today God is telling you that you will find the one who completes you emotionally and spiritually takes good

care of your finances and improves your health in order to entirely swap the

rest of your lives you are almost done with something really important the remainder of your existence may now be

exceptional because of this advancement it may not be long before you start to

experience tremendous success once you have done everything that requires doing

when your health is perfect and your bank account is filled to the brim those benefits will begin to acre

immediately becoming rich could be a piece of cake and once you do you’ll have more cash on hand than you can

shake a stick at it may be challenging to think about my relationship with God

and find a decent way to picture myself with that amount of money when that time arrives truthfully I struggle with

uncertainty and lack consistent clarity about my thoughts thoughts and actions honestly I don’t have a favorite but I

will say that there are moments when I feel the need to acknowledge my connection to God in order to stand out

a recurring worry of mine is that some aspects of my life may be dishonest or

unbalanced I don’t see how this aligns with my values returning to the assumption that the numbers on the

dubious sign are clear and cannot be misread is possible just in case you’re

looking for miracles be sure to to watch this video all the way to the end upon

completion of your adventure you will have experienced an extraordinary Delight meant to utterly Astound you

something from this International is likely to find its way to you this week that means you may have to put yourself

In Harm’s Way to find your life partner all three of these things are within

your power to happen whether you’re experiencing a lucky break in your professional or personal life or a major

life event that changes your perspective on life the odds of anyone some or all

of those things happening are low something you’ve been hoping for will start to happen if you keep your focus

and concentration on it you never know maybe this will lead you to your destination perhaps the moment has come

to finally bring about the much anticipated event your unwavering faith and positive approach allowed this risk

to materialize after much preparation like and share this video to show your

support if you believe in God think about the space and everything that it contains take this at face value be sure

you’re prepared for anything that comes your way and that you can handle it when it happens trust in the vastness of the

cosmos and the omnipotence of God who controls everything and holds everything

in his grasp you have done so much good for me and today we are here to express

our deepest gratitude please accept my deepest gratitude for everything that

you have done for me I would like to use this occasion to express my gratitude

please accept our heartfelt gratitude for everything that you have done on our behalf we are bringing this ambition to

this Gathering today we really hope that you will acknowledge our gratitude I

will always be grateful for all you have done for me because you have been kind and caring and your constant displays of

compassion and kindness have affected my heart profoundly nothing will ever be

the same in my heart I pray that I will always have an opportunity to express my

gratitude for all you’ve done for me and I hope that this employment will allow me to keep enjoying all the perks that

come with being a beneficiary of your generosity please know how much I value

all that you have done for me I can feel your love and concern for me at all times

I may still be imperfect and have character issues but I’m still your toddler no matter how many faults I have

your love for me is unshakable no matter what happens it has been a struggle for me to understand that you love and

forgive me despite the fact that I do not deserve it realizing this makes me feel very humble I will be eternally

grateful that you are still a part of my life since you have shown me how kind you are proof of this is your steadfast

commitment to me your kindness and compassion are evident if our goals are

once again derailed for whatever reason it’s natural to feel down or Furious on a daily basis but we mustn’t let it

consume us changes to our plans that are unrelated to us should not be necessary

things may be taking longer than expected but that is only a sign of the grace of a higher power something like

this always wants to be remembered always keep this in mind once human shut

a door they want it to remain locked and never open again even after they’ve left a nation maybe that’s why we’re immune

to problems and dangers that crop up out of nowhere you should never force yourself to accomplish something that

makes you anxious or nervous since the door may be permanently locked and never open there is just no logic to this even

when these things happen all the time and there’s no need to be connected with them someone might nonetheless decide to

turn terminate a job or a relationship it’s important to remember that everyone’s life path is unique and

that paths might sometimes intersect in unexpected ways keep in mind that these

Pathways May and should change directions at any moment rather than dwelling on the loss of a loved one we

should be grateful for the people who have stayed in our lives and the wonderful things that have happened the

fact that someone has passed away should no longer be considered this is because our belief in a power

greater than ourselves allows us to see the interconnectedness and greater purpose of every aspect of our existence

both the good and the bad knowing this gives us the courage to think about this

strategy and the assurance that all will work out for the best in the end because of our love and dedication to God our

confidence in this plan’s viability has grown as a result we call this enigmatic

being God my beloved child God spoke to you via a speech that just went by

sending words of consolation and inspiration you had been handed these words we want you to know that you

shouldn’t give up on your way of life and that you should keep going this is a message that encourages you to keep

moving forward in life and achieve your goals of accomplishing great things the omnipotent God has promised to be with

you and bless you no matter how Terrible Things become so that should be a source of consolation for you when you reap

God’s advantages you should feel more at peace since he has informed you that you are never alone because the omnipotent

God told you that he consistently rewards you and because of this you must

feel like a better more valuable God I beg you Lord as I genuflect before you

in prayer to keep safe all of my valuable possessions their sacred Aura may feel the need to envelop them in a

protective Embrace shielding them from any potential danger this will serve as

an off-the-shelf precaution to keep them safe and shield them from any potential

threats it turned out that I knew you wouldn’t go or abandon us because I put

my faith in your boundless knowledge and unfaltering devotion no matter what happens I know you love me and

understand me completely among all people you are the only one with whom I can wholeheartedly agree please from on

high guide and support them so that they may overcome whatever difficulty they encounter on their chosen path their

chosen Road has to be handled effectively but only if they have a goal

that’s why I hope and pray that they will be equipped to face any challenges that come their way with the boundless

love and generosity you bestow upon them dear Lord I really regret my actions

protect and Bless the people that matter most to me they are human I will would appreciate it if you could consider my

needs and respond to me promptly every day your love and compassion should fill

their hearts with your presence and affection for them though our prayer has ended I hope that they will continue to

be receptive to your guidance and that their love for you will deepen we genuflect before the one and only

exceptional call that Jesus made and we give thanks I know we will be sharing

some sensitive material with you because of your boundless love and knowledge so I ask that you listen carefully I hope

that you will be joined by an Angel or other Heavenly beings I’m very certain

that this will transpire at certain points throughout your path this angel

will be there to guide you protect you and keep an eye on you their first priority is your safety and well-being

so they will do all in their power to guarantee it the area that I the

almighty have chosen for you is their only objective you need to have faith in

this Angel’s Powers give them some thought and take their predictions regarding riding Trends seriously since

they are powerful and could protect you at all times I really really need to

meet people who will improve my life in a lot of ways if you are a Christian

please help me those are the kind of folks I’m looking forward to getting to know more I pray they’ll be there to

support Inspire and direct direct me as I go forward also I can’t wait to have a

genuine conversation with them nevertheless I would want to establish some boundaries between myself and the

individuals in my life that have the power to hinder my personal growth or bring me sadness I need to give you some

room so I can give this a go doing it is one of my objectives the more time I put

into achieving this objective the more space I will have for professional and personal development

this has the potential to enhance the quality of my life you beg for help with all your being my darling you have that

quality which is both remarkable and admirable you have been bestowed with a

remarkable and extraordinary Talent you are compassionate and genuine if you are

trying to discover love and happiness in this world please allow me to provide a helping hand as we embark on a path of

personal growth development and Discovery I’m I am so excited to have

you along on this adventure along this journey I can’t wait to be of service to

you our hope is that by working together you may experience the loving Embrace of

my heavenly father today we stand before you our hearts brimming with gratitude

and love love and gratitude are the two most practical things we can think of

right now for everything that you have accomplished on our behalf but especially for providing us with your

son Jes Jesus Christ to receive this gift we are eternally grateful the

notion that people can’t possibly tap into the whole breadth of Global Knowledge is a point on which most

people can agree this is the essence of the record hole feeling free to express

how you feel is essential when you feel like no one else understands feeling all

alone and struggling through it is no easy feat in any case remember that God

is the most powerful advocate for your cause regardless of how other people feel you can always count on him to be

by your side so no matter how bad things get he will understand and be able to

soothe you I realize that you may be able to help me overcome any obstacles that come my way since he has a wealth

of information and may be well versed in every aspect of the scenario the magnitude of the problems

and difficulties we are experiencing in life has the potential to make us feel

entirely overwhelmed remember that there is always a chance of finding a ray of

optimism and kindness even when things seem the worst this must be kept in mind

at all times spread the word by sending this video to your friends if we

surrender and seek the Lord’s help and direction we will discover within ourselves the courage and strength we

have been lacking within your destiny there’s a chance he can stop you from accomplishing anything you want to to do

it is important that you remember this throughout your life’s path you may encounter several remarkable and

contemplative experiences that may leave you feeling grateful and a struck on the

one hand these Miracles might be the product of divine intervention on the other they can take the form of

fortuitous encounters unforeseen circumstances or even random acts of

generosity from strangers before the month comes to close you face a significant risk of

making a life-altering sacrifice that will dictate the course of your events

now because of this diversity your life might take a totally different path no

matter the kind or extent of the change you are experiencing this is true in a

new light you will see the industry whether it was a life-altering event for an unmarried person After experiencing

it changes that have occurred in your lives either as a consequ quence of a single defining moment or as a

cumulative effect of many more subtle shifts that have been handed down through the generations your intestines

may turn out to be a vital tool in your quest to discern God’s will as you embark on your non secular Journey you

may come to realize the importance of this Duty once some time has passed even if you don’t realize it now you may come

to see it as an absolutely crucial realization as you go farther along your spiritual journey you need to be

perceptive enough to notice the subtle cues symptoms and advice that point you

in the direction of God without putting in an excessive amount of work this might prove to be the case a strong

sense of joy and Tranquility among other extraordinary emotions and Sensations may be the result of these

symptoms excuse me my dear I need your ear to hear what I have to say on top of

that when you’re working on these Monumental paintings please sh shower them with all the love and attention

they want we should be grateful for our fate and I have no doubt that Miracles

will soon occur I have a message for you and I hope it will encourage you this is

why I feel compelled to give you a motivational message I have no doubt that manifestations of all kinds will

emerge in due course through my sweet kid your nonsecular determined the all

knowing and all powerful God who created the sector has spoken to you and given

you a message to encourage and guide you you have also heard from God on this matter pay attention to your gut

feelings and go with your gut instincts he says in addition he advises you to

live your life in a way that is compatible with these things listen to your heart and pay attention to its

desires and emotions he says before doing something major or important he says pay attention to your inner desires

and impulses clearly you need to connect with your inner self and give serious

thought to the guidance it provides doing so might be helpful for this reason you steer clear of Errors the

reason being it’s likely you’ll be able to avoid making mistakes if you do this

following those stages can help you understand your true desires and goals as well as the impact your actions might

have on people around you this may be accomplished by following the methods that we have previously outlined if you

follow those instructions you’ll be better able to anticipate how your actions could influence others around

you at this precise moment you are being spoken to by the celestial entity that

created everything and is responsible for everything this lesson’s goal is to

fill you in on the details of the Holy being so that you may grasp it better the message is serious and Urgent and it

instructs you to stir up a long dormant longing someone hasn’t kindled this intriguing fire for a while this isn’t a

simple request it’s a rallying cry that demands your whole focus and commitment this is a

great opportunity for me to let you know my dear friend that you will no longer be traveling alone on this journey it

may be risky but I feel compelled to tell you that you aren’t on this path alone this is an opportunity for me to

tell you that you are not alone and that my compassion for you is the driving

force behind your journey which is to awaken a long-suppressed longing no

matter what challenges you encounter I assure you that I will be there to lend you a hand anytime is a good time for us

to talk you can count on my unwavering support remember that I’m always there

to listen console or just be there for you if you ever need someone to lean on

since we are all involved in this I vow to be there for you whenever you need me whether it’s to weep on my shoulder or

just to listen to what you have to say while I deal with the many problem problems that have Arisen I wanted to

inform you that I have asked a group of Heavenly Creatures sometimes referred to as angels to assist me in carrying out

my plans if they want me to win they have to pull out all the stops this was

previously done by me since being assigned this risk a lot of problems have Arisen and I’m now working through

them you don’t have to worry about acquiring this gift since I’m determined to overcome these challenges with the

help of my famous Pals I know that life may be tough and painful at times but my

dear friend knows that I am always here for her and ready to provide a helping hand so please don’t worry I can handle

anything that comes my way I am now working on a very amazing finish for you and I wanted you to know about it okay

now is the moment to relax release your worries and think about the strategy I devised for you trust me when I say this

it may all work out for the best in the end you may have lost part part of your heart in the midst of all that has

transpired you must figure out how to incorporate that power into your daily routine get pumped up all over again

because I have a fully fleshed out idea that will blow your mind proceed with the steps provided this vacation could

be the best one you’ve ever been on we know it has the potential to be truly excellent and we are eagerly

anticipating its realization hence let us prepare for the delight and anticipation of what is to

come since it will undoubtedly change and Astound you although I am unable to

lend a hand at the moment I’m both grateful and taken aback by your being here as I deliver my speech despite my

disbelief I’m relieved that you have shown up here my heartfelt gratitude and

admiration for everything that you have generously given me is difficult to put into words because you are so kind I am

astounded by this discovery you have you have provided me with a wealth of accurate data the depth of my

appreciation for everything that you have done for me is beyond expression your generosity and kindness Are Much

appreciated such generosity and Beauty have been demonstrated to me and for that I am thankful your generosity and

thoughtfulness have been really remarkable you have my deepest gratitude for everything that you have achieved

although I am well aware that there are many things that are wrong with me I still do not believe that I am deserving

of your love and care indeed I am well aware that there are several things that

may be wrong with me your completion of the task for me is really appreciated

furthermore I beg you to love and direct me even more in the next few days and weeks please accept my deepest most

heartfelt gratitude for everything that you have done I am eternally grateful

please accept my deepest most heartfelt gratitude I appreciate you teaching me

all that you know I am so grateful that you have chosen to love and wait on me

despite the fact that I am no longer the greatest and there aren’t enough adequate words to express my gratitude

no matter how imperfect I am there are no words to express my gratitude there

is no other way I can express my gratitude to you you have exceptional qualities in the way you love and

tolerate other people your profound and extensive awareness of and compassion

for other people from the depths of your heart always astounds and humbles me God

I beg you to keep an eye on my friends and family today and to lead them in the right direction with a broken heart I

humbly seek your heavenly guidance and protection today please God pay attention when I pray and Grant my

requests when I come to you this goal remains with me please in your heavenly

domain lead me in the right direction and and protect me from harm instruct

them to remain your friends at all times and to protect them from harm by keeping a close eye on them is it possible for

them to always feel your love and support they could feel your comforting presence even while they’re sick or

hurting you are an endless Wellspring of compassion and understanding and I

believe that you are bound to never abandon them your abundance of knowledge and generosity are remarkable in my

opinion because you are a remarkable human being with many insights undoubtedly the most

powerful and ubiquitous force in the universe I have total trust in you much

obliged to those who are suffering greatly right now I beg you to extend a helping hand and to be a rock solid

guide they are in need of your help therefore I’m going to ask you to do that I may have my wishes honored in the

most understated way possible they will find Solace and Tranquility in your SA sacred presence and strength to overcome

any challenge that comes their way I wish I could tilt my head in your direction to express my profound

admiration and gratitude on a daily basis I Turn To God In Prayer pleading

for the wisdom and compassion that would lead the people I care about most to embrace the holy presence of

God praying earnestly I implore the Lord to meet my needs I really hope that the

Lord will bless these folks so that I may become near him the gentleness and

compassion of Jesus must illuminate their souls and the wisdom he gives must

enable them to follow in his footsteps to put an end to this dispute we humbly

invoke the superior and sacred name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ please

he begs us hear us out and set us free please pay attention to our prayers and

grant us our requests we implore you love would not be any more enjoyable or fulfilling if you were horrible Wicked

or Cruel Love is a complex emotion with many manifestations you won’t love or be

pleased with these things a complex emotion more love may have several forms

depending on the context it achieves its goals of Joy pleasure and contentment as

it forms genuine authentic connections with others this is the way it functions on a worldwide basis this makes it quite

clear that there is much more to love than just the right feelings of care understanding and respect for another

person and what they stand for in terms of ideas and values another reason this comment must

be alarming is because the permanence of true love is what distinguishes it from

false forms of love as long as there is someone you love you will never stop

loving them contrast this with emotions which fluctuate from person to person

instead instead it’s a powerful force that typically watches out for believes in and keeps going when things get tough

if you believe something to be true in God’s eyes then it is true throughout Love’s annals this particular kind of

love has been the most researched and favored it’s a powerful force that has the potential to unite people and lead

them to improve their relationships with others a non-secular power is operating

behind the scenes to assist you in reaching a good goal as you travel through life keep this in mind you

should never let this out of your mind please keep this in mind at all times we

must not under any circumstances disregarded the all powerful God who crafted this plan endowed it with

several objectives as well as discoverable and executable means you must know that there is a power guiding

your steps in life this should be on your mind at all times this is something that is crucial and that that you must

never forget this factor which some refer to as fate or the future does have

an impact therefore it’s normal to feel anxious or confused at the moment right

now it’s very normal to feel this way because life may often surprise us in

ways we weren’t anticipating it isn’t always easy to make sense of the things that happen to us the events in our

lives take on greater significance because of this which makes it more challenging for us to comprehend them

regardless it’s crucial to always remember that you’re not alone in dealing with this issue other

individuals are also going through the same thing you may have a greater grasp

that they are no longer astounded by the hows and wise of events if you really Embrace this as truth even if it may not

always seem like it they are showing you the way and keeping a careful watch on you you can be sure of this rest certain

that the sector was created by by an all powerful ultimate being and use that knowledge to guide your actions

everything in our lives no matter how great or little it seems at the moment may be meticulously planned and carried

out by the all- knowing and all powerful God this possibility is always there no

matter how terrible the situation is and it doesn’t matter whether the element in issue is essential to our existence or

Not That Remains true even in the face of overwhelming adversity it doesn’t matter matter how you’re feeling at the

moment he’s always there to help and console you as he goes about his day

sometimes thoughts of you cross his mind in addition he gives serious consideration to the events of the past

and the memories you hold dear going about his day he can’t help but think of

all the amazing times you two have enjoyed in the past he has an incredible and positive attitude all the time no

matter where he is at work or outdoing errands in the community he will always

look out for your rights and make sure your favorite activities are taken care of you may take him at his word that he

will always be there to make you happy your freedom to have unrestrained faith in him is yours the wants and needs of

other people will never ever take precedence over his own you have been chosen to go on a path of understanding

can it also bring you Tranquility to know that the god of Hope is by your side during your journey as you persist

in believing in God’s amazing power and love your heart and soul may be filled with happiness and contentment I

appreciate your trust in God on top of that you could always feel this way if

you choose to follow the holy spirit’s instructions he will fill you with hope and give you the strength to overcome

every obstacle that comes your way God willing I can pray for you to see

clearly and protect your will believe that God’s love for you is

unchangeable follow the love that fills your heart to a life that is full and

worthwhile love never changes so it’s safe to assume that God’s love for you

is genuine I am overwhelmed with gratitude and wonder as I take a seat to

deliver my message to you I can imagine how challenging it is to hold on to these feelings throughout an exam you

created the sector which is where it all starts being the all effective being that you are this is a risk I’m willing

to take take in order to express my gratitude for all you’ve done for me your completion of the task for me is

really appreciated in spite of the dangers involved I must express my gratitude for everything that you have

done to enhance my life you have no idea how many true blessings your financial

gift has brought into my life we have seen how giving and kind you are and

everyone else has observed how much good you do all the time from the depths of my heart I want to express my gratitude

for all that you have done everything you’ve done for me is incredible and I just wanted to say thank you please God

I hope that you will still love and bless me in the years to come my sincerest appreciation is with you I

hope you know how much I value all you’ve done for me you never cease to wow me with your tolerance and affection

for me there are many things I could do better and issues I still have despite

my many shortcomings and troubles I know that you love me no matter what has

happened recognizing that you love and compliment me even when I am unworthy

has been a very humbling experience for me just accepting this fact has been

quite challenging for me our time together was wonderful and I will always be grateful for the guidance you gave me

because of the unwavering love and care you showed me it has brought me so much comfort and

security typically I will will express my gratitude to you you have my undying

gratitude for it there may be times of confusion and isolation while you’re in the midst of a terrible and unpleasant

circumstance but remember that even in the darkest of times there are teachings

from God to be found the only thing we need to know is how to look in most

cases this holds true no matter how challenging the situation we may find

these signals in the most unexpected place faes the sound of rustling leaves the warmth of the sun on our skin or

even the sound of a baby laughing if we look for them symptoms and indications

like the soft rustling of leaves might be hiding in the most unexpected locations if we look for them carefully

all of these factors pertain to potential spots where these symptoms and indicators may be found we are given the

opportunity to experience the tranquility and plenty that accompany the no knowled that we are never really

alone in those fleeting moments of pure joy and beauty that arise from this

realization therefore let us be receptive to the world around us and create space in our lives for the

spiritual symptoms that are just waiting to be discovered in order to let the outside world in we also need to open

our brains and hearts let the industry around us in we’re able to access your

thoughts and emotions by observing your body language and other behavioral cues

which allow us to piece together your current state of mind while you engage with us we interpret your behaviors and

actions as signals that tell us something you convey meaning to us via

your actions and behaviors we take into account that your aspirations and goals

are genuine and substantial and we believe that they are of a high caliber

upon closer observation of the surrounding Arena and the happenings in other parts of the sector it becomes

evident that our planet is experiencing a period of intense and quick transformation these changes are

occurring at a rate never witnessed before and they could be observable throughout the whole history of the

industry this has never happened before since you are no longer bound to the person or circumstance that caused your

Stress and Anxiety feel more confident and at ease as you go forward you feel this way

because the item that was upsetting you before is no longer something you need to confront or struggle against hearing

all of your precise details has made me very happy when seen from that perspective the power that may be gained

through prayer is really tremendous remember that God is always with you in

The Valleys below and on top of the mountains via levels that move back and forth between gift and challenge humans

live through both the good times and the bad times the sad times and the amusing

times no matter how bad things become know that God is on your side and will

provide a way out you don’t understand what I’m doing but if you keep praying

God will reveal himself I am the one and only one who can provide Eternal joy to

everyone come to me if you are lonely confused and sick of wondering there may

be no purpose in living I can bring suitable items into your life as promised I will be by your side most of

the time you have my undying affection no matter how bad things become God Is Bigger Than them no matter what troubles

you may face pray live strongly and press on God will always be watching

over you and guiding you being exactly like other people isn’t necessarily your

destiny being unique from the crowd is what makes you exceptional I was really

dissatisfied with it to set you apart from the others I customized a form just

for you you did more than just survive the storm it really fortified you in

case you weren’t aware of it at the time it evolved into a clarification that aided your

continuation you should not have given up so easily prophesied events will transpire for you at this spot in the

future we still have room to grow no matter how much money you aim to put away in your bank account right now

God’s plans for your life will always come to fruition as a simple way to express your support

hit the like button on this video do not be concerned I will be there with you in

the future I have helped you both within and outside according to God you may

have faith that I am here for you right now providing assistance you mean the world to me there is no room for

misinterpretation according to God after much anticipation something fantastic

will finally arrive in the next week some something is starting to come together and we will be able to see it

eventually arm yourself with the knowledge to unravel a mystery I hope that all will work out for the best

since God is in control although this time is convenient for us it may not have been our first choice the point is

that they will remember that God’s timing is always superior to our own perception of it you shouldn’t be

concerned about what they say since it doesn’t matter and may not lead to an interaction

no one else is interested in checking the veracity of this fantastic correct Good Fortune of yours at the moment

since it has already been proven you have every right to claim anything as your own if God has immediately told you

so God has already promised that something will happen and it will look just as he has described it God and no

longer you decides when items will emerge under any circumstances inside the comments kind please God the

industry knows you deserve to have high quality things happen to you so if you agree it will do nothing to ensure you

can maintain the lives you’ve always dreamed of for yourself and that it’s a feasible and good way to live there you

will argue your point stop adding unnecessary mental anguish to your suffering by obsessing about meaningless

matters forget about bringing yourself down over things you can’t change and

quit worrying about them altogether you are at a stage in your life when you can enjoy everything that this planet has to

offer you have put in a lot of time and effort and now all that’s left is to

have a good life preference which you already have being the fortunate recipient of both of these things is a

stroke of excellent Fortune if this is your desire this new chapter of your life is about to begin and a Heavenly

messenger has informed you of it it is expected to happen very soon never worry

about a thing in due time all your desires will be fulfilled fulfilled and the benefits you now enjoy will only

grow in value I solemnly vow that I will be by your side the whole time to show

you the way and give you Clues going forward you should only put your faith

in what is really important and I will do everything in my power to assist you in obtaining it I have it on good

authority that God is about to shower you with a wonderful lifestyle gift when you see this parent you’ll have a lot of

economic options which is going to be a huge leap forward to improve your type

and knowledge you have tried many different things simple and unmistakable

you should not feel pressured of course keep it everything is always moving in the same direction their admiration is a

direct result of your perseverance and commitment finding another human being who can accept you for who you really

are should be your number one priority in life get over the habit of

undervaluing your own contributions and start appreciating them you shouldn’t be

too harsh on yourself listen carefully to God’s word I would like it if you

didn’t ask nasty questions in all of space and time there may not be another

being just like you you are the one I will adore forever when the timing is

perfect the Lord will bring it to pass regardless of what God says I have the

power to manifest the perfect moment when it arrives this means that we are not

responsible for ensuring its appearance which is really quite a good thing a blessing in disguise is the fact that we

aren’t accountable for its realization attempting to resolve the issue is no longer critical it is God’s

desire That You Mend yourself so wreck a door or do everything else you need to do sometime in the future it will happen

problems like this are beyond your capabilities you will be unable to see a means by which to fulf fulfill your

aspirations or uphold your promises I can see how it might be you must have

optimism for this trip since it is not a solo Adventure at the appointed time God

will open Heaven’s Gates God no longer wants anything from you all he wants is

for you to have more trust in him and his abilities set up a trap to stop the

battle earn a solid reputation the duplicate will have a very different

appearance on the inside side therefore it is Crystal Clear from the universe’s

clues that now is the right moment for you according to the prediction the

financial system would keep expanding upon completion of that the next street

activation will provide amazing narratives it is First Rate to think

that our thoughts and words may have such a significant impact on the world around us considering the many ways

things may transpire it is much more enjoyable the things we say and believe May

certainly affect the world around us regardless of the circumstances I feel compelled to say that if this treatment

is effective it is without a doubt the best way to see the enormous changes

that may be taking place I am obligated to inform you that it is quite awesome

if you put your faith in it observing the Fantastic results that a constructive approach is producing is

obviously mindblowing and pleasant the outcomes are excellent and I’m relieved

to report that I’m no longer experiencing any degree of pain despair or further inactivity in my life the

results of this change in my lifestyle have been nothing short of miraculous and I couldn’t be happier about it

without a doubt I did not experience any discomfort sadness or motion throughout

my journey at this moment I have completed it saying the outcomes are

nothing short of astounding maybe being too kind it gives off the impression

that you are that thing since the person who became responsible for everything that made your life what it is has

tragically passed away I’m sorry to say this but I was once the go-to guy for

all of those things thanks to the power of Jesus’s magnificent summons the

adversary has been vanquished now no one’s safety is in Jeopardy since the

name of Jesus has been granted more Authority and strength in the adversary we may conclude that the enemy has been

defeated since Jesus always stands by his people and preserves them it is only

fair that they praise and glorify him as you reminisce about our chats remember

that we treated you all with the tender loving care that a loving father would give his own children I trust that you

will remember this when we next meet you will not under any circumstances ignore

this particular particular piece of knowledge whenever you reflect on our time together this will certainly be on

your mind perhaps you’ll always keep that in mind our primary objective has

shifted to assisting you in living a life that most certainly merits God’s love and compassion in the event that

you are seeking guidance and support in doing so whenever we started out to accomplish

our aim the first thing that came up was that we worked hard to be there for you whenever you needed us whether it was to

lift your spirits when you were down or to encourage you to keep going until you achieved your goal we were always there

for you doing everything that was right whenever you needed Us in the end our

goal became a tool that would assist you in receiving God’s offer to join his country if you want it to constantly

seem magnificent our original intention shifted to providing them with resources

and Records to help them do this God wants you to join his kingdom therefore

you have the option to accept this agreement the Lord Jesus Christ is above all absolute I tell you my dear friends

that when it comes to doing the impossible mere mortals may find themselves bewildered if you trust his

tone of unshakable confidence and the way he glanced at the people standing before

him we can do everything if we believe in God and rely on his Limitless

resources so there’s no no need to worry everything that was once impossible to

imagine or achieve is now within our reach and everything that was once Out Of Reach is now within our reach as

well because the Lord is holding us up in the palm of his hand we know we will

not fall since the Lord is our Guiding Light we have faith that he will preserve us from tripping even when we

encounter difficulties and make mistakes if we set our hearts on following the Lord we can be certain that he will

direct our steps and provide a solid foundation for our lives because we will always know that he is with us and will

support us no matter what we are strong enough and brave enough to continue on

this road of trust as we go through the information in this book it’s crucial

that we understand how important it is to encourage and support one another as we love and do what’s right so rather

than mindlessly going about our daily lives we should look for ways to uplift

and support the people around us this isn’t like the mundane repetitive tasks

we encounter every day gathering together and supporting each other in the route we’ve chosen as a group is

really crucial even if others may also wish to stop it the thing we can do at

the moment that is really crucial is that doing this could help us become

closer to one another while also providing Mutual support as we strive to to achieve our objectives that is

something that is becoming more important by the second as the day that has not yet returned approaches please

make it possible for this to happen much obliged for your time get more messages

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[Music] amen


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