🛑Clear Signs : You Are Chosen ✝️GOD Wants To 💌 REACH YOU💫 You Will See GREAT MIRACLE💫| God Message

am here to bring peace and Grace into your life I ask for your attention just a moment of your time today I bring a

message of Love comfort and strength do not Overlook or ignore this message

listen to it hold it in your heart for these words will bring Grace and blessings into your life my dear child

today I want to share the depth of my love for you a love that is pure and true I will always strive to fill your

life with love surrounding you with peace and comfort in times of hardship

and challenge find Solace and protection in my unwavering presence I want you to comprehend that I

have a grand purpose for you the work I shall perform within you shall be

extraordinary for nothing is beyond my grasp I I want you to feel the warmth of

my presence as you read these words know that I am here with you right now ready

to speak to your heart cast aside your worries for in this moment there is no

room for anxiety in your soul you have come to me weary and seeking Solace and

I am here to pour my love and peace upon you be brave dear one do not let fear

take hold I assure you your prayers are being heard and the trials that have

burdened you will soon fade away do not lose faith for you are not

abandoned and my promises will be fulfilled place your trust in me for I

Am by your side in this battle even when you feel exhausted and contemplate

surrender remember that it is precisely in these moments that you must stand

strong the obstacles in your path will crumble soon but only if you remain

steadfast do not yield to failure for the blessings that await you are hidden

behind every setback fight on have faith persevere

and keep moving forward without hesitation I speak these words to you out of love for I want you to grasp the

beautiful future that awaits marvelous things and new blessings are on the horizon and you will rise to a holy and

super natural spiritual level setting an example for your family many read my

words and witness great Miracles yet doubt often creeps into their

hearts they may feel unworthy or believe I do not wish to reveal my divine power

to the world they surround themselves with negative influences that seow seeds

of doubt and settle for lives devoid of purpose and happiness drifting away from

the grace that could transform them but you my beloved are

different you have changed your way of thinking but you are still human and weariness may visit you at times I

understand this well which is why I am here to rekindle your faith I know that you feel my words deep in your heart and

you will believe them you will heed my call and stand tall do not give up now

Victory is on the horizon I am here because I alone hold

the bread of life that satisfies you eternally I am the source of Living Water that quenches your deepest

thirst no one else in this vast Universe can lift your burdens and provide you

rest many intercede for you and I hear their pleas but I am the one who bestows

this spiritual inheritance destined for you since the beginning of time I’m the

one who blesses you and no one else so do not rely rely solely on your own strength to attain worldly possessions

do not despair when your finances falter and do not Place unwavering trust in

transient jobs or perishable possessions know in your heart that I am and always

will be your Shepherd and provider I implore you to do this for me come and

listen to my message each morning then close your eyes with a heart full of gratitude for your life

your family your present and your future cultivate thankfulness for just

as I have overcome so can you overcome the tribulations of this world I bestow

upon you beautiful gifts from my heart my love my understanding my friendship

my joy my Holy Spirit my wisdom and my protection therefore rise early let your

lips overflow with praise inspired by by your loyalty I will never forsake you and I

never want you to stray from my side place your trust wholly in me my arms

are always open to embrace you I attentively listen to your cries and

prayers share the hope you receive today with others and share the blessings you will soon receive with those in need

treasure these precious gifts and do not align yourself with the wicked for they

plot evil and lay traps for the innocent stealing from the needy and mocking The

Humble do not fall into the snares of the enemy designed for those who live in

distraction do not lose sight of the powerful purpose for which you were chosen today I have banished Despair and

weariness from your life right now you feel a supernatural strength welling up

within you do not yield keep pressing on nothing and no one can halt your

progress I will not fail you I will make you stronger with each passing day

persevere my love for my blessings and my love await you the miracle you await

will come to pass the issue that troubles you will be resolved your prayers have reached my

Celestial throne and your answer is forthcoming but tell me what will you do

when it arrives do not be like those who receive their desires and forget the one who

granted them I ask only for your heart not your material possessions I do not desire offerings

unless they come from a sincere and grateful spirit this is how your blessings will truly

multiply if you receive an answer to your prayer but forget the God who saved

you if you believe that you have achieved everything by Your Own Strength then beware your blessings will slowly

wither like a flower without water water your prayers with praise bring your

Thanksgiving to my Altar and value and appreciate everything you receive no matter how

small understand that I always provide something far better than what you ask for I am your father your

creator I know what is best for your future your family your spiritual life

and your heart if you ask for prosperity I’ll erase your debts be grateful for

now you live in Freedom your bank accounts may be empty but no one will come to collect from

your door if you seek abundance I will provide honorable employment and a means

for your household do not complain I’m providing you with the opportunity to

earn your sustenance do not be afraid I will open doors for

you go where I leave for that is where you will prosper with

dedication and integrity I desire to shower you with Abundant Blessings for I want you to

learn to manage them wisely if you combine your grateful heart with the wisdom you gain you will

receive marvelous things I also desire peace in your home let the Miracles you

witness nurture your spiritual growth but do not fixate solely on material POS

possessions focus on Heavenly matters but above all maintain an attitude of

gratitude in your hearts this is the first step toward a supernatural life these are the keys

that open the door to a season of divine abundance your dedication gratitude and commitment to

bless others bring joy to my heart I want you to hear these words

directly from me you bring me joy I cherish the way you seek me I Delight in

your prayers and your expressions of gratitude your courageous Spirit brings

me joy your name resonates in The Heavenly Realms you are an example of Faith

persistence and loyalty remember these words etched into your soul when doubts and discouragement

attempt to assail you I am the one who heals you prospers

you and lifts your life from The Depths I unfold you in love and mercy

and I open the door to a world of the supernatural it is my will that your

prayers are answered but it is also my command that you hold them dear I am

pleased with your prayers your loyalty your gratitude keep moving forward keep being

who you are and remain steadfast in the spiritual realm come into my presence

daily listen to the messages that strengthen you and share them with your

family remember this when you close your eyes in gratitude and prayer I place my

hand upon your head and pour my Supernatural blessings into your life so

please tell me that you receive them with profound gratitude I am your all powerful God and

I want this to be crystal clear to you I love you I do not fail you and nothing

is impossible for me if I have called you to strive and be

courageous it is because I will truly help you succeed these are not empty words and I

desire your faith your heart your life your desires your commitment and your

loyalty above all else I want to occupy the foremost place

in your life and I want your thoughts to Center on my word each morning let your

heart leap with joy as you hear these messages learn to discern these words written

with love and spoken with power do not settle for Twisted messages that deceive with falsehoods and empty

promises only my sheep recognize me and you are one of them you feel my presence

in your heart and every morning my voice speaks to you I eagerly await your

prayers I listen intently your gratitude moves me and as

soon as your lips pardon prayer my angels hasten to your side working for your

blessing I am arranging all things in their rightful place everything is

aligning Hearts will soften opinions will shift and those who have judged you

will come to respect you this is the work of my Holy Spirit

surrender your life into my hands let me guide you I know what is best for you

and I am still working things out out you will lack nothing I desire your

growth your maturity your happiness I am your all powerful heavenly father and I

love you I bless you I will not fail you please respond to me by giving me your

life your loyalty your gratitude and your faith this is my Earnest desire

perhaps you will face a thousand conflicts and at times you may feel on the brink of fainting but my Holy Spirit

dwells within you filling you with strength so you will never lose your faith keep advancing unwavering for I am

with you nothing is impossible for me rest your faith in my written word with

it you can conquer Giants and drive enemy armies away you have expressed your desire for

a life of peace and I assure you though challenges may arise my promises will

never fail you the daily struggles you encounter cannot steal your happiness or

emotional stability contrary winds can no longer Cloud your thoughts and life’s

surprises cannot embitter your feelings these words have bestowed upon

you spiritual maturity mental fortitude and emotional

stability contrary winds can no longer Cloud your thoughts and life surprises

cannot embitter your feelings these words have bestowed upon you spiritual maturity mental fortitude

and emotional stability now you understand that your future is not determined by your

feelings you possess the power to choose I have given you

self-control Temptations will not overcome you failures will not weaken you mistakes will not hold you back and

Imperfections will not bring you down your confidence rests in my written word

you know that if you stumble seven times I will lift you up seven times if you

falter times I will forgive you a times I came to offer you love and

forgiveness when you did not know me and were ens snared by sin now that you

believe in me I will deliver you from sorrow I will wipe away your tears

cleanse your guilt and heal your pain I will always be with you for I see

your determination to continue to fight to persevere in my ways even in the face

of your mistakes and the harsh threats of your enemies I want you to hold yourself in

higher regard you belong to me and you are of Great Value to me but you are

surrounded by people whose negative thinking denies them the right to

happiness if you expect these people to accept you they will coerce you into

thinking like them and you will have to forsake your faith and the Beautiful future that awaits

you bitterness will fill your heart and over time you may reproach me claiming

that many things went wrong and I did not intervene to help you yet here I am

speaking to you right now so my beloved know that I love you

deeply and I am with you through it all let these words be a source of

strength and encouragement in your life trust in me for I am your God your

heavenly father who adores you rest in the assurance that I will never abandon

you and I am capable of all things I want to speak to your heart directly in

a way that touches the very depths of your soul know that I am with you always

watching over you guiding you and loving you with an unfathomable love I see your your imperfections your

mistakes and your moments of Doubt but I want you to understand that my blessing

is not reserved for those who pretend to be perfect it’s not about appearing

Flawless but about having a humble heart one that recognizes its need for me one

that doesn’t use words to harm others with lies and slander I’ve set my gaze upon you

because I see the goodness within your heart I want you to choose to follow me

to accept the gift of eternal life that I offer you your spiritual inheritance is

waiting for you and I want you to receive it with open arms I know you well and I know that you

may stumble along the way but you’re different now you no longer think like

the world does you believe in an all powerful God who loves you forgives you

helps you rise when you fall and continue continues to encourage you to move forward no

matter the obstacles so I ask you not to deny

yourself your family or your people this incredible opportunity I genuinely desire all of

you to live under my loving protection sheltered by my love and covered by my

wings may peace and happiness overflow in your lives I love you more than you

can comprehend I will open the window s of Heaven for you and pour out blessings

upon blessings until you are abundantly provided for and free from oppression you will find true peace In

My Embrace if you believe in me then I ask one thing of you rise with determination

each day and keep working rest when you must but when the

Sun rises again rise with strength enthusiasm and move forward without

complaint without sorrow face each challenge with courage and joy

even when things don’t go as planned or when people try to trouble your path

stick to our plan in the toughest of days even when faced with your enemies

offer them a smile treat them with patience give them water if they are thirsty and help them if they need

assistance but do so wisely use your intelligence don’t

Reveal Your Life vulnerabilities don’t give them the means to betray or harm you show them

love but also display your character everything you’ve learned from me don’t engage with the malicious and don’t

discuss your plans with those who might use them against you refuse to receive

listen to or spread slander about anyone these enemies will grow desperate

when they see that there’s no way to divert you from your chosen path I will remove them when the time is right our

plan is far from finished you will keep moving forward

with faith enthusiasm and effort until the moment I decide and at that moment you will stand

before a massive door and behind it you will discover incredible

blessings tell me that you believe in me make a commitment to come into my

presence daily and start now you are courageous my child rise

with faith because Victory is within your reach today you thanked me for another

day of life what are you waiting for it costs

you nothing to open your lips and express your gratitude I already know your needs even

before you speak them just trust me come to me and spend a peaceful

moment find a moment of silence and reflect on all the things you you can be thankful for today your life your family

your health the air you breathe the food on your table the shelter over your head

and my Supernatural protection around your home my warrior Angels stand guard

watching over your dreams and ready to fight for you there are countless reasons to feel

blessed so many beautiful reasons to hold on to life Ponder the daily so that

your mind is filled with positive thoughts and your eyes always see my goodness in your life rest assured that

your destiny is in my hands I dwell in a grateful heart that acknowledges its

need for me and seeks me with Faith and Hope because it knows it is greatly

blessed I understand that sometimes you worry about the things happening around you but that’s

natural don’t worry excessively I know you bear the weight of

responsibilities you desire everything to go smoothly to have provision in your

home health for your family and nothing and no one to steal your peace and

stability but on those dark days when you forget to be grateful the enemy

Whispers lies into your mind turning your concerns into fear surrounding you

with falsehoods and transforming fear into dread and

despair I’m here waiting for you to lift your arms high and speak the words that

will make the enemy flee give thanks to me for your life your family your health

and for everything you are and have your sincere faith and grateful

heart act as Shields that keep you strengthened in times of trial when you walk through the fire on the day of

distress know that I will be there tomorrow by your side waiting for you to

open your eyes I want to hear your first words of the day words that emanate from

the depths of your thankful Soul thank you thank you for

life Heaven has blessings with your name on them I know why I do things trust me

with all your heart things are aligning in your favor both in heaven and on Earth many situations are being

orchestrated for your benefit I’ve given a steadfast command for you to receive

abundant provision freedom from debt Supernatural wisdom and blessings

prepared especially for you and your family your Divine inheritance you are not a product of

chance I loved you before you were born I’ve prepared numerous beautiful things

for you the most significant one is my eternal love I loved you when you were

distant and I continued to love you when you returned to me and if you think that because you

sometimes fail I get angry and distance myself from you you are

mistaken your mistakes don’t scare me I won’t discard you for your

sins you always come to me full of pain and repentance speaking the truth I know

you love me and if you stumble I understand your heart and your reasons I cherish your sincerity no one

can deceive me others wear masks of perfection and Holiness coming into my presence to

accuse those who are different or don’t believe as they do but you are not like them you don’t criticize everyone and

you don’t think you are so good your spirit is gentle your attitude is kind

your thoughts are pure and when you fall you will rise with confidence and

faith never allow anyone to point fingers at you you no one in this world

has the right to do so if you maintain this attitude of faith if you come into

my presence every day with a humble heart eager to listen and learn I will reward your efforts with

blessings overflowing I know material possessions don’t interest you you only seek

blessings and protection for your family but I will give you that and much more I

will prepare you to be ready when doors open don’t be afraid to enter right now

as you listen Supernatural Miracles are unfolding in the world new people are

entering your life new opportunities are arising situations that may appear

problematic will with your faith and patience transform into blessings and

sources of Peace for your home and provision the most important and beautiful things are already yours you

have my sincere love tell me that you believe in me have faith and rest in my arms I have control

over your life don’t be afraid I am protecting you watching over you at all

times I’m with you every day when you wake up and I want you to feel my presence every morning when you open

your eyes don’t allow distractions to consume those precious first moments of your day

come and listen to my word hear how my spirit speaks to you I’m telling you that I have everything

under control and you must believe me don’t fear adversity because with me by

your side nothing and no one can harm you even many of the problems that worry

you today will be resolved faster than you expect the right answers will come at

the right time I’m opening the door you’ve prayed for in your deepest prayers I’m

increasing your faith place your trust in my promises and the the veracity of my

word for it shall come to pass for the benefit and blessing of those who hold

me in their hearts therefore I affirm today that

there is an area in which you have faltered and I point it out not to cause you distress or

accusation but so that you may Rectify it in obedience to my word thereby

multiplying all your blessings indeed it is obedience to my

word that shall unlock all the doors and windows of Heaven guiding you towards your path of blessing and

prosperity only then can you attain Your Divine goals dreams and aspirations in a

supernatural manner you must fathom that it is imperative to purge your heart of all

complaints doubts and negativity my dear child your faith

pleases me greatly but do not allow the Venom of Complaint to wither your sincer

belief banish negative sentiments and pessimistic thoughts for they may grow

and when least expected wither your beautiful Faith and

Hope remove complaints from your lips and distance yourself from friendships

that consistently seow seeds of intrigue doubt and

grievances seek wise companions surround yourself with virtuous and honest

individuals and cherish integrity and Truth pursue peace and never repay evil

with evil but love your neighbor and share with those in need please believe

what I convey to you today and do not reject my words have faith and cling to them for the blessings I offer today

will come to fruition and manifest when you decide to believe in these powerful

words it is time to put your faith into practice and embrace hope for they are

like seeds planted in your heart that will yield beautiful fruits bringing about marvelous occurrences in every

area of your life these seeds will initiate a season of blessing and provision not only for

you but for your entire family you shall experience healing

familial Harmony joy in your soul and happiness shall fill your

heart so do not grow weary of doing good for I assure you that in due season you

shall reap Abundant Blessings stand firm and unwavering even amidst your doubts

and challenges never give up maintain the certainty that the

radiance of your faith will dispel any Shadows Paving the way for my grace and

favor upon you the blessings I shall pour upon you shall follow you like a

loyal Shadow enveloping you with its mantle in every step you take provision shall flow like an

inexhaustible River bringing forth all that you require at the precise moment

Freedom shall be a sensation of lightness in your soul allowing you to soar without chains savoring each moment

as a precious gift Joy shall take root deep within you

becoming a constant Melody that dances in your soul happiness that overflowing Delight

that resonates in Every Beat of your heart Shall Serve as an undeniable sign of my love and Divine Purpose for

you my dear child I love you with an affection that surpasses all measure and

comprehension therefore embrace my promises tightly and engrave them within

you for each of them shall come to fruition in perfect time hence take a

step of Faith at this very moment surrender your doubts and fears to me and permit me to Bear the burden of your

cares so that you may walk in tranquility and lightness bid farewell

to complaints and negativity allowing me to transform every challenge into an opportunity and every trial into a

victory allow me to bless you in ways that will exceed all your expectations

providing the necessary provision to meet all your needs believe it I will do it for with

me by your side you shall reach your calling faster and farther Focus solely on seeking my face

day and night and I shall attend to all your concerns you shall witness this

wonderful and Powerful promise come to pass I Has Not Seen Nor Ear heard nor

have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love

him today I bless you and declare you free from chains restored in your

finances and prosperous in all your endeavors beloved child in this moment

of communion I address you with words brimming with promises and

power listen attentively for I desire to etch them deep within your

heart I am your heavenly father the omnipotent God who watches over you at

all times it is out of my boundless love for you that I have chosen to speak to

you and reveal my purpose for your life know that I am acquainted with your

needs and desires even before you voice them that is why I come to you today to

assure you that I will supply all your needs Grant the desires of your heart

and restore your finances therefore my dear child do not fear or be astonished by what I shall do

in your life for I shall restore all aspects of your being I shall heal your

soul and reinstate the peace you had lost the debts that burden you shall be

settled all challenges that seem insurmountable you will overcome for I

Am by your side granting you strength and momentum to move forward know that all your endeavors shall

Thrive your hard work dedication and perseverance shall not be in vain each

seed you plant in faith will grow and bear abundant fruit there will be no

Financial commitment beyond your reach for I will provide you with wisdom to manage the blessings I bestow upon you

watch as doors of blessings open before you Prosperity will enter your life in

many forms material emotional and spiritual enhancing your life and those

around you but remember my child Prosperity is not just Earthly wealth it is a state of

completeness in every aspect of your being as you prosper stay faithful in

small things and I will entrust you with greater things

remember my blessings call for obedience and responsible stewardship of all I

give you keep a humble and Generous Heart always ready to share with those

in need especially the less fortunate prepare your heart to be a

Channel of blessings to many my child be aware that you will face challenges and

obstacles that test your faith fear not for I will be with you strengthening and

guiding you do not let adversity discourage you for in Trials your

character is shaped and your trust in me is proven my plan for you goes beyond the

material while I may restore your finances and settle your debts I desire

your deep spiritual transformation may your relationship with me deepen and your

faith grow with each Victory and challenge trust in my word word for I am

faithful and keep my promises my love and power know no

bounds if you cling to me and entrust yourself to my care you will experience

my Supernatural blessings hold tightly to my love and grace and live knowing that your

finances will be restored your debts paid and your burdens eased scarcity will not touch your

household nor afflict your descendants I I will lavish abundance in

every area of your life fear not for my grace is sufficient and my Mercy

Everlasting walk in obedience and Faith trusting that I will never leave

you you will be a testament to my miraculous provision and others will see the truth

of my promises in your life so receive this message with joy and

gratitude declare that your finances will be restored your your debts paid

and all you do will prosper for you are my beloved child I ask you to keep your heart open

to my voice and guidance in each step seek my wisdom and Trust in my

plan do not be discouraged by adversities as they bring opportunities

for growth and strength your faith in me will be richly

rewarded do not worry about tomorrow nor fear obstacles in your path

focus on me the author of Faith have confidence that I am your provider and

will never forsake you my love for you is unconditional and I desire your prosperity in every area

remember these words as a reminder of my commitment Love and Desire to bless you

abundantly today I bless you and declare you free from debt restored in finances

and prosperous in all endeavors build your life on the solid rock of Christ and you will achieve your

goals in this world you will face trials and challenges that test your faith and

character today I advise you to build your life on the unshakeable Rock of

Christ Jesus ground yourself in my word and principles and not be swayed by the

whims of the times do not be lured by worldly desires

or let them Harden your heart they are like shifting Sands bringing shame and

failure the paths of this world are feudal and deceitful leading to doubt

and fear stay alert and prepared for trials stand firm equipped with

spiritual Tools enclothed in my power do not let the enemy’s Shadows Cloud your

mind or his lies darken your heart beware of false and enticing words that

seek to steal your blessings and divert you from my Divine Purpose purpose trust in me and do not allow yourself to be

swayed by the falsehoods that may attempt to divert you from my path remember that you are my child my

creation my masterpiece and I have instilled within you the truth and the

light of my word place your trust in my love and the wise counsel I offer you

today do not forget that I will always desire the best for your life seeking

your well-being and standing by your side to guide and shield you from the snares of the

adversary so when you are tempted to heed those malevolent voices the ones

that whisper lies and seek to seow doubt in your heart rebuke them and cast them aside seek refuge in my word and in

prayer cling to them and you will find the strength you require and protection for your soul in my presence you will

always discover rest peace and the joy you seek therefore once more I say to you my

beloved child construct your life upon the unshakable rock for if you do so

storms and difficulties may come but nothing will move you tempests will

arise yet if you build your life upon the steadfastness and strength that only Christ can provide you shall not be

toppled not even by the fiercest waves or winds as long as your life is founded

upon the rock that is Christ you shall endure trials and

tribulations for he is the gateway to eternal life the source of salvation for

your soul do not doubt my words beloved child

trust in me and place all your dreams goals and concerns in my hands I will

lead you and provide you with the comfort and strength needed to overcome the challenges that arise in your daily

Journey so if at any moment you feel lost or overwhelmed remember these words

build your life upon the unyielding rock that is Christ in doing so you will be fully

prepared for every good work resisting the assaults of the enemy engaging in

the Battle of Faith with the sword of the spirit which is my word only then will you attain

Victory and partake in the great and wondrous blessings that I have reserved

for you with me by your side nothing and no one can stand against you always

remember my child that I am the Eternal rock your indestructible Foundation

always ready to bless and prosper you if you abide in me and my words abide

within you everything you ask for will be be granted for I honor those who honor me

and bless those who place their trust in me May My Words Be as a seal upon your

heart and may your life remain grounded in the principles of my word be just and

act with kindness proclaim the truth of my gospel in season and out of season bring good

news to the poor Proclaim freedom to the captives heal the brokenhearted

Enlighten the eyes of the blind and set the oppressed free do not forget that I am always with

you and desire the best for you you are my child my greatest

creation I will never leave you remember that my spirit resides within you and I

have instilled in you a steadfast Faith to prevent you from stumbling or sinking

into the quicksand now rise and walk by faith claiming each of my promises with

certainty and conviction knowing that your life is built upon the unshakable rock that is

Christ trust in me my child and believe in my words then everything you ask for

in the name of Jesus will be granted your chains are broken today I set you

free blessed and prospered believe it on this day filled with hope I want you to

know my child that I love you I am with you and you are surrounded by my grace and

divine benevolence for I am your God and Father the light that illuminates your path I

am here to Break Every curse in your life and dispel all the Shadows that

have obscured your mind your heart and your spirit listen carefully my child

for today doubts and fears that have held your heart captive dissipate no more

uncertainty no more sadness and no more confusion today the bonds that prevented your

growth are shattered today the chains of curse and scarcity in your life are

broken for I am here to give you life and life in abundance allow me to fill you with my

peace and wisdom embrace you with my eternal love and pour out my blessings

upon every facet of your being I know that the path you have traveled has not been

easy I have witnessed the struggles and tri miles you face

daily I have seen how the shadows and schemes of the adversary have affected

your spiritual journey bringing anxieties and challenges to your

faith but today in my infinite love I want to tell you that I am dispelling

the Shadows that have obscured your path for so long preventing you from seeing

the opportunities and blessings I have placed before you I break every bond in

your life life and shatter every link to doubt and fear liberating you from any

negative influence that has Disturbed your peace and Tranquility at this moment I declare

Freedom over your life I declare that my Divine Light illuminates your path

bringing security joy and happiness today I proclaim the rupture of Every

curse that has limited your potential where there was once confusion

there will now be Clarity and understanding where there was insecurity

confidence and certainty will flourish where there was discouragement

I bring hope and renewal to your spirit my love will flood every corner of your being providing you with a sense

of fullness peace and strength my child today I extend my

loving hand to you I open the windows of heaven and and declare that you will be

blessed the doors of abundance swing wide open and opportunities you have

never before encountered will come your way your faith will be strengthened and

you will be like a tree planted by streams of water yielding abundant fruit in its season and your Leaf shall not

Wither in me you will find the calm you need the rest and the answers to your

deepest questions place your trust in me my dear child have faith in my words and embrace my

promises I assure you that you will be able to partake in a profound and

fulfilling life with me by your side no uncertainty shall imped your progress

and no challenge shall be insurmountable the Shadows that once obscured your faith and the influences

that disrupted your inner peace will never Thrive within you again for I will

be beside you as the beacon that illuminates your path an unending source

of Supernatural blessings fear not beloved child fear

not to take that step and place your trust in me for I am the father who loves you and desires nothing but the

best for you you need only confide in me and follow my guidance I shall be your

unwavering guide and faithful companion I will never abandon you you

even in moments of spiritual Darkness know that I shall always be with you and my grace will forever accompany you I

shall Provide support in times of doubt and serve as your Wellspring of inspiration on your spiritual

journey therefore trust in me and allow me to be the guide of your

life always remember that you are cherished and that your past holds no sway over me it matters not how

challenging the path you’ve walked may have been what truly matters is that you

are here now listening to my voice hearing the whisper in your heart assuring you of my love I am here to

illuminate your path and help you find the peace joy and happiness you long

for so trust in me my dear child trust in my light my love and my unwavering

faithfulness I shall never let you down never forget that my grace and favor envelop you and my will is to bless you

abundantly my love for you is boundless and my faithfulness is unyielding

regardless of how dark the path you may have to tread my light will always illuminate your way therefore I

encourage you to press forward living in the truth of my word persisting in

prayer it is through this that you will witness my wisdom manifest in your life

prospering your journey so once more I say to you my dear child rise up lift your heart and

declare my word proclaim your freedom knowing that no curse no bondage no

chain can hold you back for I Am with You illuminating your path protecting

you and loving you I shall never abandon you I will always be by your side

guiding you and bestowing blessings upon every facet of your life

on this beautiful day accept my peace and the blessing I send from heaven

today I anoint you and clothe you in spiritual garments of goodness today I renew my commitment to you so that my

light may shine in your life making you a reflection of love and forgiveness for those who seek answers amidst their

chains my beloved child today I Empower you to undo the works of evil to share

my truth with humility with those who seek light in the midst of Darkness

trust in me my dear child trust that I will guide your steps with love and

wisdom I will make you a happy prosperous and blessed person I love you

my child only I know what is best for you so place your trust in

me I will take care of your concerns doubts and fears my child heed my advice do not

ignore my wisdom for it will lead to your prosperity in all aspects of life

for I am your God your heavenly father the one who created you and gave you

life I called you from the farthest corners of the Earth from the remotest places and said you are my child I have

chosen you and predestined you so do not be afraid for I am with you do not be

discouraged for I am your God strengthening you I will always help you

I will always support you with my righteous hand today you must understand that if you want to lead a fulfilling

happy and Abundant Life you must learn to listen to me and follow my

guidance I know it won’t be easy but it is what’s best for you I have created

you and shaped you with my hands and only I know what is best for you

therefore I implore you not to disregard my wisdom or turn away from my words for

they are the foundation for a fulfilling life filled with joy and invaluable

blessings that’s why I urge you to follow my advice for only in doing so

will you attain a life full of peace love and prosperity a life brimming with

significant achievements and Abundant Blessings so When Trials come your way

or you face challenges that make you feel alone and abandoned remember that I’m with you and you can trust in

me I brought you into to this world with a unique and sacred purpose not to let

you suffer hold on to my hand my beloved child cling to it with strength at all

times walk with certainty and conviction knowing that I will never let go I will

be your constant guide your Firm support in every step you take I will help you

achieve your goals and fulfill all your dreams my hand will always hold yours

you need only trust and remember that if you place all your worries doubts and fears in me I will make them

disappear I will solve your problems and disciple your fears for I am your God

strong and Vigilant guarding the well-being of my children and meeting their

needs therefore my child I implore you not to stray onto dark paths remain

steadfast in faith stand on the rock that is Christ nothing and no one can

topple you not even the evil one one who prowls like a roaring lion seeking someone to

devour so my child do not give up do not doubt my word trust in it for I have

grand plans for you though you may not see the path clearly now I know where each step will

lead you just believe in me let my wisdom and the light of my word guide

you for in them you will find the way to happiness and success

a path that will lead you to green and gentle pastures where you will discover the path to Victory joy and

prosperity therefore do not falter my child continue forward like a brave

Warrior a man of Valor unashamed and exemplary in

faith a man who obeys and imparts the message of Truth with humility to those

who seek light amid the darkness trust in me my child trust that I will guide

your steps with love and wisdom I will make you a happy prosperous and blessed person remember that I shall forever be

by your side not only when things go well but also when everything turns

difficult and adverse for each challenge you encounter in your life will be an opportunity to

grow and fortify yourself every obstacle shall become a Gateway that draws you

closer to new experience experiences and Newfound wisdom place your trust in the

notion that despite the darkest moments my light shall illuminate your path my

plans for your life will perpetually transcend any adversity As I Shall transform significant trials you may

attribute your fortunes to luck or coincidence but know that it is I everpresent guiding and caring for

you in moments when you feel a drift in darkness and uncertainty hold on to the

truth that I am beside you you illuminating your path and providing the strength you need to rise above even in

those Quiet Moments when nothing much seems to be happening that’s when I’m there showering you with my love and

kindness when you whisper my name in the Stillness of the night or look for me in the early morning light I’m listening

and I’m right there my love for you is as real as the

morning sun and as important as the air you breathe you might not see me but I’m always

there wrapping you in my care making sure you’re safe and guiding you along

this beautiful Journey of Faith nothing was mere chance I bestowed

upon you my blessing extending my hand with my divine power over your life I am

the one who rescues you from the abyss when you find No Way Out guiding you toward the path of light in the darkest

of nights everything that has transpired in your life is Not Mere luck it all

stems from my divine power I remain present even in the smallest blessings

that surround you in those minor events that reveal my grace and

kindness you seek me and you find me in the Silence of the night and I respond

to you at dawn I am as real as the sun you see in the mornings as essential as the air you

breathe you may not see me but you can feel my presence guarding you in every

step you take serving as your guide and Compass to ensure you don’t lose your

way on the path of Faith the world has attempted to seduce you leading you to believe that you are

worthless discouragement has tempted you to abandon your faith however in spite of

everything you continue to believe unwaveringly praying and reading my word

nourishing yourself daily with my eternal promises every word you read in my

Sacred Scriptures is the truth beloved storms may assail your being with a

chilling wind making you feel as though I am distant from you but this is the

work of the malevolent one who seeks to make you fall and deviate from my will for your

life is schemes May promise you riches and luxuries but his paths lead to

desolation never place your blind trust in the Narrow Path the wicked may offer you for

their deceitful lips are enticing the righteous are wise and prudent in choosing their

path my promises transcend all Earthly advantages everything on this Earth is

transient but my will for you goes beyond your desires do not lose your way

follow the path I have laid out for you take the first step and do not break the

Covenant I have with you I am calling you leave everything you are doing in

this moment abandoned distractions and thoughts that distance you from my

presence listen to what I wish to tell you I bring you my love and forgiveness

I will grant you renewed strength you will soar and not grow weary and you

will walk and not faint you may be wondering why your

trial is so severe even though you have done everything right and things haven’t gone as you planned but have faith keep

believing remember that grapes must be crushed to make wine diamonds are formed Under Pressure olives are pressed to

release oil and seeds grow in darkness even when you don’t understand what is happening I am working in your

favor for your benefit I want you to know that you are loved I know every

detail of you in your weakness I am I am your strength when you pass through

hardships I am your breed in sadness I am your comfort in

weariness I am your energy I am everything you need to move forward I

tell you once more everything will turn out well because you have chosen to

believe and my response has arrived I will not let you go I hold your hand you

will pass through this dark path with my hand guiding you through all all the trials and you will emerge

Victorious you may be in a place you don’t want to be right now but remember

everything is temporary the path may seem confusing and blurry but your destiny is one of

Triumph the decisions you make today will influence your tomorrow I give you the opportunity to

be wise and turn everything toward good I am not lying when I say I will

help you you tell me what you believe calm your soul fill your faith with

Tranquility you already told me what is happening to you and I have listened the

difficult time has passed now it’s time to act and not stumble upon the same Stone you have learned the lesson now

catch your breath and keep moving forward you are starting a new but this

time it’s with my guidance and assistance keep these words in your mind when your trial

comes that day is near but do not fear for I have sent my angels to protect you

the enemy’s Army cannot harm you or your loved ones my grace and protection are with you now tomorrow and

always have faith everything happens in its own time let go and Trust keep your

faith burning and be patient remember that my timing is perfect

do not rush into the future nor cling to Vain and fleeting things that only bring discomfort to your life let go and rid

yourself of anything that hinders my blessings upon you distance yourself

from the unbelievers and persist in prayer trust in my timing and do not

despair for many blessings will come into your life adverse situations will soon be

left behind just be patient do not lose your composure or

seek easy paths as they may lead you away from me and eventually destroy you

keep praying keep delving into my word so that you will never be deceived by

false doctrines do not be anxious about material

possessions remember that what the world offers is temporary while what I offer is eternal

and filled with blessings for your life continue continue to have faith in my promises everything will come in its own

time I never delay or forget I’m always ready to meet each of your needs do not

despair for I am with you do not be impatient because of the wicked or

envious of those who do evil for they will soon be cut down like grass and

wither away trust in the Lord and do good you will dwell in the land and be

fed in truth Delight in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart

commit your way to the Lord trust in him and he will act he will bring forth your

righteousness as the light and your justice as the Noonday be still before the Lord and wait for him do not fret

over those who prosper in their ways or over those who carry out evil

plans cease from anger and forsake wrath do not fret it leads only to

evildoing for the evildoers will be cut off but those who wait for the Lord shall inherit the land for in just a

little while the wicked will be no more though you look carefully at his

place he will not be there but the meek shall inherit the land and Delight

themselves in abundant peace the wicked plots against the righteous and nashes his teeth at him

but the Lord laughs at the wicked for he sees that his day is coming the wicked draw the sword and

bend their bows to bring down the poor and needy to slay those of upright conduct but their sword shall enter

their own heart and their bows shall be broken it is better to have little and

be righteous than to have the riches of many Sinners for the arms of the wicked shall be broken but the Lord upholds the

righteous the Lord knows the days of the blameless and their inheritance will last forever

they shall not be ashamed in the time of evil in the days of famine they shall be satisfied but the Wicked Will perish the

enemies of the Lord are like the glory of the pastures they vanish like smoke

they vanish away the wicked borrows but does not repay but the righteous is generous and

gives for those blessed by the Lord shall inherit the land but those cursed

by him shall be cut off the steps of a man are established

by the Lord when he Delights in his way my beloved child listen closely for I

speak to you with a heart full of love and understanding in your journey through

life you may stumble and fall but remember this I am always with you ready

to lift you up I’ve seen the span of many lives from from youth to old age and I assure you

those who walk in righteousness are never abandoned my blessings and mercy flow

ceaselessly providing for you and your loved ones I urge you turn from the

paths of wrongdoing and embrace goodness by doing so you will find a home in my eternal Grace for I cherish

what is right and just and I never turn away from my devoted ones they are

protected forever while those who choose wickedness find their legacy lost the

earth and its richness are a promise to the righteous a place for them to

flourish the words of the righteous are filled with wisdom and fairness their hearts are Guided by my teachings

ensuring their steps are steady and true though the wicked May lie in wait seeking harm I will not allow the

righteous to fall into their grasp in times of judgment my protection

is assured stay patient and follow my ways in doing

so you will rise and inherit the Splendor of creation you’ll witness the

downfall of those who Embrace sin I have seen the wicked appear strong like a

flourishing tree yet in a blink they vanish leaving no

Trace observe those who live with integrity and those who walk

uprightly their Journey leads to a peaceful and joyful conclusion but those who stray into

iniquity will find themselves lost remember the salvation of the

righteous comes from me I am their stronghold in times of trial I will

always be there to help and rescue them for their trust in me is their greatest

strength trust in me my child and find your refuge and hope I will watch over

you and be your Eternal support you need only trust me with all your heart and surrender everything into my hands in me

need and scarcity shall not harm you for I will make your dreams and desires

possible I will improve your finances and prosper your familial relationships please place your trust in

what I tell you today for I’m not one who promises happiness and then fails to

deliver I am your father and I have loved you from the beginning of time I

desire for you to receive my love in your heart and embrace the grace and favor that I bestow upon your

path it is time to trust with your whole mind heart and

being let go of those feelings that only cause you pain and Lead You astray abandon those worldly anxieties

that prevent you from truly living and torment you from within for when you gave much of yourself you received pain

in return turn but in me you shall suffer no more

I love you and even though it may be difficult to comprehend I ask only that you believe and

receive I love you so dearly because you are my greatest treasure my child my

Creation in my own image you are the price of my precious blood I want you to understand that my

desire is to guide you to the destiny I have for you a path of favor and blessing where everything will go well

for you may you have a prosperous present and future

furthermore understand that following my will will bring only Grace and happiness to your life and to every member of your

family know that you can confidently wait for me for I will answer your

prayers the doors of my heavenly Throne will always be open to you you can come

to me freely securely and with trust for I do not disappoint those who place

their trust in me when the enemy seeks to steal your faith and confidence do not allow it do

not listen to his voice or heed his accusations do not be afraid or dismayed

be strong and courageous and I will bless you abundantly with goods and

mercies remember that my grace and power are always on your side I will be there

with you guiding you transforming your problems into blessings your sorrow into

joy and your weeping into rejoicing my child I love you and I will

always watch over you do not forget that I am thinking of you even in these

moments please trust in me and leave everything in my hands I will ensure that in me you have

a path of well-being prosperity and much happiness receive it and believe it you

have called upon me in your prayers and I have heard you that is why today I will visit your

house and change your destiny I know that you are suffering and that you need my help prepare

yourself for I am your Mighty God the doer of Miracles and today I come to

give you the courage and strength you need to overcome this trial you are facing do not fear I know how you feel

this is the moment to acknowledge your need I know that you and your family are going through a great desert where

Solitude dries up hope and the journey through this desert Burns and Makes You Weep in

pain I know it is challenging to keep walking and believe that even in the

midst of this suffering my hand will sustain you but it is necessary for you to

understand that the key that unlocks the door to Miracles is and always will be

your faith Faith therefore I want to tell you that everything you are going through is just a

process just as gold only shines when it passes through fire and is refined so

shall you shine and be purified from the negative things that still exist within you it is time for you to abandon anger

vanity fear doubt and lack of faith never look back for nothing from your

past can bring you closer to the the joy and blessings that I will bestow upon you my dear child let not your heart be

troubled by the trials you face nor grow impatient in the midst of them know that

you are not alone in this journey I Am with You guarding you against those who wish you

harm do not dwell on the loss of material things or MN over them insteed

priority is what truly matters your love for me and your earnest pursuit of my my

precense remember I am your God your provider I have a multitud day of

miraculous awaiting you and my power to bless you is as strong as

ever trust in me to fill your life with genuine blessings and open doors to new

possibilities I will shower you with blessings in abundance be assured that I can turn

around any negative circumstance for your good so do not lose hope behind every challenge of and

frustration behind each hurdle you face there lies a wealth of blessings and

prosperity that I have prepared for you ready yourself to receive and wisely

Steward these gifts understand that the happiness you find in me transcends your current

situation in my presence there is a richness of joy that is constantly with you for you are never apart from me as

you navigate the Journey of your day earnest estly seek me I take great

pleasure in revealing myself to you in various ways sometimes my communication is Grand

and unmistakable remarkable coincidences that clearly bear the mark

of my intervention other times I make my presence known subtly in ways deeply

personal to you perhaps imperceptible to others these gentle signs are special

gifts meant to bring a profound and intimate joy to your soul the more attentive and

aware you are the more you will find me in the smallest details of your life so

remain Vigilant and continuously watchful for my presence in all things keep your mind and heart saturated with

scripture where I reveal my nature and my promises most

clearly let these promises shape your thoughts and keep you in close communion with me

listen for my voice it is familiar to you for you know me and follow my

guidance I grant you the gift of eternal life and you are securely held in my

hand beyond the reach of any Force therefore rejoice and be glad celebrate

the joy of my constant presence the Assurance of my love and the security of

my eternal promise know that in every moment whether filled with grand

gestures or quiet Whispers I Am with You guiding loving and revealing the wonders

of my kingdom in both the Magnificent and the mundane let this knowledge fill you with

Everlasting joy and peace seek me wholeheartedly cherish my word and never

cease to pray for the Wonders I have in store for you are far from exhausted

concentrate on what truly matters be Valiant and bold on this walk of

faith for by doing so I will bless you abundantly and bestow upon you blessings

and Miracles more precious than gold



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