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God says

today my infants there is a desire you

won’t see it but keep in mind which you

cannot see what I can I am your God I am

principle I even have your

return congratulation you have crossed

your hard time by now you would have

started feeling Miracles which are

already started happening around you for

your better yes I am the one who has

chose you to get richer healthier and

happiest enter I love you father the

anxiety that you feel is not a lack of

faith in me I now that you love me and

that you put your trust in me I

understand that at times it is hard to

believe and a little anxity Creeps in

but it is okay do you are a human and

humans feel

emotions I am with you and will watch

over you wherever you move and I will

convey yah back to this land I will not

go away you till I have accomplished

what I have promised you type am in and

share it with three people if you affirm

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