????God Message For You Today????????| “Don’t Close Heavens Door By…” | God Says | Gods blessings | #god

In This Moment Lord speaks unto you dear

beloved today I’m calling you to let go

of your burdens s trust them with me

move forward knowing my love for you is

endless I’m eager for a closer bond for

a friendship where you can share

anything with me as you would with a

trusted companion remember to me you’re

invaluable a reflection of my own

creation perfectly understood and deeply

loved I promise Liberation from your

struggles turning your darkest moments

into light look around and see the

wonderful individuals I placed in your

journey they therefore reason show them

your appreciation for they care deeply

for you

material possessions wealth Vehicles

attire or homes won’t accompany Beyond

this life thus live in a manner that

aligns with the values and path I’ve

envisioned for you life’s true Essence

isn’t Quantified by material wealth but

by the relationships and experiences

that truly enrich your soul fear is

natur natural yet know that I am here to

soothe and rejuvenate your spirit bring

me your worries and Let Me ease your

mind if you’ve engaged with this message

until the end it’s a sign of your faith

in me enter Al and if you believe in God

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