????God Message For You Today????????| “You Were Never Supposed To Know This But”… | God Says | God Msg

In This Moment God is saying to you

today dear child this message comes with

a hopeful promise trust in my guidance

for I am here to lead you through a week

filled with blessings and positive

moments even if the outset didn’t match


expectations hold on to your faith and

me I’m here to support you never to fail

you anticipate transform

yes life has its share of Sorrows but

these pains are temporary not Eternal

it’s essential for you too remain

resilient and

optimistic right I adore Jesus you’ve

been caught in a harmful Loop of


self-perception batting your worth and

liability it’s time to break free from

these untruths

understand that you are cherished and

fully deserving of Love seek tranquility

and release from the attempt to manage

what’s beyond your grasp Lean on Me For

Peace be mindful that your time on this

planet is finite look back and see how

much you’ve achieved with my guidance

navigating through various trials I urge

you to adjust your outlook to focus Less

on the negative and more on recognizing

and appreciating the positive

surrounding you enter Al and if you


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