????God Message For You Today????????| THERE IS SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE…‼️| God Says You

God speak to you

today my lovely child I am your strength

in instances of weakness when you

experience synpo or beaten lean on

me my energy is made perfect to your

weakness trust in my energy and I will

carry you

through in the midst of uncertainty I am

your rock and your anchor trust in my un

changing nature and

faithfulness I will by no means abandon

you or forsake you rest inside the

assurance that I am usually with you

even till the give up of

age watch this video till the end if you

believe Lord’s blessings and

protection God tells you though the road

can be long and the adventure can be

heart do not forget that I am by wave

your facet guiding and sustaining

you do now not surrender when things get

difficult for to your perseverance

you’ll grow stronger and broaden

character allow me to paintings and and

through you as you press on in the

direction of the dreams and purposes I

even have placed to your coronary heart

heart keep your eyes constant on me

understanding that I will bring you via


trial if you can Cur comment amen

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