🛑God Message For You Today🙏🙏| Angels Are Coming”| God Says | God’s Message Now

God says my beloved children life’s

challenges may try to crush you remember

that God is with you through each step

of your adventure his love is your gas

his word is your manual hold directly to

a you will make it you may be worn out

discouraged and

frustrated however don’t give up I am

about to open a few doorways for you

your scenario is about to

change finally be strong in the Lord and

in his powerful power put on the entire

Armor of God so that you can take your

stand in opposition to the devil’s

schemes share it with six

individuals and watch these blessings

multiply everything you do do it with

your finny adom you represent me I even

have selected you I love you now allows

go and make a trade in this

International it’s okay to feel down and

unhappy at

instances however it is now not okay to

live in the one’s feelings I want you to

prosper and upward pushup call on me I

am here if you feel awkward scared or

unwelcome to speak approximately me for

your group of buddies then the

institution isn’t always leading you

towards them and as a substitute they

are pushing similarly from me there is

nothing you could do with what occurred

in the Beyond notice the existing second

and live I am with you you’ve been doing

the right thing suffering with a smile

praising me through the pain

type our men if you


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