🛑God Message For You Today🙏🙏| Those who are truly committed to me will never…‼️| God Says

God message for you

today my precious child I will attain

you and manual you with my loving

fingers I will redu of your fears tears

and pain you will feel my presence with

each breath you take believe in my power

and countless

Mercy when you kneel right down to me I

Rise for you and once I Rise up for you

nobody can stand an opposition to you be

an affected person my timing is perfect

I have something deliberate for you and

consider me you’ll love it doors are

going dot to open that you never thought

it might open that the problem that

looks Everlasting is simplest

strent I recognize when to send you

precisely what you need don’t give up no

prepare care for what you are praying

for it’s coming when I see you’re

running hard and now not giving up it

makes me proud I need you to recognition

on your paintings I take care of the

relaxation to confirm type

life is messy so stay on Shield life

receives hard so stay prepared to

struggle call on me and I will show as

much as awe for the

victory God says I am with you in your

conflict I am right here to help you

seek me and you will discover me write

amen if you accept God blessings

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