if you choose to disregard this message from God you may be subjected to severe

consequences nevertheless if you choose to enter Paradise then surrender your valuable minutes to Jesus my little

one I beg you not to skip the last few minutes of this video because if you do

you could miss out on some extra gifts from me you are the one who will soon be

able to experience the financial Miracle which will allow you to change your lives for the better and provide guide

you with more joy than you have ever known when your financial situation improves your loved ones and

relationships will also begin to mend and recover these things I pray in

jesus’ name may be fulfilled just as shown in this film you and your loved

ones will be blessed abundantly this weekend if you give thanks to God you’re

special to me and I appreciate that in the near future I will be able to

provide you with things that I my hope will bring you joy laughter and prosperity let your heart be open so you

may receive what I have planned for you there could be nothing I can’t control as the deity of Heaven’s Army I can walk

on the finest mountains and I have power all day and night you are deserving of

the flow of Love healing and plenty that I am sending you away when you need them

most Miracles may cure your family I can bestow Prosperity health and success on

you and your loved ones via the powerful call of Jesus Christ I just want you to

trust that I will be there for you most of the time and agree with my plan for you your own being is becoming an

instrument of my extraordinary Vitality may you be showered with Divine blessings may your labor be blessed and

may your every need be met you are about to experience an extraordinary outpouring of blessings from God that

will Astound you and make you eternal Al Grateful by the weekend’s conclusion

your way of life will be jam-packed with advantages to the point that you’ll forget everything about keeping your

pledge fill yourself with my love healing blessings and everlasting peace

and I will remove all your stress fear strain and Pain by sticking around until

the very end of this film you are entering a time of Wonders when you will celebrate Triumph after Triumph and make

great strides ahead an inexurable price is being paid for The Many Wonders that

are entering your life a plethora of wonderful benefits May descend upon you

throughout the next days there will be a huge windfall for your bank account this week thanks to a series of

miraculous events your financial situation will improve and you could experience healing and miracles like

never before a new era of Liberty plenty and plenty is about to Dawn upon you

this has the potential to assist us in continuing to share the gospel for the rest of time asalam Niki according to

God I am about to transform your lack into an overflowing abundance so prepare

yourself for a plethora of Blessings by going above and beyond your wildest

imagination my darling God is turning things around for you your own family

will be blessed by him and he will restore all your hurt you may soon be able to get your finances relationships

and health back on track think about me because I am fighting for you to have the breakthroughs and miracles you need

you may expect an influx of funds into your bank account that will far exceed your expectations think of me as the one

working behind the scenes to make sure everything falls into place the way you want it to as a good God I want you to

succeed in everything that you do you can get some unexpected Financial rewards the next day think about about

what I say and your lives will change for the better the cosmos was created by

me God my existence is both first and last every bit of insight skill and

understanding originates with me I want my intentions for you to be beneficial

and not detrimental I’m facilitating opportunities that will transform your life you may rely on me to help you

settle the debt get your finances in order by paying all of your bills now

everyone in your family has a chance to become well and experience the love healing and prosperity that are

rightfully yours when you need them Miracles will happen God is turning your

circumstances around and providing you and your family with a brighter life via

the call of Jesus your pain will subside and you will overcome every obstacle you

face you are on the cusp of a fantastic season when your wishes come true at the

exact right moment I get that you’re probably anxious about your family

finances or health but just keep in mind that I normally try to accommodate your

wishes this year may you be blessed with Tranquility health and Triumph your

lives will be taken to a whole new level by God who will replace your sorrow with joy your hardship with blessings and

your loss with Miracles According To Jesus your non-secular life and love life will flourish in the next few

months and your financial life will be better than you could have imagined as long as

you’re willing to let me into your Beating Heart I will keep reaching out to you it is safe to open the door I am

a kind and compassionate God my presence must permeate your life to a significant

degree illuminating your path at every turn as long as you let me in I shall bestow my strength joy and serenity on

you I will alleviate your concerns and provide you with profound tranquility

this next month has the potential to be a wonderful one full of rest Rejuvenation and success in all areas of

your lives I am persistently pounding on your heart’s door pleading with you to

let me into your life so that I might perform miracles in every way involve me

completely and you will see amazing Miracles unfold my beloved children you

will experience wonderful miraculous things in your life if you continue to believe

pray and Proclaim my phrase the challenges you’ve encountered will transform into remarkable triumphs since

I am Adept at transforming Shadows into light think about me and I promise not

to disappoint sweetheart never forget that I am the merciful and kind God who

loves you no matter what and who is always by your side may you be showered with boundless blessings from up above

stunning grins financial success and progress towards Bliss you may feel

boundless tranquility and safety because I can transport healing and strength to your physical and mental selves the

Abundant precipitation from above will sustain your endeavors bestowing growth

wealth and joy do you remember the story of the lepers that Jesus cured in the

Bible rise up and go Jesus commanded as the top one thanked him once again

thanks to your faith you’re feeling better my dear ones take this important

lesson to heart you may unlock even more benefits by cultivating an attitude of

gratitude your difficulties are being transformed by God into chances for your own development you were far from being

alone with me as a general rule God promises to be with you he will assist

you in surmounting your obstacles providing a sense of calm during challenging situations the Lord promises

that you might live a life characterized by joy and contentment whenever you

experience disappointment I always have a fantastic and life-altering gift waiting for you Joy love and causes will

fill your coronary heart to the brim you will start laughing out loud as soon as you gain excellent knowledge keep in

mind that I will be by your side during the good times and the bad if you are hurting sad or Mourning I will be there

for you see a video that’s all this week may be filled with Miracles just for you

and I need to help you see that before these unexpected miracles from me stop

exceptionally positive things will happen in every area of your life from Monday to Sunday your financial

situation may improve you may feel more secure your relationships May flourish

and your physical health May improve I’m rushing to change your life drastically as you release your problems right now I

have the power to bring unfathomable bliss into your heart from a state of scarcity to one of Plenty I am leading

you I’m giving you improvements blessings and miracles to make sure you’re successful in whatever you do I

am planning to bring you some nice surprises so be prepared I’ve already made arrangements for the healing

Independence riches and good health that you’ve been praying for every day to usher in opportunities for Prosperity

success and plenty believe me and you will see the creation of a magnificent

work of art tailored to your own being embrace the benefits I’m sending your

way and see how your life changes into a beautiful tapestry all because of your

powerful and important call for the benefit of everybody I ask amen the

Marvels that are happening right now are genuine my beloved kid your future is filled with love success and plenty if

you trust in my divine intervention a world of Marvels awaits you when you open your heart and mind to the

possibilities you are meant for greatness I can alleviate your worries anxiety tension and suffering therefore

release everything on the other hand I will saturate you with my love Tranquility healing and plenty of

blessings if you put your faith in me I can win any fight you throw my way if

you ask God he will calm the storms that are threatening to destroy you being in

my company offers an Indescribable sense of joy and Tranquility even if your prayers are

costly I’m listening to them and doing miracles for you when everything else fails there is always a

way because I’m the deity of the impossible think about my energy and

you’ll see incredible things that you never imagined you are now being blessed and receiving your restoration answers

the year is like a beautiful tapestry weaved with many benefits it

will bring you perfect health New Opportunities and an abundance of wealth that will Astound you unimaginable

riches may be stashed away in the solid foundation of your financial organization I am a loyal companion and

I can unlock Heaven’s Gates so that blessings shower down on you at just the appropriate moment may all your

endeavors be showered with blessings Miracles will materialize at the exact moment you need them and my restoration

contact will amplify everything for your whole family in the name of Jesus as you

go through life keep my words in mind right now is the time for you to become rich successful happy and healthy I

swear to you that evil and negativity cannot stand a chance against you my

heavenly protection is upon you and I will shield you from harm May blessings be showered upon you you give them your

whole heart and soul think about how your lifestyle is changing for the better bravely go on certain that you

are never really alone forever and ever I am by your side many miracles Serenity

and love are on their way way to you let them in with open arms and let them fill you with longing happiness and

unfaltering Trust are you able to see the immense power of religion and my

immense love for you reflected in the miraculous events that transpire in your life let yourself bask in the glow of

Good Fortune joy and achievement right now with God’s favor my child you will

get financial blessings with little effort and an abundance that will Astound you believe believe me when I

say this allow these words to touch your soul and provide you with a desire

believe that Miracles may happen at the perfect moment is it possible for you to

experience the same blessings of Plenty excellent Health joy and

metamorphosis let those blessings illuminate your path and lead you to the life you were meant to live in the days

to come God says he will show you benefits beyond your greatest dreams get

ready to be a Amazed by these life-changing wonders as you eagerly await their arrival do not lose heart in

the face of adversity and constraints when you submit your problems to God he

will help you overcome them by providing Solutions and a sense of calm just as a

caring parent watches over his children so too will God guide you to Triumph if you think about his plan you are

protected and loved by God at all times even if you’re weak and exposed

remember that God’s strength is made perfect in weakness he will give you the strength to conquer every challenge have

faith that this next week brings a plethora of Joy prepare to experience a miraculous shift in your process

finances Fitness and relationships as you welcome delightful moments wonderful

people blessings and high quality results that go beyond the ordinary even

when you don’t feel like it God will bring pleasure into your life and provide a way for you when you think

there’s no way as long as you’re breathing I God will take care of you I

am able to help defend and prevent because I am the one who made you there

seems to be some luck on your side right now for I am getting the outpouring of Love healing and prosperity that I am

due healing will come to my whole family and when it’s required Miracles will

happen promptly respond to Jesus’s command oh God your gift on this beautiful day is much appreciated it is

a blank slate ripe with potential for Limitless exploration and Discovery this

approaching week I am certain will provide a plethora of fulfilled Cherished Memories exceptional

individuals advantages and wonderful outcomes that go beyond the usual loving

parent please remove everything from my heart that does not reflect your holy Essence as you explore the depths of my

soul in the name of Jesus Christ I I Proclaim to you today that nothing bad

will happen to you including your health your time your money or your family you

do not belong to me God promises an unwavering presence you will fight your

fights until every hurricane in your life is calmed your lives are enriched

and complete by his presence which provides joy and opulence the Lord advises you to prepare

yourself to go from being overwhelmed to having an abundance of success and accomplishment your life story is about

to take a remarkable Turn full of good fortune and chances through God’s mercy

and love your heavenly father is Overjoyed with everything that you have accomplished and joyfully anticipates

all that you want it might be satisfying to find the perfect lifestyle partner it

is my legitimate place to claim that I am prepared to receive an abundance of Love health and prosperity right now no

matter what know that you are loved by God let your heart find Solace and happiness in his affection while you

rest you are being showered with miraculous help blessings that will change your life and financial support

from God believe that God is the source of your strength even when you feel like

giving up and giving in trust me those miraculous things will help your body

recover a transition from disappointment to Exquisite enjoyment and from Pain to

recovery is possible when broken relationships and opportunities for new abundance come together in the days

ahead the difficult circumstances you’ve endured will give way to opportunities for a prosperous and fortunate life and

God has promised to reward you abundantly Beyond imagination live in the hope of his great wonders for your

life you’re entering a winning season greater disappointments debts or losses

do not exist you will attract both love and wealth a dramatic Improvement Improvement is on the horizon for your

Quality of Life Trust in the Lord’s word that you are never really alone in the

midst of any storm he will fight your battles and restore Tranquility there

are tremendous benefits in store for you this weekend Embrace these advantages

with open arms and be ready for a joyful prosperous and delightful life you are

being led by me into a life of healing ease and plenty away from suffering

strife and scarcity to those who read this I Proclaim to you that the Gospel

of Jesus Christ brings abundant style and peace to make sure you’re happy and

successful in every aspect of your life I’m sending you wonderful things like Miracles benefits and

enhancements something new is going to happen to your financial situation you might get some relief from your problems

and be able to pay back all of your debts horrifying parts of your life life are being taken away love and financial

prosperity are on the way increase the level of Joy more than before a better

quality of life is on the horizon for you because good things are on their way

God will show his love healing abundance and advantages to you day by day so that

you can Amaze your enemies in these last days God has promised his people a

plethora of blessings including good health happiness and a radical change change that will bring them closer to

the lives they were meant to lead you might get some wonderful news the next morning so be sure to check your phone

we should all pray together Lord once again I am grateful it could also be

brimming with Benefits that only you can enjoy Lord we give you our undivided gratitude true you are please restore

wholeness to our beings bring us back to fullness please accept our gratitude God

for the peace and love that you you have bestowed upon us we praise you God because you listen intently and respond

when we pray because we are in agreement with you we experience joy and Tranquility in the powerful name of

Jesus Christ we give you praise and gratitude for shaking us awake and kicking off our day I am bringing you

upgrades benefits and miracles to make sure you’re happy and successful in everything you do may your life be

filled with an abundance of Good Fortune excellent health boundless joy and

nothing but the best embrace the moment if you wish to bask in abundance joy and

achievement thanks to God’s grace wealth will find you easily and you might even

have more than you can imagine your life may be brimming with Benefits by the end of this week and you may no longer need

to worry about your problems this month you will experience boundless abundance

which will manifest as health wealth and success I declare that nothing can harm

your health your finances or your family within the bounds of Jesus’s command

know that your greatest Ally and Champion the Mighty God is never far away inviting a season of Joy love and

Tranquility into your life is something you should get ready for be grateful for

all the blessings that are coming your way and embrace the abundance that this season brings a miraculous event that

will alter the course of your life life is about to transpire and the pain and tears you’ve been experiencing will soon

subside you are loved and valued improvements in health finances and

interpersonal connections are the unqualified results of religious and economic progress in response to Jesus’s

call whatever you do this year will prosper God will reward the

relationships in your life you will find calm and Rejuvenation in the Realms of

finances health and corporations God is merciful and will

forgive your mistakes he is full of joy and wonder help you get back on your feet after suffering losses restore your

disasters and start over the promises God has made to you are not negotiable

debts owed to financial institutions accumulate quickly I pray that you have an abundance of funds to cover all of

your obligations far in advance of their due dates surpassing your wildest expectations certainly if you listen to

God’s voice you will include this time of success and financial Independence it is my sincere hope that you will

experience nothing short of extraordinary in the week ahead God will shower you with healing plenty of

opportunities and blessings get ready to hold on to them in a spirit of gratitude

and Faith having trust in God can provide you with unwavering optimism

since God is always with you keeping an eye on you and listening to your prayers

you aren’t being completely truthful with yourself for those who seek me I am a source of sustenance and joy I offer

everlasting life plenty and complete Joy Lord I beg you to hear this prayer in

the morning I will sing praises to your power because you are my stronghold and

safe refuge in times of Crisis I am able to sing praises to your love in order to

bring glory to God the Father via me the son Jesus said that if people pray in his name God will answer their

prayers yes I do think that I will fix your financial problems so that you no

longer have to worry about money and can enjoy a life free of financial relationship and health problems

bringing wonderful things into your life will bring you a tremendous amount of joy in this difficult time I am turning

your weakness into strength your fear into resolve and the difficult choices

you face into Alternatives no matter what the devil tries to do to your heart I can make it beat like clockwork trust

me with all your heart I have an amazing scheme for your life I send positive energy and blessings your way along with

those of your loved ones I pray that you are able to overcome whatever it is that is weighing you down be it anger despair

or dependency all the pain suffering and insomnia you’ve been experiencing will

soon be over you will receive all the you have prayed for and more when God opens the Heaven’s Windows the benefits

of love good health and wealth are on root to you as you recover you are about

to experience a time of renewal progress and success while the suffering you’re

experiencing may be temporary the happiness you’ll experience will be

Eternal currently the Lord is changing your life transmuting your Sorrows into

joy and bringing you abundance prepare yourself for a time of great breakthroughs triumphs and miracles will

you be ready the terrible things that have been causing you to cry inside will eventually go away your pain and

suffering will be replaced by my love and benefits and you will have plenty of joy laughter and love may my words of

healing restoration and peace bring you Solace and hope if you believe what Jesus says God knows exactly what is

good for you and his timing is perfect remember this at all times he will open hidden doors so keep

praying and believing in his plan never lose sight of the fact that Jesus entered the world as a mild lamb and

could return as a fierce lion from Judah come to me and I will heal you whether

it’s physical mental or spiritual he wants to ease your suffering he wants to make sure you’re comfortable and at

peace he’s prepared to make introductions in an effort to irrevocably transform your life you are

being led by God God from a place of suffering lack and difficulty into a

kingdom of healing plenty and ease give God your worries and stresses and he

will replace them with an Indescribable calm rest assured this Tranquility will

eternally guard Your Precious Heart and thoughts something that has been holding you back and causing you pain is about

to be stopped by God he intends to shower you with wonderful blessings freeing you from all your financial

worries and other difficulties believe in the miraculous power of healing and

may my love envelop you my healing Grace lift you and my presence bring you Solace as you travel this road join me

in prayer to the holy all powerful God who created the universe we are deeply

grateful to be enveloped in the beauty of your arrival as we Marvel at the stars experience the most spectacular

sunsets and Marvel at the Seas Rivers trees and animals that that you have created we offer our prayer of gratitude

the beauty of our planet its mountains valleys solar system and moon is well

known to all of us in jesus’ name we give you the reward for everything

please God get ready my dear friend because is going to be a year of

incredible triumphs breakthroughs and miracles that difficult situation is

ending peacefully and to everyone’s satisfaction thanks to your protection and Direction Miracles financial

assistance and blessings that will alter your way of life are on their way to you from God living life to the fullest

praying constantly and giving thanks no matter what this is the will of God for you in Christ you may experience

bouncing back in the year Jesus I can fix your budget relationships and

health chances are I may be the one to issue you the document simply typing

amen will confirm the Lord’s statement that you have a powerful and loving heavenly father my little one have faith

in me and trust that I can keep my promises remember that I am the god you seek and come to me with confidence

everything you have hoped for desirable Health Prosperity love and eternal peace

is about to come true I am the bread of Lifestyles Jesus said those who seek me

will never be hungry and those who put their faith in me me will never thirst I

provide joy that will last forever let me be your rock when you’re feeling down

lost and hopeless you and your family are in my prayers in the event that you

publicly acknowledge Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead and could preserve him

I will love you a life of healing restoration and salvation is within your

reach because I am a potent Force no matter how bad things get for you financially emotionally or physically I

am here to help you are transforming your suffering into energy your anxieties into focus and difficult

circumstances into opportunities I will strengthen your weaknesses heal your illnesses and

restore the love and peace that have slipped away from you God is actively rescuing you from your burdens guiding

you away from suffering and lack and toward healing ease and

plenty next week you can look forward to even greater blessings exciting news

major breakthroughs or miracles of the highest quality rest assured your financial situation will improve and you

will experience healing and miraculous events in your life a new era of Liberation is upon you a life filled

with plenty love that knows no bounds and prosperity will change everything

trust that you can perform miraculous feats by tapping into God’s power in

order to alleviate all worries and problems be ready for a miracle the bible promises that if you surrender to

God he will improve your life and the lives of your family transforming your trials into triumphs during this time of

transition the Lord will at the right moment make possible what seems

impossible get your mind around the fact that God is both a merciful father and a

comforter through his work in your life he is transforming your suffering into

joy and guiding you to great success remember that God is your source of strength even when you feel like giving

up and giving in I lay my claim to recovery today and ask that the covering

of Jesus’s blood protect my body and all that is in it from my perspective God is

cognizant of you understands your trials and loves you without condition as we

start a new week God has spoken in as little as months your lifestyle can

undergo substantial changes that will affect your mental financial and emotional health imagine yourself living

a life of joy and plenty securing God’s Providence and unencumbered by the cares

of this world bring everything together for a remarkable metamorphosis moving

from a state of abundance to one of complete overwhelm lots of good fortune miraculous occurrences and happiness in

the name of Jesus I break every spell and harmful influence that has been cast

upon you so that his blood May cover everything that affects you and God’s justice can stand firm against your

adversaries give God the money give him your problems and let him handle them

put your hurts on God and he will mend them let go of your fears and he will

sustain you put your problems before God and he will bless you no one is

accompanying you on this journey in times of trouble the Lord promises to be your Strongarm battling your battles and

calming storms as a result of God rewriting your reviews accounts and addresses you are

seeing spectacular changes you are about to experience the joy laughter love and

advantages that come with having your Sorrows replaced with Miracles blessings and

enhancements God promises that no matter how weak you feel he will be your source

of everlasting strength keep going because just when you think it’s finished God surprises you with a

windfall money is showing up at your doorstep unexpectedly these days within

a few hours you should be smiling and you should remember to praise God for this miracle I prayed so that you would

know it was already yours and that it might be yours when you asked for it have trust that your future is unfolding

just as God has in intended be thankful for what you have and Trust in God’s

plan for your success let us pray together Father in Heaven I have faith

in your ability to discover a solution since you are the embodiment of infinite

potential put an end to every failure spirit that surrounds me and the people I care about in the name of Jesus Christ

please make it clear to me that you are not just listening to me but also seeing me caring for me and love loving me you

alone are worthy of my utmost devotion I am grateful that you created provide the

strength for my racing heart and Release Me From the weight of life’s cares made light by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus

Christ my administrative Center is a place where I seek Serenity thank you

Lord for the gift of life and for everything that you have accomplished in my life I appreciate you looking after

my own family sincerely Putting my confidence in you I relinquish complete

control over my lifestyle to you your health bank account and relationships

will all benefit from the healing and restoration that is about to take place

if you stick around until the conclusion of the film you’ll see improvements in your health and financial matters let me

mend your pain mend your wounds and restore everything that you have lost in the pursuit of material success there is

tremendous potential for you this weekend prepare yourself for a life of Joy wealth and contentment by opening

your heart to accept gifts God is on my side your benefits may increase

three-fold this week shocking those who want to harm you while adding joy to your life God says take into

consideration the god of Miracles the one person who can do the seemingly

impossible always remember that God’s rule is greater than anything you can imagine he is there for you leading

consoling and protecting you even if your heart is heavy with grief and tears

flow you are his beloved toddler adored and treasured beyond measure think about

these three things God is going to be with you from the beginning all the way

through your life well done expensive toddler since you’re on the verge of

winning a large Lottery jackpot within the next hours a plethora of cash might magically appear in your bank

account showering your loved ones with joy Jo happiness and plenty your fingers

will attract large sums of money much as sugar attracts ants and you will bring an abundance of Fortune into your life

no matter how low you fall I will restore everything that was taken from you and then I will bless you beyond

measure with boundless Health money and success trust in God’s promises live a

life committed to him and see his faithfulness played out in your daily lives angels are sent to to pay your

payments and obligations and protect your family these days you do not belong

to me throughout your journey God Is by your side I lift you up out of your

misery and into your Prosperity by removing the things that bind you he

recognized the shift and said I know what it’s like to be far away but meeting Jesus altered everything begin a

new season filled with joy and Tranquility experiencing the love of God in a different and stronger way

as a Christian you are never really alone under the protection of God the

whole holy spirit will be with you as an aid a comforter and a guide Rampart has

confidence in him to lead you through life storms if you seek refuge in his constancy to him you are Priceless and

he loves you very much as Christians we battle Satan with God’s message and your

voice is a strong weapon declare and pray pray with confidence take out

fortresses if you are feeling low pray to Jesus he hears and soothes those who

seek Him dear heavenly father in response to Jesus’s command let us pray

together I greet the arrival of the new week with heartfelt prayers of thanks and praise I am grateful for your

affection and vigilance in proportion to your majesty and wealth you supernaturally grant all my wishes

acknowledge successes and advantages and plenty more this week hope for the best

and have faith in God’s plan get ready for something amazing what you have been

hoping for will be showered upon you when God opens Heaven’s Windows continue

to have faith and pray in the midst of seemingly insurmountable obstacles God

will work away as you seek healing know that God is on your side when you

Embrace him for who he is you open the door to improved health strength stronger relationships and Financial

Security for those who seek it Everlasting Joy is waiting God is always

there for those who feel lost even when you feel like giving up and giving into your misery remember that God is with

you well done my little baby you have hours to claim your enormous Lottery jackpot how very profound an upcoming

Miracle will bring joy prosperity and Delight for many years to come money and

Fortune will pour into your life at the Touch of Your Arms abounding Health money and success will flood your mind

as the Lord restores everything that has been taken from you so you may bounce back from

adversity these days when you have debt angels are sent to pay it off and watch

over your family you do not belong to me throughout your journey God Is by your

side rather than dragging you down I lift you up and fill you with overflowing blessings the encounter with

with Jesus changed everything however and I now acknowledge what it’s like to be aart from God as you enter this new

season of joy and Tranquility you will experience God’s love in a manner that

is both fresh and Powerful I would not call you a Christian on my own under

God’s protection the holy spirit will be a guide a comforter and an aid to you

find solace in his unwavering loyalty as your guardian and Rampart has confidence

in you to lead him through life’s challenges your tongue is a powerful weapon for Christians fighting the

adversary with God’s truth and you are his beloved newborn dearly loved declare

and pray with confidence level fortifications get in touch with Jesus via prayer when you’re feeling down he

offers Solace by listening let us join in prayer in response to Jesus’s request

Father in Heaven I greet the arrival of the new week with heartfelt prayers of

thanks and praise I appreciate your affection and vigilance all my desires align with your wealth and Majesty as if

by some Magical Force announce achievements good fortune and plenty be yours trust in God’s plan this week then

presume something of excellent quality what you have been hoping for will be showered upon you when God opens the

Heaven’s doors continue to have faith and pray when it seems that there is no way to

overcome difficult circumstances God will provide away as a Healer and provider God is with you if you put your

faith in him he will bring you good health enhanced relationships and financial prosperity Seekers of

happiness will find it eternally turn to God he will not abandon you when you feel lost though you may feel alone in

your despair know that God has been with you from the beginning and will be with you always if you pray to me I will

provide you with a tranquility that surpasses mere knowledge Your Body Mind

and Spirit will all be healed and I will bestow upon you many gifts no matter the

circumstances I will bring joy to your sorrow and calm to your fear if you need

my assistance all you have to do is give me a ring the next chapter of your life

is going to be the most fruitful one yet you have persevered through the worst

and are now approaching the best you make me happy happy my little one you’re brave and have shown that you can be

electric join me in accepting reality as we Face challenges the moment to Seize

Your Fate has come as you go about your week I look forward to seeing the great things I have plann for you and the

things you achieve in my honor make me a top priority in whatever you do and I

will shower you with joy surprises and Splendor have faith in me and I will

show you the way even if all hopes seems gone know that you have my unwavering

support come with me I’ll show you the way I am God and you must remain this is

Jesus Christ the light of my countenance is upon you and I am kind toward you I

bless you and hold you near to my heart coming up with Tranquility I lift my

countenance to you to be your source of strength and opulence is my humble request if you have faith in me I will

remove your worries fears lack and pain and replace them with my Abundant

Blessings peace love and plenty the Lord will save me from every Wicked thing I

do and Lead Me securely to his Heavenly Kingdom if I only declare this to myself

and believe it to be true believe it because it is real in my heart and I

will lead you to your Eternal home so think about me and take it as a truth

that I will do more than you can possibly imagine my pricey kid I am ready to shower my blessings upon

you now that your season of Plenty has arrived have faith and rely on divine

intervention to sustain you yes I am with you and I like you even at your

lowest moments know that I am beside you I am here holding your hand and leading

you toward the light so don’t forget that since I have bestowed many blessings upon you you must yield to me

every moment spent with you should be cherished since your very being is a gift if you are lost or confused you may

go to me for guidance and advice I will absolutely not lead you astray you could

experience a plethora of love and spiritual rewards in the months to come these are things I’ve given you out of

love and with a purpose your budget is not a concern I am here to meet your

needs take me into consideration and I will guide you towards a life of Plenty

have trust in your heart and know that I am watching over you always in good times and bad know that I am always here

for you never give up hope even when things get tough have faith in me and I

will show you the way to Holiness and Grace I am the only one who can provide Eternal lives whereas Physicians

attorneys and soldiers can only provide temporary assistance I will show you the

way to Everlasting joy and contentment and you will seek me out every day

beseech me in prayer and I I will bless you and keep you safe I am prepared to

focus and take your call at any moment I will protect you from harm if you hold

me in your heart rest assured that I am always by your side keeping a watchful

eye on you and leading the way your wants thoughts and emotional state are

all understood by me the father who sees everything no matter how difficult things become or how lonely you feel

know that I am always here with you and will never abandon you so if you ever

find yourself in a tough spot find a quiet place to pray to me and I will hear you I will publicly thank you for

seeking me out in secrecy According To Jesus I rejoice when my people flourish

and win but I am saddened when they ignore me and claim credit for their success his words Echo this sentiment

keep in mind that I am the one who provides the strength insight and chances for you to succeed please

remember that you couldn’t have succeeded without my help and when you do thank me you will continue to be

blessed and guided towards your destiny if you live near me do good deeds for

those who despise you and love your adversaries my beloved children it may

seem difficult but it is essential for a good life your foes may become allies if

you treat them kindly also if you really are a follower of Christ you will love

your adversaries having you confess my name as Lord and regularly attend my

church services won’t make you an effective witness for me in addition you

must do what my father has asked of you love him with all that you have and love your neighbor as yourself when you

cultivate a loving way of life you Delight me and eventually become a part of my state you are costly children you

are distant from me and my nation if you dwell in avarice pleasure and selfishness my goal is to motivate you

you may have had to deal with difficult circumstances obstacles and letdowns if you had asked me why things

happen the way they do I would have told you that I would turn your sadness into Joy your ashes into Beauty and your

mourning into dancing I will do it boldly to show the world that you are my

children and that I am God believe that I will restore you and bless you beyond

your wildest dreams if you remain near me seek me out for your hidden region love

your enemies and do what my father asks of you because I have heard your prayers

tomorrow will be a day of transformation for you I want to usher in fresh benefits and unlock doors to wonders for

you remember to Express gratitude and compliments drawing even more blessings

into your lives a complete recovery from infection and debt will be achieved by

the end of this month thanks to unexpected healing advantages prosperity and progress will

abound in your future you can trust that God will fix your finances relationships

and health my darling you and your loved ones have the potential to enjoy

Everlasting Health joy prosperity and Tranquility if you stick around to the

very end of this video God will open a door for you that no one else can close

gather for the purpose of increased happiness a more reasonable budget healing and a plethora of love and

miracles is it true that it is part of God’s plan there will be a string of

blessings and miracles for you this season you are about to experience blessings Joy extraordinary people and

breathtaking moments like never before in the next week no kind of force can mold you I’m praying for your health

wealth mental Clarity and family Network a lot of people will be interested in

you financially and you’ll become very healthy you will be showered with Divine advantages from God leading to a life

brimming with plenty Health joy and contentment I pray that the Lord showers

His blessings upon you and protects you that he is gracious and turns his face toward you and that he grants you peace

you are someone that I really like your suffering will end and your failures will be turned into triumphs according

to God the Lord the time for worry and mourning is over God’s Bountiful

blessings will soon overflow your way of life and may the precious sacrificial

blood of Jesus Christ which is held in high esteem by God protect you your

loved ones and your friends while you rest this night God will answer your

prayers and Grant you the miracle you’ve been asking for relieving you of all your concerns even though it seems

impossible I can figure out a way for you to communicate strength relaxation

and healing I am the light that shines throughout the world Jesus said followers of mine

will never walk in darkness but will have access to the light that transcends life success and advancements may come

pouring in as long as you continue to follow his instructions people who listen to Jesus

and follow his teachings are as astute as those who construct their homes on Solid Rock he will lead you through all

of that with his phrases as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death death I will not

fear because you speak these words to me God wants you to let go of everything

that’s worrying you and stressing you out he promises to make all your bad luck disappear and every good thing turn

out to be even better God has not disregarded your prayers in fact he sometimes responds to

them in surprising ways prepare to seize every moment of Sorrow that led up to

this season of abundant Miracles and benefits soon your pain will be replaced by joy laughter love and plenty of

benefits before you turn in for the night pray that God will loosen your grip on your worries and anxieties put

all your worries and grievances in his hands know that I’m always here for you my dear child through the highs and lows

the joys and Sorrows the blessings and the trials God loves you and wants you

even when you mess up he will help you get rid of negativity and bring more money into your life Greater Joy than

you have ever experienced awaits you if you put your faith in me I’m prepared to

turn any negative situation around I’m sending prayers of blessings and relief

to you and those you care about the correct people will be there to help you

along the way and you will be led to the right opportunities you will soon start to

witness positive changes in your life if you begin to pray as your author you can

expect a plethora of benefits including bigger smiles and financial breakthroughs I spent a Day crafting the

arena in just days on the eventh you could put your faith in my ability to

change your ways of living right away get ready to enter a time of Miracles where you might experience success after

success and progress after progress you are my cherished little one and my affection for you is Limitless the Lord

promises that you will find a place freely from Strife borrowing and begging through the doors he opens for you you

have the favor of God stay steadfast and witness his incredible deliverance from your hardships as he takes you to new

heights in life let the Lord be victorious in your conflicts do not waver instead observe his kindness even

in your lowest hour put your trust in him completely do not rely on your own understanding in the face of seemingly

insurmountable obstacles God will Direct direct and strengthen you ignoring your personal problems a huge door is about

to open for you bringing a series of Miracles that will answer all your prayers even when your enemies surround

you know that I am present to bless mend and redeem you Embrace this prayer with

me oh God my family my health my home my safety my anxieties and my emotions are

all in your arms right now tears well up in your eyes every time you feel l down

think about three things first that God loves you second that God cares for you

and third that God is with you as you approach a season of Joy love and

harmony Jesus stands at the door you’ve prayed for and the days ahead may be

wonderful every negative pattern in your life is about to end because of me a

fresh era of Liberation success and plenty is just around the

corner I contend to you until the end of your life as your writer you were

created from my photograph and I could usually rescue you or help you out whenever I wanted everything that the

enemy stole from you will be returned to you during this season of your return get ready for a deluge of advantages

like never before believe it or not my precious baby I have been there for you every step of the way providing for and

protecting you there will be good things for you even if if bad things happen regardless of how difficult things get I

have what it takes to transform your private prayers into public Miracles have faith that God will support you

those who are content with the Lord will not be in danger if you are supported by the Lord you will not fall and he

expects you to have abundant wealth Advanced Health and stronger relationships no matter how many times

you stumble Miracles will start to happen in your life once you fully commit to God

this week with God as our only resource I declare the breaking of curses your

health will improve and your budget will multiply every single day life altering

Miracles are possible in this very moment I will open doors that have been

sealed for far too long and you will see Marvels performed give me permission to

mend your wounds and I will grant you the Fulfillment of your dreams the removal of all obstacles and success

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Dre never put all your eggs in one basket instead

believe wholeheartedly and don’t depend on your knowledge alone renounce God in

every facet of your life and he will lead you to satisfaction even when you feel like giving up come to me and I

will bring you Joy in the Stillness in fact yell at me and I will answer quickly you need help navigating the

challenging situations in life in joy and in sorrow I am by your side

each morning brings new benefits to me if you have a bad day don’t give up hope

embrace the new day’s opportunities for benefits by staying awake would you like to take your biggest Leap Forward are

you ready prepare to be amazed by my goodness so get yourself organized you

are already set up for Recovery freedom and advancement praise God in the storm

trust him in the valley and follow him through the darkness that is true religion we will make your dream

marriage Mar a reality God no longer wants you to rely on your strength but on his grace and love he wants you to

put your trust in him more fully your life will be changed when you stop trying and start trusting you’re about

to embark on a time of boundless abundance and love where everything will fall into place according to Divine

timing put your faith in God and you’ll be ready for an onslaught of blessings

and opportunities I’m transforming your pain into energy and your your difficulties into advantages you have an

incredible plan in your life to thrive recover and emerge Victorious from difficult

circumstances no matter what happened to you my plan is still on track though it may take some time when you have faith

miraculous things will happen those who are known to be cool under pressure and who love God will find a way for

everything to work out for their good God is always there for your lonely heart whether it needs company feels is

lost or is all alone you need not be concerned I am not giving up on you say

your sorry and I’ll make up for everything I’ve done wrong worshiping God may help you overcome challenges but

it requires you to shift your focus from the problem to the one who can solve it

Jesus Christ the mediator between God and Humanity fear not for he can rise

above his concerns and bring about a Reconciliation between God and human Humanity praying or petitioning God for

what you want is the basic idea the idea is to show your appreciation for his

benefits in a more personalized way many believe that by doing this you will

invite more miraculous events into your life as a result of his grace showing

God Everlasting peace is the advice the idea is that God will provide a way and

lead you if you keep asking seeking and knocking an obedient prayer seeks the

Lord’s favor who will then hide you under his wings and keep you safe from harm the advice is to ask God for help

loud and clear have faith in him wholeheartedly and avoid doubt fear and

whatever else life throws at you the second section of the content according to God foretells an unexpected and

wonderful event that will take place the day after tomorrow in order to alleviate your misery depression financial

hardship desire Joy Jo and plenty it advises being ready to receive benefits

such as $, in your bank account from unexpected and unknown sources the

words used to describe you hint at impending Prosperity success happiness

and good health according to a claim the speaker who says they can heal your mind

and body will shower you with blessings watching a certain video all

the way through is said to bring boundless health wealth and prosperity

the use of loud speech and positive affirmations can easily bring in substantial sums of money the content

concludes with blessings for the month encouraging us to reflect on The God Who changes lives through unmarried contact

and turns impossibilities into possibilities in times of trouble it stresses the importance of depending on

God’s promises which highlight God’s unchanging love and Limitless power to

protect remember that the Holy Spirit has been sent to lead comfort and accompany you and that

God is always with you as a Christian so you are never truly alone the last

section upholds the promise of enjoying wonderful things in life such as endless riches perfect health and Perpetual

prosperity in a video called till the give up a man claiming to be God says

that by following his advice and using the quit of you will become a

millionaire there is a persistent demand for the blessing of riches Peak physical

condition and achievement in the next hours there is a Time body that is said

to bring about great joy love riches and appropriate Health a message for a

wealthy toddler proclaims that they will soon become prosperous successful happy

and healthy having been selected to receive blessings many parts of their lives will

be transformed by the promises of love prosperity and good health that will be

showered upon them a heartfelt invitation is extended to share specific details that

demonstrate a Readiness to receive abundant love restoration and blessings

through the grace of God the focus of the content is on preparing to receive blessings that transform lives and

financial abundance in order to alleviate Financial burdens and debt the one making the announcement claims to be

the God who made you and will care for you forever an improved preference and

the assurance that your financial benefits will multiply threefold in the next seven days are wrapped in an

invitation to let your heart open it is guaranteed that God being the deity of

Miracles can transform the most gloomy nights into beautiful mornings no one or

thing can ever separate you from God’s love which is revealed in Jesus Christ

and special assistance from above known as Angels according to what God says

nowadays according to popular belief these Guardian Angels take care of overdue bills and keep the family safe

it makes no difference that God is on your side as the content stresses human

beings against you are still irrelevant health and wellness security and

tranquility and favorable circumstances are all gifts from God what God has

promise promised will remain forever and he will never leave your side this is the Assurance you need it is said that

the year will be a year of rebirth with the return of Fitness relationships

and prices orchestrated by the Almighty I am always by your side because I am

the one who created everything in your world get ready to be led consoled and

protected by me keep in mind that you hold a special spot in my heart and that

my love for you you is strong right now I am freeing you from the shackles of illness scarcity and poverty you will

experience a transformation from sorrow to Joy from suffering to healing and

from hardships to Blessings you are being promoted to the next level of your life so you better be ready for it in

every family love will grow stronger faith will flourish health will improve

and plenty may even overflow the pattern of adversity is being broken by someone this video is

currently being viewed by that member of your family I’m about to experience a meteoric rise in my financial situation

I can say it with certainty by the grace of God I will become a millionaire by

utilizing the give up of and I am manifesting $ million this week which

is beyond my wildest imagination join me in prayer holy God come into my home and

remove all things that are causing me concern and distress if that is your desire please keep my loved one safe and

well it has been a difficult year and I beg you to help me find Hope in the midst of Despair and joy in the midst of

sadness all in obedience to Jesus’s command this week God will shower you

with three-fold more blessings by utilizing your strengths you will become a model of what is possible with God his

miracles do occur this week God says could also bring you significant

blessings may the Lord hear your prayers and lead you when you’re struggling it

is my belief that I am the sole source of blessings and miracles take care of your heart and find

Tranquility remember that I am your gentle wisdom and support no matter how

stormy life gets embrace the fact that as February draws to a close in March

begins you will engage in trading come out on the other side more powerful

blessed and energized than before if you’re hurting I can help you get well

and calm your spirit get ready for the wonderful blessings that are coming your way I can shower you and your loved ones

with a plethora of good things the blessings will pour down on you like rain from Heaven’s windows I am capable

of transforming sadness into Joy power into weakness and sadness into happiness

exceptional things are going to happen to you for the remainder of this week I swear to you restored Health plenty and

favor are gifts from God with the help of your ideal house you can pay off your debts and provide for your family in

ways that were before unimaginable I the god of Plenty intend

for my Offspring to continue to be plenty I would prefer that you not have to endure the hardships of poverty

rather I desire for you to flourish achieve genuine physical fitness and

enjoy spiritual abundance think about how much my Infinite Strength will overcome any challenge you encounter

today tomorrow or at any time in the future when despair seems like it will

swallow you whole you can rely on me the incredible pressure that will fight your

battles for you if you are feeling lost and overwhelmed please come to me if you

let me I can lighten your burden and replace it with the benefits of Peak physical condition joy and serenity

convince yourself that I am capable of of turning ordinary things into extraordinary ones of turning sadness

into desire and of making the impossible become a reality Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams these days my child God is speaking to you a unique surprise is

being prepared just for you the healing you’ve been praying for the benefits

you’ve been hoping for and the financial breakthrough you’ve been seeking are all happening right now as you read this

your reliable creator has orchestrated a series of occurrences that will allow

them to bring about miraculous changes to your way of life nothing bad will happen to you today in regard to your

health your time your thoughts or your family because of my kindness and Grace

in doing so I am foiling the enemy’s schemes and ensuring your safety Peace

of Mind knowing that I can Vanquish your enemies and plate the tempests that Loom

above you you will be filled with my pleasure and peace and it will comfort you in times of

need may my love surround you even more and may the benefits I provide serve as

evidence of my boundless kindness and compassion your confidence and faith in me have stirred me and I can feel the

desires welling up in your heart since you continue to do what is in my Divine will I may show you even more blessings

and Marvels because of you I will make Miracles a regular part of your life and

use you to spread my miraculous power to everyone around you remain steadfast in

your convictions I am working behind the scenes to bring about a miraculous change of events even though there is a

lot of opposition think of this as my beloved infant in all things I am by

your side leading and protecting you I am the constant Wellspring of strength

and Solace so you need not fear being alone Lord I pray that you will

strengthen your Covenant with me Me by permitting me to recount three notable accomplishments of mine from the past to

ensure the safe passage of Moses and his people I separated the waters Lazarus

was resurrected with my hands many people who were leprous were cured by me

all of those miraculous occurrences prove that with me by your side you can have complete faith in me because I will

always be by your side protecting and guiding you the heavens will open wide

their Windows of blessings to you and there will be no stopping the pressure according to God love will envelop you

and provide Comfort to your spirit in ways you can’t even begin to imagine

Prosperity will lead you to wealth a time of restoration will come over you healing old scars and showing you the

way to completeness as you make progress I love and am loyal to you

therefore I ask that you keep your heart open so that you may may receive and enjoy the richness that enters your life

let go of your worries and uncertainties and surrender them to me I will transform them into a guarantee of Peace

you and your own family are in for a special treat my darling a new home with someone who loves and cares for you

deeply is something I want to provide you in many respects this property is

more than simply a house it is a portal to a wonderful worldwide World teeming

with wonders and opportunities you will start to experience money Miracles the moment you insert that domestic getting

well physically and more importantly mending damaged relationships I want nothing less than a

life of love prosperity and joy for you and your loved ones are you all set I

will always be there to see your sorrow the anguish in your coronary heart is not something I’m oblivious to I listen

intently to your every word and your prayers are not going unnoticed now no one can ignore your suffering because I

am here for you at all times ready to ease your burden and provide you relief from your troubles help and deliverance

are within my grasp I will never ever leave you or abandon you you will always

find comfort in my company keep in mind my little baby that there is tremendous

energy in your thoughts and words my blessings will become a part of your lives the moment you speak optim

mystically and gratefully about everything believe in the power of your faith it can overcome obstacles and

limits you will see the marvels of my plenty if you acknowledge my Supply as truth fear not because I am the one who

will shield you from the tempests According To Jesus I am the place of Refuge where you may find rest and

security you must know that my love for you transcends space and time it is an

infinite Limitless love that endures forever so my precious little one put

all your worries anxieties and uncertainties in my hands and have faith in the tale of your life as it unfolds I

am the one who writes Miracles and nurtures your spirit your heavenly father has seen your sorrow and the

burdens you’ve carried yet this may be the moment for me to shower you with many blessings I am the god who grants rest

and New Beginnings I must bestow upon you the means by which you might realize your mission and enjoy a life of Plenty

though lawyers Physicians and warriors all play Vital roles in our Global Society my darling I am the only one who

can give you eternal life you will find genuine happiness in my company but you are seeking me mostly elsewhere I can

Channel chaos into a meaningful message you just have to believe in me it gives

me great joy to be showered with numerous blessings of Happiness financial success and improved health

and it turns OB obstacles into demonstrations of faith and defeats into glorious victories while I am in the

midst of them always keep in mind that the spiritual food we need comes from

Jesus Christ my beloved Son those who seek Him With Open Hearts will experience Everlasting Joy he can make

even the worst times in your life a little bit better if you are tired and troubled seek solace in him he will calm

your troubled heart if you openly declare that Jesus is the Lord and believe that I resurrected him from the

dead you will be saved remember this I am delicately knocking on the door of

your heart my dear share your deepest thoughts and feelings with me and I will be able to make your life more magical

in every way when you let me into your life Miracles will happen according to

what the Lord has spoken I will meddle in your life when the time comes for the best for everyone who takes the time to

read those words I pray furthermore May the Lord’s favor bestow protection and

safety upon you let your circumstances be changed by the power of unfaltering

Faith despite all you’re going through know that desire is always there even in

the depths of Despair I am the beacon that shines as tears fall from your eyes

I collect them all and dry them off for you your pain won’t go away and I’m doing my hardest to make something

beautiful out of your hardship as you welcome acquisition into your hearts be prepared for a miraculous

change in all parts of your existence in terms of your career finances health and

personal connections I am prepared to pour forth the rewards a god of Miracles I am while you’re down and out and think

your desires have no merit I’ll sneak in and bring you a miracle that will strengthen your faith in my timing after

all I’m the one who normally runs behind the scenes Conjuring up Marvels just for

you incorporate this time of rest into your schedule for I am able to restore

your Serenity and prosperity and regain what the devil has stolen from you I

will shower you with spiritual and financial wealth please accept these things with appreciation anxiety tension

and pain are about to leave your life in I’m releasing you from all

restrictions so that you may enjoy a life of Happiness prosperity and content

ment I pray that you find absolute well-being Everlasting Tranquility

boundless happiness a budget that soes and the assurance that your goals are in

my capable hands From Misery to contentment from a lack of direction to an abundance of it from chaos to Clarity

and from Pain to progress your life will undergo a positive transformation I am the god of

Liberation and I can break the bonds that ens snare you I am aware that many many of you are fighting against

dependency depression and misery if you ask for financial Miracles they will

come to you when you want them and your whole family may be cured anyone who answers Jesus’s call will be with me in

this trust in my promises and experience firsthand the blessings that are coming

your way I will be by your side directing you at every turn here are three things the Lord

wants you to think about today first have faith in him he will help you through this difficult time and mend

what is broken second know that God is at work in your life he will transform

every bad situation into a good one bless you and your loved ones and bring healing to your pain God will strengthen

you when you feel like giving up provide pleasure when you’re disheartened and

create a way for my pricey toddler even when it seems like there’s no way I am

the only one who can provide you with the right and greatest things for your life I am your heavenly father unlike

transient Shadows I am always by your side leading you through every storm and

difficulty you have my undying and unfaltering affection and I would give

everything for you join me in prayer beloved father in Heaven you love me so

much and I’m thankful that you made me to God the Father I offer thanks for the

atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ there is no end to your generosity Grace

compassion and mercy your Devotion to me has no bounds please accept my sincere

request for your blessings on every facet of my life please bless my loved ones my friends my artwor and my bank

account please have mercy on my body Mind and Spirit please bless my connections aspirations and plans may my

ultimate Destiny Soul and Spirit be blessed to you I give my whole being my whole being being including my emotions

ideas and skills is here for you in the depths of my being and with all my

possessions I trust you your views are my own and I adore respect and rever you

as my God and Lord I promise that you will amass vast wealth with ease and prosperity and that you will fill my

life with joy contentment and plenty in addition to a marked improvement in your

financial situation you may expect healing and restoration in your relationships and within your family

these things will be accomplished because I speak them in response to Jesus’s command the good news is that

you are about to experience a time of boundless miraculous life-altering Grace from God so be ready God promises that

you will experience an endless flow of blessings love and money before the

weekends if you watch this movie all the way to the end I I will bestow upon you

my blessings a bountiful inheritance that will last for generations for an

Unstoppable price Proclaim it to the world and speak it out the words you choose to employ have power hopeful you

say it with an inconceivably large sum of money my bank stability increases

substantially this week with God’s help I am attracting $ million I am prepared to take advantage

of several benefits in order to trade lives with you when I become a billionaire in the next hours through

the year in order to bring many good things into your lives like wealth good health

pleasure and joy I have pondered a large and excellent Financial option because I

am both your safe haven and your source of energy I am able to remain by your

side at all times directing and safeguarding you you could find success

money and inspiration through me everything in your life including your relationships Health finances and

process will improve dramatically if you agree with me it will be just magical a

great deal of Joy huge grins or even financial success will be yours as a result of these benefits sure I can

think about marketing and pleasant living things these days please remember these three things I really need you to

I will be here to help you through every stage of your life so please agree with me things will be fixed by me no matter

how broken they seem put your trust in me and I will mend that precious damaged

toddler I am your source of strength even when you are weak and exhausted even when you’re sad I can

lift your spirits your connections will be strengthened if you let me into your heart my dear friends I will mend what

is broken and communicate unity and love know that you are very loved by me I can improve things so believe me with all

your heart on a daily basis just let the sunrise my warm embrace of love and

compassion will envelop you showering you with many benefits take that as a

sign that I’m rushing backstage to perform your favor be ready for in the days ahead you could see Marvels you

can’t believe incredible things will happen to you that will astound and motivate you amazing things are in the

works I’m going to do something that will surprise you on this day God

declares that you are flourishing in all areas of your life spiritually emotionally physically and financially

that is evidence of the boundless benefits I bestow upon you think about the fact that you have the power to swap

lives with the people you care about it is possible for you to escape poverty

hardship and other issues as you embark on this new chapter of your life prepare

yourself for incredible benefits let go of your grip and and embrace the Liberation success and plenty that I

have planned for you you are already aware that I am intervening from on high

to significantly improve your lives like a river that flows abundantly you will

receive blessings that will change your life just as I control the heavens and the Earth whatever happens to you in the

future I will also be aware of it the armies of the Lord God Of Heaven have

given me great power so you should not doubt it your life will be filled with

suitable things as this year progresses with the additional funds I can provide

you you can fulfill your desires and help others at the same time I am

already at work in your life even though you do not perceive it I have the power

to transform evil into good sorrow into hope and plenty of blessings bestowed

upon you I will bless you and heal your wounds you need not be concerned

Miracles blessings and advancements that will Aid you on your journey are my gift to you your loving God in every aspect

of your life I wish you success and happiness fear not I will defend you in all conflicts I can perform

extraordinary Feats because I am a deity of Miracles I am capable of Performing

miraculous Feats such as resurrecting the sick moving mountains and splitting

Seas I can handle any challenge I am capable of Performing miraculous Feats I

will make the unthinkable happen I can bring connection to your relationships and alleviate your pain plenty of

respectable ways of living can be conjured up by me I am improving your situation I am offering numerous

advantages to you and your loved ones will you be able to get them my boundless enthusiasm can permeate your

relationships infusing them with joy wisdom and understanding I have

controlled control over more than just your finances it permeates your entire life touching areas such as your

well-being and interpersonal connections I am always here for you ready to cheer

you up and console you when you’re down remember I am always by your side

God says you are my beloved child and I am rushing to bring immediate specific

changes into your lives Jess Jesus once said that while some things are impossible to accomplish with human

beings things everything is possible with God pay attention to those statements because they might be spot on

the Lord is here to swap ways of life with you from a place of scarcity to one of Plenty I will transform your sadness

into joy and bring you Prosperity you shouldn’t be concerned about anything

because I will overcome whatever challenge you face today I can fight your battles on your behalf because I

have all the power just come to me me if you’re sick and tired of feeling sad

lost and hopeless you can put your worries pain and problems in my hands

and I will bring you the health joy and serenity you desire while you sleep tonight your bank account will fill up

with more money than you can possibly imagine and every one of your bills will be paid in full and on time you have

been praying for a miracle and I will bring it to you my beloved children I

wish you the best of luck and prosp erity with love and divine grace I’m

always keeping an eye on you prepare yourself to seek out a major change in

every facet of your life surprisingly things will improve in every area of

your life including your career finances health and

relationships know that I have sent guardian angels to assist you and pay all of your bills and debts your loved

ones will be protected and shielded You are not alone so there is no need need to be scared rest assured my guardian

angels will watch over you together let us ask God to shower you with Abundant

Blessings we come to you Heavenly Father seeking your guidance and protection during this time of Plenty we ask that

you surround us with angels who will keep us safe as we pursue your will for our lives please help us to believe that

you will greatly bless us and to accept your promises as true all of this

precious toddler is being asked in the name of Jesus Christ you will noticeably

have a crucial week ahead of you one Miracle after another will be bestowed upon you and you will experience a great

deal of success and good fortune water will be a blessing at mealtimes when you praise and worship the Lord your God

another thing he’ll do is rid you of illness keep in mind that if you show appreciation for these benefits you

might get even more your cup will be overflowing with blessings because I need to bless you

abundantly there will never be a dry spell in my love for you it is Everlasting be that as it may I adore

you anyway please keep in mind that I am your God and Creator I am capable of contending with you until the end of

time imperfections and all I will be available to lend you a hand and get

things done whenever you ask I will remain by your side no matter what love

and beauty are my shower gifts to you I can make you stronger and healthier

and you may experience wonderful things believe what Jesus says and I will

increase your power and health through his Limitless love selflessness and Resurrection my son Jesus has already

overcome the enemy thanks to this fantastic win no one will dare devise a

strategy to defeat you you will emerge Victorious believe as Jesus did and you

will have peace of mind knowing that evil can’t control you I am aware that many of you are dealing with with

difficulties such as depression anxiety and dependence damage disease and

wickedness will be all over your home in a year you are embraced by my love and

protection and I will never leave you or abandon you the opportunities I’m

providing can change your life and I will help you get out of debt your financial situation will improve and

your bills will be paid by me my children always keep in mind

that you are powerful enough to bring health wealth and prosperity into your homes your family situation is up for

grabs forever you and your loved ones will experience a full year of Rejuvenation change blessings and

miracles in God has heard your prayers and he will reward you with unexpected Miracles

your physical health will improve broken relationships will mend and doors to Prosperity will open as a result of

these miracles if you pray God will usually hear you and he will come to your rescue the next person in line to

witness a miraculous event that will alter the course of your life and bring you unmatched joy is you through this

ordeal you may emerge stronger wiser and more equipped to fulfill your purpose in

life I can feel your fatigue I know you’re exhausted both mentally and

physically but you must Press On you and your loved ones will soon reap the

rewards restoration and opportunities that God has promised a surprising

Deluge of blessings is about to be showered upon you by God this week may be fruitful if you remain in tune with

his presence and follow his teachings prepare yourself for a season of unparalleled plenty and prosperity in

ways you could never have imagined blessings are about to pour into your life if you’re hurting I can help you

you get back on your feet financially and emotionally I want you to know that I’m here for you because I know many of

you have been through tough times financially when I say I will lead you into your best season you must take my

word for it I will also show you the way to the Plenty I have prepared for

you here are the seven promises God has made to you today I will be there for

you I will protect you I will answer your prayers I will provide for you I

will give you peace and my love will never fade let us join in saying these

things aloud dear Lord I Choose You I Surrender my will to yours I incorporate

your mercy and I invite you to occupy your proper place in my life as my guide and ruler I pray this in the incredible

name of Jesus Christ with the greatest possible respect and adoration according to what the Lord has

promised you will receive a great economic Miracle the next morning as you awaken which will alleviate all of your

financial concerns a vacation a new car and the pride of owning your dream home

will all be within your reach once this miracle lifts the financial burden off your shoulders Embrace a future brimming

with Limitless opportunities and bid farewell to your economic concerns stay

tuned for more fantastic Financial benefits intriguing information breakthroughs and even better benefits

coming your way later this week get yourself ready to receive this wonderful gift and let it lead you to a life of

Plenty and satisfaction your payment and fitness issues probably keep you up at night and

I totally get that watch this video Until the End of a season of Miracles and blessings is approaching it’s

already yours love believe me Children of the future you will suddenly acquire

an abundance of cash to help you pay off all your bills and debts and provide more for your kids happiness health and

a fulfilling career await you my darling child whenever you’re feeling like giving up I can provide you with energy

whenever you’re feeling discouraged I can provide you with pleasure and whenever you think the impossible is

impossible I can make it possible for you if you trust in me I can make your

life more miraculous your hardships and Sorrows are not new to me but now is the

moment for me to shower you with my plenty it will be a result of your heavenly father’s Grace and love not

your own efforts you will have all you need to accomplish your mission and enjoy a life of plenty if you ask me the

god of provision healing and desire you are going to receive a sudden influx of

funds today I think we can all agree that in just a few hours you will be

beaming with pride as you joyfully share this fantastic news with your loved ones

you deserve the love of your choice the money you desire and the healing you need and God is prepared to give it to

you when you feel the weight of sadness and tears streaming down your face will you be prepared always keep in mind that

God is with you among other things there is a God who loves and cares for you

this is the year you make a triumphant return your lives will be brimming with advantages like never before this

weekend and I can restore everything that the enemy has taken from you you

might end up with no outstanding debt and be able to pay all of your bills at once I assure you your financial

situation is poised to trade and your romantic life is soaring this week you

might experience an unexpected Financial miracle that will have far-reaching effects on generations to come God is

transforming not only your financial situation but also your neighborhood and living quarters Miracles benefits and

enhancements are being sent your way by God please be aware that people are mentioning your name in contexts where

you have not yet set foot there are angels advocating for you and I am about

to do something remarkable for you right now God is always there for you so you’re never truly alone even when your

heart longs for companionship and you feel lost and alone those who put their faith in me will have Living Water

springing out of them as the Bible says as as long as you remain I the God will

see to it that you are well taken care of you can always count on me for assistance and rescue because I am the

one who created you I’m transforming your pain into power and your problems into

opportunities I have a fantastic plan for your lives a plan to bring you Prosperity health and freedom from

troubling circumstances significant advantages and possibilities abound throughout the

months of February and March Mar just this week I can triple your benefits

baffle your haters and spice up your lives like never before have faith that

God can do the seemingly impossible because he has power all your worries

will be put to rest when he brings a miracle into your life God is listening to your prayers and is actively bringing

you the answers you’ve been praying for opening new doors is a great way to lead

to Splendid advantages and he is the last of the antique doors to your lifestyle a new beginning is taking

place as the difficult times have ended let the blessings that may be on their way into your life come to you by

opening your heart to receive them put your faith in God who loves and supports

you and trust that he will bring good things into your lives my pricey toddler

prepare yourself for the benefits that may be on the horizon love peace and

miraculous outcomes are on their way to you hug them tightly in order to get

them and let them fill you with longing joy and unfaltering Trust get ready for

a plethora of advantages that will blow your mind today I will transform your

lack into plenty of wealth if you will just let go of your grief I the Lord

will make a dramatic change in your life I will bring immense Joy To Your Heart

in this very moment I’m changing your dire circumstan es into an abundant one

you have been held back by poverty lack and Illness but I am now freeing you

from those bonds tears of joy will transform into tears of Sorrow your

anguish will be supplanted by healing and the hardships you endured will yield great benefits if you watch this video

until you’re exhausted I promise I can bring healing and Tranquility to your body your finances are just one area of

your life that I may touch on when I see an opportunity to make a positive change

in someone’s life I will seize it I can open the gates of Heaven to bless your

lives at the right time because I am a dedicated issuer everything you do has the

potential to be blessed your worries fears pressures and pains may be alleviated and you will find God’s love

restoration benefits and eternal peace close by it is my wish that the next

months bring you and your loved on wants nothing but joy healing and plenty with

God’s love overflowing you can enjoy joy and plenty in every area of your life

remember that the Lord is Like a Shepherd who will provide for all your needs you will always be with him and

his love and goodness will follow you wherever you go your entire family will be healed and you will receive the love

restoration and abundance that are rightfully yours during these days when

you are are in the center of Jesus’s will miraculous things will happen God is assisting you in making a significant

recovery in your life your prayers are being heard angels are on their way to Aid you and God Is providing financial

support for you your miraculous existence is a manifestation of my boundless love for you and the Limitless

power of Faith get on board with the journey my dear because it is through the storms that the most miraculous

things find their way into your life I declare in Jesus’s name that nothing

evil will be able to harm you your family or your finances no matter how

difficult things get my love will be stronger than theirs think about it my dear that I am not embarking on this

journey of life alone through thick and thin I Will Stand By Your Side guiding and protecting you an omnipotent God is

by my side I’m prepared to do great things in your lives says God these days

admit that I am your king and take note of you as my beloved little child and I

will give you the kingdom that Christ boldly announced the boundless waves of

Love healing and plenty that rightfully belong to me are washing over me my

unwavering faith will bring healing to my entire family and M Les will appear

at the precise moment when I require them all while you pray in jesus’ name

God will intervene so that you don’t have to worry about things you can’t handle in your life he will bring an

abundance of Joy good health and wealth get yourself together for a ton of advantages possibilities abound for you

to attain Health Tranquility love and favor I assure you that the greatest

blessing you have ever experienced is waiting for you if you continue to have faith in your life healings and miracles

will begin to happen you will suddenly find that all the doors that were previously closed are open open for you

God’s Divine energy will permeate your entire home Illuminating every corner and crevice unexpected calls and

messages offering financial aid and support will start rolling in as the day

progresses at that moment you can begin to heal the peace prosperity and cause

that the enemy has taken from you will be returned to you by God a desire may

exist with God it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me because

I have been crucified with Christ a supernatural provision and divine defense will be bestowed upon me by God

Nothing is Stopping him keep in mind that God is a merciful and gracious deity who loves you no matter what and

is always there for you you are his beloved children and as such you will

experience miraculous signs and wonders as long as you maintain believing praying and affirming his word make

today an unforgetting forgettable life-altering experience you and your loved ones can

look forward to a year of improved Health stronger relationships and a more manageable budget your health will

miraculously improve and your wealth will multiply all because I have broken the curse I’ve weathered every storm in

your way of life alongside you according to God I have provided for all your needs and will continue to bless you and

your family in a way you’ve never experienced before God hand will sweep over your life bringing healing and

Rejuvenation I am an expert at accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks

because I am the deity of Miracles if you choose to accept me as true a chain

reaction of miraculous events May begin to transpire in your life I wish for you

an extraordinary increase in your bank account that surpasses all your expectations would it be possible to pay

all of your bills in advance you will be absolutely thrilled with the financial Independence that has been bestowed upon

you in the next month if you fully embrace the season of fulfillment in the

days leading up to this I will switch out your story for one that is full of joy healing and satisfaction your health

relationships and bank account can all use my help you may have been going through tough times in terms of your

physical or mental health but I want you to know that I’m like a super doctor I

can definitely help you get better my precious little one I will bring you back the fortitude Serenity and

excitement that will allow you to live a full and meaningful life I am the

supreme god and I will provide for all of your needs I’m about to unlock the

Gates of Heaven so that you can be showered with countless blessings never forget that I am your rock through thick

and thin not just when the going gets tough no matter how bad things get you

can count on me to be there for you my goal is to bring you Solace provide

you with energy and Lead You Through challenging times I am a merciful deity

I do not impose punishments rather than passing judgment my goal is to offer

Limitless love and forgiveness I love you no matter what and you are valuable

to me everything in your environment including the Stars the Sun the sea the

mountains and the sky is my creation I am here for you every step of the

journey directing soothing and shielding you keep in mind that no matter what

happens my love for you will never change and that you are special to me

you have entered a new phase of your life my dear child one that is ripe with opportunity I have the stamina to change

your ways of life completely rescuing you from financial hardship and bringing you Prosperity put your concerns and

grievances at the rear joy and wealth will replace them and I’m here right now

if you’ve ever experienced financial hardship know that every penny you spend

will be recouped that your business Endeavors will Thrive and that a meteoric leap in your financial security

is just around the corner you and your family are being blessed with a better

existence as God is changing your situation no injury is permanent and no

setback is permanent if it doesn’t lead to a miraculous ulous recovery when you’re feeling down and out remember

that God is with you and that he will provide you with strength and comfort this year expect to reach New Heights as

God transforms your sorrow into Joy your hardship into a gift and your losses

into Miracles above and beyond my imagination I firmly announce today that I am

prepared to seize the Abundant flow of Love health and prosperity that is

properly mine I pray that God will shower his infinite love peace and prosperity on my family

and myself Lord I Thank you for shaping me loving me no matter what and sending

Jesus to die on the cross for my sins so that I can get your forgiveness thank you for being so kind your boundless

love enriches my life with Grace generosity and goodness the Lord is

Jesus Christ keep in mind that your adversaries will like wise dispute your fulfillment and Merit while you’re up

against them but that advancements and benefits come from me says Jesus no one

will be able to take away what I’ve promised you embrace your faith because I am going to reward you abundantly I

can handle your lifestyle my little one for I am your God you have me as your writer and I am here to keep an eye on

you and come to your Aid whenever you need it beautiful things are about to happen and you could get First Rate

advantages is in the following days your path to fulfillment is paved with

Miracles and accomplishments good health Prosperity happiness and advancement to

you in the next hours the news that might forever change your life will ring

on the phone you’re presently using when you’re unwell or feeling depressed all

your worries will melt away because your life is going to be filled with Incredible gifts and Marvels until the

end of this week God knows everything about your anguish and is concerned about it the tremendous power of repair

is something I can get behind further more may my love envelop you my grace

for healing Elevate you and my presence be a source of comfort along your journey do it again with me new

opportunities are opening up for me the power of God healing wisdom and style

are about to pour down like a torrent my perspective is one that is focused on

breakthroughs and I am someone who reports them I anticipate that God’s

kindness will burden me and his favor will Astound me because I am a God who

increases good things I want to shower you with my plentiful blessings rest assured no one can heal repair or redeem

like me I provide strength to the weak and optimism to the downtrodden your

destiny has already been planned give thanks to the Lord for all his favors by relying on him you will achieve Triumph

under his Illuminating guidance father I ask that we be able to pray together

your boundless mercy and kindness Are Much appreciated your gift of another day to spread your love and make others

happy is much appreciated dear savoir your selfless death on the cross paid

the price for my sins and for that I am eternally grateful I am grateful that

you gave me a new way of life in Christ Jesus today Father God I choose to

remain unfruitful in my my sins and to fully rely on your grace take a deep breath and every day after that feel the

warmth and affection of Your Love out of nowhere doors that have been closed for a long time will be opened for you by

God and your lifestyle will undergo miraculous changes you have achieved a great feat some accurate information

will be sent to you this week everything around you is Shifting as the cosmos ushers in a new era of blessings in the

blink of an eye I can switch around your way of living you can get it if you pray to me ask me for assistance and ask me

for direction because you are my baby I adore you according to the Lord I will

be amazed by you some unexpected benefits are on their way to you because

of my benevolence relax because I am about to blow your mind on a global scale if you’ll only agree with me God

is rescuing you from every destructive habit you’ve ever had a time of more Independence and abundant Good Fortune

is a upon you I wish you much energy and prosperity prepare to receive it when

Jesus calls God would forget your enemies if he were on your side come and

become a part of our Channel you will unexpectedly have enough money to settle all of your debts and expenses plus some

more to give to your kids if you give it some thought this is an issue that I am

transferring to you prepare yourself for your blessing and your Miracle a large

sum of money will be sent to you from sources you have never heard of during the following day please Lord no matter

what I go through I must trust in you in times of trouble I ask that you deepen

my faith and teach me to keep my focus on you even when you feel like you can’t

go on I can provide you with power even when you’re down and out I can find

pleasure in the situation an obligation that has been weighing you down for a long time is

going to be replaced with a benefit that will completely transform your way of life this evening the one who follows me

will not walk in darkness but will have light at their feet as Jesus said it is

very clear from John I beg you Lord to assist me neither

do I need to distrust you nor do I want to cause you any distress everything

that I go through as a high-priced infant has to be acknowledged and shared with you even when it seems impossible I

can find a method to do it I am capable of mending you and bringing you back to

full health not only is God preparing you for your future but he is also going

to show the people around you that he is rooting for you those who put their faith in me will be led out of Darkness

into the light of a better life dear Lord I’m grateful for every day John

depending on your availability it may potentially be a productive afternoon for everything

we are grateful to you you are absolutely right about us Lord imagine a world free of suffering and stress where

love healing Serenity and blessings abound an end to your hidden sorrows and

pains is being brought to pass by God peace and benefits have been sought for quite some time the moment has come to

enjoy affluence joy and achievement with no end in sight money comes easily to

you the suffering will end the tears will dry up and opportunity will present

themselves because a miraculous transformation in your way of life is on its way I ask God to keep his Mercy on

my family and myself in the year thanks to God I am encouraged and

blessed by God’s grace even in rooms where you haven’t stepped a toe your call is being acknowledged this weekend

I will do an extraordinary act in honor of your existence maintain a healthy lifestyle I am at the ideal moment I

have a more ambitious scheme in store for you think it’s enticing I think you’ll agree when things don’t turn out

the way you hoped try not to obsess over them nothing can stop what is to come from happening if it is God’s will your

future is better in his hands knowing that I can relax since I’m already at the paintings gives me peace of mind

truly I am fond of you according to God the Lord I have the power to change any

bad thing that has happened to you to bless you and your family and to mend any broken places in your life your

prayers have been heard by God and he has been paying attention to them soon

you will be able to bless other people with your own life there is no man or demon who can stop the door I am opening

I have not yet forgotten that every prayer and every cry have been heard and seen prepare yourself for the gift that

will change your life Lord make it known that you are about to bring about a new

domestic a breakthrough Better Health financial Independence and perfect love

please if it is no longer your will let it go from my hands and give me the

strength to face the future without worry you can count on me to pave the path because I have done it before I can

do it again continue to believe in God and remain in prayer I can pull you from

this pit of despair and turn it into strength for you my my darling with the knowledge that I am your God come to me

with high quality aspirations there is no comparison between the anguish you have been experiencing and the pleasure

that is on the way those who put their faith in the sun will live forever those

who disobey the son will no longer see life but God’s anger will stay with them

according to John I can’t boast about how much I love God since I make

mistakes unconsciously but I may boast about how much God loves me because his

love for me is unending you are about to get an abundance of funds as a result of the universe’s

operation Jesus stated I am the way the truth and the lifestyle for you at this

very moment I am the only one who can approach the father in the name of Jesus Christ I

declare today that nothing can stand against you your family your time your

health or your ideas take heart I shall be there for you once

again the idea that you are fallible because you are human is something I keep in mind my apologies in the morning

of the next day check your phone some of the most exciting news you’ve ever heard

will be in your possession the bypass should not be endangered by no one

will be able to stop what is planned for you since your kindness and magnificence are becoming more apparent

as this incredible season comes to a close may you be showered with blessings healed guided provided for and protected

from harm by the almighty pretend to win every single thing you do overcome every

single obstacle and rack up victories one after the other until the month comes to a close a wonderful gift from

God is on its way to you a wonderful time in your life is about to start soon and the hard situation you’re in will

soon pass please begin praying for this matter with me dear Lord I put my faith in you

the Christ who died for my sins and rose again to give me eternal life all of

your trials are being transformed into triumphs and your Sorrows into Joys at this very moment as the Lord your God

remodels your life he’ll switch around your situation so that you’re either rich or poor it should be remembered

that garments are transient money homes cars and jobs all pass away but God’s

love and wisdom remain forever now is the time to speak with conviction the

wave of Love healing and plenty that is about to wash over me is well deserved

have faith that anything is possible with God’s grace if you’ve been hoping to get your life back on track Now’s the

Time to do it constantly give God all of the rewards big and small and you will

get even bigger blessings type to confirm what God says to you my selfish

ways are wrong and I turn from them now please forgive me I completely surrender

myself to you as my S and Lord lead me come to your proper place and help me to

live a life that you approve of as God returns all that your adversary has taken from you be ready to feel love and

joy again because you relied on me have faith in God’s promise the prize I can

think of is your life with my help you will be rescued and protected Lord I

genuinely appreciate you says the broadcaster do this right now Lord you stood up for me when they assaulted me

and that was when they first questioned me when someone hurts me you tell me to fight back my ability to forgive has

been greatly enhanced by your teachings the moment they lay eyes on me they will

immediately recognize you these days I approach you with an attitude of thankfulness and reward with your kind

eyes that keep an eye on me I am grateful for all that you do for me if you are unwell I pray that the holy

spirit will remove whatever is causing it and I declare that you will be healed

finding pleasure in the Lord is what Jesus is calling you to do put your trust in him and begin to sing his

Praises no matter what happens through prayer you will find Everlasting

Tranquility have faith that you already have everything you want the Bible makes

it clear that pleasing God is impossible with without religion you should take his Lifestyles at face value including

the fact that he rewards those who seek him out with all their heart wishing is

all it takes at times when you’ve exhausted all other options surrender the whole matter to God and let it go

even when you’re down miraculous things start to happen in your life God comforts you when you cry and helps you

dry your eyes he mends you even when you’re broken keep keep in mind that I

am here to protect you from harm I will give the order to my angels to guard you

no matter what you do spending time in God’s presence eases your heart and

putting your trust in him when you feel lost gives you Assurance to let go of everything everything you need is taken

care of by God say those words when you’re feeling lonely and sad in my

weakness God is my song and my joy I am powered by God give giving and acquiring

are at the heart of the fundamental contrast between humans and God in contrast to humans who accumulate ignore

and accumulate more God forgives and gives more like a person who builds a

house on stable Rock in demanding situations everyone who listens to my coaching and follows it wisely expects a

peaceful and satisfying quit as Jesus once said your stress anxiety and

frustration will soon be replaced with eternal tranquility please Lord help me to know that you are

not far away especially since you care about me and love me you have already triumphed over the difficulties of this

life says Jesus’s Redeemer God your Victory is in the power of God’s word so

rise up and put it into action have no fear I am by your side I am able to

strengthen you assist you and support you with my righteous appropriate hand

you are about to share a unique narrative of Health abundance and Recovery success when you go through

thick and thin the rivers of trouble can accompany you with plenty of love joy

peace and good fortune right now you won’t drown if you put your full faith

in the Lord and give him glory in everything you do he will smooth your way you are almost ready to enjoy

benefits and breakthroughs after waiting weeping praying and persevering many

generations will reap the benefits of of God’s work after your life on Earth you will not be consumed as you pass through

the fiery furnace of tyranny you will be safe from the Flames now the throne of

grace where you can trust to find Grace and receive Mercy in your time of need

in the next days you and your family can rely on unexpected Financial blessings to help you rebuild your life

get out of debt and into the house of your dreams while providing unimaginable wealth for your loved ones on you have

been blessed abundantly and more good things are on the way even in the dead of night a miracle is waiting for you

this week through the end of anticipate benefits plenty good

health pleasure and happiness assume fulfillment success wealth and

progressed fitness your family will be blessed and everyone who Longs for restoration will be healed because God

will turn every bad situation around pray for a year full of Abundant Blessings save money and get healthier

plan for people to have resources and set aside money you never thought possible your family’s safety and the

payment of your debts are the responsibility of angels Unstoppable blessings are enveloping your way of

life as you Slumber God will answer your prayers and put an end to your worries by performing

The Miracle you’ve been hoping for positive changes in your professional life financial situation health and

personal relationships are imminent there is an Unstoppable flow of unexpected blessings love and plenty you

will soon no longer have to endure pain suffering and restless nights a life-altering lottery prize is bound to

come your way I have the ability to fix any error and compensate for any setback

you must Vanquish all adversaries and remove all obstacles from your path

gains opportunities and plenty might be in store for you in February Good

Fortune Miracles and happiness are soon to be a part of your story unlock the doors of blessings in your lives this

week as well will the Lord hear your prayers and Grant you strength to face

and overcome the challenges of this modern day after this afternoon you will

have an afternoon of divine want and Abundant Blessings so enjoy yourself God

says a new chapter full of Exquisite advantages bling Limitless pleasure and

profound success is about to begin in your life because you have been chosen by God if you want a better life give

yourself up to God in the coming weekend you will find solace in mending broken

hearts and transforming defeats into triumphs huge blessings that will alter

your way of life irrevocably are on the horizon God loves you and values you

highly make it known that I am worthy of God’s grace may you be showered with an abundance of Love healing and success

prepare yourself for an abundance that will overflow from on high you will achieve unprecedented levels of wealth

Fitness and success a door that you’ve been praying for for the past week is

about to be opened by God leading to incredible Joy there will be no more heartache or financial hardship when you

are there because love and abundance will take their place tap into happiness

illumination affection and benefits you have an ally in the Lord your God so you

need not be timid or discouraged rather you should be strong and courageous

provide bread to your enemy if he is hungry and water to him if he is thirsty

the Lord May reward such Deeds stay strong despite your exhaustion

miraculous doors are about to open transforming your life on the other hand

faith in the Lord will restore power just like eagles they’ll soar through the air they will no longer tire out

while running they’ll walk confidently to top it all off may love joy and

plenty fill your life on top of that your relationships might end up being stronger than you anticipated a peaceful

resolution is approaching the demanding scenario monetary Aid blessings that

change lives and miracles are all on the way from God God is your Eternal source

of strength so remember that as you go your own way continue to pray until your situation improves every single day

miracles happen because God has an excellent plan for your life he is resurrecting all that has died so that

you can have a bright future Jesus’s call is to revive Health finances and

joy having a religious faith is essential for drawing near to God having

faith in his life and believing that that he rewards those who seek him with all their heart affluence will supplant

worries your health might be affected in ways you can’t even begin to Fathom even

when it seems like there’s no way out a path will be carved out for you by God’s miraculous hand praying for the future

is never a wasted moment keep in mind that dealing with Financial Health and

relationship issues is just a normal part of living this way you might not even fail and nothing nothing terrible

will happen chances are new opportunities are popping up for you blessings and miracles are coming your

prayers and tears have been seen by God Miracles and advantages are waiting for

you now according to Jesus God had a purpose in mind before you even thought

of a plan in trying times plans sometimes fall through for a reason keep

faith that a better day is on the way new advantages are introduced daily a

New Day brings with it fresh opportunities and benefits let us ask God to remove all pain problems and

difficulties replace them with good health joy and peace and protect us from

all dangers both apparent and hidden do away with sadness and worries the next

day and replace them with joy and advantages by imagining something out of the ordinary to appear a miraculous

change will occur in your work money health and relationships before the weekend even arrives

God will bring restoration plenty protection and Direction into your life

as we enter the year God will pour out his Abundant Blessings on you you are not alone the

almighty is prepared to fight on your behalf so that you may triumph over your adversaries give yourself up to God if

you want a better life healing and blessings keep watching this video till

the very end to prepare yourself for miraculous and unexpected blessings

at this very moment may the Lord answer your prayer and protect you from harm

Proclaim with authority that I am worthy of God’s grace and ready to receive love

restoration and prosperity stay organized to experience Abundant Blessings the next seven days may be

incredibly joyous and God is prepared to open a door you’ve been praying for abounding love and financial prosperity

the sorrowful things will be supplanted by happiness illumination love and

advantages keep your courage and March fearlessly because the Lord your God is on your side give your enemy food if

he’s hungry and drink to quench his thirst using the Lord as an incentive

for this deed is possible keep going even when you feel like giving up the

Lord is about to open the doors to Miracles that will change your life those who have faith in him will be

strong again they will soar on the wings of eagles run and not grow tired walk

and not faint I pray that God blesses you abundantly and that your relationships grow stronger there will

be no Bloodshed as the unpleasant situation is resolved Miracles financial

assistance and blessings that change your way of life are on their way to you from God God is your Eternal source of

energy so keep that in mind continue to pray until your situation improves God

has the best plan for your life and you will see Miracles every day many things

have died for you your dreams and the people in your life but God is raising them all from the dead the Gospel of

Jesus Christ is Reviving people’s health wealth and happiness according to the

Lord those who sincerely seek Him must have faith in order to be accepted by

him and he rewards those who do there will be plenty instead of worries you

might be surprised by how much your Fitness could improve even when everything seems hopeless a

way may be fashioned for you with the help of God’s incredible hand it is

absolutely not a waste of time to wait for God remember that dealing with difficult Financial Health and

relationship situations is a natural part of Being Human there will be no

disastrous outcomes and you will succeed the doors are opening for you and I

agree good things and miracles are coming your prayers and tears have been seen by God before you start making

plans grab hold of Miracles and benefits your existence is purposeful according

to God in the midst of adversity God’s purpose sometimes fails to materialize

his planned always remember that better times are ahead and that each day brings

its own set of blessings there will be fresh chances for Success the day after

today the next day let us ask God to Shield us from all harm both visible and

invisible and to replace our suffering with health joy and

Tranquility anticipate the appearance of something out of the ordinary which will dispel your problems and bring you

happiness as we enter the year God will usher in healing provision

safety and divine guidance into your life before the week comes to a close

you will experience an extraordinary turnaround in your career finances and fitness I think God is going to shower

you with an incredible amount of blessings You Are Not Alone the almighty

is fighting on your side ready to deliver your Triumph in battle give yourself up to God for healing a better

life and blessings keep watching this video until you reach your breaking point it will

bring you miraculous blessings is it possible for the Lord to hear your prayer and protect you from harm as well

pray this now oh God according to God’s word these days your unfaltering love for me is greatly appreciated because

you have been faithful to lead me and pay attention to me even when I have been through times of doubt I am

grateful for your favor and blessings you have helped me soore to new heights and I am grateful I am grateful for the

scripture that reminds me of your promises purpose and provision and

brings me Comfort thank you for calming my anxieties and reassuring me that my

salvation is in your hands please help me to respond correctly to Christ’s call and to be a good Steward


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