GOD SAYS: I AM UNCHANGING… God’s Message Now | God message today | God MESSAGE For You

my dear child listen closely for when

you do I’ll share my words with you be patient and I’ll provide for you have faith and you’ll see my

promises come true right before your eyes the words I share are full of life

they always reach their intended Mark every day I send you a message

through my Holy Spirit delivered by angels so your heart can uncover it and swell with happiness knowing that

extraordinary Miracles are on the horizon be aware of what’s unfolding

these are significant times and I have a special and wonderful plan I want to

bring to life in you don’t be distracted by the negative things happening around you or let your

spirit be weighed down even if your finances aren’t ideal

or if your health is challenging don’t be afraid to dream big dare to ask for

the things you think are Beyond reach for with me you have the freedom to dream and request the seemingly

impossible your heartfelt gratitude and your blossoming Faith are keys to

witnessing daily Miracles as others see your joy and success they’ll be drawn to learn your

secret acknowledging the power behind your blessings you are chosen to to spread

this message far and wide remember proceed gently step by step rushing

won’t get you there any quicker as everything unfolds at the right moment under my

guidance my timing is perfect not too fast or too slow aligning precisely with

a greater plan now I urge you to express your faith and thankfulness aloud write down

your grateful thoughts and sing praises for the good already in your life and the Gater Joys Yet to

Come know this in the spiritual journey bravery is essential those who dwell in sorrow

doubting they are cherished by their heavenly father will find themselves stuck in a cycle of

defeats you already know who they are don’t let yourself be influenced by them

I forbid you Upon finishing this message to forget all that I have told you and

rush to seek their advice you have no need to ask guidance from

the foolish who lead you astray I am here always ready to answer your

petitions and I shall send you my word when you need guidance and help to walk through those valleys you Traverse don’t

be scared of failing or dwell on thoughts of defeat how many times do I need to remind you your heavenly father

the almighty God is your protector enveloping you in his care day and night

so what’s there to fear afraid of making mistakes upsetting others belittling

yourself or doubting my love for you there’s no reason for us to live in

Eternal Gloom you weren’t made to be submerged in negativity every single day when

you’re feeling parched come to me I will quench your thirst with the Water of Life fill your mind with joy and your

heart with cheer then you’ll see that negative feelings can’t control you I Empower you

to rise above every challenge when you feel down come back to these words hold

them close and love them they’ll make you strong and brave

your spirit will be resilient you’ll walk tall and your foes will scatter as

they see your renewed courage you won’t be troubled by others harsh words you won’t be saddened by

abandonment you won’t rely on others opinions you won’t trade dignity for attention or

acceptance right where you are take a moment to give thanks for these words

you’ve received today throughout this week I shall send you many signs that will give you the

assurance that you are not alone and that these words I speak to you are not in vain for my promises shall soon be

fulfilled I love you I am your God the one who fills your life with grace and

mercy I lift you from deep sadness I’m the one who reaches out to help when

you’re hurting I give you strength Like an Eagle I mend your wounds I nourish

you with my Timeless words I’ve unlocked the door to a realm Beyond this one for

you I Empower you to stand strong against dangers ensuring they won’t touch you the message I give you now is

meant to calm you clear your doubts and give you you peace I’m keeping a close

eye on your well-being on your soul as the final days approach I know you face battles every day challenges and foes

aim to see you fall you’re surrounded by threats sometimes unsure who to

trust you face hatred from adversaries friends turn on you and even family may

abandon you when you most need them but I’m here steadfast in my love for you growing day by day

you can’t rely solely on people or material things that won’t last today I reaffirm my Everlasting promise to be by

your side as you walk through this life I clear away your mistakes forgive your

wrongs and fill you with my spirit those against you will stumble and those

blocking your way will be judged many may try but none will succeed against you those plotting your

ruin will face their own disgrace and Peril no one can snatch you from my

care Lean on Me trust in all the promises inscribed for you receive these words heralding my Mercy open your ears

let your thoughts be transformed by my Divine breath you have many years ahead much yet to

accomplish there exists a sacred and wondrous purpose you must fulfill however your support and

strength lie not in this world or its inhabitants if you truly seek great and enduring

blessings desire transformation in your life and family I am your soulle

recourse you tread a righteous path continue onward love me with all your

might grant me precedence I merely ask for moments each day for therein lies

your beginning and believe me once you experience this Sublime emotion in my

presence you will wish to remain kneeling for much longer waste no time gain strength

receive breath be filled with courage rise renewed to conquer you are already

accepted and chosen through my death and Resurrection though imperfect I cover

you you are not a wretched sinner wallowing in iniquity misery turn to my

word when guidance is needed open your Bible seek wisdom from my servants who

guide you I shall speak to you you through various means remain Vigilant I

shall assist your success while I never said life would be without challenges the load you carry

transforms when you place your trust in me in your faith you find a unique joy

and a Victorious spirit I dress you in Purity equip you with the power skills

and bravery needed to overcome any hurdle I enable your success raising you

as a beacon of unwavering faith and resilience your mission is to guide

those lost to help them move beyond their past and to recognize the immense blessing they’ve overlooked it brings me

joy to smooth your journey unlock opportunities listen to your prayers

offer Solutions fortify you and navigate you through

hardships I aim for your growth to gain wisdom from every trial you face when

you open your heart to me I will unveil a path filled with my Splendor where the

unthinkable occurs Hearts mend support is abundant debts are cleared sorrow

dissipates and joy surrounds you my love and compassion remain with you even when

I seem invisible I’m ever present in your life noting each tear and every

smile in your gloomiest hours I am your light in Frailty your might in

uncertainty your certainty trust in my way find Solace In

My Embrace and Let Me Gently guide you toward a fulfilling and joyful

existence declare it now with all your heart I will trust in you beloved

Heavenly Father before stepping out of your home commune with me offer your first words

upon Awakening lying in your bed before any other action or utterance speak to me from your heart

with beautiful words of adoration do not depart without giving thanks for everything enemies lurk

hoping you forget the source of your blessings so schedule a morning appointment with me in your busy agenda

note the hour when you will bend your knees and present your concerns your

family your employment your life yes I love you I value you greatly each in

your household holds a special place in my heart thus do not bestow upon anyone

else the position rightfully mine if you desire Victory happiness and strength do

not neglect my word nor disregard my messages I’m sewing precise instructions

into your soul so that with faith and confidence you may easily find the way

out of your problems and distress but if you forget this eternal love that

yearns and cares for you if you allow the wicked to seow doubt and Discord in

your mind and family those things that once kept you filled with anguish and worry will return you will forget the

source of your salvation so heed my words bring those plans in your heart

before me and trust your paths to me trust and wait and I will take care of

all your problems I’m not promising an easy life but I will grant you strength

in every trial you face you will be filled with authority intelligence and

wisdom greatly blessed and my powerful light shall illuminate your home and

family day and night no Darkness or force can harm you no sorcery or

enchantments can enslave you remember always the one who saved you pray when

facing struggles instead of surrender ing your soul to fear these words I speak to you will

grow within you and at the most unexpected moment you will receive a

great Revelation you will understand your purpose and the unique and Powerful

place you hold in the spiritual realm in you resides my power enabling you to

confront the forces of evil resist your enemies and they will

flee listen to me attentively and believe for for as you read my word you will receive promises previously unknown

to you you will comprehend that there are many things around you that your natural sight cannot

perceive I love you deeply and I sacrificed my life for you on the third

day I rose again so you could be empowered my holy spirit will inspire

you and you’ll be compelled to share my love with others through your words even

the non-believers will come to honor me now is your moment to shine to see my

plan in you come to fruition don’t worry about your age or where you are if you

trust in my promise and loyalty you hold the faith to press on focusing Straight

Ahead not distracted or looking back your journey and Destiny are set embrace

the blessings and gifts I provide with gratitude even if you feel undeserving

you are purified from sin and can confidently present your prayers to me

the way is open for you and nothing can hinder your progress I’m inviting you in

you’ve held back in asking all you need perhaps thinking I wouldn’t respond but it brings me joy to answer you and show

you my love witness my promises come true and experience the Wonders that

unfold around you don’t hesitate to call on me at any time I don’t sleep or take

breaks I’m constantly Vigilant caring in for your needs so reach out to me and

I’ll reveal wondrous things you’ve yet to discover prioritize our connection I

won’t steal your time rather I’ll orchestrate the cosmos in your favor

transforming the moments you spend with me into extended periods of life and Abundant Blessings may your faith ignite

and may this living flame consume all impurity doubt and offense let the

accusations of your enemies turn to AC es Carried Away by the wind into the

abyss I want to see your heart grateful now as I caress your head and bestow

upon you divine love offer me your praise speak it with your own words tell

me my beloved father God with all my being I need you let me help you I see

your fatigue and how desperate you feel unsure of what to do my child I

want to free you from the this situation with my mighty hand I can ease your heart if you allow

me I see your days passing the things you are facing at times you have thought

you can’t go on silently asking for help you do not want anyone to know your

situation before people you appear happy but I heard your words whispered in

despair I am pleased that you have come before me holding on to the little faith

you have left trusting that there are many things I can do for you you know and believe that

in my presence my love and power reside here in my arms you will be safe

fear will not reach you and you will not be struck by the world I want to shelter

you under my Embrace forgive save free and heal you I have the best for you I

believe in your potential you have the right to be happy to dream to achieve more I Empower you

to overcome any problem feel my peace invading your heart as you listen or

read these words that fill you believe me and accept my love accept my help

because it will always be your best option I see beyond what your eyes can perceive I’m

preparing surprises for you beyond what your heart may desire I want to see you well and happy strong and eager to face

any adversity that comes let thoughts of Victory and Triumph fill your

mind be silent do not listen to the voices that speak in your head trying to

scare you or make you fail in your dreams the enemy might try to steer you

off course with numerous challenges aiming to distract you from the blessings I’ve laid out for you yet I am

always there ahead of you clearing the way your time of Triumph is near

remember I’m here to empower and raise you when Spirits are low let me boost

your morale be patient and you’ll find your strength renewed have faith in my

capabilities and you’ll conquer all trust in what I say and you’ll see doors

opening for you stand firm in your faith to navigate and overcome the hurdles you

encounter my presence within you is genuine my spirit dwells in your heart

eager to uplift and fortify you living in dismay or fear isn’t what I wish for

you you do have a bright future ahead leave the negativity and disbelief to

those who have given up hope and refused to trust in me if you’re weary down or

losing Hope For Better Days hear me now believing in my promises ensures your

victory over the trials you face you’ll Triumph in your battles and no one will

stand in your way rise be Valiant and bold soar like an eagle uplifted by

God set aside your worries and embrace this day with thankfulness and belief

positive shifts are on the horizon and you need to be prepared I’ve chosen to

alter your fate some predicted your downfall but they didn’t foresee your determination to seek and discover me

you’ve dedicated your path to me and I’ve pledged to make it straight now

you’re advancing toward a sure future one filled with prosperity and blessings

that only come from above I desire your continued attentive listening that you

may open your Bible and nourish yourself with my words you must commit to coming

into my presence daily acclimate yourself to having others see what my eyes see place your trust in me

unwaveringly I have crafted you and I know you intimately I am familiar with your vulnerabilities

I know you are not Flawless yet you are my beloved child you are well recognized

here in the heavens in your mouth lies the power to bring me your sincere Prayers Trust in

my words your heartfelt and just prayers will be answered as you start this new

chapter today expect to receive Abundant Blessings and joyful news stay humble in

your spirit and I will lead you to Prosperity were you thinking your life

had lost all purpose witness how deeply I care for you I’ve even stepped in to

change your course your renewed future is safe with me do you trust that let

yourself be guided by me feel my will pushing you forward like a breeze to

your sails keep your eyes fixed on the target without resistance for my plans

are designed for your peace success and the well-being of your loved

ones whatever you ask in my name I’ll provide prioritize me in everything dive

deep into my teachings this ocean of Hope strength and Assurance I’ll walk

with you step by step on this journey your progress Will Be steady and confident I always have something

greater in store for you the challenges you face are merely chances to Showcase your faith and bravery whenever there’s

something puzzling you turn to my teachings as you’ve always done sit

quietly and listen my holy spirit will meet you right where you are bestowing

the wisdom you need to navigate through tough times when problems arise do not fear

you will know there is a solution for every conflict you face I am the captain of Your Vessel guiding you to a safe

harbor of blessings if the waves crash upon you and the winds seek to overthrow you do not worry

Have Faith stand firm and you will not perish any bad news that comes your way

will not harm you keep sailing like a little child trusting in those sweet

eyes that see and resting in the arms that protect believe in the happiness

that awaits you in the peace you receive today and in the day when you will hold in your hands all all the good things

you ask of me the heavens you see and the Earth you tread upon will pass but

my word will endure it doesn’t end it doesn’t lose its power it is alive

forever cling to it if you ever feel afraid speak it aloud so you may feel

its presence I promise I will fulfill it I fulfill it because I desire to bless

you if I bless you it is because you are my daughter my son and if you are mine I

will never let you go no one can separate you from me you always dwell

under my shadow and protection trust be still do not fear when your life is

tumultuous around you and when you feel many negative things have happened without explanation it is better to

entrust everything to me stay still and Trust do not let your

sudden decisions in influenced by your painful or confusing emotions lead you

to a terrible situation remember my teachings have

often shown that I can transform adversity into blessings what appears to

be a setb will ultimately contribute to your benefit in challenging times when

understanding fails you when weariness sets in or when surrender seems the only

option remember you’ve come too far to to turn back now you’ve achieved so much

letting go now means losing your blessings and forsaking your rightful place numerous doors have opened for you

and many more await great blessings are on their way yet during tough times you might miss them that’s why I urge you

now is not the moment to flee or vent your frustrations through harsh words or outbursts stay calm don’t succumb to

anger realize how deeply I love and care for you even amidst your struggles I’m

here to offer you Serenity and fill your heart with peace grasp this truth

understand it but most importantly believe it and I’m ready to embrace you to console you and to pull you out of

your current ordeal place your trust in me I will advocate for you there’s no

need for you to confront or fight anyone I will ensure your Triumph

that’s why I encourage you to seek me to pray and to embrace the peace I offer

remain patient I will disclose my strategies to you and Signal the right moment then I will hand you the bright

sword of my mighty word I will tell you when it’s your turn to fight I will go

with you no one will be able to defeat you the day will come but today I ask

you to seek me in prayer to wait for my signal not to distress

yourself receive my peace and be still you will suffer no more because I have

decided it you will not continue crying because even now in this moment my Holy

Spirit Embraces you tenderly let your tears flow Weep For Joy over this

immense love you feel last night you thought you were dry almost dead but today you feel alive and

joyful do not waste time begging those who hurt you do not return to the mud begging for the

love of those who destroyed you if you do it will hurt me more than it will

hurt you because this great love this perfect love was created only for you it

is here right now feel it receive it let it touch your soul and do that Holy work

that will heal your wounds and take away that sadness that prevents you from living you no longer want to suffer you

want to be happy I wish for the light of hope that once Shone in you to return to your

eyes stay away from those who spread negativity and hatred don’t align yourself with people who bring you down

who drain your spirit or poison The Garden of your soul where I’ve planted hopeful seeds drink from the Fountain of

Life I offer letting it cleanse every hidden part of your being nurture the

positive seeds within you Let My Words mend your thoughts and and revive your dreams steering you toward the purpose

you’re meant to achieve I want you to be filled with joy and peace to realize that this love this

Divine care is genuine and meant for you embrace it trust it don’t turn it away

value and relish it because it’s your rightful gift feel the freedom and the Forgiveness it brings you don’t need to

carry the weight of past mistakes or live in the shadow of regret especially

for things I’ve already pardoned and erased from memory I assure you your

suffering is over Proclaim to everyone that you are mine and I will accomplish

what I’ve promised you you will find true freedom and happiness as I have

decreed and you will share in everlasting life beside me forever this

is the greatest love of the entire universe and today you are feeling it you know it is yours take it receive it

I love you I love you I love you I want to speak with you about those feelings

that weigh upon you those emotions that do not allow you to live that burden you

that pain which you have endured for so long those emotions you have kept silent for

years I want you to speak to me with confidence without shame or

embarrassment I know you too well your secrets do do not frighten me decide to

speak with me on this day do not let go of the opportunity to live in Freedom

and finally experience true happiness which only a heart free from

so many burdens can possess you cannot walk while dragging so much weight you

must not fill yourself with bitterness here I offer you a marvelous love that can put an end once and for

all to that painful past that can heal your internal wounds

transform your way of believing and thinking give you strength and eternal happiness you have to

recognize that it is no coincidence that you are hearing me you must cling to

life you have to forgive yourself give yourself a chance because I am also

offering you my forgiveness opening the doors to goodness and prosperity for

you but you have to believe it tell me what is hurting you today what is

causing you pain please acknowledge that you cannot continue with your own strength alone do

not seek Your solution or answer in people or things of this world you need a supernatural miracle and that can only

be obtained by kneeling in my presence I do not want you to forget this do not be distracted do not lose

yourself you were not born to live in sadness or slavery you cannot settle for living far

from your destiny filled with abundance yes today I offer you healing

yes today I lift you from the pit of loneliness open your heart and accept

receive Embrace this blessing prepare yourself courageously to live a life covered by my love and

grace place your sadness in my hands bring me those feelings of

discouragement the jealousy that torments you the memories that haunt you

the remorse that steals your desire to live there’s a war in your mind that

robs your energy steals your peace shatters your calmness blinds you to the

beautiful blessings before you the great potential you possess the wonderful people beside you bring me those things

that hurt you you must not spend another minute fighting alone with the little

strength you have left you cannot spend more sleepless nights I do not want you to waake waste more time filled with

regrets punishing yourself for bad decisions or mistakes over which you had

no control I want you to heal to be free at last so that you can enthusiastically

contemplate the good things you can do so that you can dedicate all your attention to your family once again

gladly joyfully without feeling weighed down every day without bearing the heavy burdens on

your back without having to crawl through life instead of

walking I’m aware that you’re seeking freedom and this message is tailored for

you arriving just when you need it you’re at a Crossroads making choices

that will shape your future but confusion and exhaustion Cloud your

judgment let me be your guide and shed light on your path take a moment

wherever you are to close your eyes and focus on the words I’m about to to share

seek forgiveness for your sins even those hidden deep within be honest about

your faults as insincere words can’t deceive me I see your heart and know your true

self the Persona you show the world is different from the one I see in

private crying living with regrets missing lost loved ones and lying awake

with unfulfilled aspirations this isn’t the life or future I want for you come

to me and trust in my presence let my light clear your mind and chase away the

darkness you’re about to experience my deep love and the wonderful blessings I’m ready to give stay peaceful and

confident look forward to each new day ready to hear the impactful words I’ll

share with you this year I cherish you don’t give up hope I’m here to support

you to give you the strength to endure I provide you with the courage you need

to move forward face challenges and keep striving you have tasted Triumph and

victory before therefore this current struggle shall not overcome you you

shall not suffer defeat nor shame heed my words be filled with

courage for you shall need it today and in the days to come by your steadfast

faith in me you shall witness Supernatural miracles

my word possesses the power to heal your body to Shield your family to provide

for your needs abundantly your table shall lack no sustenance your home shall overflow with

joy and true Prosperity receive my blessings with humility and gratitude remember those

enduring hardship and extend a helping hand for through your generosity I shall open the windows of Heaven filling your

home with peace and joy true blessings manifest in the Harmony

and stability bestowed upon your family in their health and wisdom ushering in

seasons of happiness and renewal You Must Believe and accept the reality that a brighter future awaits all who love me

soon you shall witness the Fulfillment of dreams you once deemed unattainable I your Almighty and

Supernatural God I’m forever with you I will watch over you protect you uphold

you today and for eternity I desire to make you a joyful

Blissful and blessed individual beloved Son cherished daughter today I draw near

to speak to your heart with words of love it is my wish that my voice transcends time

reaching the deepest fibers of your being I implore you please do not

disregard my words I ask that you listen to me and receive the message of Faith

and Hope that I have for you this is a message that will bring healing peace and restoration to your

soul not today I want you to know that I have always walked with you always stood by your side witnessing your Joys

Sorrows successes triumphs and failures I have been a witness to every step you

have taken and how you daily carry heavy burdens upon your shoulders I have never

been indifferent to the events of your life despite your trial I’ve always desired the best for you

even when you ignored me and turned your back on me you know that my will is always good and perfect for

you that is why today I come to ask you to let me enter your life do not resist

my presence let me into your heart for I desire to make you a happy Blissful and

blessed person allow me to be the Refuge you can turn to when the world overwhelms you no matter how long you

have been away or how many times you have doubted my existence my love for you has never

changed I am here patiently waiting knocking at the door of your heart I

urge you to open that door and allow me to enter your life you know that my

greatest desire is to be your faithful companion your guide in dark moments and

your source of joy and happiness I want to be an endless sour source of love peace and happiness for

you I want to restore your heart and heal the wounds of your soul but it is

necessary for you to open your heart and let me in let go of the fleeting Joys

this world offers and stop overlooking my call or delaying our time together

open your heart to me allow me to fill it with the richness of my love and grace in my presence your life will be

transformed I can heal your deepest hurts and provide the calm you need Aid life’s turmoil my child you’re not meant

to Bear the loneliness of your concerns Alone come closer to me when life gets

too much hand over your worries to me when you’re at a Crossroads seek my

guidance I’m always here to hear you from the break of day to the evening through every instant of your life even

in the quiet of the night no matter how great your errors I am always ready to to listen to your prayers and offer my

forgiveness know that you are cherished and valued don’t let guilt or regret convince you otherwise or keep you away

from me my Mercy knows no bounds and my grace is ever present to welcome you

with open arms within my love lies your true peace comfort and salvation that is why my son

my daughter I ask you to pause at this moment and reflect do not be afraid to

open the doors of your heart for what is to come will be for your good not for

harm I know that life can be overwhelming and the challenges you face may seem insurmountable but never forget

that I will always be by your side I will never let you sink or release your

hand in times of struggle and testing I will lead you on the path of joy

happiness and prosperity just give me a chance in your life and let me be a part of every

aspect of your existence do not ignore me my son do not ignore my words my

daughter do not try to fill your Void with ephemeral things for I assure you that you will only find a path of woes

and Misery open up to me now and allow my love to transform

you experience my grace as it fills you with peace and joy with me you will

discover genuine steadfast love that goes beyond all you’ve known and will

never leave you please unlock your heart’s door and welcome me inside let

me be your constant companion your shelter and your strength when you feel weak don’t hesitate to reach out or let

your worries about past errors hold you back remember it doesn’t matter how far you’ve wandered or how often you’ve

faltered I’m always here offering my love ready for you to grasp my hand and

embark on a journey of Faith Love and Hope together

accept my hand my dear child walking with me will be the wisest choice you ever make filled with the profound joys

of my love and grace come now don’t lose heart all will be well stop revisiting the past hear my

voice gently telling you how much you mean to me from this day forward I’ll

dwell in you loving forgiving and blessing you in every way have faith every thing comes in its

own time let go and Trust keep your faith burning and be patient do not

forget that my timing is perfect do not be anxious about what the future holds

nor cling to Vain and ephemeral things that will only bring discomfort to your life let go and rid

yourself of anything that hinders my blessing upon you distance yourself from the unbelievers and persist in prayer

trust in my timing and do not despair for many blessings will come into your

life all adverse situations will soon be behind you just be patient do not fear

or lose heart for I Am by your side do not think that I am indifferent to your

needs I know everything about you I can see the burden you carry in your heart

the anguish that overwhelms you when your finances are low and when illness knocks at your

door but today right now open your heart to my promises to my counsel hold fast

to my word have faith and immerse yourself in my presence for everything will come in its own time I will bring

peace and Tranquility into your life I will shower you with blessings for trusting in me never forget that I a god

of power and miracles I will not only pour blessings and healing upon you but

also upon your family your children and your parents you must simply trust in my timing be

patient do not lose your sanity or seek easy paths for they can lead you astray

from me and even destroy you do not cease to pray do not cease to delve into

my word so that you are never deceived by false doctrines do not strive for

material things remember what the world offers is temporary but what I offer is

eternal and a blessing to your life continue to trust in my promises

for everything will come in its time I never delay or forget but I am

and will be gracious to each of your needs don’t lose hope I’m right here

with you don’t get worked up over those who do wrong or feel jealous of the ones

who seem to get away with their bad Deeds they won’t last long soon they’ll

fade away just like grass does Under the Sun put your trust in God and keep doing

what’s right live in peace and embrace the truth find your joy in God and he

will fulfill the deepest wishes of your heart dedicate your path to God rely on

him and he will make your steps sure he will shine a light on your

goodness and make your fairness as clear as the daylight stay calm and wait for

God’s timing don’t get upset over people who do wrong or those who seem to prosper in their bad ways they won’t be

around for long they’ll disappear as quickly as the grass dries up take pleasure in God and

he will give you what your heart truly desires commit every aspect of your life

to God trust in him and watch how he will act on your behalf he will

highlight your integrity like the Dawn and you’re just caused like the midday

Sun be patient and rest In God’s Presence don’t be bothered by those who

do evil or feel envious of wrongdoers for their end is near and they will

vanish like wilted plants the gentle and humble will inherit the earth enjoying a surplus of

Peace while the wicked May plot against the good and show their teeth in hostility the Lord just looks down and

laughs knowing their Day of Reckoning is near the wicked May draw their weapons to

bring down the humble and the innocent but their own schemas will back fear and

their weapons will fail them better is the little that the righteous has than the abundance of many Wicked for the

arms of the wicked shall be broken but Jehovah upholds the righteous Jehovah

knows the days of the upright and their inheritance shall be

forever they shall not be a shevet in the evil time and in the days of famine

they shall be satisfied but the wicked Shall Perish and the enemies of Jehovah

shall be consumed as the fat of lambs they shall vanish they shall vanish away as smoke

the wicked borrows and does not repay but the righteous shows mercy and gives

for those blessed by him shall inherit the land but those cursed by him shall

be cut off the steps of a man are ordered by Jehovah

and he Delights in his way though he falls he shall not be utterly cast down for Jehova upholds him

with his hand I’ve lived long enough to see many things but I’ve never seen the

good people left helpless or their children without support they are kind

they help others and their families are blessed turn away from wrongdoing do

what’s right and you’ll have a place in this world forever God Ador fairness and

never abandons his loyal followers they are protected for Life while those who

choose evil find their Futures uncertain the good will inherit the

earth and live on it all their days the words of a good person are wise and they

speak with fairness God’s teachings guide their hearts and they won’t easily

stumble or fall even when the bad try to bring down the good God won’t stand by

and let the righteous suffer or be wrongly accused be patient and follow God’s path he will lift you up and give

you a land to call your own you’ll witness the downfall of the wicked I’ve

seen the evil ones seem strong and influential like robust trees yet soon

enough they vanish leaving no Trace you look for them but they’re gone Mark the

blameless man and observe the upright for for the future of that man is peace but the transgressors shall be destroyed

together the future of the wicked shall be cut off but the salvation of the righteous is from Jehovah he is their

strength in the time of trouble Jehovah shall help them and deliver them he

shall deliver them from the wicked and save them because they trust in him you will do great

things my promises will come to pass in your life tell me you believe it as as

you listen I want these words to settle in your heart to be with you wherever you go let them be your source of

strength when you’re unsure your Guiding Light in the dark and your solace in

tough times cling to them and believe in the path I’ve laid out for you stay firm

in your faith push ahead with courage knowing I’m right there with you

ensuring that all the promises and blessings I’ve spoken over you will be realized

so don’t give up when you face obstacles ignore the negative voices of

those who don’t respect or cherish my teachings don’t be tricked by the

enemy’s lias you’re never on your own I’m always there even when times get incredibly tough when your faith is put

to the test you’ll find me by your side offering guidance and strength I don’t want you to feel scared

or disheartened when faced with adversity don’t let worry or fear take

hold I’m set to do marvelous things in your life to lead you to experiences

beyond your imagination to wrap you in my grace my favor will rest on you and

my blessings will follow you wherever you go please don’t run from me or

question my promises trust in me for I have grand plans for you be brave and strong

persist with determination I don’t want you to get downhearted over past errors don’t let

old mistakes hinder your progress for nothing done in unawareness can quench my love for you just draw close and heed

my words allow my presence to chase away the fears and doubts in your heart child

trust in what I say today embrace it wholeheartedly for incredible things are

on the horizon and you need to be ready to welcome them don’t wander off don’t succumb to

wrongful craving or follow the world’s ways be mindful that the world’s enticements

lead only to despair isolation ruin and loss this is why I call you my son my

daughter to find Refuge In My Embrace today I will lift your burdens offering

you relief and ushering fresh experiences into your life remarkable events are destined for you you will

walk in faith and soar like eagles unimpeded by any barrier for I will be with

you trust in me for I promise to complete the good work I’ve started in you I will shower you with plentiful

blessings Infuse your soul with Comfort peace and kindness I will be your Solace

and fill your heart to the brim with happiness and contentment these gifts I will give you

but you must believe with your entire heart do not let doubts obstruct your path towards the blessings I have in

store for you be strong and courageous so that when the winds blow against you

you recall that I am beside you upholding you with unwavering love I understand that the path to my

promises shall be lined with obstacles seemingly insurmountable yet it is in those

moments that you must trust in me the most clinging to the certainty that in

every experience be it of Joy or pain I shall be with you preparing your being

for something greater fear not the challenges that lie ahead trust and stride forth with

determination towards a future brimming with opportunities and blessings that I have decreed for you remember that faith

is your guide in the darkest moments the beacon illuminating your path when

uncertainty threatens to Cloud your mind do not falter now my child walk and

take firm steps my daughter continue with the certainty that my love

for you shall never wne even in the moments of greatest challenge when

despair threatens to engulf your heart my presence shall soothe your fears and

Grant you strength to press on do not succumb to the voices and criticisms of

those who seek to lead you astray my purpose for you is steadfast

great and Transcendent I shall lead you to places you cannot even fathom at this

moment trust in me and allow my love and grace to transform your path into one of

Joys and victories remember that the work I have commenced

within you is a work that shall culminate in Indescribable blessings do not dismiss them for each

one of them shall come to pass in the perfect time simply keep hope alive in your heart and March bravely

towards your true destiny child daughter these words I place in your heart today

are an eternal reminder of my love and commitment to you keep this message alive in your heart and witness how my

mighty hand transforms your life do not be disheartened press on

with faith for great blessings are destined to be yours trust that as you

Journey Through the world I shall be with you at every step you take elevating you to new heights that shall

surpass your expectations so my beloved child cling

to my love trust in my promises and let my peace fill your being in patience and perseverance you

shall find the Fulfillment of my purposes in your life do not give up for

my love and my grace shall always be upon you you shall achieve that plan you

hold in mind you have my blessing and it is part of my will do not grow weary of

trusting in me do not be dismayed if things did not unfold as you envisioned

do not allow your emotions to weaken you rise up and exert yourself for it is

not the time to falter much less to give up it is time to cling to my promises

and put into action my word remember that I have bestowed upon you an extraordinary purpose in life I’ve

endowed you with great qualities granting you abilities gifts and talents so that you may achieve all that you set

out to do I have crafted you as special and unique selecting you before the

foundation of the world calling upon you predestined you for Grand and wondrous

Deeds through faith therefore do not surrender wage your battles with courage

and determination give your all then I will unveil new portals in your life portals

that will bring blessings and opportunities for a fresh and improved commencement in all your endeavors

remember my child that I am your God and your Shield always here to bless and

prosper you in every way I’m the provider of all you need drawing from my

vast resources my plans for you are filled with hope and positivity never harm so

don’t be weighed down by the tough times you’re experiencing don’t give in to the hardships and challenges you face stand

tall and rejoice free yourself from fear and sadness and take command in jesus’ name

to dismiss any evil influences speak out my promises and embrace the blessings I’ve laid out for

you don’t let the enemy take away what you’ve bravely fought for resist him and

he will turn away from you remember the enemy has no real power or control and

has been overcome through Jesus sacrifice he only aims to trick and trap you but you should trust me completely

and I’ll guide your path I’ll Empower you with immense strength ensuring no obstacle can block your

way so stand up my child rise with bravery and determination live out the

purpose you were created for a life marked by success and fulfillment stop

revisiting past errors or dwelling on byg own faults no

challenging situation no matter how dting will Define your

future your destiny my child is in my hands I have mapped out your Destiny

since before the foundation of the world and it is great and marvelous let

nothing deter you let nothing dishearten you place all your trust in me and you

shall have a new beginning a fresh opportunity for everything thing you

undertake to be blessed and prospered remember that my will for you

is always good pleasing and perfect do not doubt even for a second just keep

believing for I will not forsake you until I have fulfilled what I have promised you my child here I am before

you with words of love and strength here I am to tell you once more that your

future is in my hands that nothing that befalls you is by chance my Divine Purpose remains active within

you I will never abandon you and I can assure you that if you

trust in me all will be well with you for I will be with you in all that you

undertake blessing and prospering the work of your hands just remain faithful

and trust in me my child do not let the evil one triumph over you even in the

most challenging times stand firm with a humble and devoted heart do not let the

currents of this world influence you hold fast to my promises and live

according to the principles of my word then your reward will be great for I

will multiply your blessings exceedingly I will satisfy you with Grace with goods

and mercy until your soul overflows with joy and gladness remember that I am

always working in your favor remember that a shower of blessings is coming

Beyond your imagination new doors will open bringing great opportunities keep

moving forward my dear child don’t lose heart or feel overwhelmed the challenges and hardships

you’re encountering will eventually fade away they will become your powerful

story showing others that those who trust in me will indeed find their reward remember I am God and I owe

nothing to anyone so my beloved keep your faith in me strong

push forward with even more determination each day always remember my grace and favor are with you guiding

you toward the great success and abundance I’ve planned for you I cherish you my

son I cherish you my daughter I am Forever by your side watching over you

safeguarding your spirit just reach out to me in prayer immerse yourself in my

presence and I will fulfill all your needs filling your life life with my

peace joy and strength do not fear the storm for I have given you the belief and strength

to get through the tough times know this important fact as you go through life the problems you face are

just steps on the way to the good things that are coming each challenge every

hurdle in your path is just a necessary part of a bigger Journey that’s meant to

bring you to a place filled with plenty growth and happiness it’s normal to feel weighed down by the

hard times that come your way it’s easy to wonder why these tests come to you

but let me share a little secret with you in every hard moment there’s a chance a chance to learn to grow and to

become stronger smarter and tougher see every challenge as an important piece of

your life’s puzzle each hardship you overcome shapes who you are makes your

spirit stronger and gets you ready for the good things that are still to come just believe even when it feels like

everything is falling apart remember your tears hard work and sacrifices during tough times are never

wasted know this when you face huge challenges I’m right there with you so

don’t lose hope cling to the belief deep in your heart that I will never leave

you behind I’m always watching over you and my love for you is unwavering

I promise you won’t face anything too hard for you along with every challenge I’ll show you a way through just trust

in my plan and my lead and you’ll discover how each hurdle actually brings you closer to the good

things waiting for you remember tough times aren’t just

obstacles they’re steps in a journey of making you stronger transforming you and

getting you ready they build resilience shape your character and teach you vital

lessons unveiling talents and strengths you didn’t even know you had so don’t be afraid of the trials

ahead think of them as seeds planted in the ground seeds that are about to sprout into big shade-giving fruit

bearing trees overcoming these challenges is like breaking through the

ground to reach a whole new world your trials are the push you need to grow to

broaden your horizons and to fully step into your potential life might throw tough times your way

but don’t let them get you down each tough moment is a chance for me to show my strength in your life believe in my

plan for you even if it doesn’t always make sense I’ve got good things in store for

you giving you hope and a bright future just step forward with faith and don’t

be scared of the rough patches even when they shake up your world remember I’ve given you the courage and strength to

get through them so don’t be frightened have faith that with me by your side

nothing can stop you I’m creating something wonderful for you through these tough times something way better

than the pain or worry you might feel right now keep in mind the sun always comes

out after the darkest night after the biggest storm there’s peace and after

every hard time or challenge there are great rewards waiting for you bless blessings that are much bigger than any

problem you’ve faced so don’t be afraid trust in me

every step of Faith you take gets you closer to the wonderful things I’ve got ready for you these challenges are just

one part of your journey not the end of it look ahead focus on the bright future

filled with happiness peace and success that I promise you if you ever find your

way clouded and unsure don’t lose heart or feel

defeated sometimes good things need time to unfold all you need is a bit of

patience trust and to keep going strong by sticking with your faith in me and

choosing the right path you’ll notice things starting to shift for the better

keep moving forward aware that I’m with you in every Challenge and tough time

offering my support guidance and getting you ready for the wonderful blessings

that are yet to come remember the hurdles or tough times you face are only

temporary keep hope alive in your heart don’t give up because at the end of all

this there’s a prize waiting for you recognition for your courage Your persistence and your steady

faith I love you deeply let these words sink into your heart and stay there

motivating and encouraging you to live with faith and purpose believe in these words trust in my promises for in

following my path you’ll find a life filled with light joy and

Triumph amen


[Music] hear me my beloved child in the Silence

of your heart where Whispers of doubt and fear often reside I am calling out

to you this is not just any call it’s a Divine invitation from me your creator

your God it’s time for us to Converse for you to share your deepest desires

and questions and for me to listen and respond my words are not distant Echoes

they are as close as your breath as intimate as your thoughts approach me in prayer align

your spirit with mine and you will understand the depths of my wisdom and love I sought you out first even before

you were aware of my existence finding me is not a strenuous task it’s a gentle Journey of Faith call

upon me and I will hear you cry out in your moments of need and I will

answer but break yourself or my response will be more wondrous than you could ever imagine I plan to bless you in ways

that exceed your wildest dreams yet I ask for your trust and

faith in me speak kindly of yourself for you are precious in my eyes you are my

child created purposefully for such a time and place as this now I have a

request for you stay focused do not be distracted and most importantly do not

forget place your faith and trust in me even amidst the trials and tribulations

you face you are never alone I have always been your protector your

sustainer and your guide it is not too late heed my call for I’m speaking

directly to you you can feel my presence can’t you I yearn for your well-being

and long to improve your circumstances seek my face and and I

will remove all that hinders you and blocks your path should you find yourself slightly astray kneel before me

and I will set your path straight again distance yourself from malevolent

friends those who seek to convince you of your inferiority those who fail to appreciate

your true self and those who perpetually Endeavor to make you feel

inferior these toxic companions do not serve your best interest if you part ways with them you shall not

miss them for I shall bring beautiful individuals into your life with gentle spirits and nobler

intentions prepare yourself for a forthcoming Miracle you shall soon receive Superior blessings I love you

and I do not wish for you to stray from me if you distance yourself the conflicts of this life shall steal away

your desire to live you are precious I paid a great

price for you rescuing you with my own blood tearing you from the clutches of

the enemy my presence dwells within your heart I have liberated you from the

curse and Punishment I have never forsaken you nor have I abandoned you I

am with you always return to me and you shall witness many things changing as you embrace the love I am imparting to

you discard once and for all the hurtful words of those who belittled

you understand that many envied your success and wished for your downfall

aiming to destroy you but today you stand tall for

I lifted you up with my mighty hand the time for weeping has come to an end you need not endure suffering I am

speaking to your life I am granting healing and removing all painful emotions from your being

starting today rivers of Living Water crystalline streams of Exquisite

happiness immense emotional strength and unwavering thoughts shall flow from your

heart your desires to progress and Triumph shall multiply in this very

moment a time of significant transformation is upon you you will see

and feel the Myriad changes unfolding in your life I call you to return to me and

remain in my presence eternally I long to bless every aspect of your life your actions your dreams

your giving and your receiving they will flourish and multiply under my blessings

my desire is for you to worship me serve me and stay alert to my

guidance in humility and surrender seek me for in such a posture I will Infuse

you with wisdom making you a source of blessings for your family friends and

Nation stay close to me for my love for you is unending endure a little longer for you

are capable reflect on your journey the challenges you’ve overcome and the

strength you found even when doubt and weakness seemed overwhelming I urge you

stand firm persevere and persist I am with you in this journey after these

trials our bond will strengthen and you will emerge more resilient than ever

though you’ve questioned why I allowed certain trials and feared I had abandoned you no that is not so I have a

grand purpose for you I intend to elevate you to bless you beyond measure

the challenges you face are preparing you for greater things for remarkable blessings ahead cherish my words let

them guide you avoid dwelling on unfounded fears or harboring resentment

dedicate your time to me immerse yourself in my words of peace and strength let go of negativity and

burdens that hinder your faith and understanding of my plans for you

release yourself from past hurts and grievances even if you struggle to find

words or desire to speak to me come as you are in silence if you

must I am here to be with you in solitude to embrace you with love and understand standing even when words fail

you know that I perceive the unspoken yearnings of your heart I know perfectly

well what you are feeling trust me I have a new future in store for you great

blessings are on the horizon anticipate them I love you in this journey you walk

Let each step be a testament to your faith in me the world may present trials and tribulations but fear not for I have

overcome the world in your weakest moments when you feel you cannot take another step remember it is in your

weakness that my strength is made perfect you are like a precious gem

refined and shaped through the pressures of Life each challenge you face is an opportunity for growth a chance to shine

brighter do not shy away from these moments for they are part of your unique Journey designed to bring out the best

in you I am the Potter and you are the clay Under My Loving Hands your life is

being molded into a beautiful Masterpiece there may be times when the process feels uncomfortable even

painful but trust in my design the outcome will be a work of art

a life that reflects my glory and grace remember I am not only your God but also

your loving father my plans for you are for good to give you a hope and a future

when you feel lost or uncertain look to me I will guide your steps light your

path and lead you to places beyond your imagination in your Journey of Faith be

bold and courageous stand firm in what you believe for I am with you speak

words of kindness act with love and extend Grace to others in doing so you

become a beacon of my light in a world that often dwells in darkness remember that my love for you is

unending a constant presence in your life in every Sunrise see my hope in

every sunset find my peace you are never alone for I am always with you in your

heart and by your side may you carry this message with you a reminder of my

unfailing love and grace let it be a beacon in the dark a comfort in times of

struggle and a source of joy in moments of Happiness now go forth with

confidence knowing that I am guiding you face each day with courage holding on to

faith and embracing the love that surrounds you for you are my beloved and

in my love you find strength amen

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