🛑GOD: I AM COMING TO YOU! God’s Message Today |

prepare for a shocking incident in your

home within the next few

minutes The Chosen One hear these words

carefully for God is approaching your

home with his

angels and very soon you will sense his

presence if you will pay attention right

now you are about to receive a blessing

that will blow your mind and shock

you God has confirmed that he’s

approaching your home for this is a time

when the wipes of negative forces

especially the one that could let you

feel alone lonely and helpless could


you you are in need of a great spiritual

rest rescue and this is the reason God

is approaching your home with some of

the angels to rescue you out of this


situation this is what God is saying to

all of his Chosen

People You are not alone my

dear I see the challenges you are facing

and I’m here to ease the burdens

Weighing on your

soul you cannot see what I can see and I

can see that some of the forces with bad

intentions are trying to destroy your

aura and your peace but fear not for

their powers are limited but not

mine my angels will ensure the safety of

your home and my Powers will wipe out


forces my child I envelop you in

boundless love offering

Tranquility so draw near and offer me

your heart and I will surround you with


love I’m faithful to my

promises my words are are never

empty I will guide you through the

storms ensuring a radiant smile on your

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