perform this prayer to the end to

receive a powerful urgent miracle in


life hello it’s great to have you here

again welcome to the powerful and

miraculous prayers

Channel we are helping more and more

those who come to our

channel to find the word of our Mighty

God today in this sacred moment trust in

the extraordinary power of prayer and

divine intercession

St Joseph the protector and guide is

ready to hear your prayers attend to

your pleas and guide you through


times prepare to connect with the divine

presence to receive the blessings you so

desire and to witness the manifestation

of miracles in your

life no matter what your urgent request

is remember that this prayer is a

connection between you and divine grace

St Joseph is attentive to your desires

and needs and his love and protection

are the forces that can bring healing

resolution peace and the hope you so

seek accompany this prayer with an open

heart and strong

faith now in the comments leave the

following phrase St Joseph I trust in

your power I need your miracle today

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love let’s begin the

prayer do it now and receive your urgent

order today powerful and infallible

prayer to St

Joseph in the name of the Father the Son

and the Holy Spirit

amen St Joseph in this solemn moment I

approach you with deep trust seeking

your paternal assistance and caring

protection just just as you were a
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Bastion of support to many in times of

adversity being a Defender against

hardships and a Healer for all

afflictions I implore you to Aid me in

my needs and protect me with the Throne

of your divine

power faithful Guardian invigorate my

faith so that the teachings of your

Divine Foster son may constantly

illuminate my

path I also ask that your Compassionate

Heart ignite in me the fire of of

fraternal love making me more

compassionate towards all around me May

the one who SWS love and kindness in

this world always be my anchor of Hope

in the daily battles I face throughout


life you are the Supreme Guardian St

Joseph and now humbly I ask you to

realize my

miracle I implore you to assist me in

all my please renewing my Faith and Hope

in you

bless my life with your paternal love

for you know the depths of my heart and


journey touch my heart oh Father do not

forsake me and Grant me the grace I have


sought with this gift I know I will

become a better more loving person to

all transform my life dear father and

may you always be my Light Of Hope my

strength and my comfort

guide me on my journey with your

paternal protection for it is in your

presence that I find the security to

face life’s

challenges with faith and devotion I

offer my prayers and Trust in your

intercession knowing that in your

immense power lies the answer to my

please St Joseph receive my petitions

and with your compassionate gaze guide

me on the path of Grace and

Redemption through you I can feel the

divine presence in my life and bear

witness to the Miracles of love and

mercy that spring from your paternal

heart St Joseph in this moment of prayer
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I come to you with humility and Faith

seeking your paternal support and your


protection I ask that your loving heart

ignite in me the flame of fraternal love

so that I may be more of a brother to my

fellow beings sowing love and kindness

in a world marked by hatred evil and

resentment may your divine presence

always be my anchor of Hope in the daily

struggles as I Advance on my path toward

the Heavenly

Homeland through your paternal

protection I can achieve the reward of

my fidelity as a child of God in the

Blessed Homeland where you reign as The


Guardian St Joseph pray for us oh loving

father I thank you for all the Graces I

have already received from you I have

faith in your intercession and Trust in


promise now I plead for a miracle in my

life touch my heart and strengthen my

faith so that I may bear witness to the

wonders of your love and

mercy St Joseph envelop me with your

protective mantle support me with your


and sustain Me with Your

Grace guide me along life’s paths

enlighten me with your Divine Light and

lead me to the Fulfillment of happiness


peace I promise dear father to honor you

and spread your name and Glory bearing

witness to all the Miracles you will

perform in my

life accept my deep and sincere devotion

and Hear My Cry with your paternal


St Joseph I fully trust in your power of

intercession and entrust my life into

your loving

hands oh St Joseph in my prayer I wish

to express the greatness of my faith and

Devotion to you Heavenly

Father you are the king of Heaven and

the mediator of all Graces capable of

working wonders in our

lives with the certainty that you are

capable of performing miracles in each

heart that seeks your intercession I

trust in your transformative

power I share my deep desire that

through your grace all barriers will

vanish and the doors of Hope and

prosperity will open before

me oh St Joseph you are the guiding star

that leads our way on the darkest nights

the secure compass that guides us

through life

storms therefore I ask you you to guide

my steps that my efforts be blessed and

that my journey be marked by your

Graces in your name heavenly father I

place my faith trust and devotion

knowing that you are always by my side

interceding for me before your beloved


Son thank you for listening to my

prayers and for being my protector and

helper with a heart full of gratitude I

move forward forward trusting in the

realization of the miracle I so

seek St Joseph may your light illuminate

my path may your grace envelop me and

may your paternal love accompany me at


step may my life be a living testimony

to the power of prayer and divine

intercession strengthen my faith so that

the teachings of your Divine Foster son

always light my way and that through my

benevolent actions the kingdom of the

crucified Christ triumphs in this

world may your paternal protection guide

me on the path toward the Heavenly

Homeland and may I be rewarded for my

devotion as a child of

God St Joseph I implore you to exert

your power over the situation I face and

with faith and love Grant the long for

miracle I deeply thank you for your


recognizing that with faith in you I am

capable of achieving great

feats grant me the grace I fervently

seek and heal my afflictions dear

father renew my faith and illuminate my

paths as the sun lights up the Earth

with each new

day I commit to honoring your name with

gratitude and joy sharing the trust in

your goodness and mercy with all who

need it my trust in you St Joseph is

unshakable for I know you are filled

with benevolence and

compassion may my faith continue to grow

each day making me a better person and

worthy of your special

attention St Joseph glorious and blessed

in this moment of prayer I humbly ask

you to guide me to the bridge that leads


Heaven amidst my anguish fears and


I seek Your Divine

intercession I recognize Heavenly Father

the Wonders signs and miracles that

continue to occur in our lives through

you you are the reflection of God’s love

enveloping consoling and strengthening

Us in difficult

times with your Starry mantle you

welcome all of us sinners and I ask that

you attend to each prayer shared in the

comment of this

video Touch every heart with your love

heal every wound with your compassion

and ignite the flame of Faith and Hope

in every

soul I ask St Joseph that you pour upon

us the necessary Graces to overcome

challenges and intercede for us allowing

us to witness the wonders of the Lord in

our lives lighting the path for those in

darkness oh dear father in the most

difficult hours May I find consolation

and strength in your Embrace trusting in

your intercession even when Miracles

seem distant for your presence in my

life is already the greatest of all

miracles at this moment I cry out for

your help and intercession pleading for

an urgent Miracle a divine intervention

in my

reality you who are the Foster father of

the Incarnate Word have the power to

touch the heart of God with my

prayers help me to recognize the Divine

signs on my path and to live with

gratitude and love at every moment so

that your mercy and love bring me ever

closer to Jesus your Foster son and our

savior oh most holy Joseph in the face

of the obstacles I encounter I seek your

paternal presence amidst the

storm may your compassion and mercy

envelop me like a Heavenly cloak

dispelling the shadows of Despair and

filling me with the certainty that my

prayers will be


Amen in the name of the Father the Son

and the Holy Spirit

amen Our Father who art in

heaven Hallowed be thy

name thy kingdom come thy will be

done on Earth as it is in heaven give us

this day our daily

bread and forgive us our

trespasses as we forgive those who

trespass against

us and lead us not into

temptation but Deliver Us from


amen Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is

with thee blessed art thou among

women and blessed is the fruit of thy


Jesus holy Mary Mother of God pray for


sinners now and at the hour of our


amen I have faith that this prayer will


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