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after the next minutes you will yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you today my beloved child I know life feels

overwhelming right now worries and troubles swirl around

threatening your peace but I want you to know that I am here with you surrounding you with my

love and strength the challenges you face will not Define you or Rob you of the good

things I have planned you’ve been through a lot already you’ve poured yourself out for

others giving generously of your time and energy and now in a season that should

be filled with blessings hardships are testing your faith but hear me do not be

afraid what I have in store for you is greater than anything you’ve

lost I am the author of your story I have allowed these trials

because I am preparing you for amazing things ahead get ready to witness a miracle

that will leave you and your loved ones in awe they will be so moved that they will

humble themselves recognizing my love and regretting their

doubts even those who questioned you will seek your forgiveness

they may have mocked your faith but my kindness is so great that I have come to

personally demonstrate my love so I am speaking to you now with

gentleness and Care encouraging you to remain calm and

courageous hold fast to your dreams and don’t let the hardships of this world

frighten you there will be moments when it seems like everything is crumbling

While others are gripped by fear turning to hatred and abandoning The Hope I’ve

given you will stand firm like a tree planted by water you will grow in wisdom and Faith

bearing good fruit and your hope will endure you will know peace protection

and an abundance of spiritual blessings even as others are consumed by anxiety

and emptiness because they have turned away from my God guidance like and share

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Jesus don’t follow the crowd Keep Your Home Free from strife

and disagreements distance yourself from those who try to make you

doubt pay no attention to hurtful or foolish words keep evil at

Bay stay Vigilant and courageous encourage your family members

to forgive and show kindness to one another so work on forgiving each

other I have already forgiven everyone and do not continually remind them of

their wrongs I forgive and forget their transgressions which I have cast into

the depths of the sea don’t keep reopening Old Wounds

don’t dredge up long past mistakes don’t stir up Conflict by

rehashing offenses I’ve already forgiven or by blaming one another for recent

missteps forgive and release and my holy spirit will dwell in your

hearts those who truly love and know me always strive to forgive and forget not

allowing guilt or disputes to dictate their emotions behaviors or thoughts pay

attention to my words be faithful and heed my guidance

and you will see your life transform for the better experiencing many of the blessings I’ve promised come

alive your emotions Won’t Be Shaken by unexpected changes and your problems

won’t bring you down I want you to live in peace with a deep inner

calm I’m not saying you’ll have a life without challenges only those who are

fearful desire a life without the need for effort or

responsibility type if you believe in Jesus time and again I have told you

to work hard and be brave not to give into fear or quit you don’t have to be paralyzed by

fear or plagued with doubt just as I have been with you in

the past help you overcome difficulties I will do it again and

again my love knows no bounds my kindness is

inexhaustible your life is secure with me your accomplishments are recorded in

my book your success is assured your Victory is

certain tomorrow I will once again provide the strength your heart

requires I will pour out joy and blessings on your family the windows of

heaven will open and prosperity will rain down on your household trust in the plans I have for

you for nothing and no one can thwart them today I reaffirm this Covenant

between you and me be strong and brave set your sights

on a future filled with Abundant Blessings I don’t want you to worry

anymore anymore leave despair behind and rest peacefully for I am your Shepherd

your lord your savior I send you these words from my holy Throne praying that

you will cherish them in your heart if you are tired come to me and I

will give you rest this I ask of you with great love

don’t try to do everything on your own if you feel overwhelmed by the

multitude of problems s around you stop what you’re doing and kneel I’m going to fill your life with

the spiritual strength you need and you’ll stand up again ready to confront

evil no one can harm you you’re protected from any danger type Amen in

the name of Jesus each morning the sun will rise illuminating your path showing

you that I’m with you from sunrise to sunset you will feel my presence all

around you and extraordinary things will begin to happen don’t look back or long for your

old misguided ways don’t return to places where you felt insignificant or allow those who

hurt you to have any control over you now is the time to move towards your

goals and with my help you’ll achieve them walk with me hold my hand and and

when you encounter a challenge ask for a miracle I will surely answer I’ll be

right there with you on every Journey every step of the way you’re going to witness amazing things your past

mistakes will be made right people you offended will forgive you your path will

be clear your enemies will keep their distance the chains holding you back

will break and you’ll experience true happiness and freedom

for every minute you spent in shame you will be rewarded with peace and prosperity I want to protect and shield

you from all evil preventing you from falling into the abyss of death and sin

that seeks to separate you from me my light illuminates your life to

prevent the enemy from leading you down Paths of darkness and

deception never seek revenge find within my words the strength I I wish to give

you to endure amidst the attacks so that you may stand firm and not stumble so

that your faith and loyalty never waver don’t allow emotions like anger

frustration or bitterness to take root in your heart forgive those who hurt you and

pray for them but keep moving forward without hesitation because there are still many good things in store for

you you can only progress freely when you forgive and let go of the past so

leave what’s behind and look forward to what’s coming because happy and blessed days are on the horizon type yes if you

are ready for the blessings that you are about to receive and if you believe in

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thanks from $ to $ remember everything you have is a

gift of Grace and through your faith I am blessing you with gifts for which you

should always be grateful I ask for your unwavering loyalty to always put me first in your

life seek me first thing each day and think carefully before you

act my precious child when you reach out to me I will

always be there to guide and support you true Victory and success don’t come from

your own efforts or cleverness but from the strength and spirit that I

provide fully Embrace this truth in your heart and you will achieve even greater

things don’t get distracted worrying about the harmful intentions of others

or fall into their traps instead bring everything to me in

prayer trusting that I will handle it your enemies want to separate you from

my presence leaving you vulnerable they reject my name in order to harm you let

them think you are unaware of their schemes and show yourself to be gentle and peaceful knowing that I will ensure

they face the consequences they deserve don’t back down when people try

to humiliate you use my word as your protection and weapon keep everything I tell you in

your heart remember it and put it into practice from now on my word is life and

gives you the wisdom to know what to do in challenging times I will always be with you so let

go of your doubts and fears I know what you’ve been through and I see how you’ve

remained strong even in tough situations everything is going to be all

right I’m taking care of your life help Health finances dreams and loved

ones write this down and declare it out loud I believe and receive it type I

embrace my power to affirm I am loved and will not be abandoned or

disappointed my promise stands firm today even When The World Turns its back

on you and you feel alone no matter what happens I’ll be right there with you

watching over for your family your well-being and the blessings and talents

I’ve given you so much so what’s your next step will you trust in what I’ve

said my promises are true and certain walk closely with me with a calm and

peaceful Heart full of confidence our covenant will be

unbreakable forever I understand that the busyness of life sometimes causes you to neglect

our relationship so when there’s a quiet moment when the noise stops and you have

a chance to talk with me come to me spending even a brief moment with me

is better than ours in a world filled with problems come to me and I’ll listen

to your prayers you know you can find the peace you’re looking for through your sincere

and loving faith in my words you already know this

when I make a promise I keep it and if something is Promised in my word those

promises are more reliable and Lasting than anything on Earth you love me so

give me your heart immerse yourself in my teachings and believe with all that you

are I appreciate your dedication and passion and I will reward you for

it I’ve given you the power to walk safely through dangers fiery trials and

difficult paths you’re blessed with the ability to overcome fears and avoid

harm you don’t need big dramatic displays for my strength to be

evident type I’m abundant to affirm your simple Faith grateful heart obedience

and courage are enough the enemy isn’t intimidated when

people just loudly claim my words without truly believing them they talk a big game about their

love for me but then they judge and criticize others outside of their

Gatherings that’s why I can’t do Miracles there but I’ve chosen you to work

through to perform wonders through your words and actions don’t let any challenge hold you

back with my love and Power you’ll overcome huge obstacles and defeat

formidable opponents when you feel lonely and all you have are tears reach

out to me I’ll end your pain sorrow and

loneliness you don’t need to explain a thing just say my name and I’ll lift the

burdens weighing you down I know you’ve given so much love

and attention and received very little in return but but I see your

hardships and I’m going to pour out blessings on you bring me your exhausted body and

weary heart and I will give you rest I will remove all your suffering

and sadness I know what you’ve done out of love and how you’ve been repaid with

dishonesty and betrayal they didn’t value or appreciate

you I want you to know that that I’ve seen everything you’ve gone through and I understand you

completely I understand your emotions and what you’ve experienced to get to this

point I have always been with you I’m with you now and I’ll always be

with you from today onward your faith is made new and your eyes are open to a new life

where you truly feel and Trust in my love this is my promise to you entrust your

life and heart to me and I’ll be right there with you to love you and relieve your pain like and share the video if

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surround you with my love and give you the Deep peace that will strengthen your

spirit if you stumble I’ll pick you up if you start losing courage I’ll fill

you with strength don’t let fear or false accusations bother you or the lies and

harsh words of others don’t let those with evil intentions see you fall just believe in

me because I see your good heart and watch as I make those who oppose you

flee in fear watch as your life becomes full of Peace wisdom success health and

happiness richly blessed by the goodness that comes from above completely enveloping

you with me by your side all your dreams will become reality you’ll feel my

presence within you transforming you the people around you will notice it

too seeing the joy and peace radiating from you in the morning wake up early be

attentive and you will clearly hear my voice assuring you of my con

love don’t be discouraged when things don’t happen as you

expected take a moment just a few minutes and if you find yourself so

disheartened that you can’t speak then be quiet even then I can hear

you give me a little time alone with you close the doors of your room and

remember these words I’m telling you I am your Shepherd your conf confid an

here to comfort you in the midst of this chaos many problems attack you life’s

blows dampen your spirit but I say to you with great tenderness I love

you feel it deeply and let the warmth fill your entire being a river of holy

emotions washing away thoughts of failure type to show your belief in

Jesus when you begin to doubt yourself when hope seems Out Of Reach you’ll soon

realize that this feeling of Despair isn’t real just close your eyes be still and

let me reach out to comfort your heart and calm your mind I’ll make the turmoil

end Let’s Wait For Peace together I’m not angry when you lose

patience I understand and look at you with compassion when you think you failed and

feel regret I’m not here to reprimand you remember I gave my life for you on

the cross not abandoning you even when you felt lost weighed down by

mistakes so all the more I’m right here with you waiting for the moment your

heart will be at peace a moment I’m eagerly anticipating release the

thoughts that drag you back into turmoil don’t worry about getting what isn’t yet

yours to have trust in me and you will lack nothing my beloved

child I know the worries that weigh heavy on your heart the fears that keep

you up at night but I want you to know that you don’t have to carry these burdens

alone I am here always ready to fill the emptiness in your soul with my

overwhelming love and unshakable peace the words I speak to you now are

not just empty promises but a guarantee of the incredible unbreakable joy that awaits

you when you trust in me I am anointing you with my holy presence empowering you to rise above

your challenges and shine brighter than ever before I long to hear the truth from

your own lips to know the depths of your faith and the sin sincerity of your belief I am not a distant wrathful God

but a loving father who yearns to be close to you type to manifest miracles in

your life I have made a New Covenant with you inscribing my laws upon your

heart and guiding you with my spirit you don’t need to search far and

wide for my answers I am always ready to listen to respond and to bless you

abundantly we have begun a new Bond of love and I promise to give you

extraordinary blessings and stunning Miracles right here on Earth all I ask is that you trust in me

let go of the confusion and complications that cloud your mind and focus on the present moment invest in

the relationships and activities that bring you true fulfillment and take care of your responsibilities with diligence

even now I am working in you making changes that you can feel deep

within Embrace these shifts and don’t get sidetracked by things that don’t

build you up stay Brave and determined and I will fill you with

ideas and plans through my teachings make time for me whether it’s in the

morning evening or whenever you can spare a moment

open your Bible and read it slowly allowing each word to sink into your

heart you’re on the verge of discovering something profound if you truly desire it the

words of our new agreement are powerful and each phrase you absorb will transform your life in wonderful ways

look to the examples of those who followed me before how they prayed together until my Holy Spirit touched

them and Witnesses saw Flames above their heads as they worshiped in many

languages such incredible moments are still possible today just as they were

for my first servants but remember they faced pain

and persecution yet my spirit was evident in their lives Miracles happened the sick were

healed lepers cleansed the blind could see and countless people were filled

with joy it is my deepest desire for you to experience that same boundless Joy

today I want to equip you to pray and witness great miracles in your own

life so I ask you do you want and accept this blessing type yes if you are ready for

the blessings that you are about to receive and if you believe in

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the supernatural reality of my love and affection today I am speaking to you

from the depth of My Heart with words of encouragement and affection may this moment be significant

a time when your soul finds rest and your mind releases the pressures that

sometimes times bring tears to your eyes listen carefully to my sacred promises

inspired by my spirit to bring you healing wisdom and hope I share these words gently placing

them in your heart with Heavenly sweetness they will remain

there deeply rooted standing firm against any force that tries to remove

them these words will grow and produce good fruit shaping your character and

comforting you as you journey through life when you sleep wrapped in my love

you’ll have dreams touched by the Divine know how deeply I love you and

how much you truly mean to me every beat of your heart reminds me

of how precious you are place your hand on your heart and feel its Rhythm it means you’re alive

because of me you’ve welcomed me in and now I am with

you filling your being my Holy Spirit within you speaks

I’ve been with you I am with you and I will always be attentive to your

journey I’m here always ready to listen I see your struggles and your

concerns I know your hopes and dreams your goals and sincerity touch my

heart but what brings brings me the most Joy is your devotion your faith inspires me to

provide generously for you and to give you even greater blessings pay close

attention to what I command be strong and courageous type if you believe in

Jesus Don’t Be Afraid or discouraged for I the Lord your God am with you wherever

you go in this world you will face trials and tri tribulations there will be times

when you feel weak scared and hardened but my Holy Spirit lives within

your heart you can face any challenge that comes your way with confidence and

determination in the spiritual realm only the brave rise up I have given you

all my promises I have made you wise and strong to face the

obstacles always remember I’m your almighty God the one who created

everything in heaven and on earth when you have faith in me you

can’t be defeated I am your way your life your

truth the enemy tries to shake you with lies trying to steal your peace but you

know who you trust and deep inside you know your savior is

alive he stands Mighty to protect you the enemy runs away ashamed back to

where he came from frightened and trembling don’t get trapped in the darkness of sadness again

don’t ignore what I say don’t think you’re trapped in a corner of hopelessness

defeated that won’t happen keep your head up you won’t be

brought down you’re under the protection of your Almighty and Sovereign God

even if you can’t see me your heart knows that I’m real and present as you listen to my voice the

fire of your faith grows stronger surrounding you with a supernatural presence who can overcome

you not sickness or lack not financial problems not treacherous enemies not

boastful tongues not slander or lies I have poured out my Spirit of life

upon you I have raised my banner of victory over you lift up the hour bless those around

you with your faith let people see the mighty work I do in

you type Amen in the name of Jesus those who doubted your value and belittled you

will see and be ashamed that day has come let me carry

your heavy burdens and all your worries remember my love is so strong that

nothing can separate you from it I’m here to guide protect and love

you unconditionally always ready to comfort your heart and give you

strength to remind you once more be brave and strong and trust in

me move forward knowing that my love and kindness will always be with you when

you go through difficult times s like walking through fire Don’t Be

Afraid when you feel overwhelmed like drowning in deep Waters stand firm and

keep going don’t give up remember my voice speaking to you

assuring you that you belong to me take care of yourself type I claim it if you

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