God has issued a warning for the bed you


upon listen carefully people of

God your bed is becoming the concern for

God and this is the reason he has issued

a warning this time and trust me all

those who are going to mock this warning

will regret later now before I start

this video I would like to pray

this heavenly father we thank you for

your love and protection over

us your

children we ask for your presence to be

filled by those watching this

video remind us to turn to you in times

of need to seek SES in your presence


struggles when fear creates hips in

replace it with your

peace when worries consume us calm our

minds and let us feel your

nearness grant us Divine guidance in all


do when we feel weak and TI give us the

strength to

persevere to overcome challenges and to

triumph over our

battles thank you for listening to our

prayers lot in Jesus lovely name we pray

amen now Children of the

almighty the bed you sleep

upon is not just a place of rest but a

sanctury where your spirit is

rejuvenated where dreams are born and

where you commune with God in your most


state it is a Sacred Space and it is

under this Sacred Space that the enemy

has been trying to

infiltrate the enemy has been using your

bath your place of rest to sew seeds of

discard fear and

doubt he has been whispering lies into

your ears as you sleep trying to turn

you away from the part of

righteousness but caught in his infinite

wisdom and love has seen this and that

is why he has issued a

warning God is calling you to sanctify

your PA to cleanse it of all

impurities he’s asking you to pray over

your bed to cover it with with the blood

of Jesus to declare it a noo zone for


enemy he is asking you to reclaim your

bed for his glory to make it a place

where his presence

dwells this is what God has spoken to

all of his

children children of the Earth this is

your heavenly father

speaking I have seen your

struggles your fears and your

doubts I have seen how the enemy has

been using your place of rest your

bed to Soul seeds of discard and

fear but fear not for I am with you you

are more than a conqueror in Christ


a holy nation and royal

priesthood I choose you before you were

formed in the

world I predestine you to be blessed and

to be a vessel of love and kindness to

others never forget my love for you

surpasses your ability to

comprehend I do not care about your

current state I will always be by your

side loving you ready to forgive and

restore your life my

child walk with the certainty that I

will never leave

you I will be a shield and defender in


times I will be a hope and freedom and

moments of

distress no harm will befall you

for my angels encamp around you

safeguarding your soul in perfect

peace therefore trust in me until the

very end and you will experience all of

my abundant and beautiful

blessings I love you my

child remember I am never far always


you my child I will accomplish something

Grand in your life this season this

month for you have been chosen to

overcome and be

blessed listen closely to my voice for

today I speak to tell you to not dispear

or dread what lies

ahead do not allow anxiety to invade

your hurt or fear to Cloud your way for

I am with

you I walk beside you even in the midst

of your struggles and

trials I will not abandon you I am here

to sustain and protect you as you travel

through this

world do not let heart conquer you do

not let the criticisms and murmurs of

others bring you

down for I am with you in every

tribulation and battle I have witnessed

your faith even in the face of the


attacks I have seen how you remain stit

fast and

unshakable a true Testament of my love


power you have both holy proclaimed my

word with courage and

conviction and this fills me with pride


joy regain your strength now my child

and rise up with

isol do not forget beyond the dark

Valley of Shadows lies the vast Garden

of my

promises there you will find joy peace

and Abundant

Blessings it is there you will witness

the outpouring of blessings upon you and

generations to

follow tell me now will you still doubt

my plans will you continue to believe

that I’m not communicating with you or

hearing your

voice will you possess IST in ignoring

the signs messages and warnings I send

through my

messengers say no Lord if you

disagree and rest a sh on your bed under


name says the

Lord now people of God did you heard


carefully Children of the almighty what

God is trying to conve about the bed you

daily sleep upon did you understand

it if you’re still confusing and

wondering what God might be telling to

you this particular time then let me

help you to understand it more

effectively know that child of God when

you lie down on your bed you are not

just resting your body but but you’re

also resting your spirit you are

entering into a state of

vulnerability a state where your spirit

is open to

influence and this is why it is very

crucial to ensure that your bet is a

place of God’s presence a place where is

love peace and protection envelop

you so heed this warning children of God

do not take it lightly sanctify your B

pray over it declare it as a place of


presence and do not let the enemy use it

to seow seeds of discard and


remember God has given you authority

over all the power of the

enemy you must use this authority to

reclaim your birth for his

glory and to those who mock this warning

remember the words of Proverbs verse

there is a way that appears to be

right but in the end it leads to

only defeat so do not be deceived by the

enemy’s lies people of God and do not

let Pride blind you to the truth heed

this warning and sanctify your

bth may God’s peace love and protection

be with you all may his presence fill

your bed and your

homes may you find rest in his arms and

may your dreams be filled with his

Visions in Jesus lovely Mighty and

glorious name we pray

amen now remember children of

God the bed you sleep upon is not just a

piece of furniture but a Sacred Space so

treat it with the respect and reverence

it deserves God bless you

all now when you have received this

divine message I would like to request

you to please say this prayer with all

your faith and God’s Powers will help

you sanctify your bir with his

Holiness so let us start

praying Heavenly Father we come before

you humbled and on by the depth of your

love and the breath of your

grace as we prepare to lay ourselves

down to rest we come to you with HS full

of gratitude for all the blessings you

have bestowed upon

us we thank you for the a we breathe for

the food on our travels and for the love

of our families and for the joy that

fills our

lives in a world filled with chaos and

uncertainty we seek so lays in your

presence we Y for the comfort of your

love the reassurance of your promises

and the peace that only you can

give as we settle into our BS we ask for

your Divine protection to surround us we

pray that you would wrap us in your

loving arms shielding us from the

worries of of the

world let your peace which surpasses all

understanding fill a hurts and Minds let

it wash over us like a soothing bar

dispelling any anxieties or fears that

may linger from the

day replace our worries with trust our

fears with faith and her doubts with

certainty in your promises

Lord we acknowledge your dependence on

you for rest and

renewal we recognize that without you we


powerless we need you lot more than the

year we

breathe grant us a peaceful night’s

sleep free from

disturbances and

worries May our bodies find comfort and


our minds find Clarity and peace and our

Spirits find rest and Restoration in


presence we offer our bests to you Lord

as symbols of our surrender and Trust in


care we invite you into our sleeping

spaces asking that you would sanctify

them with your

presence May these humble sleeping


be transformed into places of refuge and

Sanctuary where we can find rest for


Souls as we drift off to sleep we

entrust ourselves into your loving hands


God we surrender our dreams our hopes

and our fears to you knowing that you

are ever watchful and ever

present Shield us from the schemes of


enemy and guard us from harm as we rest

Under The Shadow of Your

Wings thank you Lord for the gift of

sleep and the promise of a New Day

Dawning we thank you for the hope that

each New Day brings for the

opportunities to grow in faith and

love and for the chance to serve you in

all we

do may be awakened refreshed and renewed

ready to face whatever challenges lie

ahead with faith and courage under your

name in Jesus lovely glorious and mighty

name we pray

amen now people of God share this video

with at least faithful believer you

know with the people you love the

most and let them be aware of their beds

in their

homes be a part of God’s Mighty plans

and spreading his kingdom all over the

Earth he always bless

you forever

more amen

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