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after the next minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you make sure you watch

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type if you are ready God is saying

to you today my beloved child pause for

a moment and lend me your ear I wish to

share something of profound importance

that will lift your weary

Spirit the storms that have battered

your heart will soon pass the blessings

for which you’ve

sow patiently waited are being prepared

and will be revealed in due time your

period of struggle draws to a close take

comfort for I do not abandon my faithful

ones Midway through their Journey when

you call to me with genuine

belief I am always listening our bond

remains unbroken through times of both

Joy and sorrow tomorrow you have clung

to your faith even when beset by doubts

and Temptation many turn from me when

adversity strikes but you persevered

despite your hardships I have walked

each step alongside you infusing you

with the strength to endure now your

faith and endurance will be rewarded

soon you will enter an era of profound

peace and

contentment you and your loved ones will

lack nothing a wash

a happiness more wonderful than you can

presently imagine with this peace will

come fresh vision and purpose to guide

your days any chains that have feted you

will dissolve as will the bitterness

residing within your

heart the Waters of my spirit will wash

over you transforming the spiritual

landscape within even longtime foes will

Marvel at the change they behold what

has come over for you they will ask why

does Felicity now emit from your

countenance what is the source of this

metamorphosis we observe thus I assure

you the present storms will not last

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Jesus I will

not perpetually subject my faithful

child to the same trials

because you have surrendered your heart

fully to me embracing my commands with

purity of faith I now come to your

deliverance it brings me joy to witness

such wholehearted trust directed toward

my promises too often my children demand

instant answers according to their own

timetable yet you understand that my

word alone guarantees your blessing will

come this pleases me greatly but beloved

one on this day salvation Dawns for you

and your household the shackles that


oppressed you will be shattered I will

ask you plainly will you now arise and

seek me resolving never to stray from my

protective love each morning I have

ministered encouragement to empower you

for the challenges

ahead I have spoken often of My

Affection affirming your immense value

you in my sight in recent months your

faith has blossomed even amid persisting

troubles yet avoid still dwells within

you which no degree of Earthly strength

can satisfy my work in you is ongoing

and cannot reach completion and

isolation from those closest to you type

if you believe in

Jesus I know the hearts of your children

may currently seem closed off from my

voice they appear disinterested in the

truths I

have taught you this Grieves me deeply

for I miss the joy they once displayed

in their youth when we walked in close

Fellowship yet I have not forgotten them

and continue working to recapture their

hearts you will play a pivotal role in

this my child reach out to them with

Grace and understanding for their

weaknesses not hostility speak to them

gently for harsh words inflict wounds

upon their Spirits follow my example of

humility and compassion at all times

though anger May Cloud your vision

momentarily cling to patience and

communicate with love guide them to my

Open Arms where they may learn of me

each day at first you may detect little

receptivity to my ways but

persevere in hope in time the barriers

around their hearts will crumble as my

promises are

sure the blessings you’ve pleaded for

with such expectancy will indeed arrive

only believe in my faithfulness I know

your gaze has remained fixed heavenward

in anticipation of my help despite the

Gloom and scoffing which surrounds you

your Reliance upon me Remains What A

pleasing Aroma your enduring faith is

before my Throne Ty amay men in the name

of Jesus soon all cause for concern and

anxiety will vanish from your life that

which you have sought after in fervent

prayer will be

yours in abundance many grown in

impatience when their prayers seem

unanswered never realizing I Delight in

responding to my children yet first I

must work to shape their character

impart wisdom for the journey ahead

and arrange the circumstances through

which my blessings will flow sometimes

you request merely what will satisfy a

surface need but my plans for you are

immeasurably higher I consider both your

immediate relief as well as your distant

future my intent is not simply to give

you what you ask for but to bless you in

ways that will multiply your joy and

prosperity for years to come my

commitments toward your binding proven

by the Covenant I long ago established

my statutes

which have been inscribed upon your

innermost being your past failures are

erased from my memory never to be

recalled again when adversity assails

you know that Solace is found in my


Wings there you will discover healing

power and inexhaustible Vigor but these

blessings are reserved for those who may

maintain an attitude of faith and

patience while awaiting my promises cast

off then any trace of bitterness or

doubt that attempts to erode your trust

pay no heed to those who mock your

expectancy should weariness begin to dim

your Hope come to me and I will revive

your persevering

spirit I will impart patience and equip

you to govern unruly emotions that you

may not

damage our relationship through Hasty

words spoken in moments of

frustration type I embrace my power to

affirm my commitment toward you will not

waver despite the ups and downs you face

my affections are liken to a loving

parent for their child I ask only for

your gratitude in return not demanding

expectations rooted in selfish Pride

many in this world have shut their

hearts toward me yet I await them

patiently longing for our fellowship to

be restored though they presently oppose

me playing ignorantly with forces beyond

their control I stand ready

to receive them but woe to those who

raise a hand against my anointed

children I know you grow weary when

life’s disappointments multiply

unexpectedly you pray persistently then

strive with all your

might yet conflicts arise that steal

your peace adversaries appear obstacles

Loom and might perceived delays upset

your timetable but take heart beloved

one for the situation is less dire than

it appears through Earthbound eyes the

blessing you await will arrive at the

destined hour but first you must press

on undaunted by opposition keeping your

gaze fixed steadfastly upon me

rivers of Joy await those who endure

trials with persevering trust in my

character type I’m abundant

to affirm I observe intently how my

children respond when events unfold

contrary to their expectations will

bitterness take root causing you to

doubt my loving intentions or will you

retain your joy and Trust as you await


intervention I seek undivided loyalty

from you my child along with

wholehearted devotion these qualities

are more Splendid to me than any

material gift you could offer I long for

your steadfast love through times of

waiting a commitment no external

hardship can shatter many claim

Allegiance yet sell their convictions

for a pittance when adversity

encroaches betray transient gain

obtained through deceitful schemes will

only unravel what I intend to build in

the spiritual realm allow my

promises to Anchor your soul when doubts

freezing winds

arise pay no heed to unbelievers who

mock your faith instead cherish my words

deeply within your heart type to

show your belief in Jesus I am faithful

toward my Covenant children I too desire

your steadfast loyalty in return come to

me in confidence each morning receiving

joy and strength from my spirit to

empower you for the challenges ahead

have no fear for I Am With

You the blessing for which you’ve waited

in expectation will arrive at the

designated hour speak

these truths aloud as affirmation of our

unbreakable Covenant Eternal God with

all my heart I await your faithfulness

toward me I entrust all my cares into

your hands knowing you will sustain

me never have you abandoned me before no

weapon formed against me will prosper

hear me oh Lord soon my weeping will

cease in the midst of Life storms You

Are My Shelter even now you stand ready

to wipe the tears from my eyes I release

my pent up anxieties in to your

listening year remember this day oh God

for on it you spoke words of undying

love that Lifted Me from despair’s

Abyss Joy will flood my heart

irrespective of

circumstances through trust in your


though enemies predict my downfall your

word assures ultimate Victory I need not

fear or doubt for your empowering

presence resides Within in me banishing

anxiety and healing my battered emotions

with Supernatural

peace type to manifest miracles in

your life return here daily my child

saturating your soul with these truths

have no fear for I am with you your

awaited blessing rushes toward you even

now speak these words aloud as testimony

of your enduring trust in me it Eternal

God I await your faithfulness with all

my heart into your hands I commit my

spirit trusting that no harm will befall

me never have you abandoned me before I

know you will raise me up again pay


now struggling child whom I love for

your season of Sorrow will soon

conclude I am pouring waves of Joy upon

your life even amid raging storms I

tenderly cradle you close while

preparing to dry your tears unload your

burdened heart I am listening remember

this day forever more for I Choose You I

select you I knit you together in your

mother’s womb for Divine Purpose I know

fully the trials you will face but more

importantly I know the depth of your

love for me you will seek me earnestly

come what a refusing to Bow before any

threat or

falsehood no weapon formed against you

will prosper no Army can withstand the

Angelic Guardians who encamp about you

though your enemies predict defeat my

word comforts you with a shout of

Victory so fear not nor lose courage for

I fortify your heart anxiety flees at my

Approach type yes if you are ready for

the blessings that you are about to

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$ I am healing your emotions and

clothing you AR fresh with praise and

Supernatural peace rise up beloved Child

Of Promise for you are strong in me

possessing true wisdom

and spiritual understanding even now I

pour fresh Vigor into your inner being

for miracles await those who will

advance without hesitation ruined walls

and broken chains shall lie in the wake

of The Bold and

believing so press on in confident

expectation continue praying believing

persisting for breakthrough though the

thrust of your prayers may seem blunted

for a season Victory resides on the

horizon for those who persevere and

should your strength Wayne along the

journey call out to me and I will revive

your faltering Spirit my grace and

compassion know no limits for I chose

you and set you apart long ago with

Divine Purpose fixed clearly in view you

are my beloved in whom I am

well pleased I will never leave nor

forsake you like and share the video if

you have trust trust in the words of the

god subscribe to the channel if you love

Jesus the storms will pass and Sorrows

fade but my love for you spans all

eternity so lift your eyes Child Of

Promise for the blessed day of your

breakthrough has finally arrived Rejoice

for your season of profound and

Supernatural transformation is here my

beloved child though storms may rage

around you know that you are safe In My

Embrace I see you now weathered from the

winds and rain perhaps you feel your

footing shaken your

strength diminished by The Bitter Reigns

of trial but lift your eyes to me your

Sheltering Rock I remain unchanged

through storm or shine the one sure

anchor for your soul take heart for no

hardship can sway my love for you or

weaken my resolve to lift you

up you wonder at times if I truly see

your struggle if I understand the depth

of your pain let all doubt flee my

vision pierces to the core of who you

are I know completely the burdens you

carry the Secret Sorrows that steal your

joy I know the cruel words flung at you

and the injustices you have faced I

understand the feelings of rejection and

Abandonment for I too was despised and

rejected by those I came to

save but unlike them I will never leave

you type if you

believe in Jesus have I not promised to

remain by your side an everpresent help

in trouble so be strong now lean into me

believing with all your heart that I not

only see your Affliction but purpose to

bring you through this storm into broad


Uplands the winds still Buffet you

fiercely the downpour blinds you but

here I stand hand outstretched calling

you into the shelter of my love will you

not take my hand trusting me to guide

you for I tell you truly better days

await you Joy will again sing in your

heart and you shall laugh with the

Delight of one set free only believe and

let me lead you from The Tempest into

blossoming Meadow watered by still

streams my child if I have told you a

thousand times , times that I love

you it is because this simple truth

Bears repeating though friends May

betray you though the world scorn you my

heart ever yearns for you you are

precious honored known completely and

loved perfectly by me never imagine that

I overlook your needs or grow impatient

with your

struggles does not a mother tenderly

care for her child in the midst of fever

and wounds I gently lift up and mend my

beloved ones who suffer type Amen in the

name of Jesus you fear sometimes that

the torrents will overwhelm you that you

cannot endure much longer but have I not

been with you in storms past upholding

and delivering

you re recall those times when chaos

rained yet my peace guarded your heart

remember when friends fled yet I drew

near as your unfailing companion did I

not pour strength into your weakness

then Reviving and refreshing your soul

surely I who calmed the wind and waves

in days of old can command your storms

to cease today so do not lose heart or

give up hope the Thunder will fade the

dark clouds will pass even now I prepare

a table for you in the presence of your

enemies blessing

you in their midst vindicating you

before them I will restore all that the

devouring locusts have eaten and raise

up again what enemy forces have

destroyed for am I not the Lord of hosts

Whose power none can

withstand trust in me Lean on Me believe

in me and you shall see my salvation

type I embrace my power to affirm I know

at times you grow battle weary shaken by

repeated assaults when relief seems far

distant you wonder if you can withstand

the next attack the next sleepless night

of turmoil your resources fail your

strength esbs away in the unrelenting

Fray but take courage beloved one hear

me calling through the clamor be strong

in me and in my might Mighty power

though a

formidable host en camps against you my

grace is sufficient for the evil

day cry out to me in your distress I

will lift your head high infusing you

with Resolute holy courage no weapon

formed against you shall prosper and the

schemes plotted for your downfall shall

come to nothing for greater Am I who is

in you than destructive forces AR raay

for battle have you not

known have you not heard I am the

Eternal God who remains unmoved though

kingdoms crumble I am the Creator for

whom nothing is impossible with me you

can scale walls of resistance break the

chains of Oppression quench flaming

darts of accusation my glory blazes on

the mount my fire flows in your heart I

am marshalling my forces now dispatching

heavenly legiance as your rear

guard as at Jericho long ago I shall

raise up for you a shout of Triumph that

topples towering strongholds type I’m

abundant to affirm lift your voice in

Praise of me magnify my great Deeds past

and still to come stand back as walls

fall down and victory opens before you

for the Battle Is Mine the timing

perfect I have appointed you for favor

positioned you for promotion now watch

as I astonish you with my power on

display delivering redeeming restoring

beyond your

highest dream yet even as I unleash my

might the efficacy lies in your trust in

me my greatest longing is for your

wholehearted Reliance your resting in my

character when understanding fails hear

now the call to deeper faith

when the way ahead seems wrapped in

Gloom fix your Gaze on me your lamp in

the darkness though doors stand barred

and Futures uncertain put no limits on

what I can do type to show your

belief in Jesus I remain Sovereign in

every sphere my reach extends far past

your vision you know but in part I see

the full landscape and hold the result

in my hands so yield control to me

relinquish your timetable and

preconceptions allow me to bless in my

way and time what you release to me I

shall prove trustworthy elevating you

honorably as you believe in

me for your faithful service and spoken

loyalty become testimony to bring many

into my kingdom they will see my glory

resting on you and gain courage to act

boldly for me

what Marvels will unfold as you cling

close to me in unwavering confidence

fears May taunt you abandonment lies

ahead need will overtake you plans will

fail but hush these lying Whispers The

Accuser aims flaming missiles at your

mind seeking breach and breakdown but

raise your Shield of Faith affirming a


my promises declare boldly the Lord goes

before me to lead in the way his joy and

peace fill me his abundance satisfies my

needs his favor surrounds me as a shield

type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to

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$ my angel’s guardan your path as you

advance breakthrough awaits as you rely

on me I am cutting away through

impossibilities liberating you from

limitations defeating Financial lack

sickness oppression by the ruthless

where you see blockade I open highways

in the Wasteland with springs flowing

freely where you anticipate failure

and sorrow I ordain streams of

prosperity and rivers of Joy where you

fear Lost Years and forfeited dreams I

restore double recompense for Injustice

for behold I Ren the heavens stepping

forth as the warrior of old to fight on


behalf will you not take courage and

press on with me my right hand shall

shatter the jaws of your enemies while

they stumble on the dark mountains I

cause you to ride on the heights with me

so oil now every fiber of your being

into roots of trust sunk deep in me I am

ever who I declare myself to be faithful

and true your shield and great reward my

eyes flash with fiery jealousy for you

my beloved one with ferocious

intensity I protect and save those who

cling to me judgment Flames Blaze

against oppressors while my affection

wraps you in a tender Flame lame

lovingly I hold you close to my heart

stirring passion until you are made

strong and whole here pulsing within you

discover my Zeal for your honor my

yearning for your advancement lock

together with me as

one who can oppose our united front link

hands with me now feel my fervency

transmitted into your spirit nothing

matters more to me than your security

and my love and your thriving under

Heaven’s Rich care so step forward with

me March into broad Vistas awaiting you

I have prepared the ground for Harvest

the tables for

feasting reach out to receive my opening

gifts then arise and shine living as one

set Ablaze with my desire for your joy

my precious one I have carried you

during turbulent storms when you nearly

slipped beneath the Raging Waters

but now the skies are clearing peace

Cascades over you with my voice this

Stillness brings rest for your soul and

space for me to speak gently to your

heart type amen if you believe in God if

you’re all set type yes take care of

yourself type

I claim it if you receive this

declaration type yes if you’re ready and

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