God is speaking to you

today my beloved child one of the most

challenging aspects of life is staying

focused on God and not being diverted

from your purpose to resist distractions

read meditate and follow my word that

provides guidance on where to walk in

how to keep on

course it indicates when you deviate

from the RO to hand provides guidance on

how to return to it using my word to

guide your path will provide you with

the necessary information to transform

your life always remember to read

meditate and follow my

word like the video of assurance in


God God has spoken I Am with You For All

Time and Eternity

avoid ignoring the significance of a

common idea my presence with you may

provide joy and Rich life consider the

significance of my names Jesus the Lord

who saves and Emmanuel God With

Us maintain awareness of my presence

especially during busy times share your

thoughts with me whether they are

positive or negative daily discipline

one step at a time will keep you on the

right Road in life lie down and the

Green Pastures of

Peace relax and find peace in your

shepherd’s presence my children are

often wired due to the modern era making

it difficult for them to connect with me

at stressful circumstances I instilled

in you the importance of

rest the society has grown so warped

that individuals feel guilty for

attaining fundamental needs they

squander time and energy by constantly

checking their phones instead of seeking

guidance from God I invite you to walk

with me long roads of

peace I want you to set an example for

those who wish to experience my com

I picked you based on your

vulnerabilities which strengthen your

desire for me as you rely on me more I

will bring peace to your travels you

have been on a long uph climb and your

energy is nearly

expended despite setbacks you have

remained steadfast and holding my hand I

am glad you want to be near to me I

dislike your habit of complaining you

are free to discuss the challenges of

our journey with

me type palman if you have faith in God

I realize the challenges you faced

talking with me calms your mind and

allows you to view things from my

perspective complaining to others is

another story entirely this might lead

to negative behaviors like

self-pity and wrath if you are inclined

to complain come too me and speak it

out as you open yourself to me I will

place my thoughts and music in your

heart trust me and let things happen

without trying to forecast or control

them relax and be refreshed in the light

of my everlasting love my love light is

constant although you may not be aware


it projecting oneself into the future

and practicing your actions or words

aims to be self-sufficient and adequate

without my support this is a subtle sin

that often goes

unrecognized the alternative is to focus

on the current moment and rely on

myself. in instead of feeling inadequate

exalt in my

bound exalt in my Bountiful provision

develop the habit of seeking my

assistance even if you believe you can

manage a situation alone don’t split

your life into self-sufficient and

dependent tasks instead learn to depend

on me in all situations

practicing this practice can help you

appreciate life more and confront

challenges with confidence I am the

culmination of your dreams and Ambitions

I am the alpha and no mea the beginning

and last who was and will come before

knowing me you expressed your need in


ways you were susceptible to the evils

of the world my presence now protects

and Embraces you with love I have

brought you out of darkness and into my

magnificent light I have brought

numerous Joys into your life yet none of

them are

important accept my blessings with Open

Hands enjoy my excellent gifts but don’t

cling to them focus on The Giver of all

good things and find fulfillment in him

my presence is essential and cannot be

taken away from you avoid seeing

yourself through other people’s

eyes this procedure has many risks it’s


to understand how people see you

additionally each viers perception of

you varies depending on their spiritual

emotional and bodily State allowing

others to Define you risks becoming

idolatry focusing on pleasing others

might hinder your desire to satisfy your

creator seeing oneself through my eyes

provides a more realistic perspective I

have a clear and unblemished vision of

you through my eyes you may view

yourself as profoundly and forever

adored resting in my loving gaze will

bring you great teas respond to my

loving presence by worshiping in spirit


truth right Jesus’s Supreme

King dear one this is not a mere

coincidence but a meaningful encounter

in intented for you alone in a world

filled with turmoil I reach out to you

stay a while and pay attention these

words carry the keys to understanding

your life’s

purpose avoid distractions at this

moment for I bring you a gift of immense

value trust my guidance as we navigate

the uncertain and to towards the

revelation of Truth immerse yourself in

my presence where wonders occur and

Transformations take place I urge you do

not dismiss this

opportunity accept the treasure I offer

and allow it to brighten your path with

insight and intent as we conclude this

interaction I promise to address your

innermost inquiries and and to offer

Comfort to your

spirit are you prepared to embark on


revelatory Expedition with me the moment

has arrived for us to begin this Divine


together today be aware of the subtle


alterations occurring around you former

impediments are gradually losing their

strength new avenues are soon to be

revealed leading to the Fulfillment of

your potential and

desires anticipate the arrival of

influential individuals who will

recognize and nurture your inherent

abilities propelling you into spheres of

prosperity and development the long

awaited breakthrough is approaching soon

to Usher you into a realm where

possibilities are

Limitless doors will open with ease

inviting you to venture into new

territories abundant resources will

become available supporting the

actualization of your

aspirations remain alert for your period

of realization and growth is

near welcome it with enthusiasm for you

you are destined for unparallel

greatness in moments of

solitude when the world appeared distant

and paths andur you have been amassing

invaluable assets of endrance and

insight these assets will now underpin

your authenticity as you advance towards


opportunities type hman in the comments

and share this message with three

individuals the constraints that once

limited you are transforming into

platforms to display the Splendor of

your experiences amidst uncertainties

the purpose of your trials will become

evident acting as a guide through the

complexities by relying on those dear to

you out will fade

away you will be aware of the constant

support and generosity enveloping you

reflecting on your conquered challenges

a deep Joy will fill you nor my presence



been once more turn to The Guiding hand

that has steered you through a maze of

hardships and this surrender discover

the key to unlock the Limitless

potential within you trust the guiding

wisdom of Providence for it directs your

path to

Greatness the Terrors you have cried and

private have watered the grounds of your

growth nurturing the emergence of new

strengths Within

You cast off the worn out clothes of

doubt and insecurity and wear the robe

of righteousness that fits you well you

stand transformed and renewed ready to

take on the path that stretches before

you answer the call of your destiny


Warrior for the world awaits the touch

of your resilient Spirit rise above

challenges for your legacy is destined

for greatness a testament to the Triumph

of the human Spirit Against All

Odds if you seek content continual

divine grace consider supporting our

ministry by acknowledging our

efforts the song of Praise within you

acts as the Catalyst that opens new

Realms of understanding despite the

overwhelming insights it brings resist

the temptation to high in the shadows of

Doubt do not downplay the powerful

destiny that resounds Within

you you are now ready to tap into the

new Springs of Salvation that have been

revealed for you with steadfast

faith move forward and see the chains of

the past melt away as if they were mere

shackles losing their hold B are the

days of Silent resignation where doubts

stifled the Symphony of potential that

lies within in

you no more will the shadows of

uncertainty guide your steps for you

carry Within You A Chorus ready to break

free it is a Melody made of resilience

courage and steadfast

determination embrace the power of your

voice for it can break down barriers and

Usher in change with every note you

release the chains of Oppression and

clear the way for Freedom your voice is

a Beacon of Hope cutting through the

darkest nights and lighting the way

forward Stand Tall ready to receive the

abundance that is coming your way the

universe has crafted a canvas of Endless

Possibilities just for

you let your voice be the key that

unlocks the doors of potential releasing

a flood of

transformative energy into the world if

you trust that Divine help is at hand

show your support by joining our

community so release your song let it

rise to the skies echoing with the

promise of a brighter future with every

word you Forge your destiny and leave a

lasting imprint on the

world the time is now to step into your

greatness too fully Embrace who you are

and to let your Melody resonate for all

time and the depths of the human Spirit

a quiet yet Mighty strength is stirring

ready to revolutionize our

surroundings Generations before us have

endured storms faced challenges and born

burdens that resonate through time yet

within each of us lies the capability to

break free from historical chains to

navigate A New Path led by wisdom and

compassion in our inner sanctum A Chorus

of Hope ascends intertwining threads of

resist ience and Faith it is a Melody

born from enduring past trials and

fueled by the dreams of the future as we

accept our true selves we become agents

of healing and

transformation channeling the immense

power of love to heal wounds and Elevate

Spirits know that you’re are not alone

in this endeavor

you are cradled in the Embrace of a

higher calling Guided by Divine hands

within the holy confines of your spirit

Miracles are paused to unfold turning

pain into purpose and sorrow into

strength let us unite in our quest for a

brighter future with each step we take

we Infuse life into the promise of a new

day at time when compassion dominates

and Justice knows no

limits as we Elevate our voices we

breathe life into the dawn of a new era

where compassion is supreme and Justice


Limitless share this video with nine

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Jesus is God in the comment box

in the beginning God created the heavens

and earth the world was formless and

empty with Darkness covering the surface

of the Abyss the spirit of God move over

the waves in the beginning God created

light God viewed the light as good and

separated it from the

darkness God term the light day and the

Darkness night the first day lasted From

Dusk Till Dawn God decreed the formation

of a firmament to separate the Seas God

created the firmament and separated the

Seas beneath it from those above

it God termed the firmament Heaven the

second day lasted from dark Till Dawn

God created dry ground by gathering all

the waters beneath the heavens and God

called the dry land Earth and the

Gathering of the waters the Seas and God

saw that it was

good God instructed the ground to

produce grass herbs and fruit trees each

with its own seed and it did the term

Iron sharpening iron indicates at least

to pieces of iron sharpening one tool

requires the presence of

another isolating both blades would

result and dull and ineffective

performance this proverb highlights a

key biblical

truth according to Hebrews

God wants Christians to live and

serve in communities while one

Thessalonians to to emphasizes the need

of developing loving connections with

others Godly individuals may sharpen us

and the same way that iron sharpens

itself as iron sharpens a blade so may

such individuals help us improve cloth

Bread Wood plastic or even gold cannot

be used to sharpen knives while a knife

may be used to cut and shape objects it

will only dull the

blade to sharpen a knife use iron or a

replacement with a hardness comparable

to the knife according to Ecclesiastes

sharpening a knife leads to more

productivity and less labor Godly

individuals may correct teach

Justice or warn you

much as a file removes microscopic

shavings from a knife plate to improve

its performance being around a holy

person may enhance your abilities and

make you more helpful however not just

any individual will

do Proverbs states that

intelligent people make you smarter

while Titus Inc encourages virtuous

men to love one another Proverbs

and I Corinthians

warn against the influence of

foolish people on one’s

life God does not want us to separate

ourselves since loneliness hinders

growth as a knife cannot sharpen itself

they grow dull feeble and Rusty to to

ignorance lousy habits and depression

they lack the sharpening steel of noble

and holy

individuals God says share this video

and bless

others this is a clear breach of God’s

command to love others fear not since

God is looking over you you may choose

to trust God and overcome your worries

according to to Corinthians God

rescued us from death and Promises to

save us

again God promises Christians that he

will always work for their benefit if

they love and Obey him regardless of


circumstances according to Romans

God works for the benefit of those

who love him and are called to his


according to the Bible Believers May

trust that everything works out for

their benefit this does not imply that

all things are good it suggests that

everything is working together for good

God does not guarantee a positive how

come in every

situation he does not promise that

everything will go as plann or that all

stories will end happily not all

business decisions result in a million

dollars not all marriages and pleasantly

not all doctor reports will be good God

isn’t your

genie your request is not his command

God promises to utilize everything both

good and evil for your benefit if you

love him it’s like assembling a puzzle

each item does not seem to be very

noteworthy on its own when all parts are

joined a stunning image

emerges you can stop listening to your

anxieties God can use every challenge

setback or Calamity in a believer’s life

for benefit there is no reason to dread

the future fear indicates a lack of

confidence in God

make a note of your anxieties and seek

Gods guidance in identifying the source

of your fear ask him to help you

overcome your anxieties and gain faith

in him another crucial step is to rely

on God to help you overcome your

fears having hopeful expectations May

strengthen your faith then help you see

how God is working in your life life for

good our culture emphasizes the

importance of doing what makes us happy

this affects all of us whether we want

it to or

not allowing yourself to be affected by

your emotions leads to living a life

based on your feelings God want a

faith-filled a existence not merely a

feeling driven one sometimes we don’t

feel like doing the right thing God can

provide you faith that transcends

emotions successful individuals often

take on tasks that they dislike

individuals get dissatisfied with the

status quo and seek new approaches they

take on tasks that others are hesitant

to accomplish Olympic athletes must

dedicate wa more hours to

training to become a master musician you

must practice for many hours the same

idea applies to becoming a mature and

good Christian to strengthen your

connection with God it’s important to

spend time with him even if it’s not

convenient faith and perseverance go

hand in

hand Faith implies not giving up even

when you are exhausted Faith implies you

refuse to give up faithful living leads

to persistence Moses exemplify


perseverance according to Hebrews

Moses fled Egypt without fear of

the king’s fury because to his faith

Moses persevered as if he could see the

invisible God Moses understood that

achieving The Impossible requires seeing

what is unseen God will give you the

strength to

endure he will Empower you to continue

working on your seemingly hopeless

marriage he empowers you to get back up

after a fall he can provide the strength

to persevere while facing financial

difficulties he empowers you to maintain

your principles despite external

pressures persistence is essential for

developing Faith focus on God rather

than the situation at hand you they

always rely on God’s strength to

persevere simply ask for

it type I trust the divine plan to

agree dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together dear Lord thanks for

waking us up today please let us

concentrate on you instead of the

enemy’s distractions may you be there in

all aspects of our day we place our

loads fears and concerns at your

feet we pray for anyone who are

experiencing grief and hardship please

be their strength hope and Guiding Light

please provide us all peace and comfort

today please assist us in resolving and

overcoming the challenges that are

causing strain on families and

relationships please help us be patient

and courteous towards others please help

us avoid speaking in anger or haste

please give us knowledge understanding

and insight to convey your truth with

love please assist us to be like Jesus

and all we think do and

say there is a lot going on in our lives

that is upsetting help us manage stress

in a healthy manner please touch the

bodies of persons suffering from stress

related health conditions to reduce high

blood pressure heart difficulties and


please eliminate and repair physical

symptoms of anxiety Despair and panic

attacks please alleviate any digestive

issues headaches or discomfort that have

Arisen during these difficult times we

pray for healing for anyone in need

including physically emotionally and

intellectually we appreciate you still

watching our videos I hope that the

message you receive has uplifted your

spirit down given you hope if you like

our work show your support by using the

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