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my beloved child I come to share with you the most profound and Powerful message you will hear

today please Embrace its truth with all your heart know that I love you with a love

that is pure and wondrous I have been with you I am with you now and I will

always be by your side your family holds a special place in my heart and many of your prayers

will soon find their answers the blessings that are approaching are both beautiful and abundant do not be afraid

for your help and salvation come from the heavens and nothing can stand in their

way challenges may arise and adversaries May multiply for there are forces in the

spiritual realm that have risen against you fiercely and relentlessly but I repeat do not be

afraid no harm shall befall you my angels surround you and my glorious presence will shield you from all harm

do not judge or hold grudges against anyone for your true battle is not against

them your attacks come from a hidden enemy lurking in the shadows a cunning

adversary who sets traps to ensnare you using Messengers and servants to wage a battle that may lead to deep

discouragement causing you to stumble to combat these malevolent spiritual forces

on with my Army of angles through praise and worship kneel in prayer in the early

morning it is crucial for the end times are drawing near prepare your soul

inform your family and come together in prayer within your home allow my Holy

Spirit to take control of your life I will grant you self-control and remove fear filling your heart with confidence

the enemy is Crafty and deceitful but do not fear or waver for he is not all

powerful omnipresent or privy to your thoughts and my plans he watches your progress with

seething Envy many tremble and fear this adversary when he attacks forgetting

that they have a God so great and powerful that none can compare you are under the shelter of

your omnipotent God my grace Shields you from evil there is no power that can

defeat you and no one can accuse you I am your protector and Advocate no one

can snatch you from my hand [Music] do not let fear weaken your knees guard

your thoughts never believe that the enemy has more power than your heavenly

father though he is persistent and shrewd he will continue to hover around your life waiting for moments of

weakness or neglect times when you feel breathless or on the verge of falling in those moments call upon me

through prayer and I will answer I will Infuse you with strength and and protect

you if your concern today is for your children and their future simply place

them in prayer and entrust them to my care I promise their protection they

will be safe throughout their lives under my shadow and care for I love them as much as I love

you move forward without doubt for I will provide you with the necessary strength to remain steadfast on your

path difficulties will not diminish your spirit for I will fill you with joy and peace allowing you to enjoy my blessings

without worry I will be your shield and your strength I will watch over you and keep

harm at Bay tell your loved ones to open their hearts to me allowing me to care

for them and love them as the good father that I am I have never failed you and will never fail you for I am an

almighty God regardless of what others may say or do against you my love for

you will never waver good things are coming into your life I will open doors you thought were closed

and you will begin to prosper I have given you my promises and my Commandments now come each morning

and listen to the new messages I have for you bow your heart and kneel in daily prayer always be vigilant for the

enemy will not rest he will wait for you to become distracted and weakened attempting to make you forget the

promises you made to me but now I declare You Victorious and brave a

triumphant and strong individual your faith is unwavering your desire to serve me is

beautiful and steadfast I want you to begin thinking differently you are no longer a victim

of the enemy he is already defeated and you are more than a conqueror I am with

you stand up and Proclaim it I am a warrior of my heavenly father Fearless

in my path his Supernatural power works miracles in my heart my family and I are

in his hands protected blessed and embraced by his love I promise to give you all the good

things you ask for in prayer come to me and I will bless your life your family your food your coming

and going I will remove all sickness from your body ease your mind of all bad

memories lift your burdens free you from debts and Surround you with blessings because

you have trusted in me you will be like a tree planted by the streams of water with strong and

healthy Roots green leaves and fine seeds that multiply and grow sharing

blessings and life with those around you you will not fear the heat you will

provide shade for the needy and comfort for those weary of their sins in times

of drought you will not be anxious and you will never cease to bear be fruit I

will show you my favor and Grant you my peace you will always have the confidence to entrust all your Works

into my hands and all your plans will be fulfilled you and your family will be

saved from the coming tribulation at all times my angels will surround you to protect you I will fill

you with joy and peace and you will have happiness for all eternity do not fear or be distressed

for I am with you I will strengthen you and help you I will uphold you with my Victorious right

hand whatever you do do it with a kind heart because you do it for me I will

reward your effort with a wonderful inheritance trust in me with all your

heart and not in your own understanding acknowledge me in all your ways and I

will make your path straight I am your Resurrection and your life and even if

you fall to the ground you will rise for whoever believes in me will never die

always remain humble preserve your meekness be patient and tolerant do not

be disturbed by those who come to provoke you respond to no one with shouts and do not submit to

violence I have given you a brave heart but I also want you to act wisely if you ever feel fear again trust

and come seek my face and I will help help you I will protect you from evil

keep you safe guard your coming and going my hand will be upon you in your

home and when you travel from now on always remember before you rise that I am your God

leading you by your right hand and with a Serene voice I tell you do not be

afraid I am with you I will always help you I love

you do not ever feel alone known and forgotten envious individuals may come

to remind you of your past mistakes attempting to shame you by recalling your sins but pay them no heed do not

let bitterness and sorrow take hold of your life even if everyone abandons you

I will always be here for you I will never leave your side regardless of what the world says to me you will always be

the beautiful sincere person I love so dearly do not waste time with idle people who

speak ill of those they do not know filling their minds with rubbish and lies seek my face yearn for my word and

take shelter under my shadow covering everything you see with love I created the oceans the skies and the mountains

with care the time of wicked people is limited but your days will never end I

have given everyone much freedom to choose life and Truth I touched your heart and you responded with

gratitude I will bless you abundantly and together we will always be trust do

not fear cowardly people only waste their time trying to accuse you of past mistakes I have forgiven those sins and

I do not remember them they are cast into the depths of the sea at this very moment I am removing

the weight and oppression that burdens your mind the secret sorrow you still hold in your heart

I will change your attitude and Grant you even more courage I want you to rise with enthusiasm to face

life the greatest blessings in this world are reserved for those who truly believe in me keep my word with a humble

heart and do not let the power get to their heads Heaven rejoices in your decision

to let me into your life to follow my word and obey me because of your faith I

will restore all that has been taken from you you walk confidently I hold

your destiny in my hands all your enemies are Defeated come now ask me with faith for

all the beautiful things that dwell in your heart I will lovingly grant them to you I will do you justice I have

witnessed all your struggles and sufferings your enemies took advantage of you and you acted with

Serenity you did not seek revenge you remained calm and you did not lose Lo

your peace you know that everything is in my hands and I will personally confront all

who have harmed you I will continue to strengthen your heart just as you come to receive this

word which surrounds you with love and wisdom as well as the light of day that illuminates the fields my presence will

shine in every part of your being in your home in your work and I will grant

you even more courage to make decisions without fear do not open the door to false

friends or to the Devourer from this day forward Trust in Me Alone come and

receive this word that I plant in you every morning with faith and work you will

water this garden and soon beautiful plants lovely flowers and lushed trees

will grow sharing blessings and life with all those around you no one will

toy with your feelings and no one will receive you for I am giving you my wisdom and a spiritual sensitivity to

listen see and decide wisely so that you will not react to any situation under

pressure from others you will return to my peace the tension that surrounded you

will dissipate all your enemies will depart dedicate time to me every day and also

give your family quality time and attention greet them every morning with a smile and do not go to bed angry with

anyone do not judge or shout at anyone I will give you the strength to seek me

first before making important decisions do not try to resolve problems when you are tired and do not bring your work

problems home a soft answer quiets anger never respond with harsh words and never

react with violence do not raise your hand against anyone truly I want to bless you even

more but I want your daily attitude to reflect my power love tenderness and

Holiness I do not want your home to be filled with impure words not even in

Gest guard what comes from your lips and let each room be filled with an aroma of

cleanliness of spirit and heart a holy Fountain you cannot bring forth pure

water and at the same time dirty water with impurities from your soul may your

home be filled with the scent of peace and spiritual Harmony I know you will not be perfect but try you have nothing

to lose above all watch that my word resounds in every corner of your home as

much as you praise let your walls vibrate hang simple pictures with strengthening

words if you want to please me let me see that this holy word is transforming

your being and your home as your being changes you will

rebuild all those you love and and they will be motivated to open their hearts to me they will finally see that I am a

real God and not just a mandatory weekly tradition I am your omnipotent

God I want you to know that I have everlasting Mercy for you I am here to

protect and shield those I love cradling you tenderly in the palm of my hand when

you love me and listen to my voice it warms my heart your understanding and

obedience bring us close together your life is undergoing a beautiful transformation and your

character is growing stronger every day you are the one who loves and Believes In Me and I want you to remember that no

matter what challenges you face today I am with you I will defend you against

any adversaries and Grant you Victory I will restore everything that has been taken from

you I will multiply your gifts and talents lifting you up in honor I will

clothe you in New garments and anoint your head with holy oil you are changing

and your past wounds are healing I cast your sins deep into the sea and you should hold on to this hope

day and night you will hear my voice as you leave your home and when you return to

your bed feel my presence with you and you will find peace and Solace when you

seek me with your faith I have countless blessings in store for you this year

so prepare yourself wisely for it will come to pass in the name of the Father

the Son and the Holy Spirit I speak to you with love caressing your

heart our morning prayers together are a beautiful time these moments soar on their wings

to the highest clouds I hear all your requests and I will grant you more than you ask for I will give you Serenity

security emotional strength and wisdom you have honored Me by believing

in my promises and I will bless you abundantly I will watch over your entire

family protecting them from harm and attacks fear will not hold them back for

they have a true and marvelous purpose in this world as you continue to pray

your faith will work wonders the Gates of Heaven open and my

holy spirit is always ready to guide and comfort you never let life’s worries steal your desire to seek me I don’t

want you to miss the many blessings that are on their way now I want to hear from

you your voice tells me so much but in your heart I see your Noble

intentions sometimes it may seem like my response is delayed but I answer you at the perfect

time do not despair if your desires are not immediately fulfilled do not lose

patents if you do not have the Solan in your hands yet walk with patience everything I do has a

reason in the Supernatural realm where many things happen beyond your perception my desire is to protect you

from all hidden dangers so move forward when my voice guides you for your path will be clear

and it will be easier for you to reach your destination today in your current

situation there is a pause in your journey raise your arms in gratitude and recall the times when you asked asked

for something and I granted it remember how in your moments of

distress I stood by your side never leaving you let these memories strengthen your

faith because just as I extended my hand to you before I will do so again bring

out all those dreams and desires you have kept hidden it is time to dust them

off what you could not achieve before you will now accomplish with my blessing

and assistance it will be for the honor and Glory of my Holy Name you now have

the strength you need to leave behind bad habits no one has power over you

greater than mine no one can harm you reflect on these words new important

decisions will come to your mind that you will have to make sooner or later you will have to distance yourself from

situations that make you feel unwell no longer accept invitations to celebrations that lead you to sin do not

exchange your Rel relationship with me for a moment of false happiness many who used to laugh with you may now criticize

you for following me but do not feel bad you have experienced true

forgiveness and although you are still facing consequences it will all

pass one day you will testify to the powerful miracle I performed in your

life I do not forget your family you have grown in me and I have peace Joy

joy and salvation for those you love fill your home with faith every day when

you wake up let your children Hear lyrics of praise and notes of worship be a testimony with your example

never speak ill of anyone just as I have forgiven you forgive as well even though

it may be difficult you have my support and I will help you heal those wounds that still

bleed I will make them heal soon and they will disappear forever erased from

your skin and your mind no offense from the past will return to cause you pain

allow my Holy Spirit to flood your heart every day calming your emotions when those memories

resurface let it seal your lips when you want to vent your pain so that your tongue does not become tainted with

vengeance immerse yourself In this River of Living Waters take time to enjoy your

new life accept it believe believe it and receive it with joy always remember that day and night I

keep you and your family with love there is no need to fear crises have no power the threats of

this world deceive you and show you away without an exit but I have come to

Breathe Into You My Breath of Life to strengthen your faith to open your spiritual eyes wide and to show you that

the value I give you and the love I have for you will not vanish due to your mistakes or the multitude of your

problems I will lift you out of the pit you have fallen into I am extending my

hand and I will raise you to a new land of spiritual strength you are so

valuable to me I must tell you this every morning when the Sun rises you will remember me when my ray

of light Peaks through your window you will know that my Mercy is new and my

spirit calls you to spend time in prayer you tell me how you feel talk to me

about your plans confide your fears and I will reaffirm my word and respond to

your requests most importantly with a minute of sincere Faith you give me you can

feel in your heart how I embrace you with so much love and provide you with

the security you need to face your days I have burned the leaves on which your tears were recorded in red letters I

have forgotten your sins erased forever from from your heart all the causes of

your pain and with my own hands I have plucked out the roots that persist in

reminding you of your despair you are free yes you

are tell me that you believe it write these words on a piece of paper I am

free forever because of this love you haven’t paid me for your freedom nor have you achieved it through

your Perfection I know very well that you cannot save yourself from Eternal

punishment your freedom and your debts are paid your Victory is assured my

promises are secure because they have been signed with immense great and beautiful love I don’t want you to understand

don’t ask me to explain it live it feel it dream it embrace it this wonderful

love fluting your heart the love you didn’t want to believe in because people had disappointed you and look I the

creator of the universe have come to seek you to tell you how much I love

you I send you these words through the most unexpected means you don’t have to

go to a distant place or climb a mountain to hear my voice I want to touch your heart here and now in this

minute you are already feeling that there is immense love for you even if

you didn’t want to receive it I love you so much that I will not allow you to ever be far from me so accept this new

life without loneliness without fear embraced by my affection sailing in the

ocean of Happiness while my love guides your sails to the harbor where you will receive the crown of

Victory there you will be blessed with eternal joy prosperity and holy riches that no Thief

can steal if you want your life to change you will have to set aside all

doubt the enemy attacks your mind with doubts because he does not want you to know me

more to see for yourself how all my promises come true I desire your simple

Faith humility in your heart not trusting in your own Prudence bring me your plans at the

beginning of the day and allow me to be your Shepherd guiding you to the Green Pastures you long for where your soul

can finally see the blessings I have spoken of so much in this place my

presence Reigns not your emotions [Music] here anxiety has no place your heart

lives in peace and neither difficult days nor bad news can disturb you long for that day when you get to

know me more when you receive my forgiving and accepting love just as you

are I love you unconditionally this sweet love will transform

you your character will be different and you will no longer wake up with fear of

what might happen you are not weak you are strong you are not a coward you are

brave you are not a slave to discouragement because I have given you a spirit of love and

power those unstable emotions that rise and fall will submit to my authority

insteed of anxiety and fear my strength will fill your chest it is done today

you receive freedom and you realize who you truly are do not fear do not despair your help and

relief come from Heaven at the time you need them in my perfect timing you will

see that trusting in me will bring you many blessings and marvelous fruits you

are entering a time of joy and Delight hello I’m here today to let you know

that I am with you taking care of you and your loved ones I’ve given the command to ensure nothing disrupts your

journey I understand your concerns and I know you are right you are human

and your enemies are formidable but even more powerful is this loving and faithful God who dwells

in your heart bring me those burdens to my feet now and I will transform your worries

into great blessings with my promises and my power as I’ve said before do not forget

it I was I am and I will be with you through the ages I will never forsake

you you must be strong remember that you are very brave make the most of all the gifts and

weapons I have given you to conquer the land around you you will overcome the challenges you face destroy the

obstacles that arise and drive away any threat from your home through your obedience to my

promises I see your heart your struggles and your desire to cleanse your home and

soul of sin and darkness hear my words for I am with you

always guiding and loving you rise up my dear one and speak my

word with faith break the chains that bind those you hold dear your faith

empowers you to face the Unseen spiritual forces that linger in the shadows know this my child when you

stand strong in my presence these malevolent forces tremble and flee from you but beware for if fear and doubt

take hold if you complain and harbor resentment when life tests you these

forces May seize the chance to trouble you yet do not

despair guard your heart fill your mind with my holy word and hold on to your

faith no matter what comes your way continue to believe never let doubt or

complaints Escape your lips for my Divine love surrounds and cherishes you

even in moments of weakness and failure stand firm in your faith for my

forgiveness is always available to you no enemy can conquer you when you dwell beneath the shelter of my

protection listen understand and learn for I am your God your savior the forgiver of your

transgressions I am the one who rescues you from the depths and places words of Praise on your lips I am real and when

you kneel and speak to me miracles happen I will uphold you in the midst of Life

storms even when the world seems to turn against you you will find solace in my love shielded from harm do not let

despair grip you if you are in distress if you see no reason to continue hold on

to me tightly Focus not on the attacks of others but cling to me for no one in

this universe loves you as deeply as I do when false friends and family members

betray you remember this I will Elevate you within your family and the day will

come when they repent for their wrongs be forgiving as I am and offer them love

while protecting your heart from further pain so entrust your heart to me and I

will keep it safe harm shall not befall you for this is your day to

rise look ahead with faith for blessings await you and your family but I ask for

your commitment seek me obey me and let me work through you allow me to use your

lips to to share my word and your hands to heal and bring freedom to the

oppressed your faith is the vessel for Supernatural mirales in your life and I trust in you approach my presence with

confidence any good pure and uplifting request you make I shall Grant today we

renew our covenant and you choose to serve and believe in me I love you and I

will work wonders through you signed with my sacrifice and Resurrection

now affirm it yourself with dedication and love with your humble spirit and

unwavering Faith you shall overcome adversity you are my warrior wholeheartedly devoted to me and I will

not fail you your past does not define your future even as the world around you

seems to crumble you have believed in me and sought refuge in my

arms in my presence you will always find find safety believe in the power of my blood

to cleanse and forgive you Embrace this truth wholeheartedly open your eyes wide for I

will soon perform a powerful and a inspiring miracle in your life know that

I have forgiven you do not blame yourself for past sins my blood has cleansed your heart

and made it new your mind is renewed fill yourself with my holy holy

word and let your words be filled with life and encouragement each day think upon my

promises and my Commandments do not return to the shadows of death for your future is not

left to chance you are in my hands under the protective cover of my wings even

when you face challenges I will shield you your mind is strong and will grow

stronger as you absorb these words stay away from those who will you with words

and actions that dampen your spirit do not return to places and friendships

that lead you astray I do not want your spirit to grow cold I have a future of Life peace and

blessings for you free from sorrow and depression if you prioritize me above

all else if you make me the king of your heart I will cherish and care for you

with love I will show you affection every day regardless of what others say

today your tribulations end and your storm reaches its conclusion for me nothing is impossible

and my love knows no bounds A New Day Has dawned and from now on you will

receive only blessings and opportunities open doors beautiful friendships and

divine Prosperity you will be free from Financial burdens I will abundantly

bless your prayers your work your efforts and all you possess my word

holds value when I make a promise I guarantee that it will be fulfilled I am

with you and I always will be no matter how challenging the situation may seem I

am the one who protects and comforts you when you need it the most I will guide you and lead you on the path of justice

and nothing will confuse your mind anymore I will always be in the midst of

your thoughts filling you with a beautiful and eternal Serenity your heart will overflow with joy and you

will be able to experience the beauty of life I will give you reasons to laugh

and those pains that made you cry will come to an end I will never cease to

bless you my love for you is unconditional and here I am ask me for

the good and holy things you desire bring me your needs and I will answer

your prayers with Applause I will bless you with Peace and Freedom and I will

bring abundance into your life I will make all your paths prosper and nothing

will confuse you or take away your sleep because I will always be in the midst of your thoughts reminding you of my

promises and my Commandments nothing and no one in this world can give you such a beautiful

peace as I can provide I have listened attentively to your requests and Praises I have also

heard your complaints and apologies in your prayers but let me tell you you move me me when you thank me in the

midst of your problems you’ve been through a lot and you asked to fight

against that process that caused you so much pain and kept you from sleeping you’ve put in the effort to

strengthen your faith and I’m pleased when you lift your hands in the midst of your battles to tell me father I love

you thank you for everything you know what you’re doing even if I don’t understand I know that all things work

together for good and I trust in in you I’m deeply moved as tears flow down your

face because I know you’re speaking the truth you trust with all your heart that

I will provide for your needs I can feel your gratitude and sincerity don’t give up your success is

just around the corner you will see dry valleys in your life flourish and resources you thought

were depleted will be reactivated and returned to you more abundant than ever

you know how the the enemy works so don’t let his lies deceive you no matter

how you feel I will continue to bless you if conflicts come your way don’t

despair call out to me and I will answer you don’t worry anymore I have sent my

angels to protect you so you can live confidently and securely I know you understand this

you’ve seen it before so don’t forget these words and you will have the strength to overcome your enemies

you will see them flee in fear when they witness that I am working through you you are in the right flock Don’t

Stray or jump confusedly from place to place stay within this indestructible

protection I offer do not reject my correction listen to my messages and

give me your full attention don’t let Pride fill your heart I want you to be humble and simple

just like me it’s time to stand up and leave behind the mistakes of the past without

losing faith stop looking down lift your face and enjoy the good things that will

happen because I your heavenly father have chosen you to receive my in heret

tents you know that in my presence you can find rest and strength you’ve

listened carefully to my promises so if you truly believe in them show it by standing up and facing any problem with

determination and faith I am your God the creator of all

you see I know what I’m doing and I’m guiding you with my Holy Spirit

inspiring you with the light of my word I will bless the place where you

live and send a reign of blessings so you and your family can reap the fruit of your efforts in my perfect time if

you’re hearing these words you will understand them bow your knees with reverence because the place and time

where you are is Holy I want to perform Supernatural miracles in your life but I require your

faith commitment and loyalty this is a token of my love

because you asked for it these two words are my sign I love you if I didn’t

abandon you yesterday I won’t abandon you today I’ve always been with you in your

good and bad days in times of joy and affliction I never rejected you or for

forgot about you stand firm if you feel your faith weakening speak those

promises I gave you loudly let those who cause you problems know that I am with you every day until

the end you depend on me cling to my grace don’t dwell on whether you deserve

all these blessings if you believe in me accept this blessing I give you when you

receive it in your hands it will multiply into great gifts and beautiful presents at last you will have what you

need to bless your family and share with those in Need You will have an abundance of bread

health strength and peace but you must use your faith and come to receive these

blessings don’t doubt anymore don’t walk backward and don’t hide from my presence in the darkness I’m speaking to you

because I want you to come and I want to answer your prayer remove curses and sickness from you and your family I am

not seeking to take something away from you but if I do it’s because I’m going

to give you even better things you are entering an important and decisive moment you have changed so much

you are not the same as yesterday you are ready to make decisions with confidence don’t seek opinions from

those who only think negatively don’t try to please anyone who doesn’t want you to be

blessed when you announce the steps you’re going to take they will try to discourage you and make

you return to where you came from defeated and Fallen but it won’t be that way because

I am with you you will walk without stopping and when the time comes for doors to open

you will use your faith and I will enter with you they will hear about all the

problems that made you falter I will place wonderful blessings in your hands but I want you to take care of them use

the them wisely so they multiply and become the foundation of a greater

blessing when the time comes you and your family will take Giant Steps toward a better land and a better future

encourage your children in education motivate them to have big dreams they can also serve me in many ways with

their talents and intelligence they can transform families and entire nations in your own home

Heroes and Leaders of Tomorrow are growing before my second coming they will be

instruments of my word used greatly but this can only happen if you honor me in

your home and your children see it let your behavior and your way of being testify to your faith never hold

on to having a bad temper I can change rocks and stones into Tender Hearts

those who once spoke with shouts will now laugh like children I will put burning coals on the

lips of those who used to offend you with their words and now they will speak

sweet phrases like honey I can change you so that your family can see that my

power is real and even though the world attacks them because of their faith even

though they say I don’t exist and that I can’t do anything for you believe me now

that my glory will manifest in your home your neighbors will see my Radiance at

night and angels will shine in every corner of your house

people will be amazed by the Supernatural and miraculous things happening in your home many will come

and you will lay your hands on them in response to your prayer I will personally heal the sick fix their

problems and heal their wounds a wonderful spiritual Revival is

beginning in your family you are in the last days and many are announcing it

they want to know the mysteries of my coming but in their hearts they don’t seek me

I will only reveal my love to those who believe in me with sincerity and integrity who aren’t afraid to surrender

their souls carry my word and give their lives for this message and for the love

of others this is the powerful word I am sowing in you now pay close attention to

where you are hearing it and keep in your heart the day and hour stand up and

look to the Horizon as far as your eyes can see I will use your life to bring my

glory to Those Distant lands in a foreign soil you will hear languages you don’t

speak but I will touch you and my Holy Spirit Will manifest through your family and you a spiritual Revolution is

beginning amen if you want others to receive the blessing that has come into your hands

you can share this message with the people you love and know need me join my

Army of good news and let’s continue blessing lives

my child I have crafted the universe with an affection that is vaster than the cosmos itself and in every Starry

corner of it my love resides immutable and

infinite this love the fabric of all existence stretches out far beyond the

bounds of what you can see or even imagine and within this Grand tapestry

your heart is cradled just as the sun does not cease to shine even when the clouds gather so

my faithfulness does not waver even when Shadows Fall upon your path know this my precious one as you

stand beneath the vastness of the sky whether it be draid in the HST of down or the Dark Velvet of night that it is

but a mere shadow of my unwavering constancy my faithfulness is as

unfailing as the course of the constellations and with such knowledge should you not be moved to a reverence

that stirs the soul when you offer praise to me you become a mirror

reflecting my glory it is a profound truth that as you turn your face towards me in Earnest

adoration you begin to reflect my image more clearly to the world it is as if

you are a moon a glow reflecting the light of a sun unseen in the

night each word of worship each note of a hymn is like a hammer and chisel in the hands

of the Holy Spirit shaping you into my likeness this

transformation it’s not always painless but it is always always

purposeful remember the love that reaches to the heavens also descends gently upon you it Cascades over you

like a Cascade of purest Joy emanating from the Heavenly Realms when you lift your gaze to me you

will will find me always with a smile that outshines the dawn bestowing upon

you a love so profound that it transforms even the deepest sorrow into a distant

Echo this love is like an endless stream and you my beloved are invited to

immerse yourself in its Waters to let it wash over you to let it sustain and

renew you no matter the aridity of the desert you may find yourself

wandering you might feel at times that your circumstances are a tangled not too

complex to unravel but within this love there is no tangle that cannot be undone no night

that cannot be overcome by the day cling to this truth and let it be

the anchor for your soul a hope both sure and

steadfast and yes there will come a day when you will rise when you will Ascend beyond the blue and on that day My Heart

Will Rejoice for There Is No Greater Joy for a father than to welcome his child

home the glory that awaits you is beyond words a tapestry of light life and love

interwoven awaiting your touch your presence as you walk this Earth remember

that I am ever beside you my presence is as real as the air

that fills your lungs as tangible as the ground Beneath Your Feet each step you take let it be in

communion with me talk with me as you would with a friend for there is no

detail too insignificant for my ears share your hopes and dreams your fears

and failures and let me carry them with you you see my love for you is not a

passive thing it is active and Alive moving within and around you it is there

in the laughter of a child the kindness of a stranger the beauty of a sunset it is present in the helping hand

of a friend and the comfort of a warm embrace this love my love is the thread

that connects every moment of joy and every Pang of sorrow in your worship let your heart be

light and in your prayers let your words be true remember that I hear more than

just your words I hear the language of your heart there is no need for pretense in my

presence no need for eloquent phrases or grand gestures a simple thank you a

humble help me a whispered I trust you these are the offerings that move my

heart and so dear one as you continue on your journey keep your eyes fixed on me

let your worship be a fragrant offering and your life a testament to my NeverEnding

faithfulness live in the assurance that you are loved beyond measure held within the Embrace

of a father whose love knows no end reflect on this hold it close to

your heart I am with you now and always in every high and every

low and it is in this Divine communion this unbreakable bond that you will find

the strength to overcome the grace to persevere and the courage to shine my light into every corner of the world be

at peace my child for you are mine and I am yours forever intertwined in an

eternal dance of divine love and unshakable faithfulness the heavens themselves declare it and all of

creation sings In Harmony to the rhythm of my heart the heartbeat of a love without limit

Without End this moment this very second is a

Divine appointment a sacred Gathering between us feel the Gentle Touch of my

love wrap around you like a blanket on a cold evening for in me you will find the

Refuge your soul craves you see I fashioned you with infinite care knowing each of your days

before one of them came to be I crafted your laughter your tears your quirks and

your passions every fiber of your being is wonderfully complex and I Delight in you

immensely you are my masterpiece created in my image a reflection of my love but

I know you my beloved I know how easily your heart can become entangled in the

web of your own desires and Ambitions you chase after the Winds of

what may seem right striving with all your might to grasp what you believe

will satisfy your deepest longings yet often you find yourself

weary your hands empty your spirit parched I see you striving pushing and

pulling attempting to mold your life into the picture perfect vision you’ve painted in your

mind pause for a moment breathe allow my spirit to guide you into

Stillness be willing to let go to release your grip on the life you have planned so as to receive the life that I

have purposed for you remember my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my

ways as high as the heavens are above the Earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your

thoughts in your journey you may find paths blocked and doors closed but trust

in my Divine wisdom for every know you encounter there is a greater yes behind

it a blossoming opportunity to grow to learn to embrace the true essence of

life I have for you the struggles the setbacks they are not to harm you but to

strengthen your faith to weave endurance into the fabric of your character walk with me talk with me let

us reason together share with me your heart’s concerns your secret dreams your

fears and doubts I am not a distant deity watching from the unreachable

Heavens I am here closer than your next breath intimately

involved in the unfolding story of your life in me you will find your true

purpose your calling and your ultimate fulfillment consider the lies of the

field how they grow they neither toil nor spin yet I tell you even Solomon in all

his glory was not array like one of these if I so clothe the grass of the

field which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven will I not much

more clothe you oh you of little faith therefore do not be anxious saying

what shall we eat or what shall we drink or what shall we wear seek first my

kingdom and my righteousness and all these things will be added unto you in this world you will have trouble

but take heart I have overcome the world I do not promise you an easy Journey but

I do promise you my unwavering presence you will not walk alone for I

Am by your side guiding you holding you and leading you through the valleys and

over the mountains when you feel lost I am your Good Shepherd Calling You by name

bringing you back to Green Pastures and Still Waters when you are overwhelmed I am

your strong Talent hour your shelter in the storm when you are joyous I am

rejoicing with you dancing over you with singing in every season I am with you my

faithfulness your shield and Rampart so lay down your plans at my

feet Surrender Your timetable to my eternal clock let me transform your mind

your heart your life the beauty of surrender is not in defeat but in

Victory a victory that comes from walking in my will from resting in my

sovereignty from abiding in my love this is the path of Peace the road of

righteousness the Journey of joy for in my presence is fullness of joy at my

right hand are Pleasures forever more as you remain in me and my words

remain in you ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you therefore my child be still still

and know that I am God your future is in my hands and it is a future filled with

hope the canvas of your life is wide and waiting and together with each stroke of

my Divine brush we will paint a masterpiece that will tell of my goodness a story of Grace a testament of

trust trust me enough to let go rest in me enough to be renewed follow me and

watch the Wonders I will do in and through you you I am here as close as

the air you breathe as near as the thoughts that flit across your mind I am

the whisper in your heart when the night is long and the light seems so distant your journey through this life

is not a solitary walk but a shared Voyage with me your creator your

sustainer your heavenly father I have watched you my child in

your moments of joy and in those of despair I know the weight of the burdens

you carry the strength of the storms you face but remember this my love for you

is unyielding unwavering and it transcends all your

circumstances yes the world you live in is fraught with troubles it is true yet

Within These very trials lies the fertile soil for your faith to grow and

Blossom think of of your challenges as the Chisel that shapes the stone carving

out of the raw material the Masterpiece that is to come in the midst of your darkest

difficulties praise may seem like a language foreign to your lips but it is in these moments my child

that your faith is most alive most potent it is a bold Act of defiance

against despair a statement of trust that echoes in the halls of heaven when

you choose to praise me despite your pain you’re wielding the very power that shapes stars and Spins

galaxies your praise simple and humble is a sweet Aroma to me and it never goes

unnoticed I have not left you defenseless in this world that wries with adversity you my beloved live in a

duality of existence the natural world that can bruise and batter and the

supernatural realm where I sit enthroned where my will is woven into the fabric

of the universe in the natural your feet may stumble but in the Supernatural you soar

on wings like eagles by trusting in me your spirit can

Traverse the chasm between these two planes finding rest and refuge in my

presence now about those trust muscles you carry within you they are strengthened not by ease but by

exertion trials are the gymnasium where your faith is forged in every hardship

there is an opportunity to exercise trust to lift the weight of doubt and to fortify the Senus of

belief Embrace these moments my child for they are your training ground and in

them you will find yourself drawing closer to me to cultivate this trust

immerse yourself in my word the scriptures that speak of my promises my

character my love let these holy verses be the daily

bread that nourishes your soul the compass that guides your steps and seek

my face not occasionally not sporadically but with a steadfastness that Rivals the sun’s rise each morning

in the quietude of your heart turn your gaze upon me and let my presence be the

light that dispels all Darkness I understand there will be days

when you feel less than capable when your spirit feels heavy within you in

those times when your own adequacy seems as distant as the furthest star remember

that it is not by your strength that you endure but by mine within you I’m the

Wellspring of strength that never runs dry The Fortress that never

crumbles I make you ready for anything and equal to anything not by pouring

into you from the outside but by revealing the power that has resided within you all

along you are my child crafted in my image destined for purposes grander than

you can imagine when you walk through the fire you will not be burned when you

pass through the rivers they will not sweep over you for I am with you I am your sure Foundation your

everpresent help in times of need so I beckon you to rise my child to

lift your head and set your eyes upon me whether you are on the mountain high or in the valley low affirm your faith in

me speak it out loud let the heavens hear your declaration for it is not a proclamation

of what you can do but a testament to what I am doing in and through you take

heart be courageous for I am at your side do not let your heart be troubled

and do not be afraid for I have overcome the World in me you will find peace in

me you will discover joy and in my presence you will find the strength to

face whatever this life brings together my child we will Journey

onward hand in hand heart intertwined with heart and remember I am always near

let us embark on a journey together a journey inward to the very essence of

your thoughts for they are the seeds that Sprout into the actions and outcomes of your life I urge you entreat

you to think my thoughts more and more it’s not merely an exercise in

discipline but an invitation to a dance of divine Harmony where your mind Moves

In step with my spirit this endeavor I assure you is not

one you undertake alone enlist the help of my spirit for

the mind that is governed by my spirit is not a battleground of chaos but a Haven of life and

peace when the noise of this world crescendos to an overwhelming Den when

the worries of Life are like waves that threaten to engulf you it is time to draw near to me sit in my presence

beloved let the constancy of my love be the rock you cling to in the rushing

waters my Everlasting Arms are open ready to encircle you in a peace that

surpasses understanding rest here in the quiet Assurance of My

Embrace in these moments of communion take a respite from your concerns pause

the endless March of tasks and to-dos and fix your thoughts on

me quietness need not be idle it can be a canvas for reflection and worship let

the words of scripture flow through your mind as you read and let praises rise from your heart as naturally as the

morning sun The Melodies of worship the rhythm of prayer these are the harmonies

of a life lived in me use the verses of the Bible in your prayers let them be

the language of your heart’s deepest cries to me when your thoughts and prayers are steeped in the truth of my

word confidence will Blossom within you confidence in me and in the power of

your prayers I long to see you transformed my precious one by the renewal of your

mind the world you live in it rushes at you with Relentless force with its

everpresent screens and ceaseless streams of information it seeks to press you into its mold to shape your ideals

and attitudes until they are a reflection of itself but I call you to a higher way a

better way do not be conformed to this world but be transformed

formed let me reshape the way you think let me recalibrate your inner Compass so

that you are oriented always towards me as I renew your mind your ideals and

attitudes will indeed reflect me more and more you will begin to see as I see love

as I love forgive as I forgive this transformation is gradual a

daily turning of your heart towards the light of my presence so that over time

the things of earth grow strangely dim in the light of my glory and

grace my child the renewal of your mind is a process an unfolding a

becoming it is as though you are emerging from a chrysalis where once your thoughts were

Earthbound now they take wing on the currents of my

spirit what Joy it is for me to watch this transformation in you as you begin

to discern my will that which is good and acceptable and perfect will become

the desires of your heart you may wonder how to begin how to

truly let your mind be transformed start here with me in the

quiet where my voice can be heard above the tumult spend time in my word let it

dwell in you richly coloring your thoughts and guiding your decisions prayer is not just a ritual it

is a conversation it is the way we talk come to me with your questions your

fears your Joys and your Sorrows bring them all into the light of

my love remember my ways are not the world’s ways my thoughts are not the

world’s thoughts as high as the heavens are above the Earth so are my ways higher

than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts in seeking to

think my thoughts you are reaching for the Eternal grasping hold of the

Timeless truths that have anchored Souls Through the Ages and so as you go forth from this

Sacred Space this time of communion with me carry within you the Stillness the

peace and the renewed mind that comes from being in my presence let it shine

through you like a beacon in the night drawing others to the warmth of my love

be transformed be renewed and be my light in the world



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