today the Lord has a message for you my

dear child recall the time when a great

storm erupted suddenly on the lake

causing the waves to crash over the boat

even though the disciples were aware of

Jesus presence with them the sight of

the Tempest LED them to doubt and

fear similarly in your own life despite

knowing that I am by your side there

will be times when

unexpected challenges arise these

difficulties may cause you to feel

anxious or question the certainty of my

oversight during such moments it’s

crucial that you maintain your focus on

me cling to your faith steadfastly for

while storms may appear and threaten to

overwhelm you remember that I am

eternally beside you my commitment to

you is

unchanging I will always hold you close

guide your steps Shield you from harm

and shower you with blessings I remain

true to my promises with me all things


possible keep in your heart the vital

importance of your faith it is indeed

true that without faith it is and

impossible to gain my favor bear in mind

that even a small Measure of Faith in Me

has the power to transform any

situation like the video if you needs


Direction beloved child recognize that

my love for you is unconditional your

performance does not dictate the love I

have for you a focus on your Deeds can

distract you from me leading to a subtle

worship of your own actions or feeling

disheartened when they don’t meet your


standards shift your gaze from yourself

to my everpresent light my love shines

upon you ceaselessly no matter your mood

or actions Embrace This Love Without

conditions gratitude and Faith are key

to receiving it thank me

continually and trust in me without

wavering these simple acts will keep you

connected to my nurturing

presence cultivate a heart dominated by

thankfulness as you give thanks for

life’s blessings it says though your

eyes are open to new allowing you to see

more of my abundant

Glory with this newfound clarity ity

help yourself to the resources you need

from my abundant Provisions whenever you

accept these gifts from me Let Your

Heart Sing Praises back to me Hallelujah

should resonate with your soul as they

do in heaven a thankful praising life is

a miraculous existence instead of trying

to control everything focus on what I am

accomplishing in your

life the essence of praise is to align

your whole self with me which is your

inherent designed since you were made in

my image by living in praise and

gratitude you engage fully with the

Abundant Life I intended for

you this is the day I have crafted with

care Revel in it and it will bestow upon

you its treasure

and teachings travel with me on the path

of gratitude exploring the joys I have

arranged for you remember in this

imperfect World Joys and Sorrows exist

together focusing solely on difficulties

can overcome many of my followers

causing them to overlook the beauty and

light of their surroundings and see only

the shadows of their

thoughts those who maintain a habit of

gratitude can tread even through the

toughest days with Joe secure in the

knowledge that my light still bathe them

celebrate this day I have made for I

walk alongside you your faithful

companion seek to prioritize my desires

above all others as you navigate through

the day you will encounter numerous

decision points the majority these will

require Swift judgments to Aid in making

wise choices adopt a simple

guideline many individuals base their

decisions on a mix of routine reactions

and a desire to satisfy themselves or

others however this is is not the path I

wish for you aim to align your actions

with my expectations not just in

significant matters but in all aspects


Life achieving this alignment depends on

your continuous engagement with me when

you find joy in my presence you

naturally understand what will bring me

joah a brief look in my direction as all

all it takes to guide your

decisions continuously seek to find joy

in me and a to fulfill my wishes and

every action if you agree God’s words

then share this video who is closest to


heart worship me in the purity of

Holiness every aspect of true beauty

mirrors some part of who I am I am

actively shaping you crafting beauty

within you as the Divine

artist my primary task is to remove

obstacles and clutter allowing my spirit

to fully inhabit you participate in this

process by being open to relinquishing

anything I decide to remove I understand

your needs and commit to providing them

abundantly your sense of security should

not be tied to your possessions or

circumstances working in your favor I am

teaching you to rely solely on me

finding satisfaction in my presence

alone this involves being content with

both abundance and scarcity accepting

either as my intention for you at that

moment instead of trying to manage and

control you are learning to let go and

accept develop this attitude of openness

by trusting me in every

circumstance leave the outcomes to me

follow where I lead without concern for

the final results view your life as an

adventure with me as your guide and

companion focus on the present ensuring

you remain in SE with me when our

journey brings us to a challenging

Ascent trust in my assistance to

overcome it when we reach places

designed for rest take the opportunity

to rejuvenate in my presence enjoy the

pace of life when you walk closely with

me remember you know where your journey

ultimately leads your arrival in heaven

thus come concentrate on the path

directly ahead entrusting the results to

me allow yourself to absorb the serenity

that flows from my Essence as you dwell

quietly in the radiance of my presence

this peace that you begin to feel deep

within is not a result of your own

efforts or resolve it comes from your

openness to accept my grace in today’s

world where self-reliance is highly

prized admitting one’s vulnerabilities

can be difficult yet I have led you

along a journey designed to expose your

dependence on me placing you in

scenarios where your usual strengths

could not serve you and your limitations

were unmistakably

clear during these challenging tracks

through Baron

Landscapes you’ve grown closer to me

finding Serenity in the most unexpected

places you’ve learned it to be grateful

for these trials knowing they help

refine and Define your

character you’ve come to understand that

your need for me is fundamental to our

intimate connection a treasure greater

than any other take time to be still

with me allowing your anxieties and

concerns to emerge and clear in the

Brilliance of my presence these worries

dissolve yet some fears particularly

about the future may persistently

surface you might catch yourself

forecasting troubles ahead picturing


overwhelmed these Visions are misleading

they do not account for my enduring

presence the dark scenarios you dread

will not unfold as you fear for I will

be with you through all

times when worrying about what is to

come Tri to take hold confronted with

the reality of my enduring light remind

yourself Jesus will be there with me

with his support I can manage by doing

this you redirect your focus back to the

present where my peace can be fully

experienced and

enjoy typ I love you

father L know that I am God your

faithful guide and eternal friend the

one who redeems your soul and the Still

Moments of your day I reach out softly

speaking words of comfort into your

heart you might sometimes feel isolated

as you face life’s challenges as if

you’re navigating a tough Journey on

your own yet let me reassure you this

feeling does not miror reality I am with

you at every step continuously

present life can often move at an

unrelenting pace and snaring you in a

mesh of daily responsibilties is worries

and seemingly insurmountable obstacles

as you look around and feel the burdens

of these struggles sighing down on you

remember you do not face them

alone no matter how strong the currents

of life’s turbulent Waters seem remember

this you are never solitary in your

journey I walk alongside you steadfast

through through every rough path and

every harsh wind of adversity that you

encounter in the midst of life’s

fiercest storms I am your Sanctuary

providing you calm and safety and the

dry stretches of your experiences think

of me as your Oasis offering you relief


refreshment when Shadows Fall and

darkness seems to close and I am your

Guiding Light when you feel overpowered

by weakness I am your

strength I am your bravery amidst chaos

I Am Your Serenity my presence in your

life is constant and unwavering High am

there is each day begins and as it ends

in every moment of happiness and every

instant of pain and and triumphant

achievements and heart trending

setbacks Every Beat of your heart each

Breath You Take and every step forward

is accompanied by my presence I he am

not distant rather I am deeply involved

in the minutia of your life my love for

you is profound unconditional and

everlasting My Sacrifice on the cross

was made so that you could enjoy eternal

life at Testament to the enormity of my

love and care for you therefore my

cherished child do not give in to

despair or be overwhelmed by fear you

are never alone I am with you in every

circumstance through every emotion and

in every situation

Embrace this assurance let it comfort

you in distress Empower you in fear and

Inspire hope when despair clouds Your

Horizon let it be a constant reminder of

my steadfast love as you look up to the

heavens in a remember that I craft it

all that you behold the stars that

sparkle at night the Sun that caresses

your face by day and the

Moon that illuminates the night’s

Darkness all evidences of my

craftsmanship and

presence I am with you in every Dawn and

every dusk through each season and every

fleeting moment comment the Lord is

beside me when doubts arise and anxiety

grips your heart turn to me in your

prayers lay down your worries voice your

fears and cheer your deepest

uncertainties know that I listen

intently to every word feel L emotion

and understand each thought I am your

Confidant your advisor and your most


companion in times of Frailty when you

falter and stumble remember I am there

to help you up you might waver but with

me you will not fall my love for you

remains constant and my commitment to

you is

unbreakable no power Earthly or Divine

can ever sever the bond of my love for

you in your darkest times and deepest

despair always remember you are never

alone in times of darkness my light

shines the brightest illuminating your

your path back to My Embrace if you seek

the blessings of the Divine show your

support for our ministry by engaging

with our content when you experience Joy

I share in that

Joy your laughter is a Melody that fills

my soul your happiness reflects my love

for you when sadness grips you I feel it

too your tears or Treasures by me each

one a symbol of your faith in my

presence I am here to comfort you to dry

your tears and transform your morning

tend to

dancing as you walk your path of Faith

you will face challenges mountains to

ascend and valleys to Traverse but fear

not for I am with you every step of the

way in difficult climbs I offer my

support in the darkest valleys I am your


Light when the journey seems endless I

give you strength remember I am not

merely a part of your life I am the

essence of your existence I am the

Breath You Take the food that sustains

you the water that quenches your

thirst in times of turmoil I am your

shelter your Safe Haven and your peace


chaos you are never alone and every

heartbeat every breath every thought I

am there and every success every

struggle every tear I am present and

every prayer Every Praise every

Proclamation I am with you I am always

there walk with the assurance that you


accompanied if you trust and my support

please show your faith by subscribing to

our Channel you have in me a friend who

will never abandon you a friend who

loves you more than words can

express as you face the complexities of

Life moments of doubt and uncertainty

may arise these moments can be daunting

leading you to question your past

decisions and your worth during these

times remind yourself of this

truth I am with you no question is to

minor no confusion to complicated no

concern too small for me as the source

of all wisdom I will guide you toward

Clarity lighting your path with

understanding when you stand at life’s

Crossroads uncertain of the paths to

choose do do not fear I am your guide

your North Star leading you toward

growth fulfillment and purpose should

you stray my love for you remains

unchanging guiding you back to

righteousness in moments of Joy know

that I Revel in your happiness the gifts

of Joy provide F your heart with

gladness and your cheerful Expressions

bring warmth to my heart heart when

sorrow weighs you down and pain fills

your heart remember that I am close as

the Healer of Broken Spirits I am by

your sigh I cherish each of your tears

each reflecting your strength and

faith I am here to offer Solace ease

your suffering and heal your heart as

you journey through faith you will

conquer mountains of doubt and cross

valleys of fear but take courage for I

am with you your strength and tough

climbs and your bravery and intimidating

valleys I am here to lift your spirits

strengthen your faith and encourage your

heart remember I am more than just a

part of your life I am the essence of

your existence the air you breathe the

nourishment that you consume The Living

Water that revitalizes your

soul I am your protector in storms your

defender in conflicts your calm and

turmoil I am the foundation of your

strength the Cornerstone of your hope

the source of your joy you are never

alone and every heartbeat breath and

thought I am there in every Victory

Challenge and tear here I am

present always remember you are not on

this journey alone you have a friend in

me a friend whose love knows no bounds

deeper than the deepest ocean and higher

than the highest Heaven you are never

alone I am always with you typ pal and

if you accept God

blessings scriptures tell us your father

sends reign on the just and on the

unjust this implies that Believers are

not immune to lives challenges and a

parable told by Jesus A wise man built

his dwelling on a rock while a foolish

man chose sand for his

foundation both houses were subjected to

storms but only the rockf founded house

remain standing post storm illustrating

the futility of the other’s

Choice life invariably involves trials

and tribulations that affect everyone

believer and nonbeliever alike yet those

who live in reverence to God and keep

their faith intact can trust in his

promise that they will overcome and

remain unscathed post adversity

God’s constant presence means he is

forever with us endlessly ceaselessly

for all time during hardships he assures

us of his support which is always

tailored to our specific

situations for instance financial aid is

what he provides when you’re struggling

with finances not something irrelevant

like a chocolate cake because God is

intimately aware of your needs he is

always prepared to meet them

precisely facing difficulties today be

reassured that God is by your sigh seek

his assistance and have faith that he is

managing everything for your benefit

following his lead will guide you

correctly bringing you comfort renewal

blessings and

support his reliability and keeping his

promises means he is always there to

help pursuing Excellence whether in

business education parenting or

leadership means understanding that not

all will support your endeavors it’s

ideal to think that your progress will

be universally applauded but that’s not


reality as you add advance and receive

God’s blessings envy and criticism might

emerge from those around you it’s

crucial to stay true to your inner

convictions and not be swayed by others

negativity focus on forgiving those who

do not support you and continue pursuing

your goals by maintaining your integrity

God will reward you you enabling you to

thrive amid

opposition previously God’s Commandments

were physically written on stoned and

housed in the Tabernacle today accepting

Jesus marks us as his living temples

with his Commandments engraved on our

hearts this Divine inscription empowers

us to discern right from wrong more

clearly urging us to to adhere to God’s

directives following the spirit’s

promptings enhances our spiritual

sensitivity while neglecting them can

dull our spiritual

perceptions choose today to follow the

spirit’s lead which always aims for your

best and keeps you aligned with God’s

path Lord says Ty pal and if you looking

for my

guidance dear listener join this prayer

with me and repeat after me heavenly

father thank you for ushering us into

the start of another day and a fresh

week grant us the persistence and

consistency needed as we intercede for

others give us the ability to view the

world through your perspective enhancing

our sensitivity to the needs around us

instill in us the discipline to fulfill

our promises when we commit to pray for

someone treating their requests with the

urgency and importance they deserve

especially those prayers centered on

salvation and its Eternal

significance we present to you the

leaders of our world our nation and our

communities work within the hearts and

Minds of these key decision

makers illuminate their understanding

with your truth guiding then to enact

policies that serve the well-being of

their people particularly in handling

crisis like the Corona virus pandemic we

ask for healing and a resolution to this

Health crisis comfort for those mour

their lost loved

ones and protection for the quarantine

we lift up health care workers and First

Responders in heavily affected areas

such as China and Italy asking for their

safety and

strength we pray for Industries and

workers facing economic hardships due to

this pandemic asking for your provision

and protection calm the fears and

anxieties of your people people

replacing Panic with your

peace encourage media Outlets to

prioritize accuracy over sensationalism

in their reporting fostering a


public Lord remind us to be steadfast in

prayer trusting in the powerful impact

of the prayers of the righteous we stand

against the evils of this world and seek

your prot protection over our hearts and

Minds Empower us to obey your commands

diligently we are grateful for your

attentive ear to our prayers today we

renew our commitment to you praying that

others will see your presence in our

lives bless us oh Lord that we might be

a blessing to others strengthen us for

the challenges of the weak ahead we ask

all these things in the name of Jesus

Amen I appreciate you if you are still

watching our goal is to bring happiness

in your life and make your life to a

state of progress you can also do this

through super thanks to us for showing

your support

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