetting things including the results of a difficult analysis or

details about a youngster stay calm and know that I am

God I am providing you healing wisdom and direction

blessings assistance guidance and solutions coming your

way you may come out stronger wiser and more prepared to face the challenges of

your future after going through this I know you’re exhausted mentally and

physically nevertheless keep moving forward Grace healing and new

possibilities are are on the way for you and your loved ones God will see you

through incredibly God is prepared to shower you

with a plethora of benefits this week has the potential to be filled with

benefits if you stay connected to his presence and follow his

instructions always remember that I am here for you in the times of need

whether it be in times of Joy sadness or loss I am here to provide you some

Solace find the inner fortitude to persevere through challenging times

admit that I am a kind God who does not impose

retribution rather than passing judgment or passing judgment on you I am here to

provide compassion and forgiveness in order for you to share in my ever

lasting life I sent my son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for your

transgressions D us Christ to die on the cross for your

transgressions your lives are being graced by God with unimaginably

wonderful opportunities you are about to embark on a whole new season November is

a month when Miracles are possible therefore it’s possible that you will

have a nice time everything you need for a luxurious

bath full of God’s blessings keep yourself firmly linked to his presence

and follow his Direction with unwavering faithfulness more benefits will pour

down on you this week than ever before prepare yourself for an era of

unprecedented py and wealth you will experience an abundance

of advantages that beyond your wildest dreams come to me and I will mend your

broken heart and restore your financial stability I am here to support you since

I know that many of you have been through tough times financially however

I shall lead you to your peax season I have plenty of good things in

store for you so have faith in me and let me show you the way in recent times

God has given seven promises to you one I will accompany you to point

one will protect you your energy might be . four let me assist you five let

me make the proposition to you six I can provide Tranquility to your life I shall

adore you you forever at ever . expensive Lord I Choose You I

Surrender myself to you I am a living embodiment of your forgiveness and I

invite you to occupy your proper place in my life as My Savior and Lord I pray

this in the name of Jesus Christ please God God is improving your lot and life

and show ing His blessings on you and your loved ones with each setback you

will overcome it and he will heal your wounds remember that God is with you

constantly providing electricity and comfort even when Sadness and Sorrow

overwhelm you today God promises that you will

face no danger in response to Jesus invitation your your health your time

your thoughts and your loved ones will all grow people may mention your number even

if you’ve never been there I’m going to bring something of exceptional quality

into your lives this weekend since I am already at work you

may take it easy and destroys in the end I will make all your bad luck Co bless

your loved ones and heal whatever wounds you may be carrying even Satan himself

will be unable to see the door I am about to open you are still on my

mind your prayers have been heard and your tears have been seen this gift will

change your life so be ready be confident in your claims money and new

house a breakthrough perfect Health financial Independence and true love are

on the way if you believe in the son you will live forever but whomever disobeys the

son will not see life but God’s anger will stay on them Jesus promised that

you would have enough of money since the universe is working for your benefit

right now Jesus Christ Alone can open the door

to the father he promises to empower you even when you feel like giving up to

cheer you up when you’re sad to point you in the right path when it seems like

there’s no way and to equip you with the knowledge to make the right

decisions however you are to seek my help therefore stop worrying about

anything instead set your minds on God and enjoy the day that he has given you

truly his love and kindness will be with you always and you will live in his home

forever everything you have ever wanted is coming your way at the perfect time

and the universe is lining up to make it happen you are entering a season of

abundant love and natural resources the Lord says I will prevent

you won’t fall through the sword but you’ll break out along with your life due to the fact you agree with me

father in response to Jesus prayer you are the god of unlimited Miracles please

be kind to me and strengthen me in this time of

need the Lord the mighty rescuer who takes pleasure in you will no longer

chastise you but will rejoice over your songs of praise all in the name of Jesus

Christ amen God has decided that whomever

analyzes this will become a millionaire in the next months and I am telling

you that heaven will not rest until you are blessed beyond measure I demand that

all your problems and hardships be eliminated from your life at the command

of Jesus Christ God said say call on me today and

I will heal your sickness and reveal to you Great and Powerful things that you

do not know he is sending money to your house right now so think about him you might

be grinning in a few hours it could be midnight but I have a miracle that you

can call on the Lord is aware of your prayers and

responds with I’m doing more than that do not let another day go by without

giving thanks to God for the miracle that will be yours first thing in the

morning dear God I want to express my gratitude for everything that you have

done in my life Your Grace has been a huge blessing to my way of

life you currently have sorrow but I will see you again and your coronary

heart will have a good time and no one will take your joy far from you Jesus

added prayer will lead you to the proper region the proper people and the proper

possibilities prop or people and the proper

possibilities God is changing your situation he will bless you and your

family he will heal your wounds suddenly you will meet the right people your

health will improve doors that seem closed May open

your prayers may be answered despite everything that seems impossible I will

find a way I will heal you and restore you every once in a while you may feel

misunderstood forgotten or ignored but I understand you and I will never ignore

you you are are unique to me and I will always love you in just a few minutes I

can change your life pray to me seek my help if you are seeking guidance and I

will grant it I am by your sigh get this I am going to win in every

way monetarily psychologically spiritually emotionally and physically

faith is when you give thanks to God in the midst of a storm think about him in

a valley and follow him in the midst of a dark night don’t worry about whatever rather

pray about the whole lot you’re most productive and prosperous days are

almost here you are precious because God made you you are lovely because God died

for you tell God what you desire and thank him for all that he has

done your worries will be replaced with religion I will guide you through

difficult times you will always be there for you expensive God open every door in

my lifestyle and near those who want to be close you are true and ideal and I am

blessed to call you my God God cares for you you are secure God is with you you

are no longer alone dear child you may release all

your worries and stress since this will be the last night you will weep our God

is powerful stronger than everything I am facing right

now as Jesus said I am the bread of life he would strengthen your weak spots cure

your ills and renew your love and serenity throughout your

being those who seek me will never be hungry and those who put their faith in

me will never thirst put God as with me into the

blank listen closely my darling I am happy with all your achievements this

weekend you will experience such pleasure that others round will be over

overwhelmed with joy and Faith from this point forward you are breaking through

and miracles are becoming a regular part of your life if you pray to me and ask for

anything I will probably Grant your request your return will be in the month

of November your health relationships and budget will all be

restored by my hand your dreams will become reality very

soon remain strong and fear not for your God is about to punish those who oppose

you he’s on his way to put a stop to it soar to new heights and your love life

love heals you physically and fills you with pure energy I will protect you you will not

perish by sword but you will escape with your life God said once again you are

free to laugh trust and love God sometimes pulls you back until

the path is safe to stay on promising to return all that the adversary and the

devil stole from you if you pray before you sleep while

you wake up when life is hard when you’re satisfy and in case you’re

confused God will find a way so be happy with everything you have

because what’s meant for you will not pass you by as worship becomes second nature to

you miracles become your way of life declare it with conviction my wealth is

endless my income is ever increasing and money comes to me effortlessly if you

abide in me and my words abide in you God loves the world so much that he

sent his one and only son so that everyone who believes in him would not

perish but have everlasting life the pain you’ve been experiencing is nothing

compared to the joy that is coming we know that God works all things

together for the good of those who love him and are known as consistent with his

motive I parted the Red Sea do you not believe that I will rescue you from this

trouble you are in you are about to receive the health riches love and inner

peace for which you have prayed all areas of your life are

flourishing with extraordinary force and you are drawing genuine love into

it in the midst of your adversaries I will openly bless restore and redeem you

you might have sin wept and asked why in secret but now you are about to

experience more joy than ever before according to the Lord no matter

how bad things become you should always remember that the Lord your God is the

who will accompany you to fight against your foes and ensure your Triumph NE I

want to express my gratitude to you Heavenly Father for this amazing day and

the extraordinary life you have given me I am blessed to be the object of your

affection my dear by the grace of God Amen Proclaim

this with authority in the name of Jesus I refuse to be afflicted by the world’s

problems my life will reflect the care of God God please dear God teach me to use the

appropriate words in the appropriate context with the appropriate tone soul

that I too may have a life of contentment and

joy you should arm yourself which you are not here to stay you are about to

experience tremendous benefits and breakthroughs in short I adore you

incredible benefits miraculous changes and groundbreaking discoveries all be

yours in the next days the next benefit you get may come

as a surprise I used to be the one listening while you prayed my kindness

will W you in no time the financial bounds that are on the way to you cannot

be stopped by anything equip yourself with your strengths and and your miraculous

abilities with God’s help you may be able to amass a fortune the next day so

get a good night’s rest in you will be affluent because of

God to not be afraid God will redeem your situation and reward you even while

your adversaries Lo on May for be a year of Tranquility Good Fortune

optimism and accurate data rest certain God will send you a

magnificent gift by a person to solve all your financial problems within the

next days if you ask God he will lead you to places no one in your family has

ever gone before opportunity has been shaped by

him moreover show favoritism as if it were in visible what follows is going to

be a fantastic six months more benefits and Marvels will

come your way than you had ever imagined and a flash I will alleviate all of your

worries fears pressures and pain and then I will fill your life with my love

healing Serenity and blessings the Lord your God can

accomplish all you can imagine imagine even if it seems to good to be true have

faith in him and you will see his hand at work in your lives I have faith in

you an end is in sight to the anguish suffering and restless

nights immediate gamechanging advantages are approaching arm yourself with the

tools of faith and thankfulness to capture their attention proclaiming

Jesus is Lord and believing in your heart that God resurrected him from the

dead will get you saved your history is my business and I

will provide you hope for the future as well as a purpose for your gift if you

only believe me wonderful things will start to happen for you put your trust

in the Lord and He will sustain you he will not let the upright be swayed in

the year may I and my family are never left alone

by God my location blessings and stimulation are all gifts from

God the word of God says God is working behind the scenes to bring about your

own Miracle God will heal you reveal true love to you and Shout you and your

lot ones with many blessings there are a lot of things in my life for which I am

glad but the one thing I am most grateful for is God I wouldn’t have anything else to be

thankful for if he weren’t here thank God no matter what this is his desire

for you in Christ Jesus the days of pain effort and aggravation are over

deliverance from dependency depression and disillusionment is on the way thanks

to God keep in mind that no matter how bad things become God is always there to

help he keeps an eye on you here’s what you have to say and will save you if you

need everything in the cosmos is coming together to bestow wealth onto you

everything you’ve hoped for is about to come true when everything is going well in

their lives people sometimes fail to see that I have blessed them kindly remember

me I would like it if you live near by it come and put your worries at my feet

bring me your problems and I will find Solutions healing and resources for you

to your life I will offer Joy prosperity and everlasting

Tranquility what has been lost might be seen and what has been broken could be

repaired you are being ready for your triumphant return at the end of this

week more good fortune and possibilities are on the

way have faith that the next week brings Joy Beautiful People blessings and

remarkable outcomes your bills will be paid your heart will be healed your

family will be protected and these days will be absolutely amazing trust in the

universe I am always attentive to your prayers once in a while I find out the

answer by accident once again you will find love agree and laugh I can restore

what you’ve lost I Will Never Let You Down even even when other people may put

your faith in me and I will show you the way to happiness in addition to guiding you

toward your destiny God goes to demonstrate his magnificence by being by

your side to better appreciate the advantages that are coming your way be

content with what you have right now keep praying I know you can’t always see

my movements and eventually everything will fall into

place now that my baby is here I can communicate healing and well-being I

wish you a life filled with tranquility and

security you and others you care about will soon partake in an enjoyable

experience and you will have a great time doing it Lord you are both just and

merciful with boundless and wavering affection for everyone who calls on

you my dear friends let us love one another since God is the source of all

True Romance do not give up if you are going through tough circumstances

instead talk to me about what’s bothering you and we can overcome this

together have faith that I I have greater plans for you when I ask you to

let anything go I am resolving the issue you are worried about and a beneficial

transaction is on the way if you need this please enter amen

instead please Lord keep in mind that the devil is untruthful and that my

inflated self-esteem is a product of his deceit this week while I work toward

achieving our goals I will practice manualized my heart and protecting my

intellect the Angels want you to know that the person who ban your phone is

aware of your pain and is planning to unblock you soon they want to declare their love for

you and can’t bear the thought of a world without you you won’t have to wait

much longer for releas from your pain it’s already here may you and your loved

ones be blessed Lord Jesus you are the rock

around which I may build my life please heal not only myself but also my family

and friends you have my unwavering support and my unending

optimism this week God will accomplish something wonderful for you way of life

blessings and breakthroughs will abound in it predict a change in the balance of

power in your favor if you’re doing the analysis do not be afraid I will help

you because I love you I am the Lord your God who holds your right

hand praise be to the father who is both the source of mercy and the source of

all com Comfort Tower Lord Jesus Christ Heaven is debating your advantages

angels have been assigned to you and God is acting on your

behalf Whom Shall I dread the Lord is my salvation and my mild where can I find

safety except in the Lord my Fortress dear father you are everything to us we

appreciate your unending support and the love you’ve always shown us we venerate

and adore you your current struggles are coming to

anend and a new door is about to open for you unexpected benefits good news

and life faltering Miracles might come your way this month in the near future

you will experience a plethora of benefits and

breakthroughs you could experience a change for for the better in your health

career relationships and bank account this week give me your way of life and I will make

excellent use of it until your situation changes and miracles occur daily keep

praying if you are still reading this may God bless you with perfect health

Joy plenty and tranquility and may He also take away

your worries suffering fear and bewilderment you may say it out loud I’m

attracting the affection cash and life of my dreams though you are in suffering

God sees and intends better things for you good health and aoon are on the way

to you punch in am men to make it stand wait for a little longer and help

answers healing blessings and miracles will come says Jesus the next month will

be better than the last an extraordinary and unexpected event is

about to take place amazing favor New

Opportunities and jaw-dropping benefits away to you in the next days saying do

not fear I am able to help you do to the fact that I love you God is holding your

hand Believers will be blessed for their rewards will be greater than their

prayers God is pleased with those who dread him and put their trust in his

unfaltering affection without any effort on my part money just keeps pouring

in something specific is about to happen and you’re the one who will experience a

miracle first even if it may seem impossible I can find a

way I will make a wish for you fix you strengthen you and heal you your anguish

and perseverance are plain to see and you will soon reap the

rewards what follows may come as a pleasant surprise to you you will soon

experience the joy of my kindness I used to listen intently are you

prayed there are a lot of things going through your head right now and I get

that think about your loved ones your health your finances and your career if

you only give me control I will shower you with blessings you are the most wonderful

baby ever you are about to have a monetary windfall as the cosmos removes

any toxins from your way perhaps you will experience more joy than in the

past your life will be filled with Tranquility stress will subside and

despair will no longer hold you captive everything in your life from

your love life to your profession will take off when I open a door for you in

the morning thanks to God’s favor your phone will have great news Proclaim it

with trust and appreciation anything you ask for in

prayer accept is true that you have acquired it and it will likely be yours

do not be afraid anymore says God he already has a strategy for

you baby take a nap in spite of the bad circumstances I am already hard at work

blessing your family and helping you heal from your injuries keep on because

your life is about to undergo a miraculous change simply enter Amen to get it says

the Lord as we enter the year Envision a year filled with

Rejuvenation change benefits and wonders it’s a season of Fresh Starts

brighter Futures and end the possibilities this week your advantages

will increase threefold I am the god of multiplication therefore put your faith

in my words in order to fo the enemy’s schemes

I will dispatch angels in advance in this battle you will have allies and I

will protect you look forward to an abundance of good

health money and success that whomever believes in Jesus Christ will not perish

to have eternal life that is God loves the world so much that he sent his only

son a time of blessings and wonders is upon you this season goes beyond your

situations constraints and setbacks this is the season of Limitless resources

Perpetual calm and heavenly intervention I am the beginning and the

end the deity of all creation when you need Insight knowledge or specifics you

can count on me my intentions for you are good I want nothing but good for

you your money situation will blow your mind in the next months while your love

life and spiritual life will improve even more set your burdens aside and

remain here for me not for yourself Jesus said

once you may rely on me to keep you apprised of developments and to guide

you through challenging times in order to bring you bigger Grins

and tremendous Financial advantages I am preparing to shower you

with endless perks get yourself organized for the very nice things I

have discussed with you allow that time to be a time of

renewal for you everything that the troublemakers stole from you including

your peace riches and cause will be returned to you by

God think about this there may be Everlasting optimism in God Will We join

together in proclaiming it is not I who live now but Christ who lives within me

because I was crucified with Christ submit Amen to

confirm I have trust in the Son of God who loved me so much that he sacrificed

his life for me and I hold that faith in my life here on Earth pray this with me

father I apologize for venting my frustrations when things don’t go my way

I have a terrible attitude and I ask for your

forgiveness I want to see your hand at work in every moment of my day okay or

terrible even when I can’t hear your voice or see your hand at work help me

find ways to face each storm confidently knowing that you are in charge with

Christ’s name engraved on the stone the prayer takes

place [Music]

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