🛑God Message For You Today 🙏🙏| God Saves Those Who believe…‼️| God Says | God Affirmation


says you are not by myself I go along

with you everywhere you move I am here

by using your facet at some point of

correct times and all through terrible

times you can anticipate me I love

you if you have faith in God please

watch this video till the

end I am the writer of existence I am

the reason certain things show up I

maintain your destiny in my Palms I

realize whilst I realize why I know you

flawlessly I made you when your

Lifestyles is all combined up and things

get to heavy to carry trust me I make

all things stunning in my

time it may additionally have took you a

long term to apprehend what it weigh to

forgive a person you always wondered how

you could forgive a person who chose to

harm you but after lots of Soul looking

you found out that forgiveness isn’t

about accepting or excusing their

behavior it’s approximately letting

cross and stopping their conduct from

destroying your coronary heart enter

amen if you believe in Jesus Christ

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