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God message for you

today my little ones I am going to

return everything the devil as stolen

from your Lifestyles I am going to bless

you and watch over you I will smile on

you and be with you

nowadays I will appearance on you with

shoes and give you peace all of those

incredible benefits might be there for


nowadays I am operating matters out for

you even supposing you don’t sense it

better days are just ahead every Legion

and be grateful relax and allow me

finish what I even have already began in

your life I am in

control you pray daily God answer

amen I have heard your prayers and I am

making a way for you I am going to

convert your fears into religion your

illness into health and your sadness


pleasure I will allow my light shine on

your root too reassure you of my leading

this new season will make your faith

stronger as I bless you each day enter

amen and if you believe in

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