Life along with prosperity tranquility and healing my word is definitive and

you must always keep that in mind I have promised you that what I have said will

bring you happiness peace restoration and money at some point in your life I

have also stated that these things will come to you because of the things I’ve said about your existence and because I

have worked hard for you here are the the advantages Victory peace

recuperation and money fortunately I have been financially well off while I

stand by and watch them hurt you anybody who was planning to harm you will now be unable to do so it will not materialize

anymore a terrible assault is being plotted by your opponent and it will knock you to your knees and cause your

family to weep in front of you God wants you to comprehend that in the aftermath

of this incident you will be utterly devastated as you see your loved ones weep in my opinion it makes no

difference what your opponent does to undermine your position in the market make sure you watch this video till the

very end you now possess everything that is necessary or desirable for the

manifestation of miracles in your life if your only source of religious conviction is faith in God then please

disregard my warning if all we have is trust in God then nothing is impossible

for him to do on our behalf provided we submit to him God promises a wide

variety of benefits to those who put their faith in him and ask for his guidance to live a life where serving

God is Paramount some things are broken but God can fix them and make them

lovely again among God’s miraculous works is this nothing more is required

than to acknowledge something as true about an object or somebody it may just be the size of a mustard seed but its

flavor is far from all ordinary so that you won’t be able to Relish in your fate Satan wants you to be afraid of it the

fact that Satan lies is one of his distinguishing characteristics hence it stands to reason that he is a liar put

an end to stressing out over your life circumstances pay close attention to God at all times in this scenario take

advantage of every moment to remember him and express your gratitude for what he has done please show your support for

God by sharing and liking this video we can better help you find Creative Solutions to your problems if you can

remain cool during any disagreement an agreeable condition is one that by definition leads to peace at

all times it means giving up on the idea that you have to know everything and

instead letting yourself be guided by the aspect of the issue that is most troubling you everything that needs to

be done has been done everything that needed to be accomplished has been accomplished knowing this is true will

prevent you from reacting emotionally or overanalyz

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